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Our Review Of The TUI Sensatori Atlantica Rhodes Resort

Back In July we stayed at the TUI Sensatori Atlantica Rhodes Resort for two weeks. We booked it back in February and at the time the hotel itself was still being developed. It was due to open in May but ended up opening in June. To be honest I was worried as a new hotel can come with teething problems, but on the upside everything would be brand new! The photos I had seen posted online looked amazing and we couldn’t wait to get there.

Before I get into everything about our holiday on our return my iCloud had a glitch and lost over 2000 photos which about 400 of them were of our holiday. I have a few so will share those but am gutted that I can’t share with you the videos I made.

This was our fourth Sensatori resort, we had been to Crete, Tenerife and Ibiza previously and know when booking a Sensatori hotel you are getting a 5* hotel with ultimate luxury with lots for the children to do as well.

We flew out to Rhodes from Luton which was fairly easy. I booked the priority lane as always which is £3 a person if you pre book and slightly more expensive if you purchase on the day. It allowed us to fly through security and into the shops! We were lucky to be the first on the plane and the pilot invited the boys into the cockpit. Archie refused but Oscar couldn’t believe it! We arrived in Rhodes quite late and the transfer to the hotel was about 45 minutes. Once we arrived, we had welcome drinks and were offered to go to the restaurant but as the boys were tired we were taken to our room by golf buggy where our luggage was waiting for us, along with a fruit platter and dessert tray.

We booked a family suite with a swim up pool and when we got to our room it looked amazing! A large main bedroom for us with a TV, mini bar which is stocked up everyday and is included in your all-inclusive, a second bedroom for the boys with another TV, desk and wardrobe inside. Hidden between the wardrobes in our room was the entrance to the bathroom which had a large bath/shower, two sinks and a separate toilet cubicle. The sliding doors then opened out on to out terrace and swim up pool. The boys loved having this and we used it everyday. There is tons of storage in the room, two wardrobes in the main and one in the kids room which was great to keep everything organised and room nice and tidy.

Within the resort there is the main buffet restaurant ‘Mesogios’ where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have different themed nights and the food was really good. I especially loved the fresh honeycomb at breakfast, that was so yummy! The other five restaurants you need to book for either using the screens in the hotel lobby or using the TUI Sensatori app. Caprice is a lovely Italian restaurant, Gaia is a healthy option restaurant, Kuzina is a greek restaurant and Liberty is an American restaurant. The last restaurant, Citrus is an adults only restaurant. Other than Citrus we ate at all of the other restaurants and the food was lovely. You can also eat lunch at Liberty or Kokumi cafe without booking. We were on an all inclusive package so you can eat and drink as much as you like. This is great with kids as they can eat and drink as much as they like and throughout the day waiters/waitresses came around to our sunbeds and took our drink orders and brought it to us.

In the evening there is a entertainment programme which you can view on the app two weeks in advance. For children they have Playhouse Live, movie nights and fun sleepovers. On the boardwalk each night there are different shows either from the Sensatori show team or acts that have been flown in to perform for you. During our stay we also had the World Cup and they showed the England games on the huge screen in the boardwalk, had a BBQ and brought beers around to everyone. The atmosphere was amazing and the Sensatori team made it really special and great fun!

During the day there are so many pools to choose from; the adult only pool (obviously not for us), the splash park and spray ground which was absolutely amazing for the boys with so many great flumes, the indoor pool, the ‘quiet pool’ which wasn’t that at all it was more like another family pool and this is where we spent most of our time, the main pool by the family rooms and the activity pool where they had lots of activities in that ran throughout the day. There was also the beach which is shingle but the sea was lovely and warm and there is also water sports you can do. Oscar and Greg went on the jet skis and Greg learnt to Water Ski, which was rather funny.

There is also a full activity programme for adults and children that run throughout the day as well. There is a kids club and stay and play sessions over in the nursery. I didn’t use this myself as the boys have never been in a club on holiday but other parent’s we spoke to said it was really good. Oscar did go with Greg to the sports hub to take part in a Nintendo DS racing competition which they loved.

An activity which Oscar wanted to do was learn to Scuba Dive. You can do this in the dive school which is located in the indoor pool. He had a lesson in the indoor pool for about 70 euros and then a few days later he got to do it in the sea which was amazing, this was about 100 euros for the hour. He absolutely loved it and can’t wait to do it again, he was a real natural and the instructors were lovely.

When they were building the hotel they came across ancient ruins from 5AD. They excavated it and have built a glass bridge above it so you can walk above and look at the archeological site. The main part was the village that had a church, two live presses and around 80 houses. You can even look down one of the wells. It is an amazing thing to see and we walked across it each night, its beautiful.

On site there is also a car hire office where we hired a car for the day, I think it was 140 euros and we drove to Rhodes Old Town. It was free to park and then you walk inside the medieval walls and there are so many lovely shops and restaurants. We spent the whole day here and also dove to see the Acropolis. I brought lots of bits in the town for the unique shops and we also had a man in the main square draw a picture of Oscar and Archie which he delivered to our hotel the next day. It’s absolutely amazing!

We also ventured to Lindos on one of the days. We got a taxi from the hotel as it’s not to far away. It’s a beautiful town full of little quaint streets, hidden away churches and at the top of the hill an ancient castle. Oscar and Archie had a donkey ride to the castle and back down again.

The rest of the time we spent at the hotel which was lovely and with so much to do you can you won’t get bored.

One thing the TUI reps sold to us was the VIP Lounge at Rhodes airport as it is a nightmare. It was around £150 for the four of us and yes it did get us through check-in much quicker but after that it’s a waste of money. The VIP lounge was small and cramped, the food was terrible and then it was so disorganised getting from the lounge to your boarding gate, at one point the stewardess just pushed us into the queue and everyone behind started moaning and it was a bit embarrassing to be honest. One man even missed his flight. I wouldn’t bother purchasing this if it’s offered to you, it’s a waste of money.

Overall apart from the journey home (Rhodes is famous for being a terrible airport) we had an amazing holiday and would go back and stay again. With all the Sensatori resorts you know you are getting luxury. It’s a beautiful hotel and obviously as it was brand new everything was sparkling clean. We had a fantastic holiday!

*This is a honest review of our holiday and I was not compensated in anyway for this post.

What You Need When Holidaying Abroad With Children

We are off to Tenerife in a few weeks time which will be Archie’s first holiday. We have taken Oscar abroad four times since he was born and I have always found it relatively easy but having two now might change that. On our first holiday abroad to Sardinia with Oscar I learnt so much about what we actually need to take with us. As Oscar was six months old I literally took everything, all the jarred food he liked, toys etc it was ridiculous and we got charged £200 in excess baggage, Greg was not happy! Even to this day I close my eyes when they weigh our bags and pray I am not over the limit! Going on holiday after that I always made plenty of lists and only took what we needed. Now Oscar is five he gets his own baggage allowance and with Thomson they give Archie a smaller baggage allowance too so I am sure I will be absolutely fine and obviously things like car seats, pushchairs and travel cots are free to take with you. When we booked our holiday with Thomson there was an option to add a Mothercare travel cot and steriliser to our room which I have done.

Oscar always takes his Gruffalo Trunki with him as hand luggage which I put snacks, colouring pens and a book, toys, Ipad and a spare set of clothes in. I always put shorts and a t-shirt in his hand luggage as I always choose early morning flights and Oscar normally travels in tracksuit bottoms and then I change him into shorts ready for the hot weather just before we land. I also pack sweets that Oscar can suck so that when we take off his ears don’t pop which can sometimes cause discomfort. As my hand luggage I will take my changing bag. Inside I will pack:

2 packets of baby wipes
Archie’s bottles
4 Bibs
4 Muslins
A couple of small baby toys
15 Nappies
3 sets of spare clothes
A blanket (sometimes they plane can get quite cold)
Anti-bac hand gel

I also take my hand bag which Greg will hold when we go through security with bits and bobs in.

For Oscar I will pack for two weeks:

5 swim shorts
1 beach towel
3 bottles of children’s 30spf sun cream
2 hats
8 day t-shirts
7 pyjamas
flip flops
7 evening t-shirts/shirts
6 chino shorts
sandals for the evening
1 jeans
2 tracksuit bottoms
pool/beach toys
3 of his Cuski comforters

For Archie I will pack:

3 bottles of baby 50spf sun cream
2 light weight blankets
2 gro bags for him to sleep in
3 packs of swim nappies
2 tins of formula
ella’s kitchen food pouches
feeding spoons and a bib
7 milk bibs
7 muslins
a few baby toys
Sterilising tablets
2 of his Cuski comforters
Inflatable swim seat
1 beach towel
5 swim shorts/all in ones
8 day rompers/t-shirts/shorts
7 sleepsuits
7 evening outfits
3 hats
10 packets of baby wipes
30 nappies (I based this on Archie will wear 3 swim nappies a day and normal nappies the rest of the time).
Pushchair and sun shade

I always take a small bottle of washing detergent to rinse their clothes in the sink and dry on the balcony so I don’t have to take so many clothes for them. I also take more sun cream then I need but I ran out a few years ago and buying sun cream abroad is so expensive, it is normally at least double the price. When it comes to packing I am really organised I make so many lists. Through travelling quite a few times with Oscar I am quite confident now that if I have forgotten something then we don’t really need it.

I hope you find my holiday lists helpful and have a wonderful Summer!

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