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Warner Bros Studio Tour London, Hogwarts In The Snow Review

Last night we were kindly invited to the press preview for the ‘Hogwarts In The Snow’ event that is running over the Christmas period at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London. For any Harry Potter fan the studio tour is absolutely mind blowing and amazing but when it undergoes its make over each Christmas for Hogwarts In The Snow it becomes even more magical!

We are so lucky that we only live ten minutes away from the studio, so we picked Oscar up from school and headed straight there. The boys were so excited, especially Archie who hasn’t been since he was a baby so it was all new for him. Oscar is so lucky and has been a few times now. When we arrived we were greeted by a giant Christmas tree outside and in the entrance hall is a beautiful tree. It gets you really in a Christmassy mood. We had welcome drinks and then entered the tour.

At the beginning you watch two short videos about how the books were made into the amazing Worldwide famous films that they became. We then gathered around the giant doors of the Great Hall and Oscar was lucky enough to be asked to open the doors. The doors opened to the Great Hall which was dressed ready for a Christmas feast. It is amazing to think that they really filmed in there. The food props looked so real but were made from resin and then we were shown the special effects of the Christmas puddings on fire.

The stage in the Great Hall is set up for the iconic Yule ball from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which is the celebration of the Triwizard tournament. Decorated with beautiful trees and the orchestra.

Other sets around the studio were also decorated for Christmas, such as the Gryffindor common room and Harry’s dormitory. Opposite these rooms was also a great wind and fire kiosk and a lovely member off staff explained to Oscar all of the materials they used in the films to make snow and fire. He found this really interesting and spotted all of the lit fireplaces around the tour which were made by using a combination of water vapour and lighting effects. I must say all the staff throughout the tour are so lovely and enthusiastic and full of Harry Potter facts and were more than happy to answer all of Oscar’s questions.

Oscar and Archie had photos on the green screens where they were transformed into Wizard’s. They also tried out the other interactive activities around the tour, like learning wand combinations and getting a broomstick to rise up and down.

We then walked through one of the newest attractions, the Forbidden Forest where you can see some of the creatures from the films and play around with the special effects and make a thunderstorm or wind.

You then walk through a small gift shop and onto Platform 9 ¾. Archie’s little face when he saw the Hogwarts Express was a picture. I have seen it a few times now but each time you are taken aback as it’s just an amazing sight. You can walk through the train and then sit in a carriage and have your photo taken and then watch a video of a short train journey.

We then had dinner in the backlot cafe, we had burgers followed by Butterbeer ice cream which was delicious. The Warner Bros Studio Tour London is one of only four places in the World that serves Butterbeer. You then walk outside and can have photos by the Knight Bus, the covered bridge of Hogwarts Castle, the flying car and in Sirius Black’s motorbike. You can also go in side the iconic house that is number 4 Privet Drive.

Back inside you can see lots of props and costumes and then walk through Diagon Alley which is the cobble stoned street shown in the films. There is also a display set up here where you can see how they magically make footprints appear in the snow when nobody is there.

This leads you to all the detailed plans and drawings off the sets within the films, its amazing to see just how much work goes into every last detail of the films. Last but not least you walk into the room which takes my breath away each time, where you see the most amazing statue of the Hogwarts Castle and during the Hogwarts In The Snow event the whole Castle is covered in snow. It really is the most magical sight and for me, with only 34 sleeps until Christmas coming to the Hogwarts In The Snow event has been the most amazing start to this years Christmas festivities.

In the huge gift shop there are lots of Harry Potter themed Christmas decorations and it is full to the brim of gift ideas for any Harry Potter Fan. With the launch recently of the Harry Potter Lego, Oscar has four of these sets on his Christmas list all which they stock in their store here.

We had the most magical evening and the Hogwarts In The Snow event is not to be missed! The event is running now until the 27th January 2019 and all tickets must be pre-booked online at www.wbstudiotour.co.uk

This post is in collaboration with Warner Bros Studio Tour. We were gifted the entry tickets but all opinions are honest and my own. We loved it!

Hogwarts In The Snow

Last week we were invited to the preview of Hogwarts In The Snow! We have been to the studio tour before and Oscar loved it so I was so excited to visit and feel the magic of Christmas. We didn’t tell Oscar where we were going and he was so surprised and excited when we arrived.

When we walked in we were greeted by the most enormous and beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen. We had a look around the gift shop then headed in to the tour. When we walked through the giant doors of the Great Hall I was taken aback at how beautiful it was. Christmas trees, a Turkey feast and flaming Christmas puddings were the first things we saw. It is amazing how realistic the food is! It looks good enough to eat.

We walked around the rest of the tour looking at all of the amazing props from the film, even if you haven’t read the books or seen any of the films it is just so magical and amazing to see just how much work went into making the films. The Gryffindor common room was decorated for Christmas too.

We then had a photo of us in the flying car. You can also choose to have a video or photo of you flying on a broomstick but we got this last time we visited. They a great momento of an amazing day out.

Afterwards we took a ride on the Hogwarts express, grabbed a butter beer in the cafe and then went outside to see the larger set pieces like the bridge, Harry’s house and the triple decker bus. As soon as we walked outside we were met by snow, Oscar’s face was a picture. It was magical!


We then saw how they make ghost footprints in the snow which took a few goes for Oscar to understand it wasn’t real. The most magical thing of all was when we walked into the room with the huge Howarts model covered in snow. It smashes any Christmas decorations out of the water, it is truly amazing!

It is well worth a trip to the Warner Bros studio tour and even more so with the extra Christmas magic. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit, it is just as magical as the first.

Disclaimer: We visited the Warner Bros studio tour to preview and review the Hogwarts In The Snow experience. All opinions are my own.