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Potty Training In A Day!

When Oscar went back to school two weeks ago I had it set in my mind that I would attempt to potty train Archie again. I’ve tried twice before, once last October and once in January. When I say tried this consisted of Archie crying repeatedly for his nappy back and holding his wee for almost five hours until I eventually gave in and put his nappy back on. He obviously wasn’t ready and there was no real need for me to potty train him if it was going to upset and distress him. I even asked a health visitor and she reassured me he would do it when he was ready.

It was so different with Oscar. Oscar was 2 years and 4 months old when I potty trained him, it was easy, he got it quite quickly and that was it. I did start panicking that Archie was 3 years old and we still hadn’t cracked it. It was also easier as there was just Oscar and I stayed at home all week to focus just on potty training. This time around with Archie I had to do it between school runs, swimming lessons, football training and everything else we do during the week.

So when Oscar returned back to school on Tuesday the 24th of April after the Easter break,  I decided that we needed to crack it before the next half term at the end of May and I especially wanted to do it before we go on holiday as I didn’t want to be taking any nappies with us. On the Thursday, the 26th we dropped Oscar to school, came home and I told Archie that the shops have no more nappies and he had to use the potty. At 10am he had an accident and got upset as he didn’t like being wet. Since then he hasn’t had one accident! He just got it straight away. Being that bit older, he understood he needed to wee/poo on the potty and had better bladder control. He also was so proud of himself each time he went on the potty and giving him lots of praise and cuddles really pleased him. We even had to facetime Daddy at work after his first ever wee on the potty as he wanted to show him!

On the first day he held out on doing a number 2 but the next day he was fine and ever since then he has been so good and just lets me know he needs the toilet and sits on his Fisher Price Thomas potty and goes. When he goes to the toilet his Thomas potty plays the theme tune which he absolutely loves. It also lets me know if I’m in another room that he has gone.

For when we are out and about I brought a My Carry Potty, I had one with Oscar and they are great. You simply open it up and let them go to the toilet and then you can shut it and the seal stops it from leaking until your by a toilet to empty and clean it. I also carry a little bag around with me with wipes, spare pants, socks and trousers in it from Annie With Alex.

At night time I had noticed for quite a few months that his nappy was always dry in the morning and he would do a wee within half an hour of being awake. So not to confuse him I brought the Huggies Night Time Pull Ups which have been dry ever night and he gets up in the morning and goes straight on the potty.

Image result for huggies pull ups

I’m so proud of Archie and how well he has done and it just goes to show waiting until he was ready made all the difference!


The Amazing LumiPotti Review – An Illuminus idea!

Two weeks ago we received the LumiPotti to try out. My immediate thoughts were the packaging looked great, really eye catching and the potty itself was great looking too. Oscar was potty trained in the Summer when he was two years old but I always put him in pyjama pant pull ups at night time just in case of any accidents. The majority of the time his pull up is bone dry in the morning but as soon as he wakes up he is always desperate for a wee.

On night one of using the LumiPotti he wasn’t totally sure as he kept telling me he was to big to use a potty now that he is 4. Once I sat him down and explained that he could be an even bigger boy and not need to wear pull ups at night time he completely changed his mind. We have been using the LumiPotti for two weeks now and Oscar is now pull up free at night time getting up occasionally in the night and using the LumiPotti. Success! 

The LumiPotti is great. It is the perfect potty to use day and night. It’s special movement activated night light helps children master night dryness before moving onto that final stage of independent toileting. The night light is really bright too so no chance of any accidents! The night light is also portable so once your child has mastered that stage of night time toilet training you can detach the night light and they can use it to take to the bathroom with them. Genius!

The LumiPotti website is full of advice for potty training your little one and you can buy the LumiPotti there too so head on over and make the transition from nappy to pants as easy as possible!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.