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Brand New Bugaboo By Diesel #BeBrave

Have you seen the new Bugaboo by Diesel range. As a Bugaboo Buffalo owner I always get excited when Bugaboo launch new fabric designs as you can instantly give your pushchair a face lift. This is the second Bugaboo by Diesel collection and is absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love the wheels.

Bugaboo and Diesel have bundled their creative and rebellious spirit to design a collection that takes the iconic lifestyle brand’s DNA as a starting point: Denim. Two new pushchairs are taking centre stage this time round with a complete makeover for the all-terrain pushchair, the Bugaboo Buffalo, and a Tailored Fabric Set for the convertible pushchair, the Bugaboo Donkey. The military-inspired Bugaboo by Diesel Cameleon3 from the first collection will also remain available in stores.

They have also gone all out on the accessories with a matching denim changing bag with leather details to the collection, featuring functional inside pockets for parents on the go. To complete your pushchair wardrobe there is even a special-edition Bugaboo by Diesel Seat Liner, Footmuff, Parasol and Mosquito Net in camouflage print from our first release.



This time the focus lies on Diesel’s denim heritage; the Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection features a washed and specially-treated denim that is effortlessly stylish. The denim is hand-ripped, distressed, and features paint splatters in various denim hues. Over time, the denim will naturally fade, just like your favourite pair of jeans would. Thanks to the Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection, denim lovers will be sure to stand out in a crowd!

The Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel comes in a blue anodised chassis, washed denim sun canopy, carrycot and seat, and many new and interesting details. The central joint, for instance, is based on a rivet you will find on your Diesel jeans, the wheel rims have been coloured blue to complement the denim fabric, and the hand-treated fabric itself has been given a unique finish with paint splatters. Black, leather-look details on the handlebar and seat give the pushchair a rebellious touch. There is also a matching bag in denim and leather which can be hung on the handlebar of the Bugaboo Buffalo.

Don’t miss out on being the trendiest Mum around. Check out the Bugaboo by Diesel range now!

RRPs as follows:

Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel Denim is £1089 / 1299 euros

Tailored Fabric Set for the Bugaboo Donkey is £139,95 / 69,95 euros

Sun Canopy for the Bugaboo Donkey is £89,95 / 109,95 euros

Bugaboo by Diesel changing bag is £134,95 / 109,95 euros

My Love For My Bugaboo Buffalo

When I had Oscar I had the Bugaboo Cameleon, in fact that was what my first ever blog post was about. So when I fell pregnant with Archie the Buffalo had been launched a few months before and I had admired it in Mothercare and decided that they were the right wheels for Archie. With both the Cameleon and Buffalo I always had them in black as we didn’t know the sex either if the boys when I was pregnant. Bugaboo do a huge range of gorgeous different coloured fabrics to suit the sex of your baby or your taste. When Archie goes into the seat unit of the Buffalo I am getting him a blue hood and foot muff. The seat unit is also really spacious and your little one will be able to fit in it comfortably up until they are 3 years old or 37.5lbs.

The Buffalo is quite a bit larger than the Cameleon which I love, the carry cot has so much room in it and even though it is bigger it fits in my boot easily. Another thing that I love about the Buffalo is the open basket which compared to the Cameleon I had five years ago with the draw string basket the Buffalo one is much easier to use and put your shopping in to. It is really big too! The hood also extends to give your little one complete protection from the sun, in fact I couldn’t believe how much it extended by simply unzipping it. Another big difference between the two is the Buffalo is a all terrain pushchair with it’s 10” Swivel wheels and 12” rear wheels with foam filled tyres.

The Buffalo retails at £905 for the Buffalo with the black fabrics. I also have the car seat adaptors which are £34.95 which allow me to click my Maxi Cosi car seat directly on to the pushchair chassis for quick and convenient use like when on the school run. You can also get adapters for Britax car seats. The Buffalo is a dream to push and I only have to use one hand, the swivel wheels make it so easy to steer and folding it is easy with the one fold system. 

Recently Bugaboo have launched the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape which is gorgeous! It comes in a new special-edition washed canvas Balsam Green fabric with a brown leather handle on the handlebars and the carry cot handle. I think it looks gorgeous and really luxurious with the added special touches.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get an invite to the launch of the Bugaboo Runner which is the jogging extension. I fell in love with it and purchased it a week later and have added it to my Bugaboo collection. Next month when Archie is big enough to go from the carry cot to the seat unit I will be able to start using it and I can’t wait. You can read all about the Runner HERE.

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The Fantastic New Bugaboo Runner #RunFree

Yesterday Archie and I went into London to the gorgeous Kensington Roof Gardens for the launch of the new Bugaboo Runner. I first saw the Runner online a few months ago and as a Bugaboo owner couldn’t wait for its release. I have a Bugaboo Buffalo and absolutely love it and had the Cameleon with Oscar when he was a baby.

Archie having his first ride in his Buffalo

When we arrived I was shown the Runner and it looks even better in the flesh! With its air-filled spoked wheels to the sleek design it is gorgeous. The Runner is a three wheeler jogger pushchair that can be brought as a complete pushchair or if like me you already have a Bugaboo you can just buy the chassis as an accessory. If you already own the Bugaboo Cameleon 3, Bugaboo Bee (2010 models onwards), Donkey or the Buffalo you can just click on your existing seat using the adapters and off you go.

The main features that make the Runner stand out from the ‘jogger pushchair’ crowd is the air-filled tyres allow your baby to have a smooth ride wherever you chose to run, the chassis is designed purely for running and when running you can either have your baby facing you or when they are a bit older facing forwards so your baby can see what is going on around them. The wheels have mud guards to prevent you or your baby from getting muddy and it has two brakes, a foot break for normal use and when you are running an easy access speed control break on the handlebar to control your speed and stop easily. The easy access break works like a bike break so the pushchair will stop smoothly instead of throwing your baby forwards. It has 16″ rear wheels and a 14″ front wheel that gives you maximum stability and also any lumps and bumps you run over are completely absorbed into the chassis instead of like other jogging pushchairs go up through your baby.

The Runner can be used from 9 months old up until 37.5lbs, so will last a long time. The under seat basket also has elasticated straps so your belongings are safe when jogging and nothing will fall out. The basket also has three mesh Velcro pockets for things like you phone, money and keys. Now you have all the facts let me tell you what I thought of it once I had tried it out. I ran it around the track which was great fun and it was easy to run around the corners and even when running at a fast speed it was easy to control with the speed control break. I really love the Runner and will be getting one myself as I want to get fit after having my two children but during the day I have Archie and any fitness classes in the evening are not always possible as Greg sometimes gets back from work late. I could go to the gym but don’t want to put Archie in a creche and wanted to find something I could do with him. I have currently been doing an online fitness video course but I absolutely love running as I used to run to quite a high standard in my teens and love exercising outside in the fresh air. Now the Runner is available it has solved this problem for me and I can’t wait to start running again and take Archie with me to enjoy the outdoors too. So Run Free and get fit this Summer with Bugaboo.

The Runner has a really compact fold and will fit in any car boot. I also liked that even after a run if Archie falls asleep I can adjust the seat so he can sleep flat and use it as a normal pushchair too.

I also had a lovely BBQ lunch and a catch up with Laura from Mum Of Five Staying Sane and her Son. To finish off the day I was given the most amazing shoulder massage. It was such a fab launch!

The Bugaboo Runner chassis including the adapters has an RRP of £349 and the complete Runner with the chassis, adapters and seat will have an RRP of £583.

#RunFree #BugabooRunner

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What do we really need for our baby?

When I was expecting Oscar I went completely over board buying all sorts of unnecessary stuff that I didn’t really need. If and when we have another baby my list of its to get would literally be halved. Over the last few years when friends have been expecting one of the questions I always get asked is what do we really need? So I thought I would put a list together of some of the bits that we brought and the stuff that you really do not need.

We brought our actual nursery furniture: cot/bed, wardrobe, changing table/chest of draws, toy box and cot/bed mattress from Mamas and Papas. To be honest I never looked anywhere else and have been really pleased with it all. Even four years on, their customer services team sent me out new draw runners as one of mine broke under the weight of all of Oscar’s clothes! We also got our Zeddy and Parsnip moses basket, cot bedding, cot mobile and changing mat from Mamas and Papas too. We went with a unisex theme and have cream walls and added the Zeddy and Parsnip border around the room. I had the BT 150 baby monitor and it had a built in room temperature indicator and lullaby songs.

I stocked up on Pampers nappies and cotton wool when I was pregnant. I brought the Braun 4520 Thermoscan thermometer which is great. It has been used loads and would defiantly be a gadget I couldn’t have gone without. It gives an accurate reading and is easy to use what is a must when you have a wriggling crying teething baby! Keeping a bottle of Infacol in the cupboard is always a good idea in case your little one suffers from colic. For when your baby is teething I would totally recommend Anbesol. My Auntie suggested it to me as it is something that has been around for years and my Mum used it on me. We used a few different teething aids but this one defiantly seemed to work the best. A top and tail bowl is always useful for nappy changing and I used mine all the time. In regards to nappy rash I always used Sudocrem or Bepanthen.

Let’s be honest no matter how many people tell you don’t buy lots of clothes for your baby as you get given loads when baby is born, we never listen! When I was pregnant with Oscar I brought loads of cute outfits, half that were never used as he got tons of clothes when he was born. The only clothes I really needed to buy was vests, sleepsuit’s, hats and mittens for in the hospital and an outfit to bring baby home in, then a couple of other bits. I brought a newborn starter kit from BHS and it had everything you needed in it to last a few days and it was less than £20, I would really recommend getting something like that. Don’t forget to wash it all first! Obviously depending on the time of year you might need a little cardigan or pramsuit. When Oscar was first born I used a Gro swaddle blanket and then Gro bags when he was old enough. My most extravagant baby buy was my Gucci changing bag.. I LOVED IT! I will use it again and then pass it on to one of my friends when they have a baby.

Bath Time
As I said above a top and tail bowl is a must. We also brought a bath support to make it easier and safer when bathing baby being able to have your hands free. Obviously when Oscar was first born we only used warm water and cotton wall to clean him but when he was old enough we used Johnson’s baby shampoo and bedtime bath wash. I also used the bedtime oil to massage into his skin after his bath. The cuddledry bath towels are great as you wear it like an apron then have two hands free to pick baby out of the bath and wrap them up safely. Avent also sell a good bath water thermometer but to be honest I didn’t use one as I just tested the water myself. As Oscar has got older he has a bath mat in the bath with a temperature indicator on it.

I tried hard to breast feed and use the Medela electric breast pump. Unfortunately I just didn’t have enough milk and ended up using Aptamil baby formula instead. We used Avent bottles and the Avent steam steriliser and bottle warmer. They worked great and have now been passed on for someone else to use. I have seen that Avent have a new steam steriliser out and I will be getting that one next time around. I also used the thermal bottle bag when out and about. When I started weaning Oscar I used the brother max freezing tray and prepared pureed meals and froze them. My In Laws brought us a high chair from Mamas and Papas which was great with different height adjustments and the seat had three positions so when Oscar sometimes crashed out in his chair I could tilt it back to make it comfier for him. I have also seen the new Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine and this will be my must have gadget for when we have another baby! We used the Tommee Tippee soothers and bibs with Oscar too and then I ordered personalised dummies for him with ‘Mini Maycock’ on them. They were only 3 for £10 and you can choose colours, wording and designs.

Pushchair/Travel System
I started off with a Silver Cross travel system that my parent’s kindly brought us. It came with the pram/pushchair, car seat and changing bag and I think it was around £500. I loved the pram, hated the car seat and wasn’t overly impressed when it turned in to a pushchair. I ended up selling it on Ebay and getting a Bugaboo Cameleon instead. Yes they are expensive but I loved it! I could have Oscar facing me when we were out and about so I could talk to him and it went completely flat when he wanted a nap. Next time I would buy a Maxi-Cosi Pebble Infant car seat and the isofix base. You can then get adaptors to connect it to the Bugaboo. I will defiantly get a Bugaboo again I want the Buffalo this time though. As a stroller I had the Silver Cross Fizz from John Lewis and loved it. It was great and I also found it amazing when we went on holiday as it had a mesh back and it allowed the air to flow through it in the hot weather. It also folded small and had removable/reversible seat insert which made it easy to keep clean. I also have a Maclaren BMW stroller which is just a great stroller and looks good too. Oscar liked it as it had the same wheels as Daddy’s car.

Newborns don’t do much but the months fly past and it is nice to have colourful and stimulating toys for them to chew on or play with. I got a lot of Lamaze toys and Fisher Price cookie jar sorter and a Fisher Price Sing and Go choo train. Of all of the baby toys we had (the lounge was full) these are the only ones I have kept for another baby. Oscar’s favourite toy was his Cuski Comforter which went everywhere with us and he still has it at bedtime now. From Mothercare I got a Blossom Farm sit me up cosy which was really useful and when we went to visit grandparents and friends I took it with us as Oscar could play comfortably. Oscar’s Uncle Simon brought him a adorable Barny Bear play mat which he used loads too and I have packed it away for the next one!

Things I brought and didn’t really need:

  • Loads of baby clothes (you will get loads as gifts)
  • Bath Thermometer (use your own judgement)
  • Loads of baby toys (just get a few and change them every few months)
  • An air purifier (had one and used it for about a week)
  • Baby walker (the Vtech push along walker was better)
  • Cuddly toys (they just sat there collecting dust)
  • Baby bouncer (Brought one and never used it)
  • To many blankets (I had two favourites and the others just didn’t get used)
  • Expensive clothes (I stupidly brought lots of baby Ralph Lauren clothes, when the carrot puree or a leaked nappy gets on them they were completely ruined. Looking back I wasted a lot of money on silly designer clothes. Don’t buy anything that your not happy with having to throw away.)
  • Baby/pregnancy books (They didn’t have these 50 years ago and managed ok!)
  • Movement baby monitors (I brought one then took it back, I just felt it was a bit unnecessary and opted for a normal BT one instead).
  • Buggy arch toys (Oscar never used it and loved his Lamaze ones that clipped onto the pushchair when we were out and clipped off to play with indoors).