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Our Parents vs Kids Little Tikes Family Games Night

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Little Tikes Board Game collection we were kindly sent the ultimate game package to have the best Parents vs Kids Family games night. The boys were really excited when I told them we were having a games night complete with brand new Little Tikes games, a movie and a take away.

We live in rather a competitive household so there was fighting talk even before the games began! We were sent two games out of the new range; Crazy Blender and Hot Hoops.

The Crazy Blender game is so much fun! You simply shuffle the cards and give each player three each and then turn the blender on that swirls around and around. Archie went first and he called out the fruit on his card and then threw it into the crazy blender, the next player then has to follow on with the last fruit the last player called and if they don’t have a card with that fruit on it they take on from the card pile. If they still don’t have the fruit you move onto the next player. As the game goes on it gets harder to throw your cards into the Crazy Blender and some fly out which the next player has to then have. The player with no cards left is the winner. It is such an easy game to play and even Archie who is 3, 4 in a couple of months played along easily too.

This is a great family game and so much fun, when the cards were flying around Oscar and Archie found it hilarious. Having quite a wide age gap of five years it is sometimes difficult to find games we can all play together, but the Crazy Blender is perfect and we really enjoyed playing it. The game itself is aimed at children aged 5+ but like I said Archie played along easily. It has an RRP of £16.99 and would make the perfect Christmas gift and the perfect family game to play on Christmas Day! It is available now at Argos, Smyths Toys and Amazon.

We were also sent a chalkboard to keep track of the scores. At the end of playing rounds of Crazy Blender the boys had taken the lead.

Our second game is called Hot Hoops. This was so easy to set up, you simply have to add a few sticker decals but then you are ready to play. This is a two player game so we went head to head, Parents vs Kids. You can also play the game on your own, practising like Archie has been doing ever since we opened it. He loves this game!

You simply have to aim your basketball into the hoop, each player starts with two balls and when you get the ball in the hoop it goes through a tube to your opponents side of the game. The player will no balls on there side of the court wins. This games is so much fun, the competitiveness really came out in the boys and the adrenaline was pumping when they couldn’t score and they were rushing to try and score again before we did. There little faces were so funny!

This is also a great game that you can take with you to play at family and friends houses as it folds up neatly, has storage underneath for the balls and a carry handle. It is each to store in the playroom cupboard too.

Hot Hoops has an RRP of £19.99 and is sold at Argos, Smyths Toys and on Amazon. I can see this being a supper popular game for Christmas as it is perfect for the whole family as well as being a one player game you can play on your own with too.

At the end of the evening the boys won!

We then sat down to watch a film on Netflix and ordered a Chinese of the Just Eat app.

We had such a fun family games night thanks to Little Tikes and it is something we all really enjoyed as a family and will be making it a weekly weekend fixture from now on.

Thank you Little Tikes!

This post is in collaboration with Little Tikes UK.

Getting Our Garden Ready For Spring/Summer With Little Tikes

We have always been a fan of the outdoor toys from Little Tikes. Our vast collection started many years ago when Oscar got the Junior activity gym on his first Christmas from his Great-Auntie Liz. On his first birthday we brought him the Turtle Sandpit which is still going strong and has been used for hours and hours of play in the sand. He then got the pirate ship water table on his second birthday and the Evergreen Country Cottage playhouse which has 20% off at the moment on his third birthday from Great-Nanny.

Since then our garden looks like its a Little Tikes show garden with the Easy store giant slide which is great fun in the Summer with the hose on top and the boys fly down the slide and run back up the steps to do it all over again. I love that even though the slide is big it can easily be stored in the Winter months as it folds.

The Junior activity gym is great fun and would make the perfect first birthday or Christmas present. We keep it inside in the Winter and use it outside in the Summer. Both the boys have used it and loved it. Archie loves hiding underneath it and flying down the slide. The sides are great for climbing and out of all of the toys we have brought over the years the boys have had the most use out of it as like I said it can fit inside too.

Since Archie was born our collection has grown even more! We now have the Spinning seas water table that we were kindly sent to review last Summer and Archie absolutely loves it. It is the perfect height for a toddler and has lots of activities to keep your little one entertained. It is also a great size and isn’t huge so again in the Winter months is easy to store.

Obviously the Cozy Coupe which you will find in most gardens around the country has always been a permanent fixture in our garden. We had the original one when Oscar was little and then a couple of years ago we were sent the Ladybird edition. I just love the Cozy Coupe’s, my Mum even dug out some photos of my brother and I playing with ours 25 years ago! There are so many styles and designs now I can guarantee there will be one perfect for your little one!

This Summer we have a new edition to our ever growing collection… The Giant Slide Bouncer bouncy castle which looks totally awesome. Oscar is desperate to get it out of the box but we are waiting until its a bit warmer and the grass is dry. The look on his face when he saw just how big it is was unforgettable! It is every young kids dream, surely! I would have loved one of these when I was younger. Little Tikes sell a variety of inflatable bouncy castles, four to be exact and they start at only £229.99 and the Giant Slide Bouncer is £429.99. The boys will have hours of fun in the garden!

Now that over the next month or so the Weather will be getting warmer and the boys can play in the garden I jet wash off the garden toys and as they are plastic they always come up as good as new which I love! In our garden at the moment I have a patio for the boys toys but we are moving next month and our new garden patio looks amazing with plenty of space for their toys.

Oscar loves being outside and always hates the cold and wet weather which stops him from being in the garden, so now it is getting a bit warmer when he gets home from school he always wants to go straight outside.

One toy I feel compelled to tell you about is the Princess Horse and Carriage. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it and was gutted that I didn’t have an excuse to buy it as my boys would turn there nose up at it. As a little girl this would have been the most magical toy ever! If you have a little girl please go and buy one with me in mind and Little Tikes can I have an adult version please?!

Princess Horse & Carriage

Archie is 2 & Little Tikes Birthday Giveaway 🎂

Today Archie is 2! I can’t actually believe it, it only seems like a few months ago that he was born. Time flies!

Archie is a real character as so different to how Oscar was at his age. He is a little rascal. If you say ‘no’ to Archie if he does something naughty he laughs at you, takes absolutely no notice and then says “happy, happy, happy.”

He’s a climber and finds it hilarious to empty the entire contents of my kitchen cupboards and as soon as I put everything back, empty them all over again. He is non stop!

He calls Daddy “Nanny” even though he can say Daddy but thinks it’s funny!

He loves playing with Oscar and it’s nice to watch them sit and play properly together.

It is also nice to see that he is starting to make his own friends now at his toddler groups and recognises them straight away and plays with them as soon as he sees them.

Today we are going to my Nanny’s for a little birthday party with family and a few close friends. As Archie loves Teletubbies I have got a teletubbie cake, balloons and decorations.

To celebrate Archie’s 2nd Birthday Little Tikes have kindly given us a Lil Ocean Explorers 3in1 Adventure Course to give away to one of my readers! It is a great toy and can be used from 6 months until 3 years. So enter below and good luck! 

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Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table Review & Competition

With the weather being warmer and brighter Oscar has been begging to go out and play in the garden. He was especially excited as Little Tikes had kindly sent the boys a new Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table. This will be the first Summer that Archie will be able to actually join in and play with Oscar in the garden as he was only a tiny bubba last year. So over the last two weeks we have spent a lot of time in the garden and to be honest our garden is full of Little Tikes toys that we have brought over the years and we love them!

The Spinning Seas Water Table was easy to put together and only took 5-10 minutes and we were ready to go outside. As it is still a bit cold I filled it with warm water and both Oscar and Archie had loads of fun. As Archie is standing now he could play too and the table was low enough for him to play easily. The three legs can also be removed easily for easy storage during the Winter. I also love that all the pieces are easy to take off of the table to clean.


The water table has lots of different activities which are great to improve fine motor skills, sharing skills and will let their little imaginations run wild whilst having a splashing good time. 😉 The is a red spinner that your little one can spin around in the water with one finger, a carousel that you can spin three balls around on, a catapult to fly the ball into the water, a main funnel in the middle of the table to spin the ball around then it falls through the spinning windmills and a purple cup to play in the water with too.


The Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table has an RRP of £49.99 and is suitable for 2 years and over although Archie is 16 months and plays with it fine. The table comes with 4 balls and the water scoop.

The boys have had great fun playing with it and it is lovely to watch them play together and Oscar teaching Archie how to throw and splash. Archie loves getting his hands wet and splashing them in the water, it makes him laugh hysterically. I am so looking forward to the Summer as Oscar loves that Archie is old enough to play with him a bit now. Watching them together makes me smile from ear to ear!


Little Tikes have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a Spinning Seas Water Table of their own to help them get ready for the Summer. So enter below and good luck!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own. We love it!

Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 5, 5 Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers Push ‘n’ Glow Fish

Here is another fab Little Tikes birthday competition, this time with 5 Push ‘n’ Glow fishes which your little ones will love! The Lil’ Ocean Explorers Push ‘n Glow Fish in is a fun, light-up push toy that promotes active play. The Little Tikes Push ‘n Glow Fish toy is designed specifically for infants and toddler’s little hands. The handle makes it easy for children to push and carry it with them. With a press of the button under the handle, the light up push toy plays fun sounds and the cheeks glow for more interactive play!


It is suitable for ages 9 months to 3 years and will give your little one hours of fun. There are two versions, one in blue and one in orange and Archie has the orange one. He gets excited when it lights up and makes sounds and is so easy for him to play with.


Enter below and good luck!

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Archie’s Birthday Competitions, Day 2 – 5 Little Tikes Catch Me Crabbies

In Archie’s Toy box is a collection of Little Tikes Lil Ocean Explorers toys which we were introduced to a few months ago and he loves them. We have had the Catch Me Crabbie since then and now that Archie can crawl he loves playing with it and finds it funny when the Crabbie moves away from him when he tries to catch him.

Catch Me Crabbie is part of the new Lil Ocean Explorers collection from Little Tikes, that comprises of 8 new toys that are suitable for sit up, crawl and standing stages. I love the toys and out of the 8 we have 5 of them at home. The Catch Me Crabbie is an interactive toy that will get children moving! Babies will have lots of fun chasing after the Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers Catch Me Crabbie. There is a motion sensor inside so when your baby approaches, Crabbie moves side to side clapping his claws and playing music! It is suitable for ages 9 months to 3 years and is recommended by the good toys guide.

Little Tikes have kindly given me five to give away to my lovely readers, so enter below and good luck!

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Little Tikes #LilOceanExplorers

Yesterday Archie and I went into London and had a lovely afternoon playing with the new Lil’ Ocean Explorers range from Little Tikes. When we got there Archie sat for ages playing with the different new toys in the range. The range has 8 new interactive toys which suit every stage of your baby’s development. The one thing I did notice straight away as the toys all look really cute, there are 8 adorable sea creatures and they are all brightly coloured which immediately attracted the attention of all the baby’s that were there.

As Archie is 9 months old he is in the ‘sit stage and played with the Catch Me Crabbie and the Crawl n Pop Turtle whilst we were there. The toys are designed with little hands in mind and the different blocks within the turtle were easy for Archie to grab and hold and the ball’s from the other toys were small enough for him to get a good grip of too. This is great as with a lot of his toys at home the balls and pieces are to big for him to hold and he gets really frustrated when trying to play, now we won’t have that problem.

Little Tikes partnered with an independent child development and play expert called Dr Amanda Gummer. She gave us a quick talk on how encouraging your baby’s motor skills by having fun is key for their development. So through playing with bright, colourful toys your baby will reach key milestones without even knowing it.

We had a lovely afternoon tea and I got to catch up with other lovely blogger’s and the Little Tikes and Azaria ladies and there was the most gorgeous biscuits too . I saved mine for Oscar for after school and he was very happy with it!

These toys are perfect for Christmas and would make great presents and with the range starting at only £8.99 they are amazing value too! Also at the moment Little Tikes have 10% off the range online.

Here are the different toys for the different developmental stages.

Sit up

Ball Chase Octopus has an RRP of £14.99 and puts a whole new spin on fun. The Octopus is brightly coloured and comes with four different coloured balls. Your baby places the balls in the Octopus’ tentacles and then presses his head down and the Octopus spins around and releases the balls for your baby to chase. It is suitable for baby’s aged 6 months +.

Ball Chase Octopus

Dunk ‘n’ Juggle Seal has an RRP of £19.99 and is great fun. We were lucky enough to be given one of these so I will have a full review of it for you on the blog next week. He comes with three different coloured balls and when your baby dunks the ball through the hoop the seal starts clapping and playing music. The balls then drop down the two way ramp for your baby to chase. It is suitable for ages 6-36 months so your baby will get loads of play time out of it Archie loves it and gets very excited when the seal starts clapping!

Crawl ‘n’ Pop turtle has an RRP of £16.99 and is so cute! With his big smiling face and bright coloured blocks he is adorable. Your baby can learn about shapes and colours when playing with him and when your baby is ready to crawl the turtle will lead the way zig zagging along to music. Then the blocks pop off the shell and your baby can re build him and start all over again. He is great fun.

Crawl 'n Pop! Turtle

Push ‘n’ Glow Fish has an RRP of £8.99 and is a light up fish that plays different sounds and is easy for Archie to hold as it has a large handle. It is a fun push along toy and he finds it easy to use. It is suitable for 6 months +.


Stand ‘n’ Dance Starfish has a RRP of £29.99 and this will on Archie’s Christmas list this year. The tower encourages baby’s to create music and dance along to the sounds. There is a light up keyboard which is the perfect size for little fingers when sitting or for little feet and toes when standing. Baby can then pull themselves up to standing using the starfish tower and drop the balls down the spiral slide and then chase them. This toy will last for ages and can be used from 9 months +.

Stand 'n Dance Starfish

Pull Chatter Lobster has an RRP of £9.99 and his a fun pull along Lobster which encourages your baby to take their first steps. When pulled around the Lobster has a bobbing tail and claws that clack. He is cute looking too. He is suitable from 9-36 months and when your baby does learn to walk they will have great fun pulling him around everywhere.

Pull 'n Chatter Lobster

Catch Me Crabbie is a toy Archie played with straight away and got so excited when he moved side to side. When the motion detector sensors your baby approaching it moves side to side clapping its claws and playing music. It has an RRP of £14.99 and again will last for ages as will last for 9-36 months. We have one and will be writing the review for you although I must say the boys love it and have had great fun with it already. It even moves around on carpet too which is great!


3-in-1 Adventure Course has an RRP of £79.99 and will see you baby through three key developmental stages; sitting crawling and standing with an age range of 6-36 months. There is so many things to do in the adventure course and Archie loves it.

Check out the new Little Tikes Commercial Too.

Become A Little Triker This Summer #toptrikertrails and Enter To Win 1 Of 50 4 in 1 Sport’s Edition Trikes

Little Tikes and Olympian and Dad of one, Greg Rutherford are working together this Summer to encourage families to get out into the great outdoors and spend quality time together!

Today an independent survey of 2,000 UK families, commissioned by leading toy company Little Tikes, reveals that parents are fed up with the lack of quality time spent together, with the average mum and dad experiencing seven pangs of guilt a week! Being too busy or tired to give kids their full attention and working long hours have been named amongst the top guilt triggers. Little Tikes has linked with Olympic Gold Medallist Greg Rutherford to encourage families to ditch the guilt and enjoy the great outdoors this summer with their ‘Little Trikers’ campaign. Spending time with your family should always be a priority and on the weekends we always like to get out and enjoy time together. Time passes by so fast and Oscar and Archie are growing too quickly, I don’t ever want to look back and wish we had spent more time together so it always remains a top priority of things to do. Work and chores can wait!
Little Tikes are also giving away 50 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trikes away to inspire families to join in the sun this Summer. All you have to do is say what type of Triker your little one will be at www.littletikes.co.uk/littletrikers. All entrants who have five likes or more will be entered into a free prize draw to win one of 49 4-in-1 Sport Edition Trikes, with one overall winner chosen at random to win one 4-in-1 Trike Sports Edition and £1,000 worth of toys, for even more family fun. 

The survey reveals that UK parents are regularly left feeling guilty that they don’t go on more family days out, rely on the television to occupy kids while they get the chores done and don’t have more patience when dealing with their families. On a mission to get everyone out and about, having fun and discovering new places, Little Tikes ‘Little Trikerscampaign has teamed up with gold medal Olympian Greg Rutherford and his family to encourage families to make the most of the sunshine and go for a walk, release some happy hormones endorphins and feel fit, strong and inspired at the same time. Greg, along with his partner Susie are all set for a summer of fun with their son Milo in his 4-in-1 Trike Sports Edition, as he turns nine months old this month. The sporty and cool styling of Little Tikes’ 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trike is suitable from age 9+ months and is perfectly suited to any budding sports stars. Great for babies and beginner riders, coming in funky pink, blue and red trikes are designed to grow as a child’s skills develop.
Greg’s Top 5 Tips for making the most of the great outdoors this summer:
Go as a family – You can walk and talk at the same time and enjoy exercising and spending time together. This is a great idea for meeting up with other family members as well as friends.
Watch your steps – It’s recommended you walk 10,000 steps every day. Use an app or a pedometer to measure how many steps you do. Going out with your child in a Trike, you will probably find you are surprised by just how many steps you’ve taken!
Look up – It may sound obvious but it’s important to take stock of your surroundings, feel inspired the nature all around you.
Walk tall – Walking is a great gentle exercise and if you walk tall and pull your tummy you can help improve your posture too.
Change it up – Don’t do the same route all the time, you will lose motivation and give up. Go to the park, walk around the block or in town. Check out walks from other parents on the Little Tikes’ interactive map and on Twitter and Instagram with #toptriketrails.
Greg says: “We need to inspire future generations to feel fit, happy and enjoying quality time together. Going outside for a walk is the perfect way to unwind, get some exercise and wake up the senses! Plus it’s fantastic for your child’s development to, with so many things to see and do along the way. Make the most of the time you have together, put down the phones and tablets and cherish these precious moments in the great outdoors! He goes on to say; The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike is a brilliant alternative to a stroller – helping to make your little ones really feel part of the adventure!”
To find out more from Greg, checkout the interactive map of #toptrikertrails and be in with a chance to win a Trike visit www.littletikes.co.uk/littletrikers.

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