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Graco Milestone All-In-One Car Seat Review

Since Oscar was a baby and now with Archie we have had a fair few car seats. Some in my car and duplicates in Greg’s. Car seats cost a fortune and changing them when your child reaches different age or weight limit can be expensive. When we went to the Graco ambassador event a few months ago I saw their Milestone All-In-One Car Seat for the very first time. I was shocked when I learnt that the car seat is the only car seat you will ever need to own! This car seat will grow with your child from birth up to 36kg (12 years!) making it one of the only car seats you will ever need which is great.

I love the name of the seat ‘Milestone’ as as a parent you count so many milestones with you children and with these milestones often comes expense… bigger sized clothes and shoes, new toys and of course new car seats, now with the Milestone car seat you can take that off of your ever growing shopping list.

Archie is 23 months old now and was 21 months when we started using our new Milestone car seat. The car seat is easy to fit, it took me about three minutes to fit securely into the car. The convertible car seat has three different modes: transitioning from rear-facing infant car seat (birth to 13kg) to forward-facing 5-point harness seat (9-18kg) to high-back booster (15-36kg). For the best and most comfortable fit for your child, the no re-thread harness system and 10-position headrest allows you to adjust harness and headrest together with just one hand.

Side impact protection provides the best head protection at every stage and features a steel reinforced frame giving you peace of mind that your little one is always safe. The safety features on this car seat are outstanding, we were talked through all the key points and Graco don’t mess around, they have done so much research into making the safest car seat for your precious little bundle.

Another fantastic feature is you don’t have to fiddle around and re-thread the straps as your little one grows, the car seat really does grow with your child in one pull of a button. The headrest has 10 positions for optimum comfort and also has 2 reclining positions so when Archie is tired I can recline it back so he is more comfortable. The seat is so plush and comfortable and has a durable, steel reinforced frame built into the seat provides peace of mind and added safety for your child. It also has side impact protection in the headrest as well. The seat cover comes off easily and can be machine washed and you don’t have to take out the harness to get the cover off it just simply slips over the top. The cup holder is great too, at the moment Archie puts his comforter and dummy in there but as he gets older he can keep his drink bottle in it.

Graco Milestone All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

To sum up I think this is a great car seat and great value too and you can’t beat a product that will grow with your child, save your money and keep your little one nice and safe in the car! It has an RRP of £179.99 but amazon currently has it at an then amazing price of £114.99!


Disclaimer: I was sent the Milestone car seat for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own and this is truly a great car seat!


Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot Review

Two weeks ago we went away for the week to Wales. We stayed in a lovely lodge and I took our new Nimble Nook travel cot for Archie to sleep in. I always use my own travel cot whenever we go away even if there is one available to use, I always prefer to use my own. I saw the Nimble Nook in the flesh when we were at the Generation Graco event last month at London Zoo and couldn’t believe how many features it had.

The Nimble Nook is a compact travel cot that grows with your baby. When you travel with your newborn you can use the cot in bassinet mode which is higher up so is easy for you not to have to bend right into the travel cot to get your little baby out to feed during the night and also if your in bed you can keep the cot right next to you and lean over and get your baby out. The bassinet also has a two speed vibration unit to help your baby relax and drift off to sleep. You simply plug the unit in and pick the speed. There is also a mobile bar that goes across the bassinet with two detachable grey stars on it. I also love the pattern on the outside of the cot, it makes it look very smart.

Obviously as you can see we used the travel cot in ‘cot’ mode as Archie is 21 months old. The cot was really easy to pop up and literally took about 30 seconds to put up and put the padded cot base in. I then added some sheets and Archie’s bed looked comfy and warm. When bedtime came I put him into the cot and went off to sleep quite quickly. The cot dimensions are slightly smaller than a normal travel cot (69cm x 68cm) which was great as it fits through door frames which we needed to do in the middle of the night as Archie kept waking Oscar up. Archie is an awful sleeper! I also noticed the height of the cot is really good. The sides weren’t to high that it was hard for me to bend into and high enough that Archie couldn’t climb out.

After five days we were off home and I folded up the Nimble Nook easily using the Signature Graco® push-button fold that makes closing the travel cot quick and hassle-free. Also the instructions are so easy to follow. The cot slips easily into the carry bag and when folded takes up minimal space in the car boot, (69cm x 20cm). Obviously being so compact and light weight it would make it easy to take on holiday abroad too.

I absolutely love the Nimble Nook it ticks all the boxes.

  • You can use it from newborn.
  • It is easy to use and light weight.
  • The dimensions make it easy to move through doorways.
  • Converts into a bassinet for newborn and smaller babies.
  • The quality like all Graco products is fantastic.
  • The price is great too!

It gets 10 out of 10 from us!

The Nimble Nook travel cot has an RRP of £109.99 but I have found it online at Mothercare for £89.99 and £83.59 on Amazon.

Technical Specifications:

Weight Length Width Height Folded Length Folded Height
7.5 kg 69 cm 68 cm 98 cm 20 cm 69 cm
From To
Age 0 years 3 years
Weight 0 kg 6.5 kg


Disclaimer: We were sent the Graco Nimble Nook Travel Cot for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own and I really love the Nimble Nook.

Generation Graco Badge FINAL

The New Baby Bath Range From HIPP

When I first heard about the new baby bath range from HIPP I was excited and intrigued to try it out on Archie. To be honest I have been loyal to the same baby bath brand since Oscar was a baby and have never used anything different. The HIPP baby bath range is hyper allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin and the range comprises of a baby bath wash, a baby shampoo, baby bath bubbles and also a really fun children’s foaming hand wash. The whole range has been put together by baby skincare experts and every product has a no tears formula.

I was totally shocked when the most beautiful hamper of bath time goodies arrived for Archie. As well as the new baby bath range from HIPP there was also a beautiful towel and dressing gown with Archie’s name on it and lots of Bath toys for the boys to play with. Oscar instantly got the toys out the box and we couldn’t wait until bathtime.

Bath time arrived and I ran the bath with the HIPP good night baby bath and it made some nice bubbles for the boys to play with and it also smelt absolutely amazing too. We played with the bath animals and the letters which Oscar loved and we practised his spellings on the bathroom tiles with them. Archie liked chewing on them.

The boys played in the bath for forty five minutes and had so much fun. I think bath time is the boys favourite part of the day as they get to play together and spend some quality time having fun, I think they really miss each other when Oscar is at school. So lets get down to the washing part. Firstly I shampooed their hair and honestly I could not believe how soft it left their hair. Some shampoos can really feel like it has left behind a sticky film and you can still feel the product even when you’ve washed it out but with the HIPP shampoo you felt nothing but soft hair, it also smells great too.

The baby bath head to toe wash smells equally as amazing and also left the boys looking and smelling squeaky clean. The bottle having a pump action top is also really easy to get the soap out when you have got wet soapy hands. There is nothing worse than not being able to open a bottle because your hands are wet and soapy. In the past I’ve had to use my teeth which as you can imagine didn’t taste great! After the bath both Oscar and Archie smelt amazing and Archie enjoyed snuggling into his nice new towel and then getting into his pyjamas and comfy dressing gown.

Last but not least is the foaming hand wash which comes in the sweetest duck bottle. It is BPA free, free from and ultra sensitive. Another thing which is great about this product is that you don’t have to keep buying the bottle as a packet refill of the hand wash is available too.

So most importantly have I been converted….. and the answer is a big YES. I truly love the range and everything about it. The smell is amazing and they leave the boys hair and skin feeling super soft. I would really recommend giving the range ago. I bet you convert to HIPP too!


Disclaimer: We were sent the above HIPP bath time range and bath time kit for the purpose of this review. However I absolutely love the products and my reviews are completely honest and my own!

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Outdoors Review

If you have read my blog before you will know I am a massive fan of anything BabyBjorn. A few months ago I went into London for an event and was shown the fantastic new carrier they have launched called the One Outdoors. It is designed for family days out, walks in the country and fun in the outdoors. The new carrier comes in its very own storage bag so is easy to carry with you which I love! The carrier neatly folds up and fits inside the bag.

Archie is 16 months old now and is a chunky little thing and with the new carrier having a sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort when walking. Archie feels so much lighter and my back is supported completely. The carrier is made of water-repellent and moisture-wicking materials and is easy to wash and keep clean. The carrier has a detachable pocket on the waist belt for your mobile, keys, soothers or other small items you need for your child on family days out. This is great as I don’t have to carry a huge bag around with me on our walks. There is also several loops on the shoulder straps where you can attach things like a bottle, a jumper and Archie’s cuski comforter.

You can use the carrier in four different ways; facing in at two different heights, facing out and on your back. Archie faces out now and as he gets bigger he can go on to my back. I have used BabyBjorn carriers since Archie was a newborn and they have always been so comfortable, practical and I couldn’t imagine not using one. It is defiantly a parenting essential! The carrier One Outdoors is suitable from newborn until three years (15kg). It has a built in infant position and the seat of the baby carrier is 32 cm wide, which gives your child a proper ergonomic wide leg position when you carry the child facing you on your front or back. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier One Outdoors and acknowledges it to be a “hip-healthy baby carrier”. This means that it provides the correct support to the child’s hips and encourages good hip joint development, which is especially important in the first months. Happy days!

We had a lovely walk over the bank holiday weekend and built a den in the woods and walked through the bluebells. Archie loved being in the Outdoor carrier and we had a lovely time as a family. We go to the park and for walks all the time so our new carrier has made life a lot easier.

The BabyBjorn Carrier One Outdoors comes in two different colours; black with a red stripe and turquoise. It has an RRP of £169.99! We are going to have so much fun outdoors over the Summer as a family with Archie in his carrier and it is perfect for our Summer holiday too.

Disclaimer: We were sent the BabyBjorn Outdoor carrier for the purpose of this review, we absolutely love it!

Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker Review 

Archie is now 15 months and only started crawling a week before his first birthday. In the past month he started pulling himself up and now in the last two weeks is confidentially cruising around the furniture and stands unaided for about 5 seconds at a time. The big grin on his face as he can fly around the furniture now is adorable.

When Fisher Price asked if we would like to try out their Learn With Me Zebra Walker it was perfect timing for Archie. For the first week he sat and played with all of the fun activities on the front of the Zebra, he then started crawling and pushing it around, which Oscar kept telling him is cheating and then finally last week he got up and walked with it.


I loved that he gradually used it at his own pace and still had so much fun sitting and playing with it before he actually used it as a walker. It has a book page that he can turn and Oscar has been reading him all of the numbers, plus two light up buttons which when you press play different songs that Archie jigs to and the other says different phrases which is great for early learning. It teaches ABC, 123, colours and much more. The flashing buttons help to stimulate your baby’s brain and Archie gets very excited when they flash. On each hoof there are four different activities; a rolling ball, flipping picture, a switch and one where you have to put your fingers in to turn to different pictures which are all great for Archie’s fine motor skills. All together the bright colours, music, lights and textures grab your baby’s attention and help to develop all-important senses that are crucial at this stage of your baby’s development. 


Finally when Archie got up and started walking around with it he was slow and steady to start with but now races around and screams at me every time he bumps into anything or gets stuck so he can keep on going. The walker itself is nice and sturdy and doesn’t tip when Archie is using it even when he sits himself down slowly using the walker as a support it doesn’t tip up.


I really like the Learn With Me Zebra Walker and all of its functions and Archie really loves it too. At £29.99 I think it is great value for what is essentially a toy, learning aid and walker. It would make a great first birthday gift if your baby isn’t quite walking yet.


Disclaimer: We were sent the fisher price walker for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 

BabyBjorn Turquoise High Chair Review

A few weeks ago we were kindly sent the new Turquoise BabyBjorn high chair. I first saw it in this colour at a BabyBjorn breakfast we went to before Christmas and loved it. The high chair now comes in turquoise and pink as well as the original white which compliments their new ice cream range of colours that the carriers and bouncers also come in. I tried Archie in the high chair at the breakfast and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.

When ours arrived it was so simple to put together. You literally just slide the legs in to place and your ready to go, I was very impressed. Being a bit of a clean freak the first thing I noticed was how easy it is to keep clean, everything is plastic and the tray is removable and can be swiped over or put in the dishwasher. There are also no straps as the tray table has a lock and is a sliding unit which securely fits around your baby so they cannot climb or fall out.  The table lock cannot be opened by the child and I also tested it on my 5 year old to see if he could twist and undo it be he couldn’t either. Having no straps is fantastic as usually on a high chair you have to remove them all of the time to wash them. As the plastic tray secures your baby into the high chair and fits nice and snug around their tummies no crumbs or food falls down the gap onto the clothes, which again is great and gives you less to clear up after a messy meal time.

I love the design of the high chair, I think it looks really modern and also with some high chairs being massive this one will easily fit in most spaces. The curved backrest is designed with help from paediatricians to give your baby maximum support and you can adjust it as your child grows bigger. The high chair is designed for babies that are 6 months until 3 years old.

The BabyBjorn high chair is fantastic but my favourite thing of all is how I can easily detach the legs and put it in my car and take it to my Nanny’s when we go for lunch or when we are visiting other family and friends that don’t have a high chair which makes meal times out so much easier! The high chair has all of the factors you would look for when buying one for your baby; comfort, support, safety, design, easy to keep clean and takes up minimal space. It gets a 10 out of 10 from us!
The BabyBjorn high chair is available in white, pink and turquoise and has an RRP of £189.99.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above mentioned high chair for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own. 10 out of 10! 🙂


TUMTUM Lunch Bag, Snack Pots & Water Bottle – Review & Competition

If you don’t already know TUMTUM are a multi award winning brand that aim to revolutionise dining for tots. When I was asked if I wanted to review on other their items I jumped at the chance as I had seen it in John Lewis and thought it was really eye catching and looked great. Out of the range there are three characters to choose from Scruff, Bluebell or bugs and I went for Scruff as I loved the blue bag for the boys and the dog character looks really sweet. We were then kindly sent a Scruff Insulated Lunchbag/Backpack, a set of four Scruff nesting snack pots and a Scruff water bottle.

Archie is 13 months now and has been eating ‘proper’ food for a while now as he is able to munch through most things with his 13 teeth and taking snacks out and about with me has been much easier thanks to the nesting snack pots. In the set that is £9.00 you get four brightly coloured pots in four different sizes and are perfect for taking out and about with you. I cut up bits of fruit and veg and put them in them, carrot stick crisps, a cut up sandwich for Archie and off we go. The snack pots are all dishwasher safe and the lids seal properly and tightly unlike some other pots we have used in the past. When not in use I can store the pots neatly inside one another and put in the cupboard. The snack pots are PVC, BPA & phthalate free.


When I take Archie’s lunch and snacks out with us in the pots they neatly fit into his Scruff Insulated lunch bag. I love that it can be used as a backpack too and will be able to grow with Archie and last for ages as when he gets bigger he can carry it around himself. Oscar can also use it too. It also has a carry handle on the top which I have been using and could also fit over a stroller handle. The Scruff design is so sweet and we have had comments from other people on what a nice looking lunch bag it is. The bag itself is insulated to protect lunch and snacks from the warmer weather. The bag is so spacious inside and you can easily fit everything you need for the day inside. I thought it was a cute extra touch that you can slot a photo of your child into the outside of the bag which if they used the lunch bag at school or nursery but couldn’t quite read their name yet they could identify their bag through there own photo. Again the bag is BPA & Phthalate free. The insulated lunch bag is £15. We went away last weekend and fitted all the snacks we needed inside!

Last but not least we were sent the Scruff water bottle which so far Oscar has seem to have hijacked. The water bottle has a flip top lid with a straw and is so easy to drink out of. The lid screws tightly on with no leakages at all and is dishwasher safe. I love the flip top bottles as when Oscar isn’t drinking out of it the straw is goes back inside and is protected by the lid which is much more hygienic then most drink bottles. The water bottle is £7. The whole range is lovely and TUMTUM also have Scruff cutlery, a dining set, super stable cup, a mega mat and a thermal food flask.

All in all the TUMTUM products are fantastic and have made eating out and about much easier and tidier. The quality of the bottle, pots and lunch bag are great and are a bargain too. You can see their full ranges HERE.

TUMTUM have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a Scruff Insulated lunchbag/backpack, snack pots and drinking bottle worth £31 which is the ultimate out and about set. Enter below and good luck!

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The TUMTUM range’s are available online, In John Lewis, Jo Jo Maman Bebe stores and other great independent stores. You can find your nearest stockist here.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp In Three Gorgeous New Colours!

We love our Stokke Tripp Trapp and have had it since Oscar was a baby. I then brought the newborn seat when we had Archie and it was a godsend when in the kitchen making dinner that Archie was strapped in safely and was high enough to see what was going on. Oscar now uses the Tripp Trapp as a chair and we brought the Stokke Steps high chair for Archie to use as Oscar didn’t want to give up his Tripp Trapp.

Archie in his newborn seat. Where has the time gone?

The Tripp Trapp is now available in three gorgeous new colours; Soft Pink, Wheat Yellow and Hazy Grey.

All three of the colours as you can see look great and are bang on trend. My personal favourite is the Wheat Yellow. To compliment the three new colours Stokke have also launched for the Tripp Trapp® ten new cushion designs. They are all in versatile patterns that offer lots of different options to create a truly custom look and complement the Tripp Trapp® chair in its wide variety of colours. It is a great way of sprucing up your Tripp Trapp by adding a fashionable cushion.

Adding the cushion also provides additional comfort for your baby, and can be used in conjunction with the Baby Set or on the chair alone. As a final touch Stoke have also added two new reversible textile set covers for the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set in playful patterns featuring cars, stars and butterflies. The textile set includes a coordinating reversible bib to complete the look. I love the car design!

You can’t go wrong with a Stokke high chair as with both the Tripp Trapp and the Steps they grow with your child, right from newborn until adult.

The Tripp Trapp high chair has an RRP of £169.00, the newborn seat has an RRP of £75.00 and the new reversible textiles are £23.00, the Tripp Trapp cushions are £33.00.


Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 12, Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner

The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner is the new super comfy liner from Cuddle Co. With the cold weather upon us I always am concious of wrapping the boys up warm and especially Archie when he is in his pushchair. Oscar starts school at 8.20am and the mornings at the moment are absolutely freezing. The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner will not only keep your little one nice and warm but lovely and comfy too.

The liner cleverly moulds to your baby’s unique shape, ensuring they are in the perfect position to maintain and develop a healthy posture as well as aiding their muscoloskeltal development which is crucial. When out for a walk or out and about your baby can be in his/her stroller for a long time. Making sure they are correctly positioned and comfortable is so important. The range of designs available are a fun and exciting way for parents to personalise their wheels and make your stroller stand out from the crowd. The newest striking prints include; Spot the Dot, Dove Grey, Fruity Tutti, Jungle Boogie and Robots.


The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner’s are available from SMYTHS Toys and are only £24.99.  I think this is an amazing price for such a great liner and a very cheap way of sprucing up your stroller!

Comfi - Cush Jungle Boogie image-0Cuddle Co have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a  Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner in a pattern of your choice. Enter below and good luck!

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Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 11, Whisbear – The Humming Bear

If you haven’t heard of Whisbear before he/she is a lovely plush Humming Bear to bring back newborns and babies peaceful sleep. Our Whisbear arrived in a large branded box and inside was a lovely soft velour grey carry bag with our Whisbear inside and the shushing device. I put the device inside the Whisbear and sealed the velcro and then waited for bedtime to put him to the test.

Archie isn’t the best sleeper which is partly my fault as he stirs for milk which I know I shouldn’t give to him every time as it is a habit but I don’t want him to cry and wake up Oscar and Daddy so for the moment it is the best solution. The Whisbear has four different coloured, patterned legs that are magnetic so can attach onto cot bars or your pushchair or car seat. He also has a hook on the top of his head to hang him up if you need too. I attached it to the side of Archie’s cot and couldn’t wait to see if it worked.

When Archie went to bed I pressed the shushing device on and it and it emits white noise, a sound that the baby remembers from the foetal life. You will probably know the white noises that send your little ones to sleep, in our house the hair dryer and hoover work a treat but obviously you can’t keep them on all night! On the shushing device it also has a volume control so if your baby is still in your room it won’t disturb you. When I activated the shushing device the humming and shushing of the hair dryer noise defiantly grabbed Archie’s attention and he laid in his cot staring at the Whisbear and within five minutes was in the land of nod. The initial white noise continues for 40 minutes which in this time your baby should drift into the deep sleep phase and the Soft Start/Soft Stop function gently turns the shushing on and off. Normally when Archie is asleep he will sleep solidly from 7/7.15 until 11pm and then starts to stir. Usually I will give him some milk but chose to see if he would settle himself with the white noise.

The Whisbear is different from other white noise sleep aids as it is activated by your baby’s cry which I think is genius! Whisbear with his fab CRYsensor function shushes for 40 minutes and then after that time the sound gently fades out and the device switches to the standby mode. If Whisbear recognizes the cry of your baby he will immediately respond with the calming sound and after 20 minutes of additional shushing the device will re-enter its standby mode and be reactivated every time he hears a cry. Archie stirs a lot, the worst we have had so far was 15 times a night which has happened a few times in the last month but to be honest Archie has had injections and has had two more teeth come through but still it is very tiring.

The Whisbear himself is lovely and soft and made of top quality material. The bear is a good size too. Whisbear is £39.90 and is available in three different colours. You can aslo buy a matching swaddle for £20.00 or a gift set with the swaddle and Whisbear for only £55 and would be a great newborn or baby shower gift.

Whisbear® - the humming bear + swaddle blanket

This is how our first night went:

Archie went to sleep at 7.10 in just over 5 minutes with the shushing noise on. I turned the volume down a bit so that it wasn’t so loud that it woke Daddy up if it was activated as Archie is still in our room.

He stirred at 11.55pm, Whisbear activated after hearing his mild cry and I was so surprised when he put his dummy back in and turned over and went back to sleep. I was hoping it wasn’t a fluke!

2.40am – Archie started crying (for milk) Whisbear turned on and I did give him some milk and he went straight back to sleep.

5.05am – Archie stirred again, (Zzzzzzzzzz) Whisbear turned on, Archie put his dummy back in, lay there stirring at Whisbear and went back to sleep.

He woke up at 6.55am.

We have now been using him for three weeks and have had definite success. Archie loves his Whisbear and every night falls asleep to him and also at nap time when we are at home. On a normal night (not after his injections or bad teething) Whisbear has given us a good nights sleep, which after a year was needed. I love the Whisbear and if you are having trouble with your baby sleeping at night he is defiantly worth trying! Whisbear have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a Whisbear of their own. Enter below and good luck!

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