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Our Amazing Day With Yellow Zebra Safari’s

Today we drove into London to a really special event hosted by Yellow Zebra Safari’s. If you haven’t heard of Yellow Zebra Safari’s before they are an award-winning luxury and adventure travel company specialising in African Safari’s. Taking Oscar and Archie on Safari has always been on our bucket list and as I have never been on one myself I just can’t wait to go! Taking your family on Safari is a trip of a life time with memories that are made that will last forever. Both our boys absolutely love animals and wherever we go a bag of Schleich animals comes along too. Oscar has said for a couple of years now that he would love to be a Zoo Keeper. So when we were invited to a fun-filled Safari day out I knew the boys would be so excited!

‘The opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat, to watch a herd of elephant walk past their vehicle, to spot a cheetah with its cubs, or listen to a pride of lions roaring at night. It is a magical experience that they will never forget.’

When we arrived the Safari themed room looked amazing. We had been told before hand that we would have a chance to meet some animals today. We met Safari Pete who Oscar and Greg couldn’t stop asking him questions. He knows everything you need to know about animals and safari’s and is a fountain of knowledge. Safari Pete is a wildlife adventurer and conservationist and works closely with the Yellow Zebra Safari team. His stories of his adventures are amazing and his knowledge of animals is amazing.

We were fortunate enough to meet several of Pete’s animals; Gumbo the Toad, Pinchy the Scorpion, Juliet the Barn Owl, two lizards, Boo-Boo the Monitor Lizard, Jay-Z the Crocodile, a snake, Lady Gaga the Tarantula and Steve and Baby Bear the Meerkat’s. Oscar was so lucky and got called up to hold the crocodile. We also got to see the lizards, snake and crocodile catch and eat their prey, which was really amazing. I had never seen this up close before. It’s incredible how quick the crocodile reacts to his prey and how the snake is able to swallow his meal whole.

We then sat down to our Safari themed lunch which was very yummy!

When booking a Family Safari with Yellow Zebra Safari’s you know you are getting the very best of everything. They will recommend to you based on the ages of your children where is best to travel too. Their team is made up entirely of professional safari guides, camp managers and people who were born and raised in Africa so you are getting the best knowledge and advice when designing your perfect trip. For example if you go on to thier website, we are a family of four with Oscar who is 8 and Archie who is 3. Archie being Under 6 they advise to stay somewhere that is malaria free. For us at this time a Safari in South Africa would be perfect for us. The Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands offer epic ‘Big Five’ viewing, while the malaria-free safari reserves of ‘SA’ cater well for families. The accommodation choices all look out of this World, from lodges to hotels there is the perfect stay to choose from for everyone.

When Archie is 6 we can then all go to Kenya which is home to Maasai Mara National Reserve which is the place to visit if you are looking for a safari, super size. In Kenya is a hotel in particular that has been on my bucket list for a few years now and I know the boys will love it. It is called Giraffe Manor,  most of the hotel grounds incorporates the Giraffe Centre of the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife and a group of giraffes lives in the Manor’s grounds, they even put their heads through the windows to say hello.

Image result for giraffe manor


After lunch we got to meet the Meerkat’s again and Oscar and I had one of them on our shoulder. They are Grandad’s favourite animal so he will be very jealous!

Oscar and Archie then got to choose a ceramic animal to paint which was great fun and now has pride of place in the playroom.

We had such a lovely day with Yellow Zebra Safari’s and can’t thank them enough for the wonderful experience the boys had meeting all of the animals and a big thank you to Safari Pete too. I am definitely booking one of his animal parties for Oscar’s next birthday! It was also lovely to catch up with Ruth and her family from Rock ‘N’ Roller Baby Blog.

*This post is in collaboration with Yellow Zebra Safari’s

Our Day At The Epson EcoTank #PrintingDory Event

Yesterday we went into London to the Epson #printingdory event to get hands on with the new EcoTank printer range at The Disney Store on Oxford Street. As Oscar broke up from school on Friday for the Summer he got to come along too and was so excited. We drove into London, parked up and walked round to the store and was shown upstairs to where the event was being held. When the lift doors opened we were greeted by a gorgeous brunch and drinks and Oscar was drawn straight to the photo booth basket of all of the characters in the new Finding Dory film which is released on the 29th July and we can’t wait to go and see it!

We were then given a short presentation from Leonie and Neil from Epson and Bobbi from Disney. So what are the new EcoTank printers all about? Epson’s new EcoTank range of printers features revolutionary refillable ink tank technology that offers an unbeatable combination of convenience and value for homes, home offices and small offices. You can now print without cartridges at a very low cost. Research showed that most people use around 70 ink cartridges over a two year period when using an old printer but now thanks to the Eco Tank way of printing when you buy a new EcoTank printer it comes with two years worth of ink which is up to 11,000 pages in black and colour! It truly is a printing revelation. When you finally run low you simply buy the additional ink bottles and refill your EcoTanks inside your printer.

I am someone who uses a printer a lot. From printing off boarding passes to photos to update our picture wall in our lounge and it is so annoying when your in the middle of printing and suddenly one of the colour cartridges becomes low and the rest of your printing is not as clear as when you started. I love that with the new Eco Tank printers you can just top up what ever colour is needed using the individual bottles. I did have a good look at the printer and the bottles and refilling the EcoTanks looks so simple and easy to do. I can’t wait to have our new printer delivered to try it for myself!

The EcoTank printers have a wide range of connectivity options making it so easy to print anything from your laptop, tablet device or smart phone using Wi-Fi with auto-setup, Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet. These are combined with the simplicity of email print and the ability to print from your Android and iOS phones and tablets using Epson’s free iPrint app. EcoTank printers also support AirPrint. I often use the email function on my printer so whatever I need is ready for me to grab when I get home.

We then sat down and took part in lots of Finding Dory arts and crafts that Epson have put together with Disney which will keep your little ones entertained over the Summer holidays. Oscar loves doing art and crafts and it hardly costs a thing and we can spend hours making different things and spending quality time together. Research showed that most families over the Summer holidays will spend a whopping £1500 on days outs and activities. Epson have made some great and easy to make printable art and crafts activities and we made Squirt the turtle, some photo booth props and a pretty collage. There is also pop up cards, origami Dory and many more things to choose from.

We had a really lovely day and the boys enjoyed it so much! I can’t wait to get started using our new EcoTank printer and I will write another post so you know how we got on with it. Thanks Disney and Epson for a really special day!

The Gorgeous New My First Forever Friends Range From Golden Bear Toys #myfirstbabyshower

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get invited to a #myfirstbabyshower event at The Ritz in London with My First Forever Friends by Golden Bear Toys. When I arrived the room was full of gorgeous bears and delicious food, I was in heaven! I saw the lovely Hannah from Budding Smiles and we sat and listened to the developers of the range about each bear in the collection. Forever Friends takes me back to my childhood as I had all sorts of merchandise. Both Golden Bear Toys and Forever Friends are massive trustworthy brands that have been around for years so you I knew the new products would be high quality. Before making the collection so much time and thought was put into research and they have listened and worked with Sarah Ockwell-Smith who is a highly respected parenting and sleep expert to make the best products for your baby.

Every one of the bears is super soft and Archie loved playing with the squeaky rattle. He also had fun having a kick about in the lovely Forever Friends cot. 

There are six bears in the collection:

The My First Forever Friends Squeaker (RRP £5.99) is adorable and soft and suitable for tiny hands like Archie’s to be able to hold and is available in pink, blue and natural. It is the perfect size to take out and about with you and keep in your changing bag.

My First Forever Friends Jingler (RRP £6.99) delicately tinkles as it swings and the bear looks adorable in the nappy. In fact there was a giant version of the bear in the nappy on display that I would love! It wasn’t for sale though 🙁

 The My First Forever Friends Snuggle Blankie (RRP £9.99) is an amazingly soft comfort blankie that has little taggies on it for your baby to feel and play with. We also had a Q&A with parenting and sleep expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith who told us the importance of a comfort blanket and how to actually use them. I always thought it was the scent that babies attached themselves to but your actually meant to use it when you cuddle or feed your baby so when they cuddle it they think they are cuddling an extension of Mummy or Daddy. Archie loves his new snuggle blankie!

The Cuddly My First Forever Friends Chime Bear (RRP £12.99) is an ideal first teddy with a soft rounded body, floppy legs, gentle tinkle chime sounds and photo holder. The photo holder is a lovely touch that I haven’t seen before on other bears. You can put a photo of Mummy and Daddy in it or a photo of the baby’s sibling and then the bear can be a present from their older brother or sister.

The My First Forever Friends Musical Softie (RRP £19.99) is gorgeous. You press the bear to activate the gentle lullaby music and soft glowing cheeks. During the Q&A I found it really interesting that with toys that glow or light shows red, pinks and yellows are great colours as they help to settle your baby to sleep where other colours like blue and purple actually tell your baby’s brain to stay awake. It also has a little blankie attached to his hand.

My First Forever Friends Sweet Dreams multi-sensory teddy (RRP £24.99) has a soft pink glowing light and features four comforting baby-sensitive sounds: heart-beat, musical lullaby, white noise and sea waves to relax and calm your baby and help them drift off to sleep. This Sweet Dreams bear also features the unique baby-safe photo holder and includes a volume and timer settings.

My First Forever Friends Bedtime Lightshow Bear (RRP £29.99) projects an array of stars onto the ceiling and creates a magical and soothing atmosphere for your babys’ bedtime. Glowing in warm sunset colours, the Forever Friends bear features two melodies and various volume options. Like I said above these colours help your baby fall asleep.

We had a lovely morning in the most amazing venue! Look out for the release of the collection coming soon. The make the perfect new baby or baby shower gifts to compliment the gorgeous cards and gift wrap that are already available. Oscar was over the moon with the cupcake I brought home for him and we got a lovely goodie baby with a copy of Sarah’s ‘The Gentle Sleep Book’ to My First Forever Friends toys for Archie and a pencil and cake for Oscar.

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 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png