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My First Impressions Of Our Gorgeous New Stokke Xplory

If you have read my blog before then you will know I am a big Stokke fan. Archie has the Step’s highchair and has slept in the Sleepi from birth and Oscar had the Tripp Trapp which he now uses as a chair. So you can imagine my excitement when a couple of weeks ago I got a knock on the door and the delivery man told me I had a delivery from Stokke….. Then a Stokke Xplory box emerged from the back of the van and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I had always had a go with the Xplory at the baby shows and admired them when I saw other Mum’s with their baby’s in one so to finally have one of our own is super exciting!

Obviously I got it straight out of the box and put it all together in under 5 minutes. Everything in the box was packaged to perfection and the instructions are so simple to follow and then wallah my brand new Xplory was ready to go! Here are my first impressions of it;


The Xplory stands out from the crowd completely. Its unique design is like no other on the market and looks sleek, luxurious and elegant and is more fashionable than your basic pram. I love the shopping bag underneath and how I can simply unpop it from the pram chassis and carry it into the house to unpack any shopping. When I first saw the size of the bag compared to a usual pram basket I did wonder how much would actually fit into it. I needn’t of worried as I managed to fit my bottle bag, baby carrier, rain cover and snacks and still had room to spare.

The chassis itself is a contemporary design and when I have been out and about lots of people have commented on how modern and quirky it is. When I took Archie to get weighed last week the lady who weighed him thought it was fantastic that he was so high up in the seat and how it was great for his development and interaction with me when I am pushing the pram.

You can choose from eight different textile colours and there are also Summer and Winter kits to jazz up your pram and change the look of it from season to season. There are also lots of other accessories you can add to your pram too. I will defiantly be purchasing a kit for each season!


Over the last two weeks I have tested the Xplory on all different terrains from inside Westfield shopping centre to the muddy baths along the Thames at Egham. It has been great everywhere. The pram itself is really light and easy to steer with only one hand with full control. It is so easy to push, even when walking up hill. The ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions to tailor the handle bar to you height and however you find most comfortable which is great.

Archie is comfortable in the seat and with the unique adjustable height he can see everything that is going on around him and he is right in front of me at my height when I am chatting away and showing him things when we are out and about which is great to promote eye contact and connection. The seat has three parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active and two forward facing positions: rest and active.

The pram is easy to fold with the pull of one button and by pushing your foot on a fold panel and it collapses straight away after you have pushed on the seat release button and the seat comes off easily. It fits in my boot easily and as the chassis is so light it is easy to put in too. The Xplory is a luxury pram and after using it for the past two weeks it is evident that Stokke have put lots of thought into every aspect of the pram from functionality to design. Stokke as a brand make luxury items for babies and I always maintain that I would rather spend more money on a fantastic product that is going to last the test of time. When I brought the Sleepi, Steps and the Tripp Trapp I knew they were all products that would last and grow with Oscar and Archie for years to come. I also knew that with Stokke everything is high quality and so well made that it will last throughout their childhood in to their teens, for instance the Tripp Trapp can be used as a desk chair and the Sleepi cot turns into two chairs.

Steering the Xplory around shops and in cafe’s is so easy with the swivel on the front wheels. You can also set the wheels to be locked just by pushing the white button tab on each wheel down with your foot. Also when in cafe’s you can use the seats height adjustable feature to fit it at any table at the right height. To put on the brake you press the orange pedal at the bottom to stop, and press the top to go with your foot. Everything is so fluid on the Xplory, it is so simple and easy to use. Every feature and every button is straight forward and easy. Day to day it is easy to use and that is all you can ask for in a pram when you are using it all of the time.

I love absolutely everything about the Xplory, from the design to its functionality it is a pram like no other. If you are looking for a top quality, modern, easy to use, great looking pram then the Xplory is the one for you!

What’s in the box?

Chassis, Seat Unit, Canopy textiles (hood), Rain Cover, Newborn Insert, Bumper Bar, Mosquito Net, Instruction Booklet, Warranty and Shopping Bag.


  • Suitable from Birth
  • Open Height: 89cm – 123cm
  • Open Width: 57cm
  • Open Length: 75cm – 102cm
  • Weight: 10.5kg with seat – 12.5kg with carry cot


Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 12, Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner

The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner is the new super comfy liner from Cuddle Co. With the cold weather upon us I always am concious of wrapping the boys up warm and especially Archie when he is in his pushchair. Oscar starts school at 8.20am and the mornings at the moment are absolutely freezing. The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner will not only keep your little one nice and warm but lovely and comfy too.

The liner cleverly moulds to your baby’s unique shape, ensuring they are in the perfect position to maintain and develop a healthy posture as well as aiding their muscoloskeltal development which is crucial. When out for a walk or out and about your baby can be in his/her stroller for a long time. Making sure they are correctly positioned and comfortable is so important. The range of designs available are a fun and exciting way for parents to personalise their wheels and make your stroller stand out from the crowd. The newest striking prints include; Spot the Dot, Dove Grey, Fruity Tutti, Jungle Boogie and Robots.


The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner’s are available from SMYTHS Toys and are only £24.99.  I think this is an amazing price for such a great liner and a very cheap way of sprucing up your stroller!

Comfi - Cush Jungle Boogie image-0Cuddle Co have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a  Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner in a pattern of your choice. Enter below and good luck!

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The New Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend

This November Bugaboo introduces the latest special edition: the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend.  The Bugaboo Cameleon3 is the original all-in-one that parents love for quality, style and all round comfort for their baby. From newborn to toddler, this fully-loaded pushchair adapts to every journey making it easy to use on the move.  It breathes the legacy of 15 years of Bugaboo design and continues to be a modern-day icon of creativity and innovation. Continuing in that inventive spirit, we are always looking out for new materials.

Designed for parents who enjoy city life as well as trips to the woods, sand and snow , the special-edition Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend is naturally stylish, combining a refined, soft, brushed polyester tweed outer fabric, and blue TENCEL®* lining. The pushchair breathes a sense of softness, offering maximum comfort for parents and their child. I love the brown leather handle!

I have always had Bugaboos myself, having the Cameleon with Oscar and now the Buffalo with Archie and also have the Runner which is the jogging extension.

Why did I choose a Bugaboo myself?

I chose Bugaboo for the quality of the pushchair and being able to use it anywhere easily. In the park in thick mud to on holiday abroad in the sand. I love being able to change the hood colour of the pushchair keeping it stylish and on trend with the gorgeous colours and patterns available. I always recommend Bugaboo to my friends when they are choosing a pushchair and they have all thanked me for it!

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend is available now with an RRP of £999.

Brand New Bugaboo By Diesel #BeBrave

Have you seen the new Bugaboo by Diesel range. As a Bugaboo Buffalo owner I always get excited when Bugaboo launch new fabric designs as you can instantly give your pushchair a face lift. This is the second Bugaboo by Diesel collection and is absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love the wheels.

Bugaboo and Diesel have bundled their creative and rebellious spirit to design a collection that takes the iconic lifestyle brand’s DNA as a starting point: Denim. Two new pushchairs are taking centre stage this time round with a complete makeover for the all-terrain pushchair, the Bugaboo Buffalo, and a Tailored Fabric Set for the convertible pushchair, the Bugaboo Donkey. The military-inspired Bugaboo by Diesel Cameleon3 from the first collection will also remain available in stores.

They have also gone all out on the accessories with a matching denim changing bag with leather details to the collection, featuring functional inside pockets for parents on the go. To complete your pushchair wardrobe there is even a special-edition Bugaboo by Diesel Seat Liner, Footmuff, Parasol and Mosquito Net in camouflage print from our first release.



This time the focus lies on Diesel’s denim heritage; the Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection features a washed and specially-treated denim that is effortlessly stylish. The denim is hand-ripped, distressed, and features paint splatters in various denim hues. Over time, the denim will naturally fade, just like your favourite pair of jeans would. Thanks to the Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection, denim lovers will be sure to stand out in a crowd!

The Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel comes in a blue anodised chassis, washed denim sun canopy, carrycot and seat, and many new and interesting details. The central joint, for instance, is based on a rivet you will find on your Diesel jeans, the wheel rims have been coloured blue to complement the denim fabric, and the hand-treated fabric itself has been given a unique finish with paint splatters. Black, leather-look details on the handlebar and seat give the pushchair a rebellious touch. There is also a matching bag in denim and leather which can be hung on the handlebar of the Bugaboo Buffalo.

Don’t miss out on being the trendiest Mum around. Check out the Bugaboo by Diesel range now!

RRPs as follows:

Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel Denim is £1089 / 1299 euros

Tailored Fabric Set for the Bugaboo Donkey is £139,95 / 69,95 euros

Sun Canopy for the Bugaboo Donkey is £89,95 / 109,95 euros

Bugaboo by Diesel changing bag is £134,95 / 109,95 euros

The New Comfort Wheel Board From Bugaboo

This September,  Bugaboo will be introducing their new Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board featuring a detachable seat. By attaching the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board to your Bugaboo pushchair, you as parents can create a fun and comfortable ride for their extra child in just two simple clicks. What may seem as a relaxing walk to you, can be quite a marathon for a toddler with their little legs. The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board ensures a smooth ride for your child and allows parents to continue to move freely through their world. By clicking the wheeled board straight onto any Bugaboo pushchair, it becomes the perfect extension. I have a Bugaboo Buffalo myself and also The Runner and will defiantly be getting the comfort wheeled board for Oscar to hop on to! You can see what I love about the Buffalo HERE.

Bugaboo Adapter Comfort Wheeled Board


Smart design can be found in the board’s flexible positioning, either to the left or right of the pushchair, creating extra walking space for parents. A detachable seat offers the extra flexibility, as your toddler has the option to stand or have a sit down. Bugaboo’s signature suspension makes sure that the stroll will be bump-free, and when not in use, the wheeled board can easily be clicked up or even detached for easy access to the under-seat basket which I love! The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board is compatible with all Bugaboo pushchairs apart from the Bugaboo Runner and is available in selected stores worldwide and online from September 2015.

For a retailer near you, please visit bugaboo.com/retail-locator. Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board & Adapter:  €119.95/ £99.95, Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board: € 105.00/ £90.00, Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board Adapter  €14.95/ £9.95

My Love For My Bugaboo Buffalo

When I had Oscar I had the Bugaboo Cameleon, in fact that was what my first ever blog post was about. So when I fell pregnant with Archie the Buffalo had been launched a few months before and I had admired it in Mothercare and decided that they were the right wheels for Archie. With both the Cameleon and Buffalo I always had them in black as we didn’t know the sex either if the boys when I was pregnant. Bugaboo do a huge range of gorgeous different coloured fabrics to suit the sex of your baby or your taste. When Archie goes into the seat unit of the Buffalo I am getting him a blue hood and foot muff. The seat unit is also really spacious and your little one will be able to fit in it comfortably up until they are 3 years old or 37.5lbs.

The Buffalo is quite a bit larger than the Cameleon which I love, the carry cot has so much room in it and even though it is bigger it fits in my boot easily. Another thing that I love about the Buffalo is the open basket which compared to the Cameleon I had five years ago with the draw string basket the Buffalo one is much easier to use and put your shopping in to. It is really big too! The hood also extends to give your little one complete protection from the sun, in fact I couldn’t believe how much it extended by simply unzipping it. Another big difference between the two is the Buffalo is a all terrain pushchair with it’s 10” Swivel wheels and 12” rear wheels with foam filled tyres.

The Buffalo retails at £905 for the Buffalo with the black fabrics. I also have the car seat adaptors which are £34.95 which allow me to click my Maxi Cosi car seat directly on to the pushchair chassis for quick and convenient use like when on the school run. You can also get adapters for Britax car seats. The Buffalo is a dream to push and I only have to use one hand, the swivel wheels make it so easy to steer and folding it is easy with the one fold system. 

Recently Bugaboo have launched the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape which is gorgeous! It comes in a new special-edition washed canvas Balsam Green fabric with a brown leather handle on the handlebars and the carry cot handle. I think it looks gorgeous and really luxurious with the added special touches.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get an invite to the launch of the Bugaboo Runner which is the jogging extension. I fell in love with it and purchased it a week later and have added it to my Bugaboo collection. Next month when Archie is big enough to go from the carry cot to the seat unit I will be able to start using it and I can’t wait. You can read all about the Runner HERE.

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

Have You Seen The Cybex Priam?

I am a big fan of CYBEX and Oscar has had two of their fab car seats over the years. With CYBEX you always know that you child is travelling in the up most comfort and the quality is always amazing.

Keira Knightley, PRIAM, £510, Carrycot in Black Beauty, £250
Cybex have recently released the Priam and even celebrity’s have been spotted with it. Recently Keira Knightley, the British BAFTA nominated actress, was spotted out and about in London with her new arrival in the stylish CYBEX PRIAMOther famous fans include Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Katherine Heigl, Matt Damon, Gisele Bündchen, Rosamund Pike, Coco Rocha, Michelle Hunziker and Natalie Portman. The new PRIAM retails for £510 wit the optional extra of the carrycot which is £250. I love the look of the PRIAM, it is super stylish with it’s modern and sleek frame with funky white tyres on the wheels. I love it in the black beauty and white wheels but it also comes in seven different colours and there is a choice of three different types of wheels; light, trekking and all terrain and even an extra attachment to change the two front wheels in to skis for the snowy weather, I have never seen anything like this before.

It is functional pushchair that is also a design object on wheels, the PRIAM’s genius is to combine beautiful form with exceptional function. The PRIAM is extremely sturdy and versatile yet incomparably light. One frame fulfils three functions, taking babies from their first months right up to their early childhood. The PRIAM can be used as a pram with a matching carrycot, as a travel system with one of the award-winning CYBEX infant car seats and later as a luxurious buggy, that can be either forward or backward facing. There are wheels to suit every surface including sandy beaches, while for snow and ice the PRIAM is equipped with ski attachments, as well as a kickboard for young siblings.

I absolutely love the look of the new PRIAM!


 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

Review: The Lascal Maxi Buggy Board From Cheeky Rascals

Whilst away on holiday last week in Tenerife we took the Lascal Maxi Buggy Board from Cheeky Rascals for Oscar to use if his legs got tired. The Buggy Board Maxi can be used for children up to six years old as it is much wider than the smaller board. We used it a lot when we took some day trips out to the water park, Siam Park and the Zoo, Loro Parque in Tenerife. They were both really long days out so Oscar got quite tired in the afternoon and just hopped on to the Buggy Board which usually he would ask for one of us to carry him, which would of been hot and uncomfortable in the 32 degree heat.

I fitted the Buggy Board on to Archie’s stroller before we went away which was quick and easy to do. The instructions in the box are really clear and in four simple steps: 1. Fitting the straps, 2. Trimming them, 3. Putting the plastic screws the board attaches too to the one of the three different holes that makes it perfect for your child and that your feet don’t hit it when you are walking and 4. Then clicking the Buggy Board on to the attachment.

It also comes with a strap so when you are not using it you can put the strap around one of the handles of your stroller and clip the buggy board up so it isn’t in your way. Having the board attached to your stroller doesn’t make it any more difficult to push or steer, in fact having the extra two wheels made it more sturdier when I had a heavy changing bag on the handle of our stroller too.

Oscar enjoyed being on the board and found it really fun and I think the board itself is a great idea, especially for children like Oscar who is five that might get a bit tired on a long day out but is far to big to go in a pushchair (and wouldn’t be seen dead in one) and it meant we didn’t have to carry him or give him a piggy back. Also when travelling with the Buggy Board I kept it attached to our stroller right up until we got on the plane where I handed my stroller over to go in the hold and then unclipped the board and took it on to the plane as hand luggage and popped it into the over head storage compartment. As it is so light it was quick and easy for us rather than it getting thrown around in the aeroplane hold.

When I got home I am going to order another set of the clips to attach them to my bigger everyday pushchair so I can use that to with the buggy board. The Lascal Buggy Board fits most pushchairs and strollers and you can check on the Cheeky Rascals website to see if yours is compatible. The Buggy Board is £65 on the cheeky rascals website and they also sell spare parts, a seat for the buggy board and also the smaller mini board. You can use the buggy board from two years old so could save mums and dads buying a double pushchair.

The Cheeky Rascals online store have lot’s of great products so check out their website!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Buggy Board for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own. We love it!

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

Review: The Chicco Urban Travel System

Back in September we went to the Chicco headquarters to look at their new range. I was shown the Urban Travel system and was really impressed with how it looked and how versatile it was. When I was told the whole travel system was only £349.99 I was shocked at what great value it is. It comes in four different colours and for £49.99 you can purchase extra colour packs to change the look of your stroller when your mood suits. My Chicco Urban is in beige which is perfect for either a boy or a girl. We also have the blue winter pack. It didn’t take long to put together, only around fifteen minutes and the instructions were very easy to follow.


The Chicco Urban is suitable from birth until approximately three years old and has a rear or facing seat which I always look for in a pushchair as it’s nice to have your baby facing you when out and about so you can talk to them then switch to forward facing at the park when you want to show them things, I would never buy a pushchair without this function. With a simple loosening of a few clips the seat unit turns into a spacious pram. The seat of the Urban stroller is designed with two ways of reclining: simply recline the backrest itself, or swing the whole seat unit into three different positions. With my previous travel system having a separate pram unit and seat unit can sometimes be hard to store or fit in the boot of a car, so with the Urban having one unit for both I think is a great idea. The travel system includes a chassis unit, seat/pram unit, hood, soft padded reducer, pram apron/leg cover, safety harness pads and colour pack. For the Winter you can also purchase two different coloured Winter Edition packs in Winter Sunset and Winter Night (electric pink and electric blue) for £59.99 which includes an extra padded reducer and pram apron and a hand muff that can be used on the handlebar for mum or dad or on the seat handle for your little one to keep warm. This was brilliant in January as my hands were kept nice and warm. We have it in electric blue and the colour really stands out. On a cold day at the park the hand muff was great instead of pulling my sleeves over my hands like I usually do I could simply slip them into the hand muff that was already attached. At the park a few Mum’s commented on what a great idea the hand muff is.

The spacious pram unit has a soft padded lining which means Archie gets a comfy ride when out and about. He falls asleep in the pram within seconds of going in it, he loves it. The handlebar adjusts to four different heights to make it comfortable to push and the lockable front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre. The basket is also really spacious and can fit all your shopping in it. I managed to fit my shopping and changing bag in it with ease.

The travel system folds quickly and easy and is super compact with a carry handle which has made it easy to get it in and out of my car boot which was great after my caesarean as it was easy for me to lift in and out. You can also purchase a car seat adaptor for £24.99 which is compatible with the Chicco Auto-Fix Fast car seat which is £119.99 to make it into the ultimate travel system.

I am really impressed with the quality and functionality of the Urban and think it is a great price for such a great travel system. It is really comfortable to push and the large wheels give it a really smooth ride and it is easy to steer. 

When using it as a pushchair the seat padding is lovely and soft and there is also a footrest for extra comfort. When Archie is old enough to go into the pushchair seat I will write another review then to show you how easily the Urban changes as your baby grows.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Chicco Urban for the purpose of reviewing. However all opinions are completely honest and my own. We love it!

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Review: The Quinny Moodd

A couple of weeks ago when we went to the baby show we were given the chance to use the Quinny Moodd whilst we were there. The Quinny Moodd is a pushchair that had caught my eye at the last baby show back in October, especially in the white and black combo. We were given the Moodd in black and went off around the show. Obviously this is a review on what I thought of using it for the day and not out and about on different terrains. I was given a demonstration by the lovely ladies on the Quinny/Maxi-Cosi stand and was impressed that you can just simply add a newborn insert so you don’t have to buy the carry cot attachment and you are still able to use it from birth. The Moodd can be used up to 15kg which is approximately three to three and a half years so this will last until your little one is old enough to walk around and not use a pushchair. 

I was shown how easy it is to fold the pushchair and I loved how you only need one hand to do it and when you open the pushchair it pops up on its own with the automatic unfolding frame. It folds quite small and not having a carry cot on it it would fit in the boot of my car easily and if you have a smaller boot you can quickly and easily take the wheels off to make it more compact. The frame was also very light to lift which is something I always look for as I use a pushchair all the time and lifting it in and out of the boot everyday can put strain on your back if the frame is to heavy.

We used it with the newborn insert for Archie which is easy to insert and adjust the straps and he seemed nice and snug in it and slept the whole way around the show. When your baby is old enough to use it sitting up you can choose to have the seat facing you or away from you, which is always important to me that it has this function when looking at a pushchair. I would never buy one without it. Also when you use it with a toddler you attach the T-handlebar in between their legs if you want for extra support. You can also adjust the foot rest for maximum comfort. There are also Maxi-Cosi adapters to attach your car seat to your pushchair.

The only thing that I thought that was negative about the Moodd is that the shopping basket underneath isn’t very spacious and with shopping or Oscar’s school bag underneath it would be a squeeze. Saying that I attached my changing bag on the handle and as the frame is sturdy it didn’t effect it’s balance or anything. I found the pushchair itself really easy to use and move around with one hand. It also isn’t really wide, so I found it easy to fit through smaller gaps with so many people around.

I really enjoyed using the Moodd for the few hours that we were at the baby show and think it is a really good pushchair as well as being a really stylish too. You always know when buying a Quinny pushchair you that you are buying from a trustworthy brand that sell great quality pushchairs.

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png