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NFL Summer Bowl 2018 Presented By Subway®

Last week I was invited to an amazing event by Subway® who are the presenting partner of the NFL London Games. Subway® asked me to go along to their Summer Bowl which is where children from all over the country come together to compete in the national final of the NFL Flag programme presented by Subway®. They get to meet some real-life NFL players too! The American football scene has grown rapidly of the last few years in  the UK and Ireland with both adults and children trying out the fast-paced and action-packed sport. A whooping 40,000 people over the age of 16 are playing the sport in England at least once per month with more and more trying it out everyday.

Sadly I am In Greece so I sent my good friend Steve along in my place who absolutely loves NFL! Even on his birthday last year we had an NFL cake made for him. He has been to games here and in America and I knew he would have an amazing time.

The NFL Flag programme presented by Subway® gives children between the ages of 8-11 exposure to the sport of American Football without the helmets pads and contact. Flag football is such a fantastic sport and the Summer Bowl was an amazing event with children from all over the UK competing together. Flag football is growing within the UK and Ireland and the partnership between the NFL and Subway® will enable the game to grow even faster. I know it’s a game that Oscar would love to learn and play at school. NFL Flag Presented by Subway® is currently operating in eight cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Gloucester, Peterborough and Cardiff, with plans to roll out the programme to Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

The best aspects of the game are that both boys and girls are encouraged to play together. Also the coaches don’t just coach the football aspects but tutor the children in nutrition and healthy lifestyle as well as giving them positive role models and teaching loyalty and respect which are core aspects of the NFL.

The Summer Bowl is the national final for the children who have been competing over the last few months. It is the culmination of all of the regional tournaments which brings together all of the winning schools. Over 10,000 kids in the UK have already taken part in the NFL Flag programme, presented by Subway®. I think this is a great event and gives the children involved a huge sense of achievement getting to the finals and then getting to meet their NFL heroes in person. Its a really special event!

At the Summer Bowl, six NFL players were present and were signing autographs and helping to coach the kids. The players included Jurrell Casey of the Tennessee Titans, Josh Lambo of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jared Cook of the Los Angeles Raiders, Kyle Emmanuel of the Los Angeles Chargers and Super Bowl winner Mack Hollins of the Philadelphia Eagles. The star of the show however was Neiko Thorpe who was both engaging and funny and also did a wicked back flip! The kids absolutely loved meeting the players and the players were fantastic with them again exemplifying the core aspects of the NFL.

Overall it was a brilliant day and flag football should be on the radar of all schools. It’s a fantastic way to get fit, have fun, play sport safely and learn really important skills such as teamwork. The ultimate goal is to get teachers trained to deliver the curriculum on their
own and for Subway® to bring NFL Flag to more cities across the UK and Ireland. After the Summer I am going to tell Oscar’s PE teachers all about it and try and get them involved. If you want to get your school involved send this link to them and ask them to register their interest now HERE!

Also, if you are in a Subway® store in September, look out for the NFL-themed Kids Pak!

This post is sponsored by Subway®

The Weeride Safefront Deluxe Bike Seat

Last month we were sent the number 1 selling bike seat in the UK and the US, the Weeride Safefront Deluxe Bike Seat. I had recently got a new bike myself as now Oscar has learnt to ride I thought it would be nice to go on family bike rides over the Summer as we have lovely cycling paths by the canal near us.

I got the Weeride Safefront Deluxe Bike Seat out of its box and it is simple and easy to fit on to your bike. It is centre mounted on the bike frame and is seriously sturdy once fitted!  The cushions are really padded within the seat to keep your little one nice and comfortable and supported and there is also a padded head rest on the front of the seat too so if you little one nods off on the bike ride they can sleep in comfort, which is a great idea!

The Weeride seat is recommended for children aged from 1-4 years. Once the seat is fitted in seconds you can take it off leaving the main support bar on so you can ride without your child too. You can also slide the seat into several positions on the support bar to make riding as comfortable and as safe for you as possible.

I love that with the Weeride Archie gets a great view of what is going on around us rather than some seats that just show them your back. Also I can easily chat to Archie the whole time and this was especially great on our first bike ride as he kept looking at me for reassurance.

On the seat there is a 5 point safety strap and movable footrests for extra child safety and also stops their legs dangling which could get in the way of you riding.

Overall the Weeride is easy to fit and really easy to use. Cycling is great fun and now we can go out whenever we want as Archie loves being in the seat. I will also be using it during the week as it gets warmer to get fit and I can take Archie with me rather than going to the gym in the evenings.

The Weeride Safefront Deluxe Bike Seat has an RRP of £119.99 but is reduced at the moment to £99.99 with free shipping. So grab your discounted seat now.

This post is in collaboration with WeeRide.

My C9 Forever Living 9 Day Cleanse

A friend of mine, Sophie is a Forever Living distributor and we were chatting and as I had made a new years resolution to myself to get fit and eat healthier I thought it would be a great idea to start off the year by completing My C9 Forever Living 9 Day Cleanse. I have done one before and loved the results. The aloe vera left me feeling amazing and I lost 8lbs in the nine days. This time around weight loss wasn’t a priority it was more giving my body a cleanse and starting the year as I mean to go on.

Image result for c9 forever living

The Clean 9 Pak contains everything you need for the Clean 9 program for the full 9 days. The instructions of what to do on each day is so easy to follow and before you start you record your weight in the booklet and using the tape measure provided and your body measurements too.

Day 1 and 2 are generally the hardest as you are starting off the cleanse and they are called the reset days and you don’t eat a meal on those days but to be honest I found these days really easy and the shakes, fibre drinks and the tablets and softgels contained more than enough calories to keep me going. I only found it a bit difficult when making the boys and Greg’s dinner, I had to contain myself from picking. There are a few free foods that you are allowed to eat if you need to have a little snack on the list in your booklet. You also need to drink lots of water, which I do anyway so that was easy to continue.

Day 3-9 as well as drinking the shakes, fibre drinks and tablets and soft gels I had a 500-600 calorie evening meal. In your C9 instruction booklet there are recipe ideas for healthy low calorie meals Most of my meals contained chicken as I upped my protein intake to help build muscle.

I chose the Vanilla flavour shake and it tastes really good. Since finishing the C9 I have brought extra bags of the forever lite ultra vanilla shake and have one for breakfast each morning and one after I exercise. I have also continued drinking one shot of 60ml aloe vera gel every morning too. Since drinking the gel I have noticed a difference in my skin and also I feel less tired in the morning after a broken nights sleep as always with Archie waking during the night.

“Summer bodies are made in Winter!”


I exercised on Day 2 with a Metafit class and on Day 3 I did a Zumba class followed by a Pound Class. Day 4 I did a 28 minute Kayla Itsine’s Sweat workout from my app. Day 5 I went for a run and started doing a plank challenge of two one minute sessions a day and also started a squat challenge app. Day 6 and 7 I just did my planks and squats, Day 8 I did circuit training and Day 9 I did a Zumba class, followed by a Pound class, then a ab class.

My main goal throughout the C9 and going forward is to tone up and get back into shape, weight loss is not a priority to me as much as it was when I last did the C9 as It was about 8 months after I had given birth to Archie.

Since finishing my C9 I have continued my exercise regime, I try to do something everyday. I do four sessions a week with Carlie, who is just the best instructor/personal trainer. She is so motivational and encouraging! I then complete a couple of the 28 minute sweat workouts at home and do my planks and squats everyday. I am so determined to get back in shape!  Well they do say “Summer bodies are made in Winter!”

My Results

Day 1 I weighed myself and was 9 stone and jotted down my chest, bicep, waist, hips, thighs and calves measurements. On Day 9 I weighed 8st 9lbs so a total loss of 5lbs. Although it was the inch loss I was more interested in and in total I lost 11.5 inches in total off of the areas I mentioned above.

If you need any information on any of the Forever Living products and the C9 especially Sophie is on hand to chat through it with you and throughout the 9 days was really encouraging and on the end of the phone if I had any problems or queries. Sophie’s link is HERE.

Fitbug Orb & Kiqplan Review & Competition

After having Archie I waited until my six week check and then was determined to get healthy and back into shape as Greg and I have decided not to have any more children so I wanted to try to get back to my pre baby body. Between having Oscar and Archie I did Zumba a few times a week but there was always a part of me that knew I would be pregnant again so never took my diet very seriously. Don’t get me wrong I don’t need to loose any more weight I just want to tone up and just live a overall more healthy lifestyle. When I was asked if I wanted to try out the Fitbug Orb and the Kiqplan 12 week goodbye baby bump plan I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back!

The 12 week Kiqplan goodbye baby bump is an app on my phone, that tracks my steps, calculates my calorie and water intake, tracks my sleeping pattern and has a 12 week exercise plan and you can add any extra exercise in that you do too. I set up my plan and entered my height and weight and then my goals and the app personalises your plan for you. I absolutely love it and it has changed the way I eat, what time I go to bed and I follow the weekly exercise plans which are easy to follow and fit into your daily routine. I am on week 3 of the plan, week 1 was a gentle workout designed to get your body back in to shape and I did it three times that week. You do need a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band but you can improvise and use two water bottles as weights if you need to. The work out is easy to follow and more importantly to me I can do it at home and it also takes you through a warm up and cool down.

Week 2 picks it up a bit, again I did it three times in the week and I loved doing the core exercises like the plank which you can really feel the workout the next day, which I love. No pain, no gain! I have managed to up my steps this week as I am more aware that I want to do as many as I can in the day. My target is 9100 steps but most days I do at least 17000. I also couldn’t believe how many calories I was eating in a day and that my daily 2 weetabix, chicken salad sandwich for lunch, a coke and our evening meal was over the recommended 1500 calories. By tracking what I eat I have managed to make sure I stay within my daily calorie allowance and watch what I eat. After I got back from holiday where I lived on salad, fish and chicken Greg and I decided to cut red meat out of our diet and we now only eat chicken and fish which I have found has made our diet much more healthy and I am so pleased we have done it!

Week 3’s workout I did four times this week, this week I managed to do 7 press ups which is a real improvement on the 2 at the start of week 1. I am really pleased as I am seeing a improvement in my fitness levels already and eating the right diet has also made me notice a difference in my stomach, which I am over the moon about. As my sleep pattern is also being recorded this is one thing that worried me the most. Most night’s I seemed to be waking and getting up at least 5 times and I wasn’t going to bed early enough and instead of the target 8 hours of sleep I was getting only around 5 hours sleep a night all together. My body was obviously used to it as I didn’t realise how bad it was until seeing it on my app and I have made sure I have changed this by going to bed earlier and now I am getting around 7 hours sleep each night and it is amazing how different I feel. Throughout the weeks I also get a weekly progress reports, workout videos and recipes and then also daily training hints and tips emailed to me.

I am so grateful to have been able to try the Fitbug and Kiqplan and can honestly say it has changed my life for the better! I am so pleased with the changes I have made and it has only motivated me even more to get fit. Kiqplan also have other great programmes to follow as well as the goodbye baby bump. They are slim and trim, beer belly blaster, race for life 5k or 10k, bikini hot, sun’s out gun’s out, healthy baby bump for during pregnancy, your first 5k and 10k run ready. There is a fitness programme for everyone and at only £19.99 each plan, it’s a bargain and much cheaper than a gym membership and is completely tailored to your needs! The Fitbug Orb is £49.95 and in my opinion is worth every penny and more! It has completely transformed my life and is my very own digital personal trainer!

Fitbug and Kiqplan have kindly given the chance for two of my readers to each win a Fitbug Orb and a fitness plan to go with it! So what are you waiting for, let your fitness journey begin and enter to me in with a chance of winning! Good luck.

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New Mum Fitness Ideas and How To Find The Perfect Trainers With Sports Shoes

As most of you probably know I had my second baby six months ago, a little boy called Archie. We have two boys and have decided that two is enough for us. Taking this in to account I have decided to try my hardest to get to back into my pre baby shape. In between having both of the boys I worked out but never to my full potential as I always knew I would hopefully full pregnant again. My personal goal is not to loose any more weight but tone up and get my general fitness level back to what it was. Everybody has different goals after having a baby and it is a really personal thing!

My pre baby body

Something you may not know about me is that I used to be a long distance runner, running the 800m and 1500m and cross-country to County and South of England standard as a teenager and running is always my exercise of choice, I love it! So when I heard about the New Mum Fitness campaign I applied to be a part of it.

The post in the link above above about New Mum Fitness gives you lots if easy to do hints and tips to get you back in to fitness after having your baby. It also has great ways of keeping fit with your baby, like walking with your baby in a carrier which I do a lot using my Baby Bjorn carrier which is also great for bonding too. I have just got a new running pushchair which is great so I can go for a jog with Archie as I would never want to leave him in a creche at the gym.

Sports Shoes have created a really useful wet test to see what type of runner you are and help to find the perfect training shoes for you to give you the most comfortable and supportive pair. You can see how to do this on their handy videohow to choose the right running shoes. I have done the test myself and it came out that I need more supportive trainers which means I have a mild to moderate overpronator. This means the arch will collapse through the gait cycle and the foot will roll inwards excessively. 60-80% of all runners overpronate, so don’ t worry if you are an overpronator – this is normal! Support shoes are characterised by additional support features on the inside of the shoe. You can then click on the correct section to find the right shoes in your group type. Clever!

Good luck if you choose to go on a New Mum fitness journey! I will update you with how I get on!

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Review: The Diamond Patch Detox Foot Pads

I love reviewing all the things for Oscar and Archie but it is lovely when a review pops up that is just for me, to detox me. When I was asked to review the Detox Foot Pads from Embarr I jumped at the chance. The Detox Foot pads are an amazing product from Japan that detoxes you body whilst you sleep. As a busy Mummy of two boys I don’t often get the chance to pamper myself so using a product that works whilst I sleep is a huge bonus. The ingredients within the pads pull impurities out of your system during the night. When you go to bed you open the packet and sit the large plaster to the sole of your feet and then peel the backing off and stick the detoxing pad on top of it and then drift off to sleep. 

Then in the morning you just peel it off of your feet and discard them. I love when you put them on at night that they heat your feet up, it makes you feel lovely and cosy in bed and I think makes you drop off to sleep quicker. The patches are manufactured to the highest standards at the Kenrico Plant, a state of the art facility in Shizuoka, Japan. 

The Diamond Hybrid Edition (DHE ®) or commonly known as Diamond Patch is a medical patch made from active ingredients that burns fat pockets and cellulite, shrinks fibrous bands that causes dimpling of the skin and tightens the overlying skin by stimulating collagen formation with no diet, no pills, no exercising and no plastic surgery. They are patches used for cellulite treatment that nourishes skin and can help improve skin tone and texture for a smoother appearance, reducing the appearance of cellulite and skin dimpling. Being able to achieve all of the above without surgery and whilst you sleep is every Women’s dream!

I loved watching how the pads had changed colour which shows they are really working to draw out all of the toxins.

There are multiple benefits from using the detox pads which are: 

They are 100% organic
Work whilst you sleep
Helps to burn fat
Increases your metabolism
Helps reduce cellulite 
Combats fatigue
Revitalises your whole body

On the Embarr website you can buy different length courses of the patches:

2 day course which is £11.99
10 day course which is £49.99
20 day course which is £94.99

We were sent the ten day course and I have noticed a difference in the dimple/cellulite on my inner thighs and also after having a baby I noticed a difference in my stomach too. My feet warmed up when wearing them and it made me feel like I was walking on air. I was shocked when I read that as an adult we have 400 to 800 man made chemicals lodged in our bodies and I think it is really great to detox your body and keeping your mind and body pure. Since having Archie 18 weeks ago and Greg and I deciding that we don’t want to have any more children one of my main focuses is to get back into shape and using the Detox foot pads it has given me the kick start I needed. It is great when you can see physical results so quickly when using something like you can with these pads. I would seriously recommend these to any woman or man looking to get fit and healthy and detox yourself. These are no fad, they truly work!

Disclaimer: We were sent the 10 day course of detox foot pads for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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My First Review : Dr Joanna Helcke’s Online Fitness Programme

Archie is now 18 weeks old and with two children it has been really hard for me to get to the gym or go for a run so I needed to find something that I can do at home to keep fit whilst Oscar is at school and Archie is either napping or giggling at me! When I was approached to try out Dr Joanna Helcke’s online fitness programme it was the solution I needed to get fit at home. I am now two weeks into my programme and a new video gets unlocked each week that is completely tailored to either how weeks pregnant you are or what week you are post partum.


The programme is a multi award winning online fitness programme that which unlocks your videos week by week. If you sign up to the programme you will get your first two weeks free and then it is only £12 per month and you can cancel it at any time so you are not tied in, which is much cheaper than a gym membership. For you £12 a month you will get a new video each week, meal planning and recipes, constant support within the facebook community and much more. The programme is suitable from your 14th week in pregnancy up until your baby is six months old.

Signing up is simple and only takes five minutes and you fill in a medical form to help Joanna tailor the fitness video to your own requirements to avoid any injuries. I love this aspect of it as it makes you feel you are in safe hands! I then logged in and started my first video at 16 weeks and have gone back through the weeks I have missed and done some of them too to try them out. When you log in you have instant access to everything you need to help you on your fitness journey: videos, meal planners, newsletters, to do lists and the support forums where you can ask Joanna questions or connect with other mums and mums to be that are also following the programme. Each work out video lasts between 20 minutes and half an hour which isn’t to long to squeeze in to your busy day. It is nice to set aside half an hour in my day to focus on myself and my well being.

To do the fitness programme you will need a yoga mat and a pillow but these are not essential, I have used a play mat and a pillow and I was comfortable throughout. There are also short cardio work outs that I have been following to get rid of the dreaded ‘baby bulge’. I do a work out every day following the programme alternating the longer workout and the shorter ‘Mini mummy tummy home workout’ to get me some flat abs for the Summer (please) 🙂 The workouts are easy to follow and Joanna explains everything thoroughly. They are really enjoyable!

As I said before I am only two weeks in to my online fitness programme so will be updating you with my progress as the weeks go on.

Disclaimer: I have been given the subscription to Dr Joanna Helcke’s online fitness programme in return for this review. However all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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