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I’ve Set Up A Scholastic Book Club In Oscar’s School

Oscar’s school is a really family based and friendly environment so when I was asked if I would like to be involved in putting the Scholastic book club in to York House I knew it was something that the children, parents and teachers would love. I emailed the school and the Headmaster and librarian thought it was a fantastic idea and agreed that I could introduce the Scholastic book club in to the school.

How it works is simple. You sign your school up to the Scholastic book club and as I have chosen to take on the role of distributing the brochures to the school, Scholastic sent me enough brochures for each child in the school and I simply put enough in each envelope for each class and took them to the school office so they could be put into the children’s book bags or rucksacks for them to take home and look through with their parents. Once the children take the brochures home they can have a look through them and there are two sides to the brochures according to age so it is easy to work out the best books for your child’s reading ability. Every Book Club leaflet is packed with award-winning authors and brilliant newly released books and they are all at discounted prices, making it cheap and easy to refresh your children’s book shelf.

After you have chosen the books you would like to purchase you can then go online to the Scholastic website where there are hundreds more books for you to choose from that are all organised in age, key stage and price bracket and then when you order your chosen books your school will get 20% of every order over £10 to choose lovely books for your school library. If you think that the book club sounds fantastic then you could run the book club for your school as it is such a quick and easy thing to set up and organise and will help children in your school discover books and inspire a love of reading for pleasure that will last a lifetime as well as raising funds to buy new books for your child’s school library.

To set up your book club up you can log on to
http://shop.scholastic.co.uk/bookclubs and when you receive your brochures hand them out in the playground or organise them into classes like I did and then the teachers only have to give them out along with your orders unique web address. By the parents then ordering the books online nobody has to collect any cash and then once the deadline for orders has passed the books will be delivered to your school free of charge. Its so easy!

There is also a Kids Club website that really puts the fun into reading, providing a fun experience for kids with lots of extra content to engage and inspire them.

I am so pleased that I have started the book club and can’t believe I hadn’t done it before. Join the club to help your school raise funds for new books today!

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Oscar’s First Day In Reception

Today, the 3rd September 2014 is Oscar’s first day in reception. It is not technically his first day at ‘big boy’ school as he attended the nursery at York House School last year. He is so excited to be going back to school and see all his friends and it makes me so happy to see how excited he is and how much he loves his school! In the nursery last year he only did two and a half days as I wasn’t ready to put him in full time and wanted to make the most of being able to spend time with him. I can’t believe how this day has come around so fast as it only seems like yesterday that he was born. Children really do grow up way to fast! 

I am really anxious about him being at school full time but only for selfish reasons as I still want him at home with me. I know that I will have a new baby to look after in December but I still can’t help feeling that this is the end of him being little and he is now off on a new stage of his life in full time education. We are lucky that Oscar gets really long holidays off school, this Summer holiday was nine weeks so when the holidays come around we will have lot’s of time to do fun things together still.

I have made lists of things that I need to get done whilst he is at school and with the baby due at Christmas I want everything baby and Christmas related organised by the middle of November. So here is a little pic of Oscar in his uniform as proudly heads off to school! I couldn’t be prouder of the amazing little man he has turned out to be.

Oscar's First Sports Day

Yesterday was Oscar’s Nursery sports day. Luckily the rain held off and it turned out to be quite a nice day. Oscar had three different races to compete in; a running race, a obstacle race in a car collecting things along the way and a lego relay. All the children did really well and had lot’s of fun. After the races each child was called up and received a little medal. Oscar is so proud of his he can’t wait to show his grandparents over the weekend.

Afterwards we all had a picnic in he school orchard which was really nice and the children played on the play equipment. Watching Oscar today gives me mixed emotions, I am so proud of him and on the other hand sad that he has grown up so fast. With him finishing for the Summer holidays next week I am going to make the most of the time off with him before he starts in reception in September.

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Public School Or State School?

This is a subject that has really divided opinions and some people get quite wound up about it. I went to state school and Greg went to a public school. State schools have obviously changed a lot since I was at school and when deciding on what we were going to do for Oscar’s education it really shocked me just how much! The class sizes are huge and a few of the teachers that I know have all made the same comment that children only tend to get one on one properly if they have a trouble maker or have learning difficulties. So what I want to know is how on earth is a teacher expected to teach children 30+ children properly with sometimes one teaching assistant? My Mum who is a teaching assistant in a reception class has even said that if we were young now she would defiantly have sent us private if they could afford it.

Another major change in a lot of schools is that a lot of mum’s are working mum’s and don’t have the time to go into schools to help with reading etc which back when I was at school was completely different. Times have changed and the government just don’t plough enough money into the school system to help teacher’s cope with bigger classes.

Private schooling had never even entered my head for my children before but when Oscar was born and we went to look around a few my mind was made up almost immediately, from the class sizes to the facilities I knew if it was what I wanted for Oscar. Obviously it is a huge expense, but if you can afford it then I think investing in your child’s education is a great thing to do.

The school we have chosen for Oscar is co-ed as I wanted him to mix with girls too rather than be at a single sex school. It is set in acres of fields and they have goats and chickens to look after and Oscar absolutely loves it. I can see such a change in him since he started in the nursery last September even though he only does four sessions a week. He will then go into reception in September.

It is a beautiful family run school and I am so happy with our choice. He has swimming lessons there on a Monday and stays for lunch and when he isn’t at school he constantly asks when he is going in next.

People have such split views on public schooling, when chatting to people about it before we sent him it often turned into a heated debate. All I know is that it was totally the right decision for us as Oscar will only have 14 to a class and that was what was most important to me. To be totally honest Greg did have a wobble at the last minute as he was worried that we were putting Oscar in a bubble as only around 7% of children are privately educated in the UK. I talked him around and he is now really pleased with our decision.

Some people are lucky enough to have really great small state schools but we don’t have any that I was particularly pleased with near us. If you can afford it and our in two minds, go for it. It will be the best decision you ever make regarding your child’s education.

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