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How To Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World

Yesterday we were so lucky to be invited into Islington, London to watch a special immersive screening of  How To Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World which is in cinemas next Friday, the 1st of February 2019.

Oscar and Archie were both really excited when I told them last week that we had been invited and recapped by watching the first and second films back to back. Rewinding back to 2015, Oscar was five years old and absolutely obsessed with How To Train Your Dragon. He had all of the toys, dress up costume and his 5th Birthday was themed around it complete with his very own Toothless cake. I even remember when he was 4 and I was pregnant with Archie, Oscar wanted to call the baby Hiccup.

So yesterday morning we drove into Islington, to the most amazing venue, Collins Music Hall which had been completely transformed into the Isle Of Berk. Firstly Oscar and Archie had to complete their Dragon training which they found great fun! Afterwards they were awarded with their certificates graduating them from the Dragon Training Academy. (They now now officially own a Dragon!)

We then continued on our adventure through Berk where Oscar had his face painted and both the boys had a go at the Sheep Dunk game where they had to throw the Sheep through the Dragon holes to win their very on Viking hat and poster.

We got out snacks and drinks ready for the film and then the Viking horn sounded and we made our way down the stairs to the Hidden World. When we reached the bottom and took our seats the whole room was decorated as the Hidden World. The film was introduced by the Film’s Director, Dean DeBlois and the producer Brad Lewis who have been a part of all three of the movies.

In the film The Hidden World, Hiccup and his fellow Vikings are under great threat of loosing their Dragons as their enemies task Grimmel the infamous Dragon killer and killer of all other Night Fury’s to capture Toothless, the Dragon’s Alpha and then all the other Dragons would follow him to their land so they can have them as their own Dragon army. Grimmel uses the Light Fury to distract Toothless.

Hiccup decides to follow his Father’s dream of finding the Hidden World, which is the place at the end of the World where Dragon’s can live in peace. After Berk is attacked by Grimmel and his men everyone from Berk decides to go off on a quest to find The Hidden World. They stop off on an island to rest and set up camp but Grimmel is not far behind them.

Toothless falls in love with the Light Fury and follows her to the Hidden World. Hiccup follows and can’t believe that the place that his Father dreamed of not only really existed but they had finally found it, a place where their beloved Dragon’s would be safe. Toothless brings Hiccup and Astrid back from The Hidden World as they were in danger but on their return Toothless and the Light Fury are captured by Grimmel and all of the other Dragons follow them. With only Viking power left, Hiccup feels defeated but Astrid reminds him of what a great leader he is and using their gliding suits they rescue all of the Dragon’s and defeat Grimmel.

Eventually Hiccup can see that it is best for the Dragons to go and live in The Hidden World. It is a heart wrenching moment when your see the Vikings say goodbye to all of their Dragon’s as they fly off into the distance. It teaches Hiccup he can be just as strong as a leader with or without his Dragon and his best friend.

The film ends on a lovely moment where Hiccup and Astrid get married to rule the Isle of Berk together and go onto have children of their own. A few years later you see them on a longboat as a family and they see Toothless, the light fury and their children and all fly together. Its a lovely end to the film and the story of Hiccup and Toothless and their journey together.

It is another fantastic 5* DreamWorks Animation from Universal Pictures and we are so grateful for the invite to this amazing Immersive film experience. We had such a fantastic time!

Oscar and Archie were also given a lovely gift bag each with a book, DVD’s and one of the new Mystery Dragon toys which are available at Smyths Toys Superstores. Smyths have a huge range of How To Train Your Dragon Toys and computer games available. Oscar’s birthday list has now got most of it on it!


This post is in collaboration with Universal Pictures UK.

The Gorgeous New My First Forever Friends Range From Golden Bear Toys #myfirstbabyshower

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get invited to a #myfirstbabyshower event at The Ritz in London with My First Forever Friends by Golden Bear Toys. When I arrived the room was full of gorgeous bears and delicious food, I was in heaven! I saw the lovely Hannah from Budding Smiles and we sat and listened to the developers of the range about each bear in the collection. Forever Friends takes me back to my childhood as I had all sorts of merchandise. Both Golden Bear Toys and Forever Friends are massive trustworthy brands that have been around for years so you I knew the new products would be high quality. Before making the collection so much time and thought was put into research and they have listened and worked with Sarah Ockwell-Smith who is a highly respected parenting and sleep expert to make the best products for your baby.

Every one of the bears is super soft and Archie loved playing with the squeaky rattle. He also had fun having a kick about in the lovely Forever Friends cot. 

There are six bears in the collection:

The My First Forever Friends Squeaker (RRP £5.99) is adorable and soft and suitable for tiny hands like Archie’s to be able to hold and is available in pink, blue and natural. It is the perfect size to take out and about with you and keep in your changing bag.

My First Forever Friends Jingler (RRP £6.99) delicately tinkles as it swings and the bear looks adorable in the nappy. In fact there was a giant version of the bear in the nappy on display that I would love! It wasn’t for sale though 🙁

 The My First Forever Friends Snuggle Blankie (RRP £9.99) is an amazingly soft comfort blankie that has little taggies on it for your baby to feel and play with. We also had a Q&A with parenting and sleep expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith who told us the importance of a comfort blanket and how to actually use them. I always thought it was the scent that babies attached themselves to but your actually meant to use it when you cuddle or feed your baby so when they cuddle it they think they are cuddling an extension of Mummy or Daddy. Archie loves his new snuggle blankie!

The Cuddly My First Forever Friends Chime Bear (RRP £12.99) is an ideal first teddy with a soft rounded body, floppy legs, gentle tinkle chime sounds and photo holder. The photo holder is a lovely touch that I haven’t seen before on other bears. You can put a photo of Mummy and Daddy in it or a photo of the baby’s sibling and then the bear can be a present from their older brother or sister.

The My First Forever Friends Musical Softie (RRP £19.99) is gorgeous. You press the bear to activate the gentle lullaby music and soft glowing cheeks. During the Q&A I found it really interesting that with toys that glow or light shows red, pinks and yellows are great colours as they help to settle your baby to sleep where other colours like blue and purple actually tell your baby’s brain to stay awake. It also has a little blankie attached to his hand.

My First Forever Friends Sweet Dreams multi-sensory teddy (RRP £24.99) has a soft pink glowing light and features four comforting baby-sensitive sounds: heart-beat, musical lullaby, white noise and sea waves to relax and calm your baby and help them drift off to sleep. This Sweet Dreams bear also features the unique baby-safe photo holder and includes a volume and timer settings.

My First Forever Friends Bedtime Lightshow Bear (RRP £29.99) projects an array of stars onto the ceiling and creates a magical and soothing atmosphere for your babys’ bedtime. Glowing in warm sunset colours, the Forever Friends bear features two melodies and various volume options. Like I said above these colours help your baby fall asleep.

We had a lovely morning in the most amazing venue! Look out for the release of the collection coming soon. The make the perfect new baby or baby shower gifts to compliment the gorgeous cards and gift wrap that are already available. Oscar was over the moon with the cupcake I brought home for him and we got a lovely goodie baby with a copy of Sarah’s ‘The Gentle Sleep Book’ to My First Forever Friends toys for Archie and a pencil and cake for Oscar.

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