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Fearne By Fearne Cotton For Boots Mini Club Autumn/Winter 2018

Yesterday we drove into London as we were invited by Boots Mini Club to come and see their new Autumn/Winter 2018 collection and the Fearne by Fearne Cotton collection exclusively designed by the gorgeous Fearne herself.

When we arrived there was a huge art and craft station for the kids to get creative at and add their own artwork on a lovely jute bag. Whilst Archie and Oscar were decorating their bags I walked around and looked at the new collection of clothes.

I started off in the baby room which was full of warm and cosy items ready to keep you little ones warm as the weather gets colder. So much extra detail has gone into the baby clothes; everything is 100% cotton for extra softness on delicate skin, everything also has nickle-free poppers to prevent any irritation and inside so you never miss a popper out again one is coloured copper, so you know to ‘always start with the copper popper’. So clever! I can’t tell you the amount of times I did poppers up wrong on sleep suits when changing the boys when I was so tired. One collection has little penguins on it which is so cute and the elephant cuddle robe is just adorable and super soft. For baby girls there are pretty dresses and tights sets and for boys lovely dungarees sets. My favourite is the knit dungarees set its so cute. There is also a Mickey and Minnie collection which is 0-24 months, A Wild World collection full of warm, soft hooded jumpers, bright prints and cosy knits. As well as all of your newborn essentials coming soon to Boots Mini Club is a super delicate premature baby range. I couldn’t believe how tiny the clothes were. I spoke to a lady who was representing Bliss Baby Charity about the importance of soft fabrics and velcro fastenings on premature baby clothes. The clothes open fully flat so you can dress your baby carefully. This will be in stores from the 17th of November.

The Toddler range (18 months to 6 years) again is full of beautiful brightly coloured clothes with bold prints and designs. There are lots of hoodies, cardigans, dress and tights combos, cool tshirts, jeans and jeggings. Everything you need to keep your little one layered up and warm over the colder months. Archie loved the water resistant puddle jumpsuits that neatly fold into itself to make a backpack.

Dare I mention it, Christmas! The Christmas collection and occasional wear is gorgeous. Lovely Christmas jumpers, Christmas pyjamas and party wear for the big day. The Christmas Moments collection also has the cutest bits for babies first Christmas; Mr and Mrs Claus all in ones, my first Christmas sets and Christmas jumpers. Everything you need to dress your little ones up over the festive period.

Ok, I have saved the best until last! The Fearne by Fearne Cotton Autumn/Winter 18 collection. I just love it! You can really see Fearne’s cool, quirky and bold personality in her designs and I am very jealous that she has adult versions of some of the pieces, especially the leopard print tracksuit!

Her baby range goes from 0-12 months and everything has bold prints and slogans on it. When she introduced her collection to us she said she wanted to get across creativity in children, fun and positivity. You can see just how much thought has been put into the designs and the way in which Fearne spoke about her pieces you could see how proud she is of her collection.

For boys and girls aged 12-7 years the creativity focus comes across in a cute pencil design dress, cool tshirt designs and slogan tees such as ‘Make Create, Ta-Da.’ The collection just oozes ‘cool’ with double denim combos, gender neutral jeans, leopard prints, animal prints and the most gorgeous girls party dresses and fur coats. It’s super trendy!

The collections are available online and instore now. Everything is reasonably priced and so well made. Head to Boots Mini Club now to get everything you need for your little one’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe now. A word of warning though…. Your kids will be way trendier than you!

Similac Growing Up Milk

After I stopped breastfeeding I started Archie on the growing up milk when he was 12 months old and choose to do so as the growing up milk provided all the key nutrients to support Archie’s toddler growth and development as well as his immune system. When our Similac growing up milk arrived I liked the purple tin and also how big the formula scoop is, as some scoops can be very small and when poured into formula some sticks into the smaller scoop where as the Similac scoop was fine. As soon as it arrived I switched Archie straight over and was anxious that he might notice but he took to the milk straight away with no problems what so ever, to be honest I was surprised how easy it was to switch as I had switched between growing up milks before and Archie pushed the new milk away and I had to revert back to his old one.

Preparing the Similac growing up milk couldn’t be easier. Having the larger scoop is great as you obviously need less scoops per bottle and in the middle of the night this can make a big difference as when I was scooping 7 scoops with his old milk it used to cause a right mess when I was half asleep at 3am! To prepare Archie’s bottles I have always used a bottle preparation machine so making a bottle is quick and easy and only takes two minutes. When preparing Archie’s bottle the instructions are clear and easy to follow with diagrams next to each step. You add one scoop of powder per 60ml and Archie has a 180ml bottle so I simply added three scoops. It is quick and simple to prepare.

When choosing a follow on milk for Archie I spent a while in the baby aisle at our local supermarket comparing the tins. It was important to me that the milk helped support his growth and development and gave him the added nutrients that he needed. The Similac follow on milk ticks so many boxes. It contains vitamins A and C to support you little ones normal immune system function, calcium and vitamin D to support normal growth and development of bone, Iron to support normal cognitive development and normal immune system function and Linoleic acid to support normal growth. On top of that it contains no palm oil, is suitable for vegetarians and is suitable for Halal and Kosher diets.

I also look for a brand that has a big name and Similac has been a trusted, leading brand around the World since 1925. In June of this year Abbott then launched the Similac range in the UK which is on sale exclusively in Boots, online and in store to support us Mum’s in the UK and provide our babies with key ingredients to support their nutritional needs. With the Similac tin of growing up milk, there was a brochure full of information about the growing up milk and the brand heritage and you can see that a lot of attention and thought has gone in to it and this impressed me and reassured me that this was a brand I could trust.

The Similac Growing Up Milk has an RRP of £14.00 and is sold at Boots online or in stores.

So will I be making the switch and sticking with Similac?

The answer is yes. Archie seems to like it and it is slightly quicker to prepare, it also has everything I want in a growing up milk for Archie. I have already ordered another tin and I can order it online and have it delivered to my local small store for next day pick up. I would recommend the Similac Growing Up Milk to other parents as I think once you see the tin and read up on the nutritional information you will see how great it really is!


Important notice: Breastfeeding is best for babies and is recommended for as long as possible during infancy. Breastfeeding provides many benefits to both mother and baby. It is difficult to reverse the decision not to breastfeed. We recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional for advice on how to feed your baby.

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by Similac to try Similac Growing Up Milk and write about it on my blog. All opinions are my own.

Review: The Brand New Chicco DryFit Nappies Exclusively At Boots

For the last couple of weeks we have been putting the brand new Chicco DryFit Nappies through their paces. When we were asked to try them out before they landed on the shelves of Boots today I was excited and intrigued to see how good they would be as I have always used the same brand nappies with both Oscar and Archie. The timing was also perfect as I have just started weaning Archie and as you know as a parent, newly weaned baby’s nappies can be rather explosive. When the nappies first arrived I liked the bright blue packaging, they would defiantly stand out on the shelf next to other brands of nappies. As they have been launched by Chicco I instantly felt that what Archie was going to wear would be comfortable and do their job as Chicco are a huge and in my opinion trustworthy brand and my initial thought was they would not put their name to something that wasn’t going to be great!

From day one until now we have had no leakages which is always a must when buying nappies and even with a number 2 after a broccoli and pea puree Archie was clean. Archie is 15lbs 11oz so is in a size 3 nappy and the nappy fits him perfectly and comfortably. When getting one of the DryFit nappies out of the packet you can feel how absorbent they are and the material is really soft and smooth. This gives an easy 2-in-1 solution for maximum dryness and a really comfortable fit. Archie is rolling from back to front and front to back now so having a nappy that fits properly and is super comfortable on him is a must and I would instantly stop using a brand of nappies if I felt he wasn’t getting this. Another great thing about the DryFit nappies is that the fabric-like breathable lining reduces heat and helps to prevent any rashes or irritations. This has defiantly been noticeable the last few days when it has been really warm and humid. They will be perfect for the Summer weather and for when we go on holiday. The design on the actual nappies themselves is cute too!

To give you an idea of how well they last at night time it is easier to tell you Archie’s routine. Archie falls asleep about 8pm after a bottle which is a full 210ml wearing the nappy he had put on him at bath time at about 7pm and then at about 11.45pm I change him and dream feed him and he usually has about 180ml of his milk. He sometimes stirs in the night and throughout the night probably drinks another 110ml from 11.45pm until 7.30am. Normally Archie wakes up at around 7.30am and his nappy has absorbed everything and doesn’t feel completely ‘full’. He has had no rashes or redness since using the Chicco DryFit nappies and I would 100% recommend these nappies to any parents with baby’s still in nappies, you won’t be disappointed. 

The Chicco DryFit nappies are available from today exclusively in Boot’s stores and have an RRP of £7.99 for the size 3 pack that we have been using that has 42 nappies in them. The nappies are also available in sizes:

Size 1 (27 nappies) RRP £4.49
Size 2 (50 nappies) RRP £7.99
Size 3 (42 nappies) RRP £7.99
Size 4 nappies (38 nappiees) RRP £7.99
Size 5 nappies (34 nappies) RRP £7.99

They defiantly get our stamp of approval and I will be continuing to use these nappies on Archie from now on, plus as they are from Boots when I buy them I can get points on my reward card too, bonus! The nappies will also be on a buy one get one free promotion from the 24th of June!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Chicco DryFit nappies to test out and review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own and I really love them and will continue to use them!

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