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DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman Review

Holy smokes its Batman Day! To hep us celebrate we were kindly sent the amazing  DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman from Golden Bear Toys. Both Oscar & Archie love Batman and it was nice for Archie to have his very own one as most of our Batman toys are Oscar’s.

Our DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman saved the day. The morning he arrived Archie trapped his little fingers in the front door and was very upset. Literally ten minutes later the delivery man arrived with his Batman which distracted Archie straight away. Batman really saved the day!

The DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman is a great toy and would make the perfect Christmas or birthday present. It is suitable for children from 10 months old so is the perfect toy for all ages. You can move Batman’s arms and legs around to get him into the perfect stance, ready for action. He makes cool punching noises when his fists hit anything which Archie got really excited about.

If you press his chest he says all of his signature Batman phrases and  his eyes light up as he speaks. The DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman has an RRP of £24.99 and Archie has been carrying him everywhere with him and lights his eyes up when he says in bed with him.

It’s a really great toy with lots of functions and its great for Archie as he is only two to have a Batman toy he can play with as well so he can join in and play with Oscar. He is also super soft to cuddle in bed and you can sponge clean him easily to keep him nice and clean. As Archie carries him around everywhere I have had to clean him up a few times and he looks as good as new.

Disclaimer: We were sent the DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman for the purpose of Batman Day and this review. However all opinions are honest and my own.

Battle Of The Birthday Cakes

Gone of the days when children had supermarket brought character birthday cakes off the shelf for about £10. Having a birthday cake made seems to be the in thing to do when throwing a party. I am totally guilty of this and have an amazing lady who has made our cakes for us for the last four years. When I first had a cake made for Oscar I got a couple of quotes that shocked me, one came in at a whopping £120. A friend then gave me the number of Katie’s bakery and they made the identical cake I wanted for only £35! Since then I have had a Gruffalo, Dinosaur’s, Sully from Monsters Inc, my Nanny’s 90th birthday cake and toothless from how to train a dragon and Archie’s first birthday cake! Whatever photo I send her she makes a cake that looks even better.

I do think though that children’s birthday parties have evolved into a hugely expensive over the top event, gone of the days of a £10 cake and a little party bag with a few little bits in. I don’t personally do party bags every child gets a book wrapped up that I order in packs from The Book People. Some cakes I have seen at parties have been so extravagant and must have cost a fortune. On top of the cake, you have decorations, party bags and the party itself. The costs can really spiral out of control.

Oscar’s party is next month and we have booked an entertainer and hired a part of a golf club who will be cooking hot party food for all of the children. Oscar wants a Paw Patrol party so I have ordered my cake, ordered balloons and party accessories and a Paw Patrol book and toy for each child instead of a party bag. I always order little personalised ‘thank you for coming to Oscar’s party’ stickers off ebay and they do them in all different themes for only £2 for 30 stickers, I then stick these onto the wrapped books. Before even spending money on Oscar’s birthday presents his birthday party has cost a fortune!

The first proper birthday party Oscar had with all of his friends was his third birthday and looking back now I didn’t need to do one for him that young and will be taking this on board with Archie and save the money. On Oscar’s first birthday we had a huge family party at my Nanny’s with everything from personalised printed posters to pinatas so for Archie’s first birthday considering it was only four days after Christmas we decided to go low key and hired a small room in our local pub and just had grandparents, aunties, uncles and the four of us. This saved a lot of money! I am quietly looking forward to when Oscar is a bit older and you don’t have to throw a massive party and can just invite a few of his close friends bowling or to the cinema. Although by then Archie will be having birthday parties!

I would love to know if you like me order lovely cakes for your little ones and if you have please share your photos with me on Twitter or Instagram, I would love to see them!

Review: My Wicked Uncle Online Toy Shop, The One Stop Shop For Unique Children’s Gifts

Oscar always seems to have a birthday party to go to, we have four just in the Summer holidays. Finding great gifts is sometimes difficult if you don’t want to buy the child the usual toys. The Wicked Uncle online toy shop is amazing and full of fun and unique gifts to make any child happy on their birthday.

The online store is easy to use and find the perfect gift as you can select the age range and gender of the birthday boy or girl. Some don’t like separating the toys in to genders but it made it easier for me to find exactly what I wanted. Some of the toys are unisex and in both sections anyway. When I am usually buying a gift in a store it takes me forever to decide and I change my mind over and over again but having them all displayed in front of me made my choice so much quicker and easier.

As we were asked to review some items for them up to the value of £40 when scrolling through I wanted to choose something unique and not just a toy. Oscar absolutely loves anything to do with animals and nature so I chose a Ant World and a Ladybird World so as the weather is warmer we could set them up and watch them and see how they live. The Ant World is great and gives you a real insight into how they build their home and watching the worker ants is something I had never seen before. We had to feed them and make sure they had water and setting up the ant world itself was easy to do. The only hard part was collecting 40 ants It took me forever and in the end I ordered the live ants to come in the post which was much easier! Oscar loved taking care of the ants and watch them making their tunnels and moving the food around the tank. It is a great gift and really fun and educational! You can also use it over and over again which is fantastic.

The Ladybird World was also easy to set up but finding ladybirds was quite difficult in our garden. The Ladybird world is great to watch how they live but you always must remember to return them to their natural habitat. Both of the kits come with everything you need inside, obviously apart from the insects themselves. These would make great gifts for animal lovers and really gets the children involved. I love them!

For Archie I got him a pair of the cute baby Bumblebee Playtoes that squeak, rattle when Archie moves his feet and grabs the shoes. Believe it or not by grabbing the bumblebee shoes Archie wobbled a bit then rolled over for the first time. I don’t think he even realised he had feet until I put these boots on him! They are a generous size and will fit babies from 3 months and will last for a long time. The Playtoes are cute baby shoes to develop, learn and entertain your baby. Babies  love playing with their feet and the bright colours, textures and sounds stimulate their senses and help to encourage learning. They would make a great new baby or baby shower gift. A gift that is actually useful and will get used.

The website has lots of fun and unique gifts and lots of bits I hadn’t come across before like the scratch map, which I have now just brought and Oscar and Archie can scratch off all the countries we go to on holiday. It is also a great way of learning the countries of the World as it is a large poster size and I will get a frame for it for Oscar to have on his wall. I am certain if you choose a unique gift the birthday boy or girl won’t be getting doubles of it on their birthday and probably won’t already have it which is a common problem when buying a gift.

You can also choose whether to have your present gift wrapped and delivered direct to the person you are buying for  and add a hand written card too. This is great if you are sending a gift to someone who lives far away and more personal then just sending a cheque or vouchers. 

Wicked Uncle Toys is a fantastic online store and I am so pleased we had the chance to come across it and review for them as it will be my one stop shop for future children’s birthday presents.

Disclaimer: We were given a voucher for £40 to choose items to review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

Review: Feather Grey Parties Personalised Pirate Print

Feather Grey offers a unique range of stylish party stationery, tableware & decorations for children's parties, baby showers, weddings  and special occasions.
Last week Oscar received a gorgeous personalised pirate print for his birthday from feather grey party shop. As a surprise I put it on the table next to his birthday cake for him and the family to see. He noticed it straight away and loved it! Demanding to be called Captain Oscar for the rest of the afternoon.

The print is fantastic quality and comes in a lovely frame perfect to display it on a wall or sideboard. Oscar placed his on the window sill downstairs by where all his toys are kept and his toy table so he can see it all the time. These prints would make fantastic gifts especially if you are looking for something different as a present for a school friends party. There are different ones to choose from: baby boy and boy girl prints, dinosaur, mad hatter, fairy, monster, pirate, princess and other cute designs. With lots to choose from you will find the perfect design for a special little boy or girl.

Feather grey parties sell a huge range of gorgeous bits and pieces, everything you will need to throw the ultimate party. You can buy complete party packs, gifts, party stationary, lots of different party essentials with lots of different themes to choose from. I love the retro milk bottles they would make a great addition to a birthday party lunch with the brightly coloured paper straws. As my Nan is 90 in April and we are having a big family party I will be ordering the plates and serviettes all from feather grey parties and the cute personalised cupcake toppers. I am going to go with the cupcake theme as I love the retro/vintage look to it. I will have a post up after the party to show you. It is your one stop party shop website for cute unique themes. Here are a few of my favourite things but check out their full website HERE for their full ranges.

Disclaimer: We were sent the personalised pirate print for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

Oscar's 3rd birthday party

This year we just couldn’t decide on what to do for Oscar’s third birthday party. We wanted something that catered for ages 1-10 and then we came across www.bouncy-castle/partiesatbreakspere/

We booked the venue and when it came around to party day all we had to do was turn up with the food which you have a room to have the party food and cake in afterwards. They supply a supervisor and for a small fee (£16) you can have another member of staff to watch the trampoline.

It is so reasonably priced and for your money you get a trampoline, an Urban 2 lane bungee run, a inflated Urban skate park with slide and a high rural mega slide multi play inflatable. There is also a soft play room for the really little ones.

Also for an extra £10 they can supply teas, coffees and hot chocolate for the adults.

You can have up to 30 children for only £175 for an hour and fifteen minutes play time and forty five minutes food time.

I organise my own food and party bags but they do offer a service to do this all for you.

All the children had a fab time and I couldn’t recommend abbots parties higher!! The staff were lovely and friendly and it was a great stress free afternoon.

You can contact them on 01923 270980 or email mel@jumpjump.co.uk
They also offer garden hire of their inflatables.