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My Post For Baby Loss Awareness Week

Every year, thousands of people in the UK are affected by the death of a baby or experience pregnancy loss, in fact statistically 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage and 1 in 100 have 3 or more miscarriages in a row. I am one of the “1 in 4”. I have written about it a few times on my blog before, but I always like to write something fresh for baby loss awareness week as I really believe with so many women/men/couples talking about and sharing their stories we can help to break the silence and we can come together and help each other.


I had Oscar in 2010, my pregnancy with him was easy, my waters broke at 36 weeks and 5 days and after 48 hours he was born by emergency Caesarean section. We always knew we wanted to have two children and had always planned in our heads to roughly have a three year gap. In April 2012 we found out I was pregnant again, we were so excited and decided not to tell anyone until I was 12 weeks. We got to the scan date and took Oscar along with us so he could see too. I lay on the bed, the midwife was lovely chatting away and after a few seconds her face changed, she feel silent, I knew something was wrong. She went to get another doctor and then asked me to get myself up and took me into an office. They told us the baby had no heartbeat and I had had a missed miscarriage. Holding back the tears was so hard, I didn’t want to see dad in front of Oscar but inside I felt sick. After months of hell, with bleeding on and off I eventually had an ERPC.


I left it a couple of cycles and then we started trying again. We fell pregnant using a Clearblue fertility monitor and it worked the first month of trying. I got to 6 weeks and I was visiting my Nan when I started to bleed. I went to the early pregnant unit at Hillingdon Hospital and I was told I had twins, one without a heartbeat and one with. Obviously I was upset but a part of me thought at least one was ok. Two weeks later at a follow up scan I was told that I had miscarried both. I just couldn’t believe it! I naively thought this time it wouldn’t happen again. I booked in for an ERPC the next day so not to have all the problems I had last time. 


I went to see my GP afterwards who was lovely and told me all about the recurrent miscarriage clinic in London at St Mary’s Hospital. She referred me and I had about a four month wait. After a rough 18 months with all the problems it was nice to relax, stop trying for a baby and wait for our appointment. So in June 2013 I had various tests done and a hysteroscopy in the August to remove any adhesions or scar tissue from my caesarean. A blood test came back saying I had a clotting problem and I was told to go away and get pregnant, as soon as I had a positive test take 150mg of aspirin a day and contact the unit. They scanned me every couple of weeks up until 10 weeks and then passed me back over to Hillingdon. Greg and I excitedly went to the 12 week scan and again the doctors went silent. Back into the side office we went.


It was explained to us that our baby had a larger amount of fluid on the back of the neck than normal which is a cause for concern and is often an indication for Down’s syndrome. To be honest this didn’t phase me to much but I was told to go and have a amniotic fluid test. At 14 weeks I went to Queen Charlotte’s hospital for the procedure. It was terrible, in short they inserted a huge needle through my stomach into the amniotic sac to extract some fluid to get the baby’s chromosomes to see what the abnormality was. It was so painful and let me bruised for a few weeks. We were told the results would take around two weeks. They were the longest two weeks of my life. I held onto hope that it would all be fine and it was just a mistake.


The trouble is from the moment you get two blue lines on that pregnancy test, your already working out the due date, planning in your head for a baby that will never get it’s due date. That’s hard.


Christmas Eve 2013 I got the phone call that our baby had something called Ring 13, which is a rare chromosome disorder. In our case the baby had it severely with a lot of missing genes which meant he wouldn’t have lived very long. I went into see the specialist midwife at Hillingdon hospital who was amazing and she went through our options with us. Christmas was a blur, I made it as special for Oscar as possible but I was dying inside. Looking back on photos of Christmas that year, I look vacant and I hate those photos. New Years Eve was worse for me, in my brain I knew I had to go back to the hospital on the 2nd to start the process of delivering the baby and had almost boxed it off like that’s next year it’s fine. The New Year came, I took myself out of the room and sat sobbing on the stairs with my friend, it was awful. 


On the 2nd I had to take a tablet to stop the babies heartbeat as if I delivered him alive there would be nothing the midwives could do to save him and it would have been to distressing for us as I was only 18 weeks. I went home expecting to come back in the next day but that night around 8pm I started bleeding so we went back. I was taken into labour ward and felt so sorry for the midwife who started her shift expecting to deliver a healthy baby. I had to share a bathroom with a lady I could hear was having a baby which was so hard. I feel asleep and at 5am got up to go to the toilet, my waters broke and I delivered the baby. The midwives were amazing, he was put wrapped in a blanket and had a little hat and was put in a little wicker crib. They took photos for me and gave me a memory box. I was on autopilot I showed little emotion, I was exhausted and felt terrible for Greg. It wasn’t until a few hours later when I was ready to go home and it dawned on me that I was leaving my baby behind and had to walk out of the same door as everybody else who had their perfect babies in their car seats ready to go home. I felt sick. I broke down. 


When we got home my parents were looking after Oscar. I had to get myself together, as I didn’t want Oscar to know I was upset or that anything was wrong. Greg and I went to bed for a few hours as we were shattered and I put all my emotions in a little box in my head, walked downstairs and was Mummy to Oscar. 


We had genetic testing afterwards which came back clear. We were just bloody unlucky to have this happen after having the miscarriages before too. Hillingdon Hospital were amazing, honestly I couldn’t have paid for better care. They arranged the church service a week later that only Greg and I went too and the cremation as well. His ashes were than scattered at the Peter Pan children’s remembrance garden at a crematorium near us. 


A few months later I fell pregnant again, took my aspirin daily and I was so anxious. I had a specialist midwife on call and had scans from 7 weeks. Getting to 12 weeks and being told that everything was ok was a huge relief, I cried. We kept it a secret until 20 weeks as I didn’t want Oscar to know and then something go wrong. At this time he was 4 with much more understanding and always asked for a baby brother or sister. Up until now I felt I was failing him, the one thing most of his friends had and what he kept asking him and I couldn’t for sure know that we would give it to him. 

We flew past our 20 week scan. We told everyone, everyone was over the moon for us it was lovely. Every day I was anxious that something was going to go wrong and at my 20 week appointment I was given my elective caesarean date as I couldn’t bare to go back on the labour ward. We were told the 29th December 2014 although as the time got closer my anxiety mellowed a bit and I thought if I went into labour before that date I would try to have the baby naturally. We didn’t pick baby names as we didn’t want to jinx anything, until that baby was in our arms I wasn’t going to relax. Our little Archie came into the world on the elective section date and competed our family. 



I’m not going to lie it was a tough journey getting there but we are so grateful for the amazing care we received on the NHS. We are so grateful to have two beautiful healthy boys and it’s only brought us all closer together as a family.

There were moments where I felt so down but Oscar kept me going and occupied. I genuinely have no problems taking about it or sharing my story as if I can help one person then it’s all been worth sharing. 


Tommy’s charity is a great source of information and advice and if you need someone to talk to they are there. They have community groups and you can chat to other people going through the same experience so you can talk and not feel alone.

Let’s share our stories, support each other and make a difference. Let’s come together for change. #Miscourage 


My Positive Elective Caesarean Experience On The NHS

Last week I was on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show talking about how I was listened to by my consultant when I opted for an elective caesarean when I was pregnant with Archie and had a really positive experience at Hillingdon Hospital.

Before I tell you about my elective caesarean I will tell you why I wanted one in the first place. In February 2010 I had Oscar at 37 weeks by emergency caesarean after being in labour for three days and Oscar’s heart rate dipping. After having Oscar at 1.58am on a Monday morning I stayed in the next day and then discharged myself on the Tuesday as I felt well enough to go home. Afterwards I was adamant that when we had another baby I would opt for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). After that I went on to having two miscarriages, one in 2012 and 2013 and then had to give birth to a baby in 2014 at 17 and a half weeks. I was prescribed 150mg of aspirin and when I fell pregnant with Archie in March 2014 I took it everyday.

As you can imagine I was nervous the whole way through my pregnancy. At one of my first consultant appointments at 16 weeks I was very clear that I wanted a elective caesarean as I didn’t really want to go back on the delivery suite after the experience we had had only a few months before. I walked out of the delivery suite with no baby and would of done anything not to have had to go back there.

My consultant listened to me, explained the risks and told me if I changed my mind at any time throughout the rest of my pregnancy that that was fine. I honestly couldn’t have wished for a more understanding consultant. As the pregnancy went from week to week I still wanted to go with an elective caesarean as in a silly way after loosing the three babies before and having no control over any of it it was my only bit of control that I could choose just how I wanted to have my baby.

When I read articles saying women that have had a caesarean are cheated out of giving birth or haven’t “properly” given birth it does annoy me. I carried my babies and however they were delivered I gave birth to them! I think people should keep their opinions to themselves and however a mother chooses to have their baby is their business not the rest of the Worlds to judge. We should be supporting each other as women and parents not criticising one another.

So in December 2014 I had Archie by elective caesarean. I also took part in a enhanced recovery course which meant that I had Archie on the Monday at 9.32am and was discharged at 11am the following day. I was also allowed to drive after 9 days so I was back to normal in no time, taking Oscar to school. I am quite a proactive person and like to just get on with things so being able to get up and get home quicker was great for me. Having an elective caesarean this time around was quite strange as you walk in absolutely normal and within an hour I was in theatre having my epidural put in and then Archie was here. This time around I had the curtain dropped and got to see him being born which was amazing!

I wanted to share my story as I know that the NHS make mistakes but at Hillingdon Hospital I couldn’t have paid for better care, from the support they gave me after loosing the babies and then in my pregnancy through to the birth they were fantastic.

Review: The Chicco Urban Travel System

Back in September we went to the Chicco headquarters to look at their new range. I was shown the Urban Travel system and was really impressed with how it looked and how versatile it was. When I was told the whole travel system was only £349.99 I was shocked at what great value it is. It comes in four different colours and for £49.99 you can purchase extra colour packs to change the look of your stroller when your mood suits. My Chicco Urban is in beige which is perfect for either a boy or a girl. We also have the blue winter pack. It didn’t take long to put together, only around fifteen minutes and the instructions were very easy to follow.


The Chicco Urban is suitable from birth until approximately three years old and has a rear or facing seat which I always look for in a pushchair as it’s nice to have your baby facing you when out and about so you can talk to them then switch to forward facing at the park when you want to show them things, I would never buy a pushchair without this function. With a simple loosening of a few clips the seat unit turns into a spacious pram. The seat of the Urban stroller is designed with two ways of reclining: simply recline the backrest itself, or swing the whole seat unit into three different positions. With my previous travel system having a separate pram unit and seat unit can sometimes be hard to store or fit in the boot of a car, so with the Urban having one unit for both I think is a great idea. The travel system includes a chassis unit, seat/pram unit, hood, soft padded reducer, pram apron/leg cover, safety harness pads and colour pack. For the Winter you can also purchase two different coloured Winter Edition packs in Winter Sunset and Winter Night (electric pink and electric blue) for £59.99 which includes an extra padded reducer and pram apron and a hand muff that can be used on the handlebar for mum or dad or on the seat handle for your little one to keep warm. This was brilliant in January as my hands were kept nice and warm. We have it in electric blue and the colour really stands out. On a cold day at the park the hand muff was great instead of pulling my sleeves over my hands like I usually do I could simply slip them into the hand muff that was already attached. At the park a few Mum’s commented on what a great idea the hand muff is.

The spacious pram unit has a soft padded lining which means Archie gets a comfy ride when out and about. He falls asleep in the pram within seconds of going in it, he loves it. The handlebar adjusts to four different heights to make it comfortable to push and the lockable front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre. The basket is also really spacious and can fit all your shopping in it. I managed to fit my shopping and changing bag in it with ease.

The travel system folds quickly and easy and is super compact with a carry handle which has made it easy to get it in and out of my car boot which was great after my caesarean as it was easy for me to lift in and out. You can also purchase a car seat adaptor for £24.99 which is compatible with the Chicco Auto-Fix Fast car seat which is £119.99 to make it into the ultimate travel system.

I am really impressed with the quality and functionality of the Urban and think it is a great price for such a great travel system. It is really comfortable to push and the large wheels give it a really smooth ride and it is easy to steer. 

When using it as a pushchair the seat padding is lovely and soft and there is also a footrest for extra comfort. When Archie is old enough to go into the pushchair seat I will write another review then to show you how easily the Urban changes as your baby grows.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Chicco Urban for the purpose of reviewing. However all opinions are completely honest and my own. We love it!

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Better Late Than Never: My Birth Story

Better late than never! Archie is twelve weeks old now and I thought I would write up how he came into the World.

Archie was born on the 29th December 2014 at 9.36am weighing 7lb 5oz.

I was booked in for my elective caesarean when I was only 16 weeks pregnant so I had plenty of time to plan. I had an emergency caesarean with Oscar after being in labour for three days and his heart beat was showing he was in distress so when I was offered an elective caesarean this time I knew that was what I wanted.

I did a enhanced recovery course at Hillingdon Hospital a couple of weeks before my booked in date which meant I would only have to stay in hospital one night. The night before my caesarean I ate plenty of carbs as instructed to as it helps you body to heal better and deal with the shock of an operation. I took an anti sickness tablet before bed and then one again in the morning at about 5.30am with a glass of water. Our friend Steve came over to look after Oscar and we arrived at the Hospital at about 7.15am. There was one other lady who was also booked in for that morning.

We went on to the ward and I changed into my gown and Greg changed into his theatre outfit and fetching hair net. I was first on the list and by 8.15am I was walking down to Theatre. It was very strange sitting on the operating table, I remember thinking my baby had no idea he or she was about to come out. I had my drip and epidural done and then the next half hour or so just flew by and our little man was here. The midwife asked if we wanted the screen dropped as Archie was born, I wasn’t offered this with Oscar but was pleased we said yes as we got some great photos. You would think they would be gory but I was surprised at how it looked.

Archie was born at 9.36am and then was taken to be weighed and cleaned and Greg went with him, he was then brought to me for a cuddle. He was perfect. Again the time it took them to stitch me up flew past and then we were taken to recovery. This is where I was given the best cup of tea and toast ever. I was starving as I had to fast from the night before. At midday Greg left to go and get Oscar. I was so excited for him to meet his new baby brother. 

When they arrived back Oscar opened his present from Archie which was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures which he loved. Oscar was so gentle with him and was so excited. I was taken back up to the ward and Oscar and Greg went home about 5pm. I decided not to have any visitors in the evening as I knew I would be home the next day and Oscar would want to show everyone his baby brother.

I had my catheter taken out at midnight and was up and walking about straight away. I felt surprisingly good, much better than when it was an emergency with Oscar. In the morning they were happy with baby and I (Archie didn’t have a name until he was three days old) and we went home at 11am. We then had family come over at meet Archie in the afternoon.

I have had an amazing experience at Hillingdon Hospital and couldn’t of paid for better care. The staff there are amazing!

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Review: Secret Saviours Bump Support Stretch Mark Prevention System

During my pregnancy I was sent the ultimate stretch mark prevention kit from Secret Saviours which has just launched here in the UK. From reading my previous posts you will have seen I was smothering myself in different bump moisturisers to prevent getting any stretch marks. I was lucky with my pregnancy with Oscar that I didn’t get any and again with Archie I didn’t get any either. I know for a lot of women stretch marks don’t bother them and why should they, your body has changed to become a Mummy but personally if I can use something to prevent them then I would give it a try as I am one of those women who would be bothered by them.

Secret Saviours offer women a little extra support during a time 
when their bodies are changing. An unwanted change for some women can be stretch marks. No, they’re not life-threatening, but they can do serious damage to a new mum’s lifestyle and self-confidence. At least 2 out of 3 women will get stretch marks when they have a baby on board. Now all that has changed with a brilliant invention. It’s a support band along with a gel and night cream that can prevent stretch marks in 7 out of 10 women. 

Within the kit is a support band that is matched to the size of your bump which fitted nice and snug around my bump. The material is really soft and you completely forget during the day that you are wearing it. The idea is you wear the support band during the day with the special day gel and the unique patented system of pads within the band keeps your bump in place so stretch marks find it harder to form. It is the the world’s first clinically trialled and scientifically proven stretch mark prevention ritual. The day gel helps enrich and prepare your skin to grip the support band more effectively. You gently massage the gel evenly and thoroughly into your stomach using a circular motion. It deliberately leaves your skin slightly tacky to help the pads evenly hold the skin. The first time I used it it was strange that my bump was completely held in place and I hadn’t realised how much during the day it must move about, I felt so much more supported and my back didn’t ache so much and I forgot I was even wearing it as it was so comfortable.

The night cream helps enrich your skin so it will stay as strong as it can be. Similar to the day gel, you gently massage the night cream evenly and thoroughly into your stomach using a circular motion. The cream is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth. I really liked using this cream in the evening as it smells lovely and quickly absorbs so I wasn’t left feel tacky or oily.

If you are looking for something to prevent stretch marks then I would seriously recommend the Secret Saviours bump support system. As I said before it is clinically proven to prevent stretch marks in up to 70% of women! The kit is £69.95 and you can choose your band in pink or black. A few weeks ago it was also featured in the MailOnline who called it a breakthrough in the battle against stretch marks.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Secret Saviours bump support system as a trial. All opinions are completely honest and my own.

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Review: My Breastfeeding Essentials

When I had Oscar I gave up breastfeeding quite quickly as I completely lost my confidence after he was readmitted into hospital as he was jaundice and hadn’t been feeding properly so this time around I was determined to breastfeed. I had a midwife help me in hospital after I had Archie and left the hospital feeling confident with what I had been taught. On day 5 at the midwife check we were told Archie had lost more than 10% of his birth weight and my heart sunk. Obviously he wasn’t getting enough milk from me. The midwife sent us to A&E to be checked over and the paediatrician suggested I expressed some milk and after breastfeeding Archie top him up with what I expressed. The only problem with me doing this was after a few days Archie wouldn’t latch on properly to feed off of me. So I have put a small list together if some breastfeeding essentials that have made breastfeeding so much easier for me.

Dr Browns Manual Breast Pump
The Dr Browns Manual Breast Pump has a super soft flexible breast cup which has made expressing really easy and has left my breasts feeling comfortable afterwards unlike some of the pumps I tried with Oscar that hurt me. The flexible cup actually moves with your breast for maximum support and comfort. The gentle compression technology gently expresses the milk without tugging or pinching at your skin. It has been awarded a Prima Baby and Pregnancy Best Feeding Product Gold Award.

The pump comes with one manual pump, one 120ml Dr Brown’s bottle plus all bottle components (teat, collar, cap, vent insert, reservoir tube, travel disc, travel cap, wire vent cleaning brush) and you get all this for only £42. Having to express every two to three hours sounds like a chore but using this breast pump it has made it easy, comfortable and quick, taking only ten minutes to express around 100ml.

Dr Browns Natural Flow Bottles
It is always useful to have extra bottles to attach to your breast pump so when Greg is feeding Archie I can express the next bottle to try and get ahead of myself. Especially so I have bottles ready for the night time feeds as I found expressing in the middle of the night after feeding and changing Archie exhausting! 

The Dr Browns bottles are great, they have intelligent teats that eliminate air bubbles and stop your baby swallowing them when feeding eliminating any discomfort from wind or needing to burp and colic. The bottle teats are really soft and supple which make them easy for your baby to use and are really soft on their gums. The bottles have been designed perfectly and not only benefit your baby buy preserving the vitamins they need but are also easy to fill and keep clean as they have a wide top. A pack of two 240ml bottles are £11.69 and in the packet is the tow bottles, two level 1 teats, two two-piece internal vents and a cleaning brush. The bottles come in single or double packs in premmie, 120ml or 240ml sizes. You can even get them in blue or pink. With 9 out of 10 health professionals recommending these bottles they really are great.

Medela Contact Nipple Shields

I brought these in Mothercare last week after Archie wasn’t latching on properly after being introduced to a bottle. These have been a god send, the best £8.99 I have spent! By wearing them it has allowed Archie to latch back on, kept my nipples pain free and made feeding him when out and about much easier as I don’t always have to rely on expressing as I can express what I need to top him up before I go out.

The shields are available in three sizes and come in a discrete travel box. They are made from really thin material to offer maximum skin contact to aid bonding. These are absolutely brilliant!

Boppy Feeding Pillow
I was shown the Boppy feeding pillow when I went to the Chicco headquarters a couple of months ago and knew it would be a great product to make breastfeeding more comfortable. When I was given the chance to review one I was over the moon. It is a double sided feeding pillow that comes in a large range of different colours and patterns. I chose the cushion in the ‘Honey Bear’ fabric and they retail at £34.99.

I simply put it on my lap and rest Archie on it and kept Archie at the right height to make feeding easier and latch on quicker and makes you sit in the correct position. It also protected my stomach where I had had my caesarean. 

The cushion and the cover are both machine washable and the padded material means it will never loose its shape.

The Boppy can also me used to prop Archie up when he is laying on his play mat and when he is a bit older can be used to aid tummy time. So for £34.99 you are getting a really versatile cushion that will last.

Cantaloop Pregnancy/Nursing Tanktop
Cantaloop have a great range of nursing and pregnancy bras and pregnancy underwear. I was sent a tanktop in turquoise and the material is so soft and the top itself changes as you get bigger in pregnancy and again when your breasts change after birth when your milk comes in. This top keeps me so comfortable and it looks great too. 

It has integrated, closed cups and the drop down cup is easy to open with one hand and makes breastfeeding even easier without having to pull your top up or down. The material is extra soft which is perfect next to your new baby’s delicate skin. The top is available in six different colours; turquoise, white, black, beige, light rose and sweet red. The tanktops are £28.49 and come in small, medium, large or large. 

This tanktop is the perfect top for pregnancy and breastfeeding and I will be ordering more as I keep wearing mine and having to put it in the wash to be able to wear it again and again. The Cantaloop range is fantastic and I have also been wearing their C-Section briefs which made after my caesarean pain free. A full review of these will be on the blog next week.

Avent Isis Comfort Breast Shell Set
You simply pop the breast shells inside your bra and collects any excess milk that would normally be absorbed by a breast pad. It comes with ventilated shells to wear to protect your nipples if they are sore and non ventilated shells to collect your milk. They have a soft silicone backing for extra comfort. I don’t even notice I am wearing them. I couldn’t believe how much extra milk you can collect wearing these. I wear them to bed to and sleep on my front and always have at least 60ml collected by the morning which is amazing. I got these from Tesco for £10.95.

I hope you find these essentials helpful and make your breastfeeding experience easier like they have made mine.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Dr Browns Manual Breast Pump, bottle, Cantaloop Tank Top and the Boppy cushion to review. However all opinions are completely honest and my own.

Review: Our Final Project-B Box 7

On Tuesday I received my last Project-B box in the post. I have really enjoyed and looked forward to receiving my Project-B monthly boxes and they have been a fun edition to my pregnancy. I was always surprised how quickly each month flew past as I was always prompted by the arrival of my boxes. Project-B is a monthly pregnancy subscription service that you can sign up to once you are three months pregnant and each box is tailored to the stage of your pregnancy you are in.

Over the past four months I have had a wide range of products sent to me in my Project-B boxes: Eisberg Alcohol free wine, scented candle, method surface spray and barefoot SOS moisturiser to name a few. Each box has a different theme and then the contents are revolved around that:

Box 1 – Nurture
Box 2 – Blossom
Box 3 – Energise
Box 4 – Relax
Box 5 – Prepare
Box 6 – Nest
Box 7 – Arrive

This months box was ‘Arrive’ and came in the post the day after Archie was born so was excellent timing! In this months box was:

Halos N Horns baby moisturising lotion – RRP £4.07
Baba + Boo reusable nappy – RRP £9.25
The Nordic reusable baby wipes – RRP £? (shop under construction)
Sudocrem care and protect – £1.99
Aquaint natural sanitising water – RRP £2.49
NUK First Choice + bottle – RRP £5.49
Waterwipes sample packet
Metanium barrier ointment cream sample
Organic babies nappy  cream baby balm sample
Baby-D drops sample
 A voucher to have a family photo session and a 5×7 print at Venture Studios worth £245

As you can see this months box was full to the brim with goodies totalling way over the monthly subscription price.

The voucher for the family photo session is fantastic and we are booked in next week at Venture Studios. I will write another review about this after we have been.

The Halos N Horns baby moisturising lotion smells amazing and is gentle and hypo-allergenic. The lotion itself absorbs easily and isn’t greasy at all. Archie had a bit of dry skin on his stomach and this lotion cleared it up completely in just a few days.

Baba + Boo sell stylish reusable nappies that help to keep your baby’s bottom rash free. Using reusable nappies can also help to save you a lot of money and is much better for the environment. They have a huge range of lovely designs.

The Nordic wipes are new reusable baby wipes where you simply just add water to the wipes and use them. Again these will save you a lot of money over the couple of years your baby will be in nappies and need to use wipes.

Sudocrem care and protect offers triple protection against the causes of nappy rash. Sudocrem has been around for years so is a brand you can really trust to look after your baby’s delicate skin.

As always in the box was some information cards with information on being 40+ weeks or baby has arrived, staying active, shopping ideas and a eating well recipe card.

NUk first choice + bottles are clinically proven for an optimal combination of breast and bottle feeding should you choose to do so. These bottles feature the original NUK orthodontic shaped teat with special, super soft zone which adapts perfectly to your baby’s palate. I haven’t used these bottles before so I will be interested to see how Archie gets on with it if and when we start to use a bottle in the future.

My Project-B boxes have been a fantastic addition to my pregnancy and I couldn’t recommend subscribing during your pregnancy any higher. The subscription would also make a great gift for a close family member or friend who is expecting. I have loved receiving these each month and will miss my monthly parcels of goodies in the post.

Disclaimer: I have been sent my monthly Project B boxes for the purpose of reviewing them. However all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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Welcome To The World Archie!

On Monday, the 29th December 2014 at 9.36am our new little baby boy came into the World weighing 7lb 5oz. I had him by planned caesarean and thanks to doing the enhanced recovery course at Hillingdon Hospital I was allowed home at 11.30am on Tuesday morning which I was over the moon about!

We arrived at the Hospital at 7.30am on the Monday morning and luckily we were first on the surgery list. I couldn’t believe how quickly we were called and next thing I knew Greg was in his scrubs and I was gowned up sitting on the operating table having my epidural done. The Doctors were so friendly and made me feel totally at ease and next thing I knew our little man was here. We stayed in recovery for a couple of hours and had the best tea and toast ever and then Greg went home to get Oscar to bring him to meet his new little brother. Oscar was over the moon as he wanted a brother.

When Oscar first met baby he was so excited and so gentle with him, it was adorable to watch. After a few hours Greg and Oscar went home and as I had done the enhanced recovery course the week before I had my catheter taken out at midnight and was up and about and walking. The midwives were amazing and really helped me to breastfeed and the Doctor’s came around at about 9.30am and were happy for me and baby to go home. Greg and Oscar came and collected us at 11.30am and we came home. It was lovely to be home just the four of us. Our little family is now complete and I couldn’t be happier. Having our two little boys was worth all the heartache in between having Oscar and baby.

We have been home now for ten days, the midwife came in last Wednesday and was really happy with both of us and his feeding. We finally named him after going through so many different name ideas and finally decided on Archie. We have had a fantastic start to 2015!

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Review: Our December Nonabox #NonaXmas

This is our second Nonabox we have been sent to review and I love reviewing things like this as a subscription box is a nice surprise every month full of interesting goodies to try out tailored to your stage if pregnancy or age of child up to two years old. Our boxes to review are not specifically tailored to us but a variety of brands and products that come in the Nonabox’s for you to see. This months Nonabox was the #NonaXmas box and was eager to see what was inside.

Inside this month’s box there was:

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle – RRP £4.50
Summer Nasal Aspirator – RRP £5.00
Born Free Straw Cup – RRP £4.99
Multi-Mam Balm – RRP £8.49
Multi-Mam Compresses x 4 – RRP £2.75
Quinola Mothergrain Organic Baby Food – RRP £1.99
Petiotes Hair Clip – RRP £2.99

So as you can see the contents of the box is worth more than the monthly subscription price. The Nonabox costs £24.95 a month including delivery and become cheaper if you subscribe for a longer amount of time.

In this months Nonabox there are a range of different products a lot of which will come in very useful over the next few months now that Archie has been born. I am breastfeeding so the Multi-Mam balm and compresses will be coming in very useful! It also shows from these products that the boxes are geared for breastfeeding or bottle feeding parents and the straw cup will be great for Archie when he is bigger.

Overall I am once again really impressed with this months Nonabox and the variety of products in it. This is a great subscription service and can also be brought as a gift which would make a amazing new baby or baby shower present. I have also kept the lovely #NonaXmas box and have put the precious decorations inside it to store them in to keep them safe.

Disclosure: We were sent the above Nonabox for the purpose of this review however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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38 Week Update And Enhanced Recovery After Caesarean Course

Today I have one week until my caesarean delivery and with Christmas in between I am sure this week will fly by! I am currently 38 weeks and 5 days. On Friday I went to my hospital to take part in a course to enhance your recovery after a caesarean delivery so that you can go home after one day. I left after one day when I had Oscar and wanted to do the same again this time. The one thing that had changed is last time I had to discharge myself where as for the last eight months Hillingdon Hospital have been offering the enhanced recovery programme to low risk women.

I did think it sounded like a waste of time and even contemplated not even going but I am so glad I went! It lasted for an hour and we were told so much useful information from what to eat the night before to enhance your recovery to pain relief options and were given our anti acid tablets to take before my admission. We were also told what to expect on the day, what we needed to bring and everything else that was useful to know.

If everything goes to plan and you have taken part in the enhanced recovery course and feel well enough to go home, the Doctors will let you go home the next day which is fantastic!

I am so glad I attended the course and if you get offered it it is definitely worth doing. Tomorrow I have to go and have my pre-op bloods taken then the next time we will be there is to have the baby.

Also within the last week I thought my waters went a bit last Wednesday and had to stay in over night to be monitored but the Doctors were happy for me to go home the following morning. I am starting to feel really uncomfortable and have been having very regular uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions so who knows we might not even make it until next Monday.

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