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Enjoy A Splendifirous Summer With Mr Kipling & Roald Dahl

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Last week we were invited to the Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden, Aylesbury to celebrate the collaboration between Roald Dahl and the delicious Mr Kipling cakes who want you to Enjoy A Splendifirous Summer With Mr Kipling & Roald Dahl. Mr Kipling has added a touch of magic to their range of cakes with new limited edition Roald Dahl packaging that is exclusive to Tesco until September. With every pack you purchase there is a unique code inside that you enter onto the Mr Kipling website and see if you have one of many amazing prizes.

Mr Kipling and Roald Dahl know the importance of spending quality time together, especially over the Summer with the children on their holidays, which is why they are trying to make your Summer more splendifirous by winning amazing prices and sharing a packet of their delicious cakes. The wonderful prizes include tickets to see the wonderful West End stage show, Matilda the musical, a trip to Buckingham palace, a selection of Roald Dahl books, family tickets to the Roald Dahl Museum, a BFG jump squiffling giant jigsaw and lots lots more. Even a family trip to New York for two adults and two children! You can see the full list of prizes here.

The limited edition packaging can’t be missed as all the Mr Kipling cakes now have a Roald Dahl twist. There are fantastic french fancies, enormous crocodile croc-olate slices, gloriumptious cherry bakewells, delightful Viennese swirls, scrumptious mini battenbergs and Dory-Hunky angel slices. Also on the website is an ‘inspire’ page full of things to do for families over the Summer.

When we arrived at the Roald Dahl museum we went up to the Mr Kipling room for a cup of tea and some cake and was given a talk on the exciting new collaboration. We then went around the museum, I had never been before but Oscar visited with his school earlier on in the year when they were learning about chocolate. The museum is fantastic and as a fan of Roald Dahl as a child it was nice to share something I loved as a child with Oscar as he is now reading the books too. He is currently reading the Giraffe, the Pelly and me. We learnt lots of fascinating facts about Roald Dahl.

We then went on the village tour and I was fascinated at how many of Roald Dahl’s books are based around the small village of Great Missenden. From the library in Matilda, to the Tudor looking building he then envisaged as the orphanage in the BFG, the supermarket in Fantastic Mr Fox and the petrol pump station in Danny The Champion of the World. We also then walked up the hill to the village church where Roald Dahl’s grave is. It has the BFG’s giant footprints leading up to it and is set under a beautiful tree with a bench with his grandchildren’s name on it.

We then walked back to the museum for story time and then went and had a lovely afternoon tea with Mr Kipling. I hadn’t had a battenberg in ages and now I am totally addicted, I have had a fair few packets since last week.

We had a lovely time at the Roald Dahl Musuem thanks to Mr Kipling and will be going back very soon as it is so local to us.

The Little Cake Boutique Pokemon Cupcake Review

Last week we had a delivery from The Little Cake Boutique of the most amazing Pokemon cupcakes! Oscar was over the moon as you can imagine as he loves Pokemon! He sat there and went through the cakes to teach me all of the Pokemon names.

The attention to detail of the toppers is amazing and every character as you can see looks like the characters from the television show and the new Pokemon Go app that everyone seems to be obsessed with! We’ve had to give Oscar one of our old iPhones so he can play it like his friends. They taste amazing too! 

The Little Cake Boutique is based locally to us in Watford, 17 miles northwest of Central London. The kitchen operates a delivery service with their delivery charges being very reasonable. 

Using techniques self taught over the years, Cathy and her team produce delicious biscuits and cupcakes for all occasions. We actually had some beautiful biscuits from Cathy at Christmas which finished off my Christmas table perfectly.

Whether it’s a small intimate function, a birthday party,a baby shower, a corporate event or a wedding. The Little Cake Boutique will without doubt be able to produce beautiful cakes/biscuits/giant cupcakes for you with a high attention to detail.

Not only do the cakes look so artistically presented. But the quality of the ingredients used is notable. These cannot be compared with your regular supermarket cupcakes. The finest of ingredients used, coupled with the creative designs have won over some of the world’s leading brands. Of whom have provided such high praise testimonials on the business’s website: www.thelittlecakeboutiquelondon.co.uk.Their online photo gallery showcases a vast selection of cakes and cake flavours that the Little Cake Boutique can offer. 

The Little Cake Boutique produce 12 cupcakes/biscuits as a minimum order as the cakes are baked fresh in batches. They produce giant cupcakes which have become such a popular craze as they are bring used as cutting cakes at parties. At only £36.50 each, it is significantly more reasonably priced than competitors however there is certainly no compromise on quality. The giant cupcakes look as if they should be priced much higher.  
Orders can be placed through the online contact form, whereby a member of the boutique will contact you very efficiently. Or you can phone the boutique directly on: 07501 211488. The boutique have a Facebook page which I strongly recommend ‘liking’ as you will be kept up to date with all the new product launches and new ideas. I have been told that a very special christmas range (including Christmas gift boxes) will be launched in September, so keep your eyes peeled! 

If you have an event coming up,  give the Little Cake Boutique a call. They offer such a personal and bespoke service that you would expect to pay such a high premium for. If you want your event to have a showstopper, the Little Cake Boutique’s cupcakes will fulfil your expectations in every way possible.