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Blogmas Day 5: A Fun Filled Christmassy December

If you haven’t guessed already, I blooming love Christmas! I am literally like a big kid and love to make it as special as possible for Oscar and Archie whilst they are both still young. Christmas in our house started last week with the arrival of our beautiful Pines and Needles Christmas tree. Then on the 1st of December our cheeky little elves, Eric and Ernie arrive and bring the boys advent calendars and stay with us until they fly home on Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve. When the boys wake up on the 1st of December the Christmas fairies have also put the rest of our decorations up and our other Christmas tree in the lounge. The excitement was off the scale, they both woke up and their bed sheets had been changed to Christmas ones over the night then they ran downstairs to see if the elves had arrived!

This year our December is jam packed full of Christmas fun. We always visit Father Christmas at Harrods. This is something I did as a child so we are carrying on the tradition. I booked it back in September and we are going this week and every year it is so amazing! They have a different theme each time, the staff are so enthusiastic and the boys always choose a new decoration each and then we go out for something to eat afterwards. I can’t wait! This is where the boys put their letters to Father Christmas in the post box at the grotto and then they get a reply a couple of weeks later.

We are also going to the Pantomime this weekend to see Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. It is such a great day out at Christmas and fun for all the family. We are going to The Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth and this year it is running from the 7th to the 31st of December and has EastEnders and Dancing on Ice star Sam Attwater playing Prince Simon. Come back on Monday to read my full review.

We also have Oscar’s carol service and Archie’s nursery concert to look forward to over the next week which I absolutely love. It is so sweet to watch them perform amongst their class mates. Then the boys both finish next Friday for Christmas for three and a half weeks which will be great fun!

The Coca Cola Truck is touring the UK like it has for the last few Christmas’ so nest week I am going to take the boys to our local ASDA store to see it in the flesh for a bit of fun. You can see all the dates and locations HERE. You queue up and have your photo with the iconic Christmas truck. In the afternoon when its darker and iuts all lit up it looks really good!

Before Christmas we are also going to Bruges to visit the Christmas market. Oscar is so excited to go on a little road trip and go on the Euro Tunnel. The photos people have posted online before of the markets are amazing and its something I have wanted to do for a few years but now Archie is old enough to enjoy it too. We have booked a hotel near to the main market square with parking to make it as easy as possible to get around.

Image result for bruges christmas market

We also have another trip planned before Christmas, but it is under wraps at the moment.

On Christmas Eve we always go to our close friends and the boys Godparents house for the most amazing pork baps and Christmas carols around the piano. The children are always so excited as its not long until Father Christmas’ arrival. Oscar is learning a Christmas carol on the piano and a few of the children who can play each do a little solo piece. Then the children sit down around our friends Dad in the chair who reads them all ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ story. Its always a lovely afternoon/evening and then we leave there and come home and leave the milk, carrots and cookies out for Father Christmas.

I would love to hear what you have planned and how you make your family Christmas as magical as possible?

#Blogmas Day 2: Our Family Christmas Traditions

Our Christmas traditions start for us on the 1st of December when Oscar gets home from school and the fairies have brought our Christmas decorations. Our Christmas tree and decorations have always gone up on the 1st of December. When I was little my brother and I always woke up on the 1st to our tree and decorations and I can still remember just how amazing and magical that was and wanted to do the same for our boys. In their bedrooms they have snow globes and Christmas duvets and their stocking ready for the end of their beds on Christmas Eve.

When they wake up on the 1st the boys wake up and our two naughty Elves, Eddie and Ernie are back to stay with us until Christmas Eve and get up to lots of mischief. They bring Oscar and Archie a letter and come through the Elf door which must never be touched as the secret door leads back to Father Christmas so they can let him know how they are behaving. They always bring the boys their advent calender’s too. They each get a chocolate one and a toy one too.

On Monday we are going to see the big man himself at the Harrods Grotto. I always rush to book this in September/October as soon as I get my ‘You can book now’ email. We have been every Christmas since Oscar was born and I love getting the family photo taken every year. After we have been in the grotto Oscar and Archie always get to pick a Christmas tree decoration each and I always buy the Harrods Christmas Bear decoration too. We then walk around to Pizza Express for dinner. The boys love it and we get to see all of the Christmas lights around London on the drive home. Again this is something we did as children, going into London at Christmas to a big department store grotto.

We always put together and decorate a gingerbread house (I buy a kit) nearer to Christmas for everyone to enjoy on Christmas day. I buy loads of sweets and icing and we have great fun in the kitchen making our masterpiece. Its a really cheap and fun activity to do with the kids!

This year I have started a new tradition, a backwards advent. As Oscar is old enough to understand about charity and realises how lucky he is each day of advent we put something in our box each day, whether it be a toy, toiletries or food and on Christmas Eve we will take it to a food bank or charity collection for another family to enjoy at Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we always go to Oscar and Archie’s godparents house and they make pork baps and we sing carols around the piano and the children all play and have a great time. They always have a fantastic 10 ft tree and its just such a lovely house full of Christmas cheer. This is why Oscar wanted to start playing the piano as our friends children had lessons and would play a song each. As Oscar has been having lessons this year he has been practising ‘Jingle Bells’ ready to play for everyone this year. He is really excited! We then go home, the boys bath and get into their pyjamas and then we leave a mince pie and a glass of milk for Father Christmas on their plates they made at a pottery cafe and a carrot outside for Rudolph and then off to bed.

Please comment and share with me your family Christmas traditions!

Merry Christmas!


Review: My Christmas Elf Door

A couple of weeks ago we got Oscar an Elf On A Shelf kit to start a new Christmas tradition as I had heard so many great things about it. So when I got the chance to review a ‘My Christmas Elf Door’ I was over the moon! Our door arrived in only a couple of days in a lovely git box. So on Saturday evening we told Oscar about the magical elf door that let’s the elf come into our house and see if he is being a good boy and that the elf would then go back through the door to report to Father Christmas. He was so excited and then Oscar and Daddy hunted around the house to see where the Elf’s magical door had appeared.

I had set the Christmas Elf Door up downstairs in the kitchen and within the set that is only £21.00 is a letter and a poem, a sparkly decorated miniature Christmas tree, 6 presents, a wreath, an elf footprint stencil, self adhesive pads and a bottle of elf dust! So Oscar came downstairs and found the door and was so excited, jumping around. He couldn’t believe his elf had been. Watching his little face light up and the how genuinely excited he was was magical! These are the little things that really bring the magic of Christmas to life. After all these days children don’t seem to believe in it all for very long so why he is still little I want to make it as magical as possible for him!

Oscar sat by the door why Daddy read out the letter that the Elf had left for him and he couldn’t believe it. He went to bed afterwards so excited that in two more sleeps his Elf would appear through the door. I am so pleased with our Christmas Elf Door and if you are looking for ways to add that extra bit of magic to your little ones Christmas I would seriously recommend getting a door of your own.

On the My Fairy Door website you can also get lovely Fairy Doors and accessories. It is such a lovely website!

Disclaimer: We were gifted the Christmas Elf Door for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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Our Family Christmas Traditions

I absolutely love Christmas and love it even more now that we have children. It is such a magical time of year and I love to make it as special and as memorable as possible for Oscar. As a child I always remember our Christmas’ being full of happiness and family and I want Oscar to look back in years to come and feel the same.

This Christmas I have the whole family at our house, one side of the family has Christmas lunch with us which we rotate each year and the other side join us at about 3pm for present opening and an evening cold meat buffet. I love having a house full and making the day special for the whole family.

We have a few traditions that we love to do each year and I thought I would share them with you all.

1. A visit to see Father Christmas at Harrod’s Christmas grotto

We take Oscar to the Harrod’s Christmas Grotto every year to visit Father Christmas. This is something I did with my parents and grandparents as a child and we were always allowed to choose a decoration to add to our tree. Each year I always buy the photo and you pay £10 to reserve your grotto slot which gets reimbursed onto your Harrod’s reward card to spend in store afterwards. We are going to see Father Christmas there next week and Oscar is counting down the sleeps.


2. Making a Gingerbread House

When my brother and I were children we used to make and decorate a gingerbread house each Christmas and I remember the kit used to come from Ikea. We had great fun last year decorating our gingerbread house which I brought from Morrisons. This year I already have the kit from Tesco and all the icing and sweets to decorate it. It makes a great table centre piece on Christmas Day and tastes great too!

3. Singing Good King Wenceslas with the Christmas Pudding
This is a tradition from Greg’s side of the family. When the Christmas pudding is served after lunch his family always sang Good King Wenceslas after lighting the pudding. The first time I had Christmas with Greg it did make me giggle and now it’s a run tradition that everyone has a laugh at once we have done it.

Christmas 2006

4.  Turkey Soup On Boxing Day

Ever since I met Greg we have always spent Boxing Day at Greg’s parents house and in recent years since we have had Oscar my parents, brother and my nanny come along to. We always have Turkey Soup and crusty bread and it is delicious! We then play a fun board game like Logo or Articulate.

5. The Fairies bring the decorations

Oscar believes that the fairies bring the decorations and on the 1st December he wakes up to the Christmas Tree up and the house covered in decorations. I always decorate Oscar’s room with his own little tree, Christmas bedding, bunting and a selection of Christmas books on his toy box. He loves it and it get’s him so excited about Christmas and heads straight to his advent calender for his first chocolate!

There are a few of our traditions, I would love to know what fun traditions you have in your families. 

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