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Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Battle Batcave Review

A couple of weeks ago the boys were kindly sent the new Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Battle Batcave to review. Both Oscar and Archie love Batman and couldn’t wait to get it out of the box when it arrived!

As soon as it was unpacked and ready to play with the boys sat down in the playroom to play. The Battle Batcave comes with two characters; the Joker and Batman himself and four weapons. They chose who was who and then went to battle. They simply have to press the trigger to make the Joker and Batman spin around and then you move the controller with the character on it backwards or forwards to defend yourself. When the front of one controller touches the back of the other the loosing character flies in to the air. Archie found this hilarious.

The Battle Batcave is for children aged three to eight which is perfect for both of the boys and its a great toy for siblings or friends to play together. It was sweet watching Oscar teach Archie how to play and they battled for ages over and over again. Watching Oscar and Archie get so excited when playing as they wanted to win was so funny.

Putting the Batcave together was really simple and attaching the characters to their controllers is easy too, so easy Archie managed to do it easily so the game could go on rather than me or Oscar having to keep helping him every time the character came off.

The Imaginext Batman has an RRP of £36.99 but at the moment is reduced to only £19.99 at Smyths Toys. Oscar and Archie really love this toy and enjoy playing with it together. It’s lovely to have a toy that they can both play and share time with together! I would really recommend the Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Battle Batcave. It is also small enough (17″ x 14″) and the controllers fold in that you can take out with you to family and friends. You can also buy extra figures to add to the battle which are sold separately, which Oscar wants to collect so they can have a full on Justice League battle with teams.

You can also add to your fun by adding any of the other Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends play sets.

Potty Training In A Day!

When Oscar went back to school two weeks ago I had it set in my mind that I would attempt to potty train Archie again. I’ve tried twice before, once last October and once in January. When I say tried this consisted of Archie crying repeatedly for his nappy back and holding his wee for almost five hours until I eventually gave in and put his nappy back on. He obviously wasn’t ready and there was no real need for me to potty train him if it was going to upset and distress him. I even asked a health visitor and she reassured me he would do it when he was ready.

It was so different with Oscar. Oscar was 2 years and 4 months old when I potty trained him, it was easy, he got it quite quickly and that was it. I did start panicking that Archie was 3 years old and we still hadn’t cracked it. It was also easier as there was just Oscar and I stayed at home all week to focus just on potty training. This time around with Archie I had to do it between school runs, swimming lessons, football training and everything else we do during the week.

So when Oscar returned back to school on Tuesday the 24th of April after the Easter break,  I decided that we needed to crack it before the next half term at the end of May and I especially wanted to do it before we go on holiday as I didn’t want to be taking any nappies with us. On the Thursday, the 26th we dropped Oscar to school, came home and I told Archie that the shops have no more nappies and he had to use the potty. At 10am he had an accident and got upset as he didn’t like being wet. Since then he hasn’t had one accident! He just got it straight away. Being that bit older, he understood he needed to wee/poo on the potty and had better bladder control. He also was so proud of himself each time he went on the potty and giving him lots of praise and cuddles really pleased him. We even had to facetime Daddy at work after his first ever wee on the potty as he wanted to show him!

On the first day he held out on doing a number 2 but the next day he was fine and ever since then he has been so good and just lets me know he needs the toilet and sits on his Fisher Price Thomas potty and goes. When he goes to the toilet his Thomas potty plays the theme tune which he absolutely loves. It also lets me know if I’m in another room that he has gone.

For when we are out and about I brought a My Carry Potty, I had one with Oscar and they are great. You simply open it up and let them go to the toilet and then you can shut it and the seal stops it from leaking until your by a toilet to empty and clean it. I also carry a little bag around with me with wipes, spare pants, socks and trousers in it from Annie With Alex.

At night time I had noticed for quite a few months that his nappy was always dry in the morning and he would do a wee within half an hour of being awake. So not to confuse him I brought the Huggies Night Time Pull Ups which have been dry ever night and he gets up in the morning and goes straight on the potty.

Image result for huggies pull ups

I’m so proud of Archie and how well he has done and it just goes to show waiting until he was ready made all the difference!


Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Light & Launch Hyper Loop Review

Last week Oscar and Archie was sent the Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set to review. Oscar has loved watching Blaze since it first aired on Nickelodeon. Over the last year or so we have collected quite a few of the die cast cars and now Archie loves watching it too and plays with cars all of the time!

When the Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set arrived they were both very excited to get it out of the box and play with it. I set it up and batteries come included so it was up and ready to play with in minutes. You place Blaze in the launch seat and crank down the yellow handle ready to go and when your ready press the button and the Hyper Loop spins Blaze 360 degrees whilst the light flashes and Blaze launches out of the loop, through the air and down the track off to save Axel City.

It is really easy to use and even with Archie being that bit younger once Oscar showed him what to do he was able to play with it too.

You can set up the play set in various ways; 9 to be exact and Blaze can complete different stunts. You can configure the stunt towers into a spinning wall, a teetering bridge or a stunt jump ramp! You can then move the towers to the different positions to use in another nine different combinations.

The Hyper Loop can also be attached to any other of the Light Rider vehicle accessories to build an amazing track. Oscar really loves the special translucent Blaze vehicle that comes with the set as this isn’t available separately.

The light up revving action is cool too, we end up turning the lights right down in the lounge, Archie gets very excited as it lights up and Blaze flies through the air.

The Blaze and the Monster Machines Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set has an RRP of £29.99 and is available online at Smyths Toys and Tesco Direct as well as other good toy retailers.

The boys really enjoy playing with this play set and its great as we can add to it with other light rider play sets.


Disclaimer: We were sent the Nickelodeon™ Blaze and the Monster Machines™ Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set to review, however all opinions are honest and my own. The boys really enjoy playing with it! A great toy.

Thomas & Friends Start Your Engines DVD #TeamThomas

We are one of the lucky few that are in #TeamThomas and have sent the brand new Thomas & Friends Start Your Engines DVD which has never been seen before on TV and is due to be released on the . The DVD has six jam packed full of fun episodes all with a racing theme which Oscar loved. He loves anything to do with racing so this DVD went down a treat! Oscar also loved the mini games in between the episodes.

 The DVD has 6 new episodes, 4 bonus features and 2 new sing-along-songs which Oscar and Archie loved. Archie especially loved the sing-along-songs and bopped to the music. Oscar was very much team blue rather than team red, this is because he loves Thomas and also because he is a Chelsea fan 🙂 The DVD is great and a fantastic taster of the new Thomas film ‘The Great Race’ which is released at the end of the month. We can’t wait to go and see it!

You can also get involved with your little ones and join in with all the fun with #TeamThomas on the Facebook page and try and win some fantastic prizes!


Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker Review 

Archie is now 15 months and only started crawling a week before his first birthday. In the past month he started pulling himself up and now in the last two weeks is confidentially cruising around the furniture and stands unaided for about 5 seconds at a time. The big grin on his face as he can fly around the furniture now is adorable.

When Fisher Price asked if we would like to try out their Learn With Me Zebra Walker it was perfect timing for Archie. For the first week he sat and played with all of the fun activities on the front of the Zebra, he then started crawling and pushing it around, which Oscar kept telling him is cheating and then finally last week he got up and walked with it.


I loved that he gradually used it at his own pace and still had so much fun sitting and playing with it before he actually used it as a walker. It has a book page that he can turn and Oscar has been reading him all of the numbers, plus two light up buttons which when you press play different songs that Archie jigs to and the other says different phrases which is great for early learning. It teaches ABC, 123, colours and much more. The flashing buttons help to stimulate your baby’s brain and Archie gets very excited when they flash. On each hoof there are four different activities; a rolling ball, flipping picture, a switch and one where you have to put your fingers in to turn to different pictures which are all great for Archie’s fine motor skills. All together the bright colours, music, lights and textures grab your baby’s attention and help to develop all-important senses that are crucial at this stage of your baby’s development. 


Finally when Archie got up and started walking around with it he was slow and steady to start with but now races around and screams at me every time he bumps into anything or gets stuck so he can keep on going. The walker itself is nice and sturdy and doesn’t tip when Archie is using it even when he sits himself down slowly using the walker as a support it doesn’t tip up.


I really like the Learn With Me Zebra Walker and all of its functions and Archie really loves it too. At £29.99 I think it is great value for what is essentially a toy, learning aid and walker. It would make a great first birthday gift if your baby isn’t quite walking yet.


Disclaimer: We were sent the fisher price walker for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 

A Few Christmas Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds

Archie will be one four days after Christmas so I have been looking at toys aged 1+ for him for both Christmas and his birthday to give ideas to relatives for what to get for him. Here are some of the top toys I have seen from our afternoon at Dream Toys and from scowling the internet and shops.

Archie is a big fan of the Twirly Woos and his little arms and legs go ten to the dozen when he hears the theme tune. We have quite a few of the cuddly toys but on his Christmas list is the Twirly Woos big red boat playset which his Great Auntie has got for him and hidden it away. It has an RRP of £49.99 and is cleverly designed to combine developmental learning with imaginative play with fun sounds, songs, flashing lights and activities galore! The pull along feature will help to strengthen children’s legs and aid their overall balance. Learning elements within the Big Red Boat reflect the educational content of the show itself, providing children with reinforcement through simple word learning. Great BigHoo and Peekaboo figurines are included and you can buy the rest of the characters separately.

We were shown the Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo at Dream Toys last week and I think he is great! He has a large LED tummy that lights up and flashes to the beats as he has a dance. He will get your baby grooving and also teaches the ABC, colours, different games and much more. My favourite thing was that you are able to record yourself saying something and BeatBo mixes it up and sings it back to you. It has an RRP of £36.99 but Toys R Us have it reduced it only £24.99 at the moment.

As Archie’s main present we have brought him a beautiful ride on fire engine from My 1st Years. We saw it at their Christmas preview a couple of weeks ago and Oscar was riding around on it. With My 1st Years you can have free personalisation on everything so we had Archie’s name put on the side of it. I also ordered some personalised ‘Archie’s first Christmas’ ribbon too. It arrived last Thursday and I put it all together and have hidden it in the loft room until Christmas. Both the boys will love it and it is something that Archie will be able to keep for years, maybe to hand down to his children one day.

You may of seen on my blog a few weeks ago that Little Tikes launched a lovely range called Lil’ Ocean Explorers. Within the range all the toys are perfect for a babies first Christmas gift. Archie already has a few of the toys but is absolute favourite is the Dunk ‘N’ Juggle seal. He gets so excited when we play with it. When your baby puts the ball in the hoop the seal starts clapping its fins and plays music. The seal then releases the ball to the floor via the little ramp and Archie rolls himself across the floor to get it. The balls are the perfect size for his little hands. The Dunk ‘N’ Juggle seal is £15.99 at Smyths Toys.

The Vtech Toot Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery House is a great toy. Again I saw it at Dream Toys and it has lots of different functions to keep your little ones entertained. MagicPoints interact with the different characters showing their friendly personalities, fun phrases, motion, lights and much more. MagicChat feature in the playroom allows Miss Norah and other MagicPoint characters to talk and sing to each other (other characters are sold separately). The lift magically moves up and down to take Miss Norah to the next floor of the house and Interactive MagicPoint locations in the house encourage imaginative play and teach cause and effect relationships with movements, lights and friendly phrases. It has an RRP of £44.99 but is reduced to £28.99 at Smyths Toys.

In The Night Garden have a fantastic range of toys to compliment the show. Archie already has the activity table which he has great fun with and on his Christmas list is the In The Night Garden Musical Ninky Nonk Track and Train Set and the Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train. The train is great and is jam packed full of activities:  The musical train has 5 colourful carriages; Musical Pull Along Engine, Spinning Shape Sorter, Stacking Blocks Carriage, Pop-up Igglepiggle and Peek-a-Boo Carriage. The carriages link together to form pull along train, encouraging little ones to walk and become active. The brightly coloured chunky plastic is ideal for little hands to grasp, helping to strengthen their little fingers and promote fine motor skills. Archie will love it!

In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train & Track Set     In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train


Merry Christmas!




The Fisher-Price Charisma 3-in-1 Trike Review

We are a family who defiantly like to get outdoors and go for walks at the park as much as possible. More recently we have been out a lot more as we have been ‘trying’ to teach Oscar how to ride a bike without any stabilisers. We were recently sent the Fisher-Price Charisma 3-in-1 Trike for Archie and were keen to get straight down the park to see how much he liked it.

We unpacked the trike and I couldn’t believe how small the box that it comes in is. When it arrived I couldn’t work out how a trike could fit in there. After unpacking all the pieces Oscar and I put it together, he loves being involved in anything to do with helping Archie and fulfilling his ‘Big Brother’ role. The instructions are simple and clear to follow and we had the trike up and running in about 20 minutes. It simply slots together with a few screws and an alan key and we were ready to go. I was quite impressed with our handy work.

We then went to the park to give it a whirl. Oscar loved pushing Archie around on it and Archie laughed at Oscar turning him in different directions. I love watching them bond and play together! The trike is SO easy to steer with its easy to steer handle and it truly does manoeuver like a stroller which is why it is so easy for Oscar to use too which is great. It has a slightly larger front wheel which makes it easy to turn around sharp corners and will be great for when Archie can ride it on his own when he is older. Oscar had a trike and it always tipped over and felt really wobbly and unbalanced.

Archie is a very nosey baby so liked being upright and being able to see everything going on around him. He also loved being able to see what Oscar was doing too. He really enjoyed riding around in his new trike.

The padded seat is very comfortable and the reclining seat is a great idea as if we are on a long walk and Archie nods off his head doesn’t drop forward as he isn’t stuck upright. It is so easy to recline the seat with a simply but secure flip button. It has a three point harness which kept Archie nice and secure but not to tight that he couldn’t move and look around.

On the handle there is a handy bag which can fit your phone, a couple of nappies and a packet of baby wipes and some snacks in for a long walk which is much easier than having to carry my hand bag around with us too.  There is also another storage basket at the bottom of the trike with a flip down lid to store bits in too. The perfect size for a water bottle.

The trike itself is a toy that will last and grow with your baby into a preschooler. It is suitable for babies of 10 months up to 36 months and has three different stages so your baby will have hours/years of fun. It would make a brilliant Baby’s First Christmas or First Birthday present.

The Fisher-Price Charisma 3-in-1 Trike has an RRP of £74.99 but is in the sale at Smyths Toys at the moment and is only £64.99. I personally think for the amount of use and functions the trike has it is great value for money! It has more features than I could ever imagine for a trike 🙂

It manoeuvres like a stroller

Has a touch Steering handle

Enhanced steering performance

Mudguard navigator button

High back reclining seat, adjustable and with padded seat cover

Built-in suspension

Press-out clutch on swivel wheel for freewheeling

Large front swivel wheel for tight cornering. All wheels are dual component rubber



Disclaimer: We were sent the Fisher-Price Charisma 3-in-1 Trike for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.



Oscar plays with our old toys…

My Mum and Dad have kept loads of toys from mine and my brothers childhood. I love it when we find one and Oscar loves playing with it!! I have always kept my playmobil dolls house incase I ever had a little girl, but when going through some old bits I came across my puppy in my pocket animal hospital. I forgot I had it and when seeing Oscar play with it it brings back lots of lovely memories of being a child. 

When we go to Nanny and Grandad Chelsea’s (my Dad is a huge Chelsea fan and Oscar calls them that! Haha) Oscar has out all my brothers old animal toys and Lego. Oscar is also lucky enough to have a Great Nanny (my nanny) and when we go over to hers on a Wednesday Oscar plays in our old Wendy house and even plays with toys that belonged to my Mum!

My Mother In Law has also kept toys of my partners and Greg found his old magic set. Oscar loved playing with it and the surprise and innocence on his face when he saw Daddy do magic for him was amazing! Another favourite to play with when we got to Nanny and Grandad Maycock’s is the old Fisher Price Till with the coloured coins. Simple old toys but gives Oscar hours of fun!
Passing down your toys to your children is great! They think they have a brand new toy, when actually you once played with it when you were their age and its free!! : ) 

Oscar playing with my old puppy in my pockets! (And Auntie Katy trying to get out of the picture!)

Daddy giving Oscar a show with his old Magic set.

Playing in the Wendy house at Great Nannys