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The New Teletubbies Magazine Review

Two of Archie’s favourite things are reading books with Oscar and the Teletubbies that he watches religiously every morning before breakfast. So when we were asked to review the new Teletubbies magazine it was perfect for Archie.

When I gave it to Archie he immediately said ‘Eh-Oh’ and ‘Happy happy happy’ which is his new favourite saying! We sat at his little table and went through the magazine. It is full with fun and educational activities to keep your little toddler entertained for hours and with help your little one develop the early years skills they need. The magazine also came with a free Laa-Laa bedtime set which Archie put with his other Teletubbie toys. Archie is quite particular with his toys, just like Oscar was and when the Teletubbies come on the TV he always gets out all his toys around him.

Here is a short video to show you what Archie thought.

The magazine is jam packed full of activities from dot to dot, counting and a counting chart, colouring, stories, stickers, a dancing game and so much more. What I thought was a great touch is that the stickers are huge which are perfect for Archie’s small podgy little fingers and they didn’t just rip when he pulled them off the page which was great. Ripped stickers can lead to the nightmare of all meltdowns with a 21 month old!

Overall I am really impressed with the Teletubbies magazine and at only £2.99 for so many activities and a toy I think it is great value and will continue buying it for Archie as he has really enjoyed the first issue. 10 out of 10 from us!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Teletubbies magazine for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are honest and my own (and Archie’s).

Our HIPP Organic Garden Adventures

A few weeks ago we were sent a bundle of the most amazing goodies from HIPP Organic to make sure we had a fun garden adventure. Both Oscar and Archie love playing in the garden whenever possible and often after school if the weather is good we play in the garden and eat dinner out there too and the HIPP Organic tray meals are perfect for alfresco dining on our new picnic blanket. The rest of the range is great too with more than 120 products for every stage of weaning including pouches, jars, tray meals, cereals & fruit pots.

So when our goodies arrived Oscar was excited to get started and we firstly opened the ‘my first ever veg garden’ kit and Oscar with a little help from Archie coloured in the box then added the soil and seeds. Over the last couple of weeks our radishes, peas, carrots and peppers have grown and Oscar loves watering them daily and watching them grow. We then went outside and planted some seeds and can’t wait to see what they grow into.

This is the first Summer that Archie has been walking and big enough to play and enjoy being outside and take part in his first garden adventure. He loves kicking a ball, chasing Oscar around everywhere and building his giant lego bricks. HiPP Organic understand the moments that matter to mums and sometimes dinner time can take you into the kitchen away from playing outside but cooking the microwave tray meals take literally minutes. Archie’s favourite is the animal pasta dish and HiPP Organic are the only brand to offer pasta shapes in zoo animals, alphabet and numbers which children love!

Family beliefs and values embody HiPP Organic, who are instinctively organic and have been for over 60 years.  They believe in organic for a better legacy, using farming techniques that leave the soil full of nutrients for the next generation. I am constantly worrying about Oscar and Archie eating as healthy as possible and the fact that HIPP are thinking of the future too is great. They are passionate about providing the best possible quality food for all babies & young children and are obviously getting it right as they have been one of the leading baby and toddler food brand for over 60 years.

Archie loved his new toadstool tent the most and when it first came it was raining so we had great fun inside with it first then last week we got to play in the garden with it. He loves hiding inside it and playing peekaboo. He finds it very funny.

HIPP have provided us with some fabulous bits to have a great Summer and have lots of adventures in the garden. Now Oscar has finished school and has a whooping 9 weeks off we will have plenty if time to have fun outside. Thanks HIPP!

Disclaimer: We were sent the garden explorers pack as part of this blog post. 

Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table Review & Competition

With the weather being warmer and brighter Oscar has been begging to go out and play in the garden. He was especially excited as Little Tikes had kindly sent the boys a new Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table. This will be the first Summer that Archie will be able to actually join in and play with Oscar in the garden as he was only a tiny bubba last year. So over the last two weeks we have spent a lot of time in the garden and to be honest our garden is full of Little Tikes toys that we have brought over the years and we love them!

The Spinning Seas Water Table was easy to put together and only took 5-10 minutes and we were ready to go outside. As it is still a bit cold I filled it with warm water and both Oscar and Archie had loads of fun. As Archie is standing now he could play too and the table was low enough for him to play easily. The three legs can also be removed easily for easy storage during the Winter. I also love that all the pieces are easy to take off of the table to clean.


The water table has lots of different activities which are great to improve fine motor skills, sharing skills and will let their little imaginations run wild whilst having a splashing good time. 😉 The is a red spinner that your little one can spin around in the water with one finger, a carousel that you can spin three balls around on, a catapult to fly the ball into the water, a main funnel in the middle of the table to spin the ball around then it falls through the spinning windmills and a purple cup to play in the water with too.


The Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table has an RRP of £49.99 and is suitable for 2 years and over although Archie is 16 months and plays with it fine. The table comes with 4 balls and the water scoop.

The boys have had great fun playing with it and it is lovely to watch them play together and Oscar teaching Archie how to throw and splash. Archie loves getting his hands wet and splashing them in the water, it makes him laugh hysterically. I am so looking forward to the Summer as Oscar loves that Archie is old enough to play with him a bit now. Watching them together makes me smile from ear to ear!


Little Tikes have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a Spinning Seas Water Table of their own to help them get ready for the Summer. So enter below and good luck!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own. We love it!

Oscar actually beat me at bowling!

On Wednesday we went bowling and for lunch with friends. We are quite lucky that near where we live we have a complex with a cinema, Gambados play centre, bowling alley and restaurants. We were half an hour early so we popped into Gambados as I have unlimited play there for only £10 a month which is a huge saving as it usually costs around £6 each time if you pay individually. We then met up with Becka, Chay, Tara, Stevi and Reece and we went into Frankie and Benny’s for a bite to eat. The meal was really great value as there is a 25% off over £20 voucher code that you can download. The food was really good, I had a chicken salad and Oscar had pasta and the portion sizes were perfect and the kids all got a fun pack with a puzzle that they could make and colour in which kept them all entertained whilst waiting for their meals. The staff were really friendly to and Oscar changed his mind with the flavour of his ice cream and they changed it and still gave us the extra one at no extra charge.

We then went into Hollywood bowl. We have taken Oscar bowling before but he was only two and he just pushed the ball down the ramp. This time he was so excited and loved putting on his little bowling shoes. I always dread wearing them as I have such small feet I end up in kids velcro shoes too! Ha Ha. We teamed up adults versus children and obviously they won. The thing I was most surprised about is that Oscar kept getting strikes and half strikes. Obviously he used the ramp but still I can’t believe he beat me!

Oscar was hilarious, he wouldn’t move from the ball rack guarding his blue and yellow ones and wouldn’t let anyone else bowl with them. All the kids really enjoyed themselves and for Oscar and I to play one game it was only £10.50. One game was definitely enough as it took about an hour to play. Afterwards we had a quick play in the arcades and then went off to Oscar’s swimming lesson. Needless to say he was absolutely shattered by bedtime and was asleep in no time. It was a really fun day out and Oscar can’t wait to go again to take Daddy and so him how good he is at bowling!

Easter Egg Hunt Fun

It is not even Easter yet but Oscar has already two Easter Egg Hunts. I brought the most adorable Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt Kit from The Little Baby company and when Oscar had a friend to play set them up around the garden hiding little eggs and haribo treats. I got them both rabbit ears from Waitrose for them to wear as well.

They had great fun finding their eggs and then eating them! Oscar is really excited about the Easter Bunny coming on Sunday and I have got some great Peter Rabbit and Easter treats for him to find on his hunt. On Oscar’s first Easter his Auntie brought him a Jellycat bunny. I think this is a great child’s gift idea as they are so soft and suitable from newborn.

Easter Goodies at Poundland

Oscar has quite a long Easter break and filling three weeks of bits and bobs for him to do can sometimes be quite difficult. So when I went into Poundland last week to see what they had in for Easter I was blown away by their huge selection of Easter arts and craft sets. Over the last week we have been none stop making puppets and bunting and Easter masks. All the craft kits that I brought came with everything you needed inside, so no half made bits and bobs when you realise you are missing something. Even the sewing kits came with a plastic sewing needle. Oscar really enjoys making things and painting!

I also brought some egg decorations and fluffy chicks from Poundland and we went off hunting for the perfect twig then made our own home made Easter tree decorating it with glitter. I think it looks quite good. We also decorated plates to hang in our hall way next to the tree which was also from a craft kit. Each craft kit has a full step by step instruction guide inside and pictures to copy so they are perfect for any age.

Oscar had friends around yesterday and whilst the bigger boys were playing football Oscar and his friend Stevi made bunny and chick puppets and Easter baskets to collect their eggs in when they have an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. I also got a cuddly chick and a solar powered moving chick to put in Oscar’s bedroom to add a bit of decoration. The Easter garland making kit is great as you have to stick the letters on so it gave us a chance to practice Oscar’s letter sounds at the same time. I think Oscar’s favourite activity was the chocolate egg decorating that came complete with icing and sprinkles.

We also made chocolate cornflake cakes and put them on our cup cake stand for when Nanny and Grandad comes around this weekend to see us. I just can’t believe all these bits are really only £1! I also got some cute Easter crackers for Oscar to have with Easter Lunch. Poundland also have a huge range of Easter baskets, cards, wrapping paper and gift bags so head to Poundland this week to have a fun, crafty and cheap rest of the Easter holidays!

Disclaimer: I was sent a voucher by Poundland to purchase these items but I choose the items myself and all opinions are my own. Happy Easter!

Review: Monkeying Around At The Go Ape Junior Tree Top Experience

Yesterday we went to Black Park to attend the launch of the Go Ape Junior Tree Top adventure. We had such a great time. We went along and I took Samuel my friends son as he is staying with us for a couple of days. I wasn’t totally convinced that Oscar would actually do it. To start with we read the safety guidelines and filed in all the forms. Oscar was measured as you have to be over 1 metre tall to take part. He was literally 1 metre and a few centimetres. Samuel is eight so I knew he would be able to do it fine. We got kitted up in our harnesses and attached to the safety wire. There is no way of coming unattached as once your connected you can’t detach the pulley from the wire until you have either completed it or a member of staff has assisted you. It doesn’t use the same method as the adult Go Ape where you have to use the karabiners to attach and detach yourself. This way you know your child is 100% safe. The staff were really friendly and helpful and once they were happy that our harnesses were on properly and we understood the safety guidelines we were off.

Obviously Samuel went in front of us and was much faster than Oscar and I but I was so impressed that Oscar was actually doing it. He was the smallest one there but took the course in his stride, holding my hand as he went. We went through net bridges, over noughts and crosses bridge, thin wooden slats and at the end we went down the high zip wire. Oscar was a little hesitant but once he had done it he was really pleased with himself. This experience was absolutely great and really gave Oscar confidence that he was a big boy and could do activities like this.

Unfortunately Greg had meetings today so he couldn’t come but this would be a great family day out and it was great to try something new. After doing the course with them I would love to do the adult Go Ape tree top course with Greg. For a family of four it costs around £68 depending on the ages of your children and lasts about an hour. This gives you plenty of time to go around the course at least three times depending on how quick you are. 

We had a great morning and It would defiantly be something I would do again. You can also book children’s parties which would be great fun and leave the kids talking about it for ages! For a fun day out for the family and especially getting to try something new I think this Go Ape experience can’t be beaten. Try something fun and new today and book your experience HERE.

Disclaimer: We were admitted free of charge for the purposes of reviewing, although all opinions were independently formed by Laura and Greg at Mummy’s Zone.

Bathtime Boo Glove, Soap and Bath Toy Review

Bathtime Boo Logo

We love bath time in our house and every evening Oscar pretty much always has a bath with Daddy. Oscar loves it and they are in the bath for ages playing and talking about what they have both done during the day. When the Bathtime Boo glove, soap and glow in the dark bath toy arrived for us to review Oscar couldn’t wait until bath time to show Daddy.

Bathtime Boo wanted to make sure that children could experience magical moments everyday creating more family laughs and smiles, while at the same time inspiring their imagination and creativity. With this one goal in mind, they asked themselves, ‘Why can’t bath time be playtime?’ They learnt what inspires children’s imagination through spending time with as many children, parents and families as we could and this is how Bathtime Boo was born!


On the Bathtime Boo website you can get the Boo glove, soap, glow in the dark toy and really cute toy. Oscar loved the Bathtime Boo character and even dried the toy off and took it to bed with him loving how it glowed! The towel looks great and you can simply put the towel on your little one to turn them into a Bathtime Boo and let them play and dry off at the same time.

There is also a Bathtime Boo story that I read to Oscar which really got his little imagination going!

This friendly little ghost has travelled through dimensions in his magical bathtub with one mission… TO MAKE BATHTIME FUN! This cheerful little ghoul is here to banish away bathtime blues, encourage more bathtime giggles and make bathtime a wickedly fun experience for you and your family. Bathtime Boo wants one thing – to bring LAUGHTER back to the bathroom, SMILES back to the shower, and CHUCKLES back in the bathtub, encouraging your little ones to creatively express themselves in and out of the bathroom. Armed with a wicked sense of imagination Bathtime Boo has a range of fun products that will help wash, clean and dry your child. Your child will have so much fun with Bathtime Boo they will be coming back for more.

So join Bathtime Boo in the fight against bathtime blues with his range of safe and fun products designed to put a smile on your child’s face.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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The Weekend Box Club Review and Promo Code

 Weekend box

Last week we received a Weekend box to review and have had great fun with it! The Weekend Box Club where a box of activities is sent to you fortnightly for something to do over the weekend. Each box contains 4 categories: Something to EAT (a healthy recipe with accompanying secret ingredient), Something to MAKE (a craft kit with all the materials required), Something GREEN (some seasonal seeds to plant or something to make with recycling/rubbish material) and Something to EXPLORE (sensory exploration games, for example). 


The weekend club was set up when the founder Ben was getting frustrated when he was buying gifts for his niece and nephew, he wanted to buy something educational yet fun, something that stimulated creativity and not something plasticky made in a factory in China; he couldn’t find anything so he quit his job and started developing!

Our weekend box craft activity was a rocking bird. I was really surprised to see that everything you needed to make it was included in the box. Usually with these types of things you usually have to find half of the required buts and pieces yourself! Oscar had great fun painting and decorating his bird! Our something to eat activity was making Green pancakes. The ingredients (paprika and cumin) made the weekend box smell delicious! Oscar loves helping me cook so he loved making these, he loved eating them even more and it was all lunch sorted too. For his something to explore activity we had to find a beaker then attach the pipe cleaners as a rainbow then play the game to see who could get the most gold coins into the cup. We ended up playing this for ages and I still haven’t got my beaker back as Oscar wants to keep it like that so he can play his game over and over again. Finally our Green activity was to make a sound explorer instrument out of a balloon and 3 straws. This task also had a fun sounds sheet to make different sounds with different animals and objects. Each activity is designed to build sensory exploration skills within little ones aged 3-8 as well as help teach them about different life skills in a fun and engaging way.


All activities came with great illustrated instruction card that were so easy to follow. Once you have completed all the activities you can cut out the certificate and colour it in. You can then stick your finished stickers on to the poster. It is a great idea and gives you and your little ones fun, yet educational things to do over the weekend. At only £7.50 a box we will defiantly be signing up to the Weekend Box Club. You can get your first box free (including delivery) to try out without any obligation to join the club using the unique promo code LAURA12 and can be redeemed at www.weekendboxclub.com 


 Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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