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Oscar & Archie’s Photo Shoot With Stokke & AlexandAlexa.com

We brought our first ever Stokke Tripp Trapp when Oscar was small and then went on to use used it when Archie was born with the newborn seat. I then brought the Stokke Steps as Oscar got annoyed that he had to share his Tripp Trapp with Archie.  In addition to a wide of variety of colours and accessories, Stokke now offers complimentary engraving of the back of their Tripp Trapp chair with your child’s name, adding that extra special personal touch.

I first saw a personalised Tripp Trapp in the flesh last month when Oscar and Archie were both models for the collaboration between Stokke and Alexandalexa.com for Baby London which you can see HERE. Alexandalexa.com sell the most beautiful kids clothes with a huge range of designers on offer. Both Oscar and Archie were kitted out for head to toe in brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Bang Bang Copenhagen, Stella McCartney, Tao & Friends, Veja and Zoobug Sunglasses. They both looked so cute!

We had such a fun day and the boys loved being part of the shoot, strutting their stuff and being spoilt by the lovely ladies at Azaria! We got to meet up with some other lovely bloggers/instagramers and their gorgeous children; Jessica from Lilypod & Sweetpea, Chelsea with Harlen and Harlow, Lisa from LeeLee Loves and Becky from Wishes & Wellies.

Stokke then kindly sent each of the boys a personalised Tripp Trapp in the hazy grey colour which matches our kitchen perfectly!  Archie uses his with the baby set and a star print cushion which is so easy to wipe and keep clean and Oscar uses it as a chair at the table, keeping my lovely new chairs clean! 🙂

I love that with the Tripp Trapp they grow with your child starting with the newborn seat, to the highchair using the baby set, to a chair for bigger children and even adults can sit on it too. The great design means it doesn’t look out of place and blends in with our other furniture.

The boys love their personalised Tripp Trapps and using them everyday! The Tripp Trapps are £169 and the engraving is free of charge!



The Stokke Xplory Onyx Black Winter Kit Review

In my opinion the Stokke Xplory is the most unique looking Pushchair on the market and stands out from the crowd. I often get comments about how modern it looks from other Mum’s and it’s defiantly  a much more trendier and fashionable pushchair. So when we were sent the Stokke Xplory Onyx Black Winter Kit I was very excited!

You will have seen in the Summer I jazzed up my sleek black Xplory with the blue Stokke summer kit and now with Winter well and truly here my Stokke is now wearing its Winter kit in Onyx Black. To be honest I hate the cold and Winter is just not for me but with the gorgeous sheepskin fur, the Stokke Onyx Black Winter Kit has certainly given me something to smile about.

As well as looking great it keeps little Archie lovely and warm and the pop on front storm cover keeps him shielded from the cold weather. His little cheeks go so red and sore in the Winter and having the storm cover protecting him from the wind when we are out and about makes it so much better!

Doesn’t Archie Look Cosy?!

Inside the Winter Kit box which as an RRP of £255.00 and comes in three lovely different colours; the Onyx Black, Bronze Brown and Pearl White is the sheepskin fur insulated hood which is just gorgeous, the seat rear textile cover, the sheepskin care brush, the storm cover and a pair of sheepskin lined mittens that attach easily to the handlebar and keeps my hands lovely and warm!

Being able to switch up the look and style of my Stokke Xplory is great fun and with so many kits and colours to choose from there is a style for everyone. I’m always excited to see Stokke’s new style when the new season comes around.

I absolutely love our Stokke Winter kit and the material is so durable and easy to wipe down which means keeping my Xplory clean and looking great is super easy! Especially in the Winter when it’s in my car boot sometimes mud gets on the fabric but as it’s wipeable I use a baby wipe and it looks as good as new!

Having a gorgeous pushchair to look at everyday has certainly made this cold Winter a bit more bearable! Take a look at the Stokke website to see for yourself!


Disclaimer: We were sent the Winter Kit for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own and I absolutely love my Xplory and the Stokke Xplory Onyx Black Winter Kit.

Our Stokke Xplory Review Vlog

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first thoughts on our gorgeous new Stokke Xplory. I have a lovely friend called Rachel who is a super talented film maker and she kindly filmed me using our Xplory so you can see first hand just how great it is and what I love about it! I hope you like it!

My First Impressions Of Our Gorgeous New Stokke Xplory

If you have read my blog before then you will know I am a big Stokke fan. Archie has the Step’s highchair and has slept in the Sleepi from birth and Oscar had the Tripp Trapp which he now uses as a chair. So you can imagine my excitement when a couple of weeks ago I got a knock on the door and the delivery man told me I had a delivery from Stokke….. Then a Stokke Xplory box emerged from the back of the van and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I had always had a go with the Xplory at the baby shows and admired them when I saw other Mum’s with their baby’s in one so to finally have one of our own is super exciting!

Obviously I got it straight out of the box and put it all together in under 5 minutes. Everything in the box was packaged to perfection and the instructions are so simple to follow and then wallah my brand new Xplory was ready to go! Here are my first impressions of it;


The Xplory stands out from the crowd completely. Its unique design is like no other on the market and looks sleek, luxurious and elegant and is more fashionable than your basic pram. I love the shopping bag underneath and how I can simply unpop it from the pram chassis and carry it into the house to unpack any shopping. When I first saw the size of the bag compared to a usual pram basket I did wonder how much would actually fit into it. I needn’t of worried as I managed to fit my bottle bag, baby carrier, rain cover and snacks and still had room to spare.

The chassis itself is a contemporary design and when I have been out and about lots of people have commented on how modern and quirky it is. When I took Archie to get weighed last week the lady who weighed him thought it was fantastic that he was so high up in the seat and how it was great for his development and interaction with me when I am pushing the pram.

You can choose from eight different textile colours and there are also Summer and Winter kits to jazz up your pram and change the look of it from season to season. There are also lots of other accessories you can add to your pram too. I will defiantly be purchasing a kit for each season!


Over the last two weeks I have tested the Xplory on all different terrains from inside Westfield shopping centre to the muddy baths along the Thames at Egham. It has been great everywhere. The pram itself is really light and easy to steer with only one hand with full control. It is so easy to push, even when walking up hill. The ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions to tailor the handle bar to you height and however you find most comfortable which is great.

Archie is comfortable in the seat and with the unique adjustable height he can see everything that is going on around him and he is right in front of me at my height when I am chatting away and showing him things when we are out and about which is great to promote eye contact and connection. The seat has three parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active and two forward facing positions: rest and active.

The pram is easy to fold with the pull of one button and by pushing your foot on a fold panel and it collapses straight away after you have pushed on the seat release button and the seat comes off easily. It fits in my boot easily and as the chassis is so light it is easy to put in too. The Xplory is a luxury pram and after using it for the past two weeks it is evident that Stokke have put lots of thought into every aspect of the pram from functionality to design. Stokke as a brand make luxury items for babies and I always maintain that I would rather spend more money on a fantastic product that is going to last the test of time. When I brought the Sleepi, Steps and the Tripp Trapp I knew they were all products that would last and grow with Oscar and Archie for years to come. I also knew that with Stokke everything is high quality and so well made that it will last throughout their childhood in to their teens, for instance the Tripp Trapp can be used as a desk chair and the Sleepi cot turns into two chairs.

Steering the Xplory around shops and in cafe’s is so easy with the swivel on the front wheels. You can also set the wheels to be locked just by pushing the white button tab on each wheel down with your foot. Also when in cafe’s you can use the seats height adjustable feature to fit it at any table at the right height. To put on the brake you press the orange pedal at the bottom to stop, and press the top to go with your foot. Everything is so fluid on the Xplory, it is so simple and easy to use. Every feature and every button is straight forward and easy. Day to day it is easy to use and that is all you can ask for in a pram when you are using it all of the time.

I love absolutely everything about the Xplory, from the design to its functionality it is a pram like no other. If you are looking for a top quality, modern, easy to use, great looking pram then the Xplory is the one for you!

What’s in the box?

Chassis, Seat Unit, Canopy textiles (hood), Rain Cover, Newborn Insert, Bumper Bar, Mosquito Net, Instruction Booklet, Warranty and Shopping Bag.


  • Suitable from Birth
  • Open Height: 89cm – 123cm
  • Open Width: 57cm
  • Open Length: 75cm – 102cm
  • Weight: 10.5kg with seat – 12.5kg with carry cot


The Stokke Sleepi Cot Review

When I started looking into cots when I was pregnant with Archie I had been to the baby show and looked at lots of different makes and styles. With Oscar we had a basic mamas and papas one and I wanted something different this time around. Finally I decided to go with the Stokke Sleepi as I loved the design and it stood out to me and just looked so much better than any other cot that was on the market. I also loved that you could give it your own style but adding different coloured sheets and accessories. I chose to add the white Stokke sheets, the white bumper and the gorgeous canopy which I absolutely loved. I also loved that the cot grows with your baby. At the start you have it as the Sleepi mini which meant  there was no need for me to get a Moses basket. When Oscar was a baby I brought the most gorgeous moses basket but it only lasted for about 12 weeks as he grew out of it. So when Archie was born I put him straight into Sleepi mini. This also saves money from buying moses baskets, then a cot.

I built the Sleepi Mini with Oscar’s help when I was about 32 weeks pregnant. It is easy to put together, as is all of the Stokke furniture range. All you need is the Allen key provided. It took us about 25 minutes and the instructions are so easy to follow. I then washed all the bedding and dressed the cot and then it was all ready for Archie’s arrival.

You can get the Sleepi in a few different colours and also can get matching nursery furniture to go with it. I absolutely love Stokke as a brand and I really think you cannot beat their products when it comes to quality and design. I have then gone on to buy the Stokke Steps high chair for Archie.

Everybody who has seen Archie in his Sleepi have commented how lovely and traditional it is which is one of the reasons why I chose it in the first place. The Stokke Sleepi is obviously suitable from newborn which is when we used the mini and then at around six months I added the two extension panels and the bigger mattress which made it into the sleepi cot.

Later on it can be turned into a cot bed taken then a  proper bed and also after your little one has out grown that can be the end two curved chairs. One of the unique and best things about Stokke is that you are buying something that will truly last forever. Oscar’s Tripp Trapp high chair has benn used since he was six months old, when we started weaning him. He now uses it as a chair and always gets used at Christmas as an extra chair as an adult can sit on it too. You’re buying furniture that will grow with your child and not have to be replaced only six months later when you have spent a small fortune on buying cots or high chairs for your baby.

In my opinion you honestly cannot go wrong with Stokke! It is just the best quality. Sometimes people think that it is expensive but when you buy something from them it is fantastic quality, easy to put together will last from newborn through to adult. With those points in mind I think it is fantastically priced. To any of my friends that are having babies and ask what cot or high chair I have I will always recommend Stokke.

Sweet Dreams!


The Stokke Tripp Trapp In Three Gorgeous New Colours!

We love our Stokke Tripp Trapp and have had it since Oscar was a baby. I then brought the newborn seat when we had Archie and it was a godsend when in the kitchen making dinner that Archie was strapped in safely and was high enough to see what was going on. Oscar now uses the Tripp Trapp as a chair and we brought the Stokke Steps high chair for Archie to use as Oscar didn’t want to give up his Tripp Trapp.

Archie in his newborn seat. Where has the time gone?

The Tripp Trapp is now available in three gorgeous new colours; Soft Pink, Wheat Yellow and Hazy Grey.

All three of the colours as you can see look great and are bang on trend. My personal favourite is the Wheat Yellow. To compliment the three new colours Stokke have also launched for the Tripp Trapp® ten new cushion designs. They are all in versatile patterns that offer lots of different options to create a truly custom look and complement the Tripp Trapp® chair in its wide variety of colours. It is a great way of sprucing up your Tripp Trapp by adding a fashionable cushion.

Adding the cushion also provides additional comfort for your baby, and can be used in conjunction with the Baby Set or on the chair alone. As a final touch Stoke have also added two new reversible textile set covers for the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set in playful patterns featuring cars, stars and butterflies. The textile set includes a coordinating reversible bib to complete the look. I love the car design!

You can’t go wrong with a Stokke high chair as with both the Tripp Trapp and the Steps they grow with your child, right from newborn until adult.

The Tripp Trapp high chair has an RRP of £169.00, the newborn seat has an RRP of £75.00 and the new reversible textiles are £23.00, the Tripp Trapp cushions are £33.00.


Tips For Hosting Christmas Day

Every year everybody comes to us on Christmas Day and I love having all the family with us. One side of our family come for lunch and then the other half come around at about 4pm for presents and a buffet dinner. We rotate it each year. Next year when we have finished building our new house we will be able to have everybody for lunch as we will have much more space. I have a little notebook that I look back on each Christmas with my food shopping list in so I never forget anything. I thought I would share it with you in case you too are hosting Christmas and are not sure what to buy.

I always get my Turkey, Sausage meat and pigs in blanket from Waitrose and book a collection slot back in November to pick up on Christmas Eve. I also book a Tesco delivery too. I also get a lot of bits from M&S. Here is my full shopping list:

  • Turkey (serves 10-12) from Waitrose
  • Duchy of Cornwall sausage meat from Waitrose
  • Duchy of Cornwall pigs in blanket from Waitrose
  • Yorkshire puddings (M&S)
  • Carrot & Swede mash (M&S)
  • Red Cabbage (M&S)
  • Bread sauce (M&S)
  • Roast potatoes (home made using M&S duck fat & Maris Piper potatoes)
  • Veg: Peas, Brussel sprouts, carrots, honey glazed parsnips all from Tesco
  • Stuffing balls (M&S)
  • A large orange, lemon, and cooking apple to put inside the Turkey, streaky bacon to put on top of the Turkey and butter to put under the skin – Tesco
  • Turkey Gravy – Tesco
  • Cranberry sauce – Colmans
  • Christmas pudding, brandy butter, brandy – Tesco
  • Home made chocolate fudge cake and cream – ingredients from Tesco
  • Sugar free Jelly – Tesco
  • Cheese and Crackers – Tesco


  • Coke
  • Diet  Coke
  • Tonic water
  • White wine
  • Bottled water
  • Apple juice
  • Tomato juice
  • Lime and soda

As it is Archie’s first Christmas he can try a bit of our Christmas dinner but I have also brought some Kiddie Cubes from Waitrose in hearty chicken and veg hot pot for him to have as well. Oscar will eat his Christmas dinner but his favourite are the pigs in blankets!

Like I mentioned above I also do a buffet for everybody at about 7pm. I get cold meats from Waitrose, make a fish platter with prawns, poached salmon and smoked salmon, crusty bread, salad, dips, crisps and cold Turkey. I also keep everything we don’t eat at lunch and my Mother in Law uses it all in the Turkey soup we always have on boxing day. Nothing goes to waste! I also brought Christmas disposable plates, napkins and cutlery from M&S so after the buffet everything can go straight in to the bin.

 Oscar’s Stokke Tripp Trapp always gets used at Christmas. 

I love hosting Christmas and this year my friend Cathy who makes gorgeous cupcakes and biscuits is making me a personalised gingerbread biscuit for everyone. My theme is gold and I have brought gold crackers and use my white table cloth and gold runner and plate chargers that I brought from Next a few years ago. Oscar and I are also going to make his gingerbread train next week for him to have as a treat.

All my Christmas shopping is done as Oscar broke up from school last Friday, I have to make sure everything is brought and wrapped before he is around to find anything.

I hope my lists have been helpful and have a wonderful Christmas. Hosting is actually really easy, just make sure you have all your cooking timings written down to follow. Don’t forget Turkey foil and I also cook everything in foil disposable trays so I can throw them all away afterwards and it minimises washing up just to plates, dishes and cutlery.

Have a lovely Christmas with your family and friends!

Merry Christmas!

The Stokke Steps Highchair

I have quite an extensive collection of Stokke products now from the Sleepi, Tripp Trapp and now the Steps. I brought the Tripp Trapp when Oscar was a baby and it gets used as a ‘big boy’ chair now and is always used as an extra seat at the table at Christmas lunch for Oscar. I knew it would be a problem telling Oscar Archie would be using it now that he needed a high chair as when I was pregnant I brought the newborn seat for it and Oscar was constantly taking it off when Archie wasn’t using it so he could sit on it, so eventually I decided to buy the Steps for Archie so they had one each. The Steps is Stokke’s latest high chair that as always with a Stokke product grows with your child. 

To start with from birth you can attach the bouncer seat onto the chair or use it as a bouncer on the floor like a normal one too, which I love and is why I brought the newborn seat for the Tripp Trapp. When cooking or eating a meal at the dining room table it was nice to have Archie at the same height as us, it seemed more social for him and he could see what was going on. You then attach the baby set and add your choice of coloured cushions and the high chair tray when you start weaning. This is the stage we are at and I love how little space it takes up in the kitchen and how easy the plastic material is to keep immaculately clean and the cushions can be removed and washed easily too. I just wipe it over with a antibacterial wipe and it looks like brand new. The tray is perfectly positioned, not to close to Archie so he has plenty of room to move around but the perfect distance for him to be able to pick up his finger foods easily and play with his high chair toy that I have attached to the tray. After he has out grown out of the high chair phase when you need a tray you can remove the tray to have the high chair directly at the table and then when your baby is old enough remove the baby set and make it back into a chair and adjusting the foot rest which can be used up to adult.

Putting the Steps together literally only took ten minutes. You only need one tool, the Alan key provided. Again this is the same with all of the Stokke furniture, such great quality yet so easy to put together! I extended our Stokke Sleepi last week and built the mini on my own easily without needing two people to put it together like most furniture! (More about that in my next Stokke post).

The Stokke Steps is a fantastic high chair and has an RRP of £159 for the chair itself, the bouncer has an is £149, the babyset is £79, the tray is £39 and the cushion set is £33. It is worth every penny! I have spoken about Stokke before and really love the brand, my favourite thing is that with everything it grows with your child and you have buying a piece of furniture that will last for years and maybe will be passed on to the next generation of babies!

Disclaimer: We were not asked to write this post, all the products mentioned above we have brought ourselves and I just wanted to share with you my love for Stokke and their fantastic products!

Our Day At The Baby Show, Excel

On Friday I went to The Baby Show at the Excel in London with my Mum, Oscar and Archie. We drove there as didn’t fancy going on the train with two small children and it was really easy to park with a flat rate of £15 to park for the day. When we arrived I went to the press office and was given a Quinny Mood to use for the day, I chose one in all black. I then caught up with Chloe from Bump PR, Michelle from Whatmummythinks.co.uk, Chelle from TheMumingtonPost.com and Lauren from BelleduBrighton.co.uk at the Joie cafe for a cup if tea which was lovely. I then had a walk around before grabbing some lunch and came across lot’s of amazing baby bits and pieces.

I really loved the Kozy Kartz, which is a plush liner for a shopping trolley to cover the seat to make it more comfortable and warm for your child. I think it is a great idea. We then bumped into Kelly and Tia from morethanjustamummy.com who was looking fab with her baby boy bump. Oscar and Tia then took part in a Diddi Dance session together. Oscar loved it dancing with hoops, ribbons and pom poms. The classes looked great and they have them all over the country, I know Oscar would love to go along.

We then headed over to the My Little Duckling stand to choose a hat for Archie to review. There were so many gorgeous colours to choose from and in the end I chose a light blue one. Archie looks adorable in it! Review will be on the blog soon.

We popped by and said hi to Jess from the Gro Company and Archie had a cuddle. The Gro bags are fantastic and I used them with Oscar and have just brought two more for Archie. They keep your little ones snug and warm without restricting their movement. Archie sleeps in his and it has poppers under his arms for smaller babies to keep them secure so they can’t slip down the bag. Each Grobag comes with a room thermometer so you know which tog bag to use.

Another great product that we always see at The Baby Show’s are the Ewan the dream sheep and his friend Russell the sheepdog. Oscar has a Russell and it is a great toddler sleep aid that you can record music on to and it glows to reassure your child. The dream sheep is for younger babies and glows and plays soothing sounds to replicate the sounds of a mothers womb and heartbeat to help your baby drift off to sleep peacefully. It is suitable from birth and is on my list of new baby must haves.

We went over to see Kerry on the Tommee Tippee big adventure zone where Oscar had lot’s of fun colouring and playing with the other children. Tommee Tippee have just launched some great new products. The new range includes cups carefully designed for each developmental stage, for ages 4 months to 3 years. A new
non-spill, one piece valve helps little ones develop grown up drinking skills without the spills and makes cleaning
easy. The unique soft, flexible spout protects gums and the introduction of straw cups and removable
handles will help if tipping is a challenge. They come in lot’s of fun colours and designs and what’s more, the cups can be mixed and matched across the range with interchangeable tops. Meaning no more hunting for the odd lid you have missed place and trying to match all the cups and lids up. I have three of the new cups to give away which will be on the blog this week! They also gave me the cutest USB stick I have ever seen in the shape of a sippy cup, I love it!

Meanwhile Archie was very content and snug in the Quinny Moodd as it had a padded newborn insert which means you don’t have to buy the carrycot attachment if you didn’t want to and can still use it from birth. Over on the Quinny stand I was shown how it worked. I was impressed with the one handed fold and open and that it springs open easily on its own. The only thing that I found disappointing was the size of the shopping basket as there wasn’t much room to fit anything in it. Over on the Quinny stand I noticed the pushchair in black with a white frame and it looks great in those colours, really modern and sleek. I will have a more in depth review to read shortly. 

When returning the Quinny Mood to the press office I bumped into Michelle Heaton who was there to do a demo of her pregnancy fitness DVD. She was really lovely and looked amazing considering she only had a baby last year! I We got a cheeky photo and Archie got a cuddle from her.

Cosatto as always had a lovely stand full of brightly coloured pushchairs, car seats and highchairs in gorgeous designs. The new Ooba Charleston is to die for! Oscar liked the Cosatto flowers.

We had a fab day at The Baby Show which was actually my first one I have attended with a baby as I only started going last year with Oscar. Look out for my favourite products from the show post and Tommee Tippee competition later on this week.

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