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Willows Farm Easter Eggstravaganza & NEW Mr Tod’s Lair

Today we were invited for a day out at Willows Activity Farm in London Colney, Hertfordshire to the opening of Mr Tod’s Lair and their amazing Easter eggstravaganza programme. We arrived at the farm at 9am for a lovely breakfast that had been put on for us and then a meet and greet with Peter Rabbit and the naughty Mr Tod himself. It was lovely to see the lovely Ruth from Rock N Roller Baby and Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours and their children.

We were then taken to the brand new Mr Tod’s Lair adventure playhouse which is absolutely amazing with tunnels, a Mr tod’s play kitchen and slides. The boys loved it and had lots of fun playing in it. There is also a new Mr Tod’s tasty treats kiosk with the most amazing smelling doughnuts and Super Squirrel Nutkin test agility course.

We then went around the rest of the farm using our Easter Eggstravaganza programme so that we didn’t miss out on anything. It is jam packed full of fun for all of the family to enjoy and is a full day out!

We took our Friends along with us and their daughter and they absolutely loved Willows and couldn’t believe how big it is and how much there is to do. We walked around the farmyard and fed the animals and held a guinea pig. The Easter chicks that have just hatched are adorable.

We then went on Tristan the Tractor who drove us around a circuit surrounded by cows, sheep and pigs and through the decorated Easter scene. It is very sweet, with Easter songs playing for the children (and adults) to sing along to. As you are walking around the farm you also have a fun hunt and you have to find the answers hidden around the farm and then at the end of the day hand in your completed form to claim your prize!

Next up was the watched the cow milking demonstration and then the Peter Rabbit show. The Peter Rabbit and friends costumes are so good, just like in the hit TV show. Archie is Peter Rabbit mad at the moment after watching the Peter rabbit movie last week and absolutely loved seeing Peter today. He was a bit wary of Mr Tod!

We then went in the Peter Rabbit adventure playground which is amazing, the boys love it. It is full of musical instruments, interactive games and outdoor play. It is perfect for the dry weather and you can sit for ages watching the kids have fun in the treehouse, Mrs Tiggywinkle’s house and Mr McGregor’s garden and potting shed.

We then placed our bets for the Pig Race. It’s hilarious watching the pigs race around the track and all the adults getting super competitive. Over by the animal race track is the holiday events showground which obviously at the moment is set up for an Easter Egg hunt in the Easter Garden. You have to find 5 different coloured eggs to then go to the egg exchange and get five chocolate eggs.

We went for lunch inside the Woolly jumpers play barn, the boys had a kids meal deal and we had a salad and a jacket potato. They have a massive menu with something for everyone. The four of us ate for around £20. The boys then went into the soft play to run around and go on the slides.

After lunch and a play we went back outside and went on the playground and the woodland play trail. We had such a lovely day as always at Willow’s!  The Easter Eggstravaganza programme is running from today the 24th March until the 15th of April and would make a great family day out during the Easter Holidays. If you book your tickets online you will save money, your ticket price is all your pay and everything inside the farm is included; the fairground ride, inflatables, tractor ride etc is all included.

On the door for the Easter Eggstravaganza, adults are £21, children over 2 are £22, under 2’s are free, over 60’s are £20 and a disabled adult or child is £12. Like I mentioned above you can save money by booking online prior to your visit.

We will be going back in the Easter holidays to do it all again as its just a fantastic fun filled day out!

Happy Easter!

Oscar’s 8th Birthday

Last week Oscar was 8! I don’t know how it is possible, the years have just flown by, its so scary. We had such a fun jam packed week and I always love to make such a big deal out of the boys birthdays! After all they are only little for short amount of time.

Last Wednesday we kicked off his birthday with a surprise trip to the theatre to see the Lion King. he was so excited when we arrived outside as he has wanted to see it for ages. the show was absolutely amazing, the best I have ever been too. The costumes were out of this World. We were also really lucky to book amazing isle seats, five rows back from the stage. Our view was amazing.

Thursday morning Oscar ran into our room so excited for his birthday! We went downstairs for breakfast and so that he could open his presents and cards. This year he asked for a hover board with the go kart extension kit which is absolutely amazing and I love going on it too. He also got Minecraft Lego and some Nintendo Switch games.

After school we went to Prezzo for dinner as it’s Oscar’s favourite restaurant with my Brother and our friends.

On Saturday we had his party with his friends at Hollywood Bowl in Watford. We’ve never had a bowling party before and as it’s something both the boys love, so we thought it would be a good idea. I was actually quite surprised at how reasonably priced it is compared to some of the other parties we’ve had over the years. 23 children to bowl and eat it was about £260. He had great fun and he was so lucky to get so many lovely gifts.

We did tell Oscar last year that that was the last ‘big’ party he would have and we would take a few friends out and then do something special like go to the theatre but somehow he’s managed to wangle a party and the Lion King!

On Sunday afternoon we then had all the family over for tea and cake. We had a lovely Minecraft cake from Wenzels which tasted amazing! Oscar loved getting everyone on the hover board!

Oscar has had an amazing birthday! The countdown is on until mine now next week, where I will turn 30!

Review: The Magic Of Lapland UK

Yesterday we went to Lapland UK in Ascot. When I was asked to do a review for them last month I was so excited for the boys as I had seen a lot of reviews and photos last year and it looked absolutely magical! I love Christmas and try to make it as special as possible for Oscar and Archie every year like my parents did for me.

Oscar and Archie’s personalised invites from Father Christmas arrived in the post and we surprised them with them the night before, on Saturday night. Their elves delivered them and Oscar couldn’t believe he had been invited to Lapland by Father Christmas as Daddy read their letters to them. He was bouncing up and down with excitement!

Lapland UK opened on Saturday the 19th of November and closes on Christmas Eve 2016. The tours run from 9am-5pm. Tickets start at £65.50 per person and included in your ticket price is a personalised invitation to every child from Father Christmas by post, a child elf passport, all activities including ice skating, a personalised meeting with Father Christmas, a luxury gift from Father Christmas for every child over 12 months of age, a souvenir photograph with Father Christmas for each family and a Thank you card from Father Christmas for each child on Christmas morning. Tickets have sold like hot cakes so that avoid disappointment book quickly HERE.

We were booked on the 9am tour so left home after breakfast and as we were the first tour it was lovely and easy to park. We walked through the enchanted forest to the Elf check in where Oscar and Archie received their elf passports. The tour takes three and a half hours and on the back of your passport is the time that Father Christmas will be ready to see you. Oscar and Archie’s passports said 12.00 and Oscar kept asking me throughout the morning how long he had left until he would meet the big man himself.

We then went through the magical wooden doors into the most magical room where we were greeted by Sage the elf who really got the children’s imaginations going and then Echo the elf of nature. It was great that they managed to get across to the children how important nature is and how they must help to look after it. We were in the Husky group so after saying the Elves magical pass rhyme we were let through the magic door into Lapland.

Behind the door we were greeted by beautiful fir trees covered in snow and we followed the path all the way to the Toy factory. We met Whittle and Conker the elves and Wish the elf who watch over the small folk to make sure their wishes come true. The toy factory is amazing, it reminded me of the toy factory in the 1985 classic ‘Santa Claus The Movie’ which is my favourite Christmas film ever! With wooden toys spinning around on the ceiling, to the ornate furniture and elf tools it blew me away at the attention to detail and hugely surpassed my expectations. Oscar and Archie sat at the work benches and stuffed the cuddly reindeer and built wooden teddies. When they had finished Whittle the elf stamped their elf passports and we sung The Elf Song.

On we went through the enchanted forest to Mother Christmas’ kitchen where we met her elf cooks and the children got to decorate their own gingerbread man with icing and sweets. When they were finished all the children gathered around whilst Mother Christmas read them all a story. Again the room was decorated beautifully and all the children looked amazed. After the story it was 10.30 so we were given an hour and a half to explore the Elf Village before Father Christmas was ready to meet us.

We walked to the Elf Village and when we arrived there was so much to see and do. It was hard to believe we were actually in the UK, it looked exactly how I imagined Lapland would look. As a child it must be the most magical experience! The Elf Village has a restaurant, a cafe where we sat and had a cup of tea and a salt beef sandwich sitting on benches covered in furs to keep us warm. We then went to the Elf post office, Oscar wrote his letter to Father Christmas with Elva the postmistress who stamped their passports and changed up some money to elf jingles for Oscar to spend in Pixie Mixie’s elf sweet shop. The sweet shop was full of pick ‘n’ mix and Archie loved the smarties, which the elf behind the counter kindly gave him a few.

The Elf Emporium is full of beautiful decorations and gifts. I was surprised at how reasonably priced everything in there was. Usually when you go on a day out with a gift shop the prices are extortionate. I spotted a lovely Christmas plate and when I took it to the till I expected them to say it was £20 but it was only £9 and I love it!

Greg and Oscar went on the village pond ice rink. They both like ice skating and each Christmas we go to somewhere fun so they can skate. The scene was picturesque, everyone skating on the ice rink, snow falling off the snow covered trees and the log cabins in the village buzzing with excited children. A lot of children’s Christmas’ were made yesterday. After 20 minutes or so of skating we went and met the beautiful Husky dogs.

At 12.00 we met one of the Husky trainers by the bauble shop where you can make your own baubles and walked through the enchanted forest until we got to Father Christmas’ reindeer and his sleigh. Oscar couldn’t believe that all the presents can magically fit on one sleigh! Oscar then prepared his own magic reindeer food to keep and leave out on Christmas Eve.

Finally we made it to a wooden lodge where we told the Elf at the desk who we were then sat and waited for a few minutes until we were collected by another Elf to walk to Father Christmas’ lodge. We met other elves and children along the way and finally made it to the lodge. The Elf went inside and we could here Father Christmas talking about Oscar and Archie through the door. Oscar was bursting with excitement and the look on his little face made my day. Both Oscar and Archie then knocked on the big wooden door and in we went.

Father Christmas was sitting in his chair with his giant good list book. A fire was burning behind him and a beautiful Christmas tree stood in the corner. Before your visit you fill in information online so Father Christmas knows things about your children. He said to Oscar that he heard he had been busy playing the piano and Archie had been watching Teletubbies and that Oscar’s best friend Oliver was also on the good list. Oscar looked at him in utter amazement that he knew so much about them. We had a photo taken with Father Christmas and one photo is included in your ticket price, others you can buy at an extra charge.

Father Christmas then gave the boys a beautiful Husky soft toy each that has Lapland Uk embossed on his foot. This is a soft toy that can be kept for years to come to remind them of their magical adventure. They were also given a copy of the Lapland book, ‘The Untold Story Of Father Christmas’. This is a magical extra and only costs £10 (RRP £18.99) and Father Christmas will then give it to your child/children. It is a beautiful book, with lovely pictures and is a heart-warming tale to be enjoyed as a tradition each Christmas.

Other magical extras that you can purchase before your visit is the wooden construction Teddy Bear kit that they built in the toy factory and the reindeer that you can pick up at the end. Both of these are £25. You can also purchase the Elf Jingles which is the currency at Lapland UK but if you don’t you can pick some up at Elf check in and the Elf post office.

After we left Father Christmas we walked back through the enchanted forest and collected our photograph and there is also a shop where you can purchase different outfits for your new Husky and also pick up anything you may have ordered.

Overall Lapland UK was the most amazing day and has made this Christmas the best yet. The magic of Lapland UK is absolutely fantastic and exceeded all expectations. Just seeing the boys faces has made my Christmas already. Oscar can’t believe how lucky he is to have been. We will going back next year! So book your tickets today and experience the real magic of Christmas. Here is a video of our amazing and magical day!


Disclaimer: We were given tickets for the four of us to go to Lapland UK for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own and it is just so amazing!

Experiencing The Real Magic Of Christmas At LaplandUk

Yesterday I danced around the kitchen as we got our booking confirmation that we were off to LaplandUK. I absolutely love Christmas and love to make it as special as possible for the boys. I had the best Christmas’ as a child and love watching the boys faces light up when the ‘fairy’ brings the Christmas tree and the look of amazement on their little faces when they meet Father Christmas. This year will be the best yet as we have been invited along to LaplandUK for the day which will be full of Christmas magic!


LaplandUK began in 2007, when husband and wife team Mike and Alison Battle frustrated with the UK Christmas offering available to their 4 young sons, developed the original and innovative idea of recreating Father Christmas’ mythical Arctic homeland here in the UK. I have looked at trips to Lapland before and the cost is eye watering but now there really is no need to fly all that way when LaplandUK which is only in Ascot offers the most magical Christmas experience for children (and adults), one that they will never forget.

Jade & huskies-3939-Edit

Elf Passports are waiting for children personally invited by Father Christmas to be stamped along a 3.5 hour mystical immersive journey where small folk make toys, decorate gingerbread with Mother Christmas, go ice skating, meet huskies and reindeer, write letters at the Elves post office and finally enjoy a personalised meeting with Father Christmas in his snowy woodland home. I cannot wait to see the boys faces! I think if I had gone somewhere like this as a child I would have burst with excitement.

Tickets start at £65.50 each and your ticket price includes a personalised invitation to your child from Father Christmas by post, a child elf passport, all activities including ice skating, a personalised meeting with Father Christmas, a luxury gift from Father Christmas for every child over 12 months of age, a souvenir photograph with Father Christmas for each family and a Thank you card from Father Christmas for each child on Christmas morning.


I am absolutely buzzing and I am counting down the days until we go!

LaplandUK is already open it opened on Saturday 19th November and closes on Christmas Eve 2016. Tours will depart from 9.00am – 5.00pm. Book online now to avoid disappointment! The tickets are selling out fast!

Lapland reindeer

I Am A Generation Graco Ambassador & Our Trip To London Zoo

Generation Graco Badge FINAL

Last weekend we had the most fantastic day at London Zoo thanks to Graco. We arrived there early on the Saturday morning and had a lovely breakfast put on for us and then we were shown the different products in the ‘Generation Graco’ range. It was great to get hands on and be shown by the experts how all the products work and how great they really are. One thing that I came away from the day which really struck a cord it is that Graco products are high end products at affordable prices. Each product from the fantastic milestone car seat which I will have a full review of for you in the next few weeks to smaller products like the Swivi Seat Booster 3-In-1 Booster are all so well made and so durable but the prices truly surprised me, they are such amazing value.

The Milestone car seat for example has a RRP of only £179.99 and is the only car seat you will ever need, lasting from newborn until your highback booster that you would use roughly up until the age of 11 depending an weight. I tried Archie in the car seat and he seemed very comfortable!

Image result for graco milestone all-in-one

We then went outside and watched the Penguin show then had a lovely lunch where Oscar had his face painted as a Tiger. The Graco team and the lovely PR girls were so helpful and the boys loved playing with them. The Graco team also talked through every product with us and the amount of research that has gone into every car seat, stroller etc is astounding.

I then saw Oscar jumping up and down as the children’s animal surprise arrived which he had been so excited about all day, he even trird to get it out of the PR team what the surprise was. Two of the zoo keepers brought two Meerkat’s for the children to look at. We then went off around the zoo for the rest of the day which was really special as Archie is now old enough to get excited about the animals, where as when we had been to the zoo before with him he was only a few months old. His face pressed against the glass with the monkeys on the other side of it was priceless! I also loved seeing the baby Gorilla who was the same age as Archie and also born in December 2014 they were pretty much the same size.

We had such a fantastic day at the zoo and it was also great for me to learn more about Graco as a brand. I am so excited to have been picked as a Generation Graco ambassador and can’t wait to show you my reviews over the next few months and also show you how fantastic all of the Graco products really are!

Thank you Graco and Cohn and Wolfe for such a fantastic day!

Win Four Jump Sessions At Gravity Force, St Albans

Mummy’s Zone has teamed up with Gravity Force to give you the chance to win FOUR free jump sessions at the brand new trampolining centre in St Albans.

Gravity Force is the leading provider of trampoline parks in the UK and are really excited about their new site in St Albans that opens in only a couple of weeks time on the 17th August.Displaying GF Opening.jpgDisplaying GF Opening.jpgGF Opening

Gravity Force are taking pre bookings starting now and there is a whopping 25% off of selective sessions if booked up until launch day on August 17th. There will be 25% off Gravity Jump, Gravity Tots, Gravity Fit, and birthday parties, if booked by Sunday 24th July by using the respective money saving codes – ‘JUMP1’, ‘TOTS1’, ‘FIT1’, ‘PARTY1’. To book and find out more about the sessions available visit www.gravityforce.co.uk or call 0845 498 9049.

There is something for everyone at Gravity Force. “Gravity Jump” is the core session and gives you access to all the park’s facilities. “Gravity Tots” kids’ class is suitable for toddlers from walking age up to five-years-old, along with any parents or guardians. “Gravity Fit” provides a high intensity, low impact structured fitness class that burns fat whilst building, toning and defining muscle. Children can also host their birthday parties at the trampoline park.

Gravity Force is the ultimate UK trampoline park. Whether you’re a freestyle pro looking to showcase an insane routine on the Tumble Tracks or an average Joe looking to get stuck into a game of trampoline dodgeball there really is something for everyone.

We have teamed up with Gravity Force to offer you the chance to win four free jump sessions at their St Albans site. So enter below and good luck! Happy jumping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entrants must be aged 18 or over at the time of entry and the competition closes at 00:00 on 16 th August.

Follow Gravity Force on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/gravityforceuk/

Follow them on Twitter – https://twitter.com/gravityforceuk?lang=en

Like their page on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/gravityforceuk/

Subscribe their our Youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/gravityforceuk

EE’s ‘Light The Arch’ App & Our Visit To Wembley Stadium #LightTheArch

EE have launched their exciting new app which allows 7-11 year olds to ‘light the arch’ at Wembley Stadium. The web application is designed with children aged 7-11 in mind to learn the basic principles of coding, although Oscar is 6 and got how to use the app easily. So to celebrate the launch and try out the new app we were invited to Wembley stadium last Monday which Oscar was so excited about!

We arrived at the Club Wembley entrance and was shown upstairs to one of the boxes where Oscar couldn’t believe the amazing view of the pitch that we had. We were then given a tablet to use and Oscar designed through coding exactly how he wanted to light up the arch of the stadium. After he had finished and named his show the app transformed his design into an amazing display with a countdown and fireworks. He couldn’t believe it and had great fun using it.

The web application is endorsed by the educational technology charity Apps for Good and it is based on the technology used to light the arch at major stadium events. Apps For Good are supporting the new online tool and ensuring it gets into the hands of educators across the UK. They are an education technology charity working to transform education to help young entrepreneurs thrive in a tech driven future, which when I was told about I thought was fantastic. The Light the Arch initiative supports EE’s wider commitment to battle digital exclusion and get more young people into technology and coding. EE has pledged to get at least 100,000 people using the web app before the end of the year and after using it and seeing how much fun it is I am sure they will reach their target as children will love it! Amazingly the educational online tool is based on the technology used to light the stadium’s arch at major events and a lucky few will be able to see their design translated into a real-life display at the England match on 29th March!!

When using the web application you can choose from over sixty different colours and eight patterns to play with such as clap, sweep, twinkle and rainbow. You can then choose which way the colours go in the rainbow and also change the colour configurations and the length and of time and speed each part of the show will last. You can also add wording and when you want to add things such as ‘Goal Scored’, ‘Red Card’ and ‘Welcome to Wembley’. When we took the tour of the stadium afterwards the tour guide told us everybody when playing a concert at Wembley always uses the same three words; “Welcome to Wembley!”

After we had had a go on the application we were taken on a tour if the stadium which is fantastic and well worth going on. The history of the stadium is fascinating and Oscar’s favourite parts were sitting by the Chelsea shirts in the changing rooms and jogging out of the tunnel to the pitch. That must be so daunting for football players as until you are standing by the pitch I wasn’t aware of just how huge the stadium is with a whooping 90,000 seat capacity.

Afterwards we went outside the stadium to watch Oscar’s light show on the actual arch which was absolutely amazing and he is so lucky to have had the chance to do this! Thanks EE and Mumsnet.

Head over to www.ee.co.uk/light-the-arch to create your own light show to Light the Arch at Wembley Stadium and don’t forget to use the hashtag #LightTheArch to share with everyone. Don’t forget to share your video before the midnight on the 27th March 2016 to be in with a chance of having your light show used at the England vs Netherlands game on Tuesday 29th March.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I have received a tablet as a token of thanks for this post.


February Frolics At Willows Activity Farm

Willows Activity Farm is our local farm to visit and over the years we have visited the farm lots of times, we love it there! Yesterday we went to Willows for the day and they had a jam packed full programme of fun activities for their ‘February Frolics’ half term extravaganza that is running from the 13th to the 21st February.

We arrived at Willows at 11am and the boys went on some of the rides and the JCB young drivers soon and then we went into the art and craft tent and made a sheep out of cotton wool and a paper plate. There are lots of different arts and crafts to choose from and as it was a cold day it was nice to sit inside in the warm.

When we arrived each child is given a ‘Bo Peep’s Lost Sheep’ quiz and when you walk around the farm the answers to the questions are dotted around the farm and once completed every child wins a prize. Oscar really enjoyed this and learnt lots of new interesting facts about sheep and lambs.

Inside we got some lunch and a drink and the boys went into the Woolly Jumpers Indoor play barn and had so much fun. The inside soft play area is really big with fun slides and different things for them to do inside. I love the soft play area at Willows and it is great if the weather is bad to bring Oscar and Archie to the farm and go on the soft play then go in the barn to feed the animals. Even if it is raining it is still a great day out.

After soft play we went into the animal barn and fed the animals and Oscar held a guinea pig. Oscar was very excited about the baby calf that was only a few days old and there is also some baby goats too. Willows also has a temporary lambing marquee which I was really looking forward to seeing. Last year, hundreds of little lambs were born at Willows including twins and some triplets, and this year the numbers are expected to be just as high! Tuck the Shepherd was keeping a very close watch on the flock and gives bottle feeding demonstrations throughout the day. Whilst we were at the farm at 1.30pm one of the sheep gave birth to a single lamb which was amazing for the children to see such a young lamb. There were another two sheep that had had their lambs in the early hours of the Monday morning. I was told it was normal for sheep to have their babies at night so getting to see it during the day was quite rare. You might also get to see this if you go to the farm this half term as there are around 20 sheep due to give birth before Sunday!

We also took a ride on Tristan the runaway tractor, went on the bouncy castles and trampolines and walked around all of the animals. Families can also join in with a sing-a-long in Woolly’s Showtime Theatre and see the Bo Beep puppet show! Tickets are 

Adult Child Under 2’s Member
£13.50 £14.50 FREE FREE

Here is the full programme:

February Frolics Programme

Next up there will be the Easter Eggstravaganza which will be running from the 19th to the 28th March. It is great fun, we went last Easter Sunday and there was so much to do. The Easter Bunny will be visiting every day, there’s an Easter Egg and Bunny Hunt with free chocolate treats for the kids,  Pig Racing and Goat Milking, family shows, adventure play, funfair rides, Tristan the Runaway Tractor and plenty of farmyard animals in our outdoor pens and our under cover animal barn.

There is also something VERY exciting coming to Willows on the 2nd April 2016! A major new themed Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground will be opening. It will feature new play areas centred on the much-loved stars of the animated CBeebies series ‘Peter Rabbit’. Oscar loves Peter Rabbit and when he saw the signs around Willows yesterday got very excited and we can’t wait to come back and see it. 2016 marks 150 years of Beatrix Potter and this is a fabulous way to ensure her most famous creation, Peter Rabbit will be enjoyed for generations to come. This will also be the start of the Holiday Hop event.

Peter Rabbit Hop Along Holiday

Hogwarts In The Snow

Last week we were invited to the preview of Hogwarts In The Snow! We have been to the studio tour before and Oscar loved it so I was so excited to visit and feel the magic of Christmas. We didn’t tell Oscar where we were going and he was so surprised and excited when we arrived.

When we walked in we were greeted by the most enormous and beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen. We had a look around the gift shop then headed in to the tour. When we walked through the giant doors of the Great Hall I was taken aback at how beautiful it was. Christmas trees, a Turkey feast and flaming Christmas puddings were the first things we saw. It is amazing how realistic the food is! It looks good enough to eat.

We walked around the rest of the tour looking at all of the amazing props from the film, even if you haven’t read the books or seen any of the films it is just so magical and amazing to see just how much work went into making the films. The Gryffindor common room was decorated for Christmas too.

We then had a photo of us in the flying car. You can also choose to have a video or photo of you flying on a broomstick but we got this last time we visited. They a great momento of an amazing day out.

Afterwards we took a ride on the Hogwarts express, grabbed a butter beer in the cafe and then went outside to see the larger set pieces like the bridge, Harry’s house and the triple decker bus. As soon as we walked outside we were met by snow, Oscar’s face was a picture. It was magical!


We then saw how they make ghost footprints in the snow which took a few goes for Oscar to understand it wasn’t real. The most magical thing of all was when we walked into the room with the huge Howarts model covered in snow. It smashes any Christmas decorations out of the water, it is truly amazing!

It is well worth a trip to the Warner Bros studio tour and even more so with the extra Christmas magic. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit, it is just as magical as the first.

Disclaimer: We visited the Warner Bros studio tour to preview and review the Hogwarts In The Snow experience. All opinions are my own.

Our Afternoon At The Tomy Play Date At Hamleys

Yesterday we drove into London for the ultimate play date with Tomy at Hamleys toy store. As soon as Oscar knew where we were going he was so excited and couldn’t wait to get there. We arrived a bit early so we had a wonder around the store so Oscar could think of some ideas for his Christmas list. We arrived at the party room and were met my the Hamleys bear and when we went inside their were toys everywhere. Oscar’s little face was a picture as he ran off to play.

Oscar loves dinosaurs and was instantly drawn to the ‘The Good Dinosaur’ range which are not in the shops yet so it was nice to be one of the first to get to play with the range before the Disney Pixar’s upcoming release of the film on boxing day. We can’t wait to go and see it! Within the range is a fun Arlo mask as you can see Oscar modelling below 🙂 and the when you move your mouth it makes a chomping action, small figure packs, plus figures of Arlo, Spot and Butch. Oscar’s favourites are the galloping butch toy which he played with most of the time and wouldn’t put it down! He bites, roars and gallops and goes perfectly with the other plastic figures. We can’t wait for their release soon!

The Aquadoodle mats were also a firm favourite with the children as they could draw and print great pictures and parents love them too as they leave no mess at all. They come with water filled pens that when you draw on the mats leave multi coloured patterns and then fade so you can start all over again. They can be used on floors or walls and come in a variety of different sizes and character themes. They even have mini pads to use on your travels which are great to take on holiday with you.

Inside Out is a fab movie that was released a few months ago and the toys are set to be the must haves for Christmas. The range comprises of plush toys, figures and a headquarters playset. The figures are really sweet and compliment the smash hit film perfectly.



Oscar has never watched the Pokemon before but we got home and I had to search for it on the TV so he could watch it. He enjoyed playing with the Pokemon toys which I remembered as years ago my brother watched it and had all the figures and games.

A friend from Oscar’s school came along to the play date too and they had a very serious game of Pop Up Pirate which also comes in a Frozen edition of Olaf which all Frozen lovers will find great fun. Pop Up Pirate is a simple game that children can understand easily but is so much fun. It is a classic game that has been around for years, in fact I had it as a child. Each player takes a turn to slide one of the coloured swords into the pirates barrel and if you pop the pirate and send Blackbeard flying you are out of the game. The boys thought it was hilarious when the pirate flew out of the barrel. Its a great game.

We had a great time at the Tomy play date and Oscar even got to meet Alex from Cbeebies who kindly played with Oscar. It was a great reminder of what great toys Tomy sell and Archie played with the Lamaze toys which he has at home and are great for babies and toddlers.

Thanks Tomy for a great afternoon!