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AD The Tonies TonieBox

Archie is four and absolutely loves having stories read to him every evening before he goes to bed and some days I often find him with a book looking at the pictures, trying to make out the story inside. Listening to stories is so important for little inquisitive minds and helps to grow children’s imaginations. Did you know that if your child listens to just one story every day by the age of five they would have enjoyed 1825 stories, isn’t that amazing!

I first saw the Tonies Toniebox on Instagram a few months ago and wondered what it was. It is a super clever little box which is full of audio fun for little ones to enjoy. When Archie received his in the post he was very excited. I set it up which is easy as you follow a few simple sets, connect it to your wi-fi and your away. The box itself looks great, made of super soft material that your children can hug in bed whilst they listen to a story but durable enough to take out and about with you. It comes in six different colours to fit in with your child’s bedroom decor.

Once your Toniebox is set up you simply place your story time Tonie on top and your box downloads the audio content. Once downloaded each Tonie has a story on it and songs too, with a running time of roughly 25-30 minutes. We have two of the Disney Tonies; The Lion King and The Jungle Book. Archie really enjoyed listening to the stories and dancing and singing along to his favourite Disney songs. The Tonies themselves are really well made and Archie also uses them as play figures too.

Once your audio content is downloaded onto your Toniebox you can listen to your stories and songs anywhere without wi-fi connection and with a battery life of 7 hours it is the perfect travel companion as well. It’s perfect for long flights and car journeys. Next time we go on holiday I am taking this with us for sure! You can even purchase a carrier to keep it safe. Archie also brings it in to the bathroom and listens to a story whilst he plays in the bath.

The Toniebix starter set is £69.95 and comes with the box in the colour of your choice (6 to choose from), the charging station and a Creative-Tonie with room for 90 minutes, so you can upload your MP3s, audiobooks or even narrate your own stories. There is also a promotion running at the moment where you can get a free Tonie worth £14.99 when your purchase your starter kit.

Once you have your starter kit there are so many amazing Tonies to choose from. From Disney characters, themed songs, educational Tonies, stories for older children, Julia Donaldson favourites like The Gruffalo and Stick Man and many more. At £14.99 they make great gifts at Christmas and Birthdays to grow your little ones Tonie collection. I have brought the Snowman Tonie ready for December for Archie to listen too.

We were kindly gifted Archie’s Tonie Box but I genuinely couldn’t recommend one of these high enough. It would make a fantastic present for your little one this Christmas and its something you can keep adding to, so will last for years!

Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is fast upon us, this year seems to be flying by already. Greg and I don’t do anything major on Valentines Day, a card and a take away at home is the usual. Our first Valentines Day together I was wined and dined and he gave me teddies and flowers but now it seems a bit commercialised and we might get each other a token gift. With that in mind I have put a few ideas together that aren’t to over the top but will put a smile on your loved ones face.

Greg loves chocolate and always has a bar in the evening. When I was asked if I wanted to design and personalise a chocolate bar on Yucoco.com I knew he would love it. You choose from Milk, Dark, White or the Trio then pick five yummy toppings and there are loads to choose from. I picked glitter, I Love Yu chocolate, a milk chocolate drizzle, After eight mints and rolos. You can then name you chocolate bar and add a message and a card. Greg absolutely loved it and said it tasted great and I have had to order another one for actual Valentines Day!

I always make a personalised card on Moonpig.com whether it be Greg’s birthday, father’s day or valentines day. I think it is nice to add photos and make it much more personal. You can make a lovely card and have it posted to you for under £5!

image for product number puv127
I recently was sent a personalised phone case from mrnutcase.com they sell cases for your phone, Ipad or Mac and you can add your own photos to add that special touch. They would make a great gift with your children’s photos on for their Daddy this Valentines Day.

I have ordered a paper cutting of our family from a local lady that makes all sorts of lovely bits and pieces. You can pick the frame and backing colour. Her Facebook page is HERE to see all of her wonderful work.

Another present I have got for Greg (hopefully he won’t read this) is a set of solid walnut personalised family jigsaw coasters with his, mine, Oscar and Archie’s names on them from notonthehighstreet.com. They have lot’s of great unique gifts on their website for all occasions. When I saw the coasters I loved them and at £24.99 I thought they were a but pricey but something that we would keep forever.

Set Of Solid Walnut Jigsaw Personalised Coasters

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Review and Competition: Save All Your Memories With A Memory Maker Jar

As a family we make memories everyday whether it’s Oscar getting a swimming certificate or just having fun together in the park they are memories we would all love to be able to cherish and remember forever. As the years fly by you don’t always remember the little things it only seems to be big occasions like birthdays, Christmas’ and your little ones first day at school. That’s why when I was introduced to Memory Jars and asked to pick one to review I was really excited because at last it was away of writing down all those little things to remember forever.

Inside the Memory Jar is a pencil and pieces of paper to jot down special things we have done or places we have been in 2014. On the label of the jar it says “The Maycock Family Memories We Made In 2014”. The idea is that you jot down a memory place it in the jar and then at the end of the year open it up and read through them all. You can then keep the dated jar with all your memories in and start a new one next year and save the jars to read in the future. I am also going to add small photos to our jar too.

Amazingly the jars are only £9.95 plus £3.20 post and package. To order you simply fill in a form choosing the occasion, what ribbon you would like and what you want written on the label, enter your address and submit the form and then you will be sent a paypal invoice. It is so simple and quick. My memory jar was delivered only 3 days later and was well wrapped up. A gift wrapping service is also available, allowing you to send memory makers direct to someone special.

I think the Memory Jars would make great newborn baby and wedding gifts. I’m really looking forward to making adding memories to our jar! 

One of you will be lucky enough to win a memory jar for yourself just enter my competition below. Good luck! 

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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Easter Egg Hunt Fun

It is not even Easter yet but Oscar has already two Easter Egg Hunts. I brought the most adorable Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt Kit from The Little Baby company and when Oscar had a friend to play set them up around the garden hiding little eggs and haribo treats. I got them both rabbit ears from Waitrose for them to wear as well.

They had great fun finding their eggs and then eating them! Oscar is really excited about the Easter Bunny coming on Sunday and I have got some great Peter Rabbit and Easter treats for him to find on his hunt. On Oscar’s first Easter his Auntie brought him a Jellycat bunny. I think this is a great child’s gift idea as they are so soft and suitable from newborn.

Bathtime Boo Glove, Soap and Bath Toy Review

Bathtime Boo Logo

We love bath time in our house and every evening Oscar pretty much always has a bath with Daddy. Oscar loves it and they are in the bath for ages playing and talking about what they have both done during the day. When the Bathtime Boo glove, soap and glow in the dark bath toy arrived for us to review Oscar couldn’t wait until bath time to show Daddy.

Bathtime Boo wanted to make sure that children could experience magical moments everyday creating more family laughs and smiles, while at the same time inspiring their imagination and creativity. With this one goal in mind, they asked themselves, ‘Why can’t bath time be playtime?’ They learnt what inspires children’s imagination through spending time with as many children, parents and families as we could and this is how Bathtime Boo was born!


On the Bathtime Boo website you can get the Boo glove, soap, glow in the dark toy and really cute toy. Oscar loved the Bathtime Boo character and even dried the toy off and took it to bed with him loving how it glowed! The towel looks great and you can simply put the towel on your little one to turn them into a Bathtime Boo and let them play and dry off at the same time.

There is also a Bathtime Boo story that I read to Oscar which really got his little imagination going!

This friendly little ghost has travelled through dimensions in his magical bathtub with one mission… TO MAKE BATHTIME FUN! This cheerful little ghoul is here to banish away bathtime blues, encourage more bathtime giggles and make bathtime a wickedly fun experience for you and your family. Bathtime Boo wants one thing – to bring LAUGHTER back to the bathroom, SMILES back to the shower, and CHUCKLES back in the bathtub, encouraging your little ones to creatively express themselves in and out of the bathroom. Armed with a wicked sense of imagination Bathtime Boo has a range of fun products that will help wash, clean and dry your child. Your child will have so much fun with Bathtime Boo they will be coming back for more.

So join Bathtime Boo in the fight against bathtime blues with his range of safe and fun products designed to put a smile on your child’s face.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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The Weekend Box Club Review and Promo Code

 Weekend box

Last week we received a Weekend box to review and have had great fun with it! The Weekend Box Club where a box of activities is sent to you fortnightly for something to do over the weekend. Each box contains 4 categories: Something to EAT (a healthy recipe with accompanying secret ingredient), Something to MAKE (a craft kit with all the materials required), Something GREEN (some seasonal seeds to plant or something to make with recycling/rubbish material) and Something to EXPLORE (sensory exploration games, for example). 


The weekend club was set up when the founder Ben was getting frustrated when he was buying gifts for his niece and nephew, he wanted to buy something educational yet fun, something that stimulated creativity and not something plasticky made in a factory in China; he couldn’t find anything so he quit his job and started developing!

Our weekend box craft activity was a rocking bird. I was really surprised to see that everything you needed to make it was included in the box. Usually with these types of things you usually have to find half of the required buts and pieces yourself! Oscar had great fun painting and decorating his bird! Our something to eat activity was making Green pancakes. The ingredients (paprika and cumin) made the weekend box smell delicious! Oscar loves helping me cook so he loved making these, he loved eating them even more and it was all lunch sorted too. For his something to explore activity we had to find a beaker then attach the pipe cleaners as a rainbow then play the game to see who could get the most gold coins into the cup. We ended up playing this for ages and I still haven’t got my beaker back as Oscar wants to keep it like that so he can play his game over and over again. Finally our Green activity was to make a sound explorer instrument out of a balloon and 3 straws. This task also had a fun sounds sheet to make different sounds with different animals and objects. Each activity is designed to build sensory exploration skills within little ones aged 3-8 as well as help teach them about different life skills in a fun and engaging way.


All activities came with great illustrated instruction card that were so easy to follow. Once you have completed all the activities you can cut out the certificate and colour it in. You can then stick your finished stickers on to the poster. It is a great idea and gives you and your little ones fun, yet educational things to do over the weekend. At only £7.50 a box we will defiantly be signing up to the Weekend Box Club. You can get your first box free (including delivery) to try out without any obligation to join the club using the unique promo code LAURA12 and can be redeemed at www.weekendboxclub.com 


 Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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