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#Blogmas Day 1: What’s On Oscar’s Christmas List & Gift Ideas

I LOVE Christmas! Everything about it, from the tree, to our annual visit to Harrods to see Father Christmas to hosting Christmas Day itself. It just truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The boys are super excited and as its our first Christmas in our new house so I want to make it our best Christmas yet!

Oscar is 7 almost 8 and his Christmas list this year contains a Nintendo Switch with the Mario Kart 8 game. He has wanted one since they were first released and loves playing Mario Kart on his handheld Nintendo DS. The difference with the Nintendo Switch is that you can use it as a handheld when out and about but use it as a proper games console when at home. We brought it off Amazon in the grey rather than the neon blue/red version for £279 and the Mario Kart 8 game for £41.99.

Image result for nintendo switch grey

Next on his list is a Drone with a camera and he wanted a camera that recorded as well. I really want one too so will be borrowing Oscar’s to make videos. I searched around and ended up getting the Sky Viper V2450HD Streaming Video Drone from Tesco Direct it was £120. It is only £69.99 at the moment on Amazon which is a great deal!

Image result for Sky Viper V2450HD Streaming Video Drone

Next on his list is the complete collection of the new Lego City Jungle range. Including the starter set there are 7 sets to collect, he has the smaller two already. We have got him the main set which is the Jungle Exploration Site which is £84.99 and the other sets have been distributed among the family.

Image result for lego city jungle

Oscar loves using my Apple watch and Kurio have a child friendly version of their own. The Kurio C17515 Children’s Blue Smartwatch 2.0 Plus is the Ultimate Smartwatch for kids! Personalise your watch with 2 x interchangeable coloured watch straps to match your style. Watch Pebble pops into an all-in-one strap and offers a splash proof and scratch resistant screen. Pre-loaded with 20 apps, a multi-function screen, camera/video, photo filters, messaging, media player, activity tracker, phrase translator and can also operate as a hands-free kit for a Smartphone when connected via Bluetooth. Boasts 256mb of internal memory and expandable storage upto 32GB. Includes one regular strap and one colour changing Thermal strap. I know he will love this!

Next up is the Playmobil Ghostbusters range. The toys look really great and Oscar has watched quite a few episodes of Ghostbusters now. I know Archie will like these toys too so it will be something they can play with nicely together. It looks really cool. There are six sets to collect ranging from £5.99 to £59.99. I love the Marshmallow man.

I hope this list has given you a few good ideas!


Merry Christmas!


A Few Christmas Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds

Archie will be one four days after Christmas so I have been looking at toys aged 1+ for him for both Christmas and his birthday to give ideas to relatives for what to get for him. Here are some of the top toys I have seen from our afternoon at Dream Toys and from scowling the internet and shops.

Archie is a big fan of the Twirly Woos and his little arms and legs go ten to the dozen when he hears the theme tune. We have quite a few of the cuddly toys but on his Christmas list is the Twirly Woos big red boat playset which his Great Auntie has got for him and hidden it away. It has an RRP of £49.99 and is cleverly designed to combine developmental learning with imaginative play with fun sounds, songs, flashing lights and activities galore! The pull along feature will help to strengthen children’s legs and aid their overall balance. Learning elements within the Big Red Boat reflect the educational content of the show itself, providing children with reinforcement through simple word learning. Great BigHoo and Peekaboo figurines are included and you can buy the rest of the characters separately.

We were shown the Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo at Dream Toys last week and I think he is great! He has a large LED tummy that lights up and flashes to the beats as he has a dance. He will get your baby grooving and also teaches the ABC, colours, different games and much more. My favourite thing was that you are able to record yourself saying something and BeatBo mixes it up and sings it back to you. It has an RRP of £36.99 but Toys R Us have it reduced it only £24.99 at the moment.

As Archie’s main present we have brought him a beautiful ride on fire engine from My 1st Years. We saw it at their Christmas preview a couple of weeks ago and Oscar was riding around on it. With My 1st Years you can have free personalisation on everything so we had Archie’s name put on the side of it. I also ordered some personalised ‘Archie’s first Christmas’ ribbon too. It arrived last Thursday and I put it all together and have hidden it in the loft room until Christmas. Both the boys will love it and it is something that Archie will be able to keep for years, maybe to hand down to his children one day.

You may of seen on my blog a few weeks ago that Little Tikes launched a lovely range called Lil’ Ocean Explorers. Within the range all the toys are perfect for a babies first Christmas gift. Archie already has a few of the toys but is absolute favourite is the Dunk ‘N’ Juggle seal. He gets so excited when we play with it. When your baby puts the ball in the hoop the seal starts clapping its fins and plays music. The seal then releases the ball to the floor via the little ramp and Archie rolls himself across the floor to get it. The balls are the perfect size for his little hands. The Dunk ‘N’ Juggle seal is £15.99 at Smyths Toys.

The Vtech Toot Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery House is a great toy. Again I saw it at Dream Toys and it has lots of different functions to keep your little ones entertained. MagicPoints interact with the different characters showing their friendly personalities, fun phrases, motion, lights and much more. MagicChat feature in the playroom allows Miss Norah and other MagicPoint characters to talk and sing to each other (other characters are sold separately). The lift magically moves up and down to take Miss Norah to the next floor of the house and Interactive MagicPoint locations in the house encourage imaginative play and teach cause and effect relationships with movements, lights and friendly phrases. It has an RRP of £44.99 but is reduced to £28.99 at Smyths Toys.

In The Night Garden have a fantastic range of toys to compliment the show. Archie already has the activity table which he has great fun with and on his Christmas list is the In The Night Garden Musical Ninky Nonk Track and Train Set and the Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train. The train is great and is jam packed full of activities:  The musical train has 5 colourful carriages; Musical Pull Along Engine, Spinning Shape Sorter, Stacking Blocks Carriage, Pop-up Igglepiggle and Peek-a-Boo Carriage. The carriages link together to form pull along train, encouraging little ones to walk and become active. The brightly coloured chunky plastic is ideal for little hands to grasp, helping to strengthen their little fingers and promote fine motor skills. Archie will love it!

In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train & Track Set     In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train


Merry Christmas!