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Where does the time go?

It doesn’t seem possible that this September our little man will start pre school. The time has just flown by! It only seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and he seemed so tiny and fragile. 

I remember with Oscar waiting for him to crawl, walk and talk, but now I only wish it all went slower!
It just seems strange that our little man will look so grown up in his uniform in September. I’m sure he will love “Big Boy School” as he loves going to nursery for two mornings a week now, it’s me that feels anxious as I will never get the time back to have him at home all the time. I don’t know what I will do with myself!!
It’s part of growing up for Oscar!! I remember being told when Oscar was born that your children are only really lent to you, once they start school and do extra curricular activities after school the years just fly by!! I wish I could just keep him little for a few more years before school!! Sad as it sounds.
Who else felt like this when their little ones started school? 
Welcome to the world!! 22.02.2010

Oscar’s first birthday!!

2 years old!!

3 years old!!