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Banish The Saggy Nappy With Pampers Active Fit #SagGoneGrooveOn

A saggy nappy is just awful. Apart from looking awful, as the wet nappy sags between your baby’s legs and the nappy straps pull around the waist it is also uncomfortable for your baby and can cause nappy rash. Archie is on the move now and started crawling two months ago and started pulling himself up and cruising a couple of weeks ago. It was important to us when choosing a nappy that a. he would be comfortable in it and b. it would keep his skin dry and protected.

So when Pampers asked me to take part in a experiment to prove just how great their new Pampers Active Fit nappies I jumped at the chance as I would get to see if they really worked first hand. I was sent a  packet of their NEW Pampers Active Fit nappies to test out on Archie and when they arrived he had just started pulling himself up so the timing couldn’t have been better.For the experiment I was also sent a disposable bottle and some scissors. So the experiment as you will see in the video below was simply to pour 150ml of water into the nappy which is the rough equivalent to 2-3 wee’s and then cut the nappy to see how the three magical pods absorb that amount of fluid and also keep the inside of the nappy bone dry. You will see from my video I was genuinely shocked at just how quickly the water was absorb and the nappy dried. You can try the experiment yourself so you can see how they work it too.

The three magical pods are absorbing channels that help to evenly distribute the wetness throughout the nappy core keeping your baby’s skin dry and protected. This new innovative technology also means that the absorbing channels keeps the fluid compact and this means the nappy will not sag, like it does in the nappy’s of the next leading brand.

The nappy itself feels really soft and is so easy to put on. Archie is a right wriggler when it comes to changing his nappy but the Active Fit nappy tabs are strong so when he moves from side to side when I am putting it on they don’t rip like other nappies we have used.

Archie goes to bed at 7pm and gets up at between 6.30am and 7am and he also wakes around four times a night for a sip of milk and we have had no leaks at all when using the Pampers Active Fit nappies, in fact they don’t feel that full by the morning. Before it would be an urgent dash to the changing mat as soon as he had woken up.

I absolutely love the new Pampers Active Fit nappies and wouldn’t use any other nappy now as it ticks all the boxes for what you want and need in a nappy. I haven’t come across anything better! I would love to see photos or videos of your little ones in thie Active Fit nappies. Don’t forget to use the hastag #SagGoneGrooveOn with Pampers.

Disclaimer: I’m working with BritMums and Pampers testing Active Fit nappies with new no-sag technology. I have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit www.pampers.co.uk/star-product/pampers-active-fit today for more information

My Gorgeous New Pink Lining Changing Bag And What I Keep In It

A Pink Lining changing bag is the bag of choice for so many women, I see Mum’s with them all the time. If you haven’t seen one before, which I highly doubt they are high quality changing bags in gorgeous colourful designs. We I was given the chance to choose and review one it took ages as there are loads to choose from. In the end I chose the Yummy Mummy changing bag in the bumble bees and stardust design. The Yummy Mummy is their most popular changing bag and is certainly a head turner. I will have a full review of my bag on the blog next week.

Inside the bag there is two insulated bottle holders, two nappy pockets, a pen holder, a key fob, a small zip pocket, a large padded changing mat and a wet zip bag. The main bag compartment is huge and you can fit everything you will need for a day out with your baby in it. On the outside there is a front canvas pocket and two elasticated side pockets. There are two carry handles and a large shoulder strap that fits perfectly over the handles of my pram. I can fit everything I need for the day in my bag with plenty of space left as you can see. The changing mat is the perfect size and really padded so you can change your baby and they are nice and comfortable and the plastic material makes it easy to keep clean.

In my changing bag I always carry the same things and always check it every couple of days to make sure everything is stocked up inside as there is nothing worse when you go to change your baby when your out to realise you have no nappies left inside. As we are off to the Baby Show tomorrow I have everything in my bag that I will need for Oscar and Archie. Inside my bag is:

Johnson’s Baby First Touch Wipes which are fragrance free for Newborn babies delicate skin. I also have a packet of normal baby wipes for Oscar to clean him up after lunch.

10 x Pampers nappies size 1 
2 x bottles of expressed milk
3 baby vests and 3 baby grows

Milton Soother Steriliser and spare Tommee Tippee dummy

I am all stocked up and ready to go and looking forward to the Baby Show tomorrow. Oscar is looking forward to getting his Dinosaur airwalker balloon that he gets at every show we go to.


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My Baby’s Hospital Bag Is Packed!

Last week I packed the baby’s hospital bag. I really love my Stokke nursing bag it is so spacious and I love the design and quilted material. It literally fits in everything I need. As I am having a c-section I have packed enough clothes for a couple of days. I left after one night when I had a c-section with Oscar and plan to do the same again this time.

The Stokke nursing bag comes in pink or blue and includes a nappy purse and changing mat. It has lot’s of little pockets inside and one large one on the front. It is perfect to fit all your baby essentials in.

In my bag I have packed three vests and three baby grows that I brought from Next I love the neutral star prints at the moment. I also have three hats, two from Next and one from Baby Gap.

As the baby is coming in December and the weather will be cold I brought a gorgeous star pram suit from Mama’s and Papa’s in the sale for only £10 reduced from £40. I also brought a star print knitted blanket from Mama’s and Papa’s too. I love their blankets and they are really great quality. To bring the baby home in I already have a knitted cardigan from Next and a Nod Pod blanket. The Nod Pod is a blanket that keeps your baby really snug and warm.
I have packed one packet of Pampers Newborn size 1 nappies, Johnson’s first touch baby wipes to save having to use cotton wool and water in the hospital and a packet of Aptamil first milk in pre sterilised bottles just in case I have problems breast feeding. I plan to breastfeed the baby but had problems feeding Oscar when he was born. I was kindly sent the Milton portable soother steriliser to review and they are great to keep your dummies germ me on the go. The dummies I have brought for the baby are personalised with Baby Maycock written on them. I had these with Oscar that said Mini Maycock. I brought these from mydummy.co.uk where you can choose from lot’s of colours, designs and types of dummies. Three only cost £9.00.

I have muslins, a cellular blanket, a Gro swaddle and some cute booties from Mothercare in my bag too, as well as a small tube of Sudocrem.

So baby’s bag is ready to go, I just need to finish mine! #4 weeks to go!

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