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Archie’s Christening 02.04.2017

On Sunday the 2nd of April it was Archie’s Christening Day. This post is a bit delayed due to the house move and half term but never the less better late than never!

I dressed both Oscar and Archie in matching blue suits and brown leather brogues from Next and they both looked so cute. Without realising they ended up matching Daddy’s suit that he had had made. I looked around on the internet for a dress for ages and nothing I saw was quite right. Finally only a couple of weeks before I saw my dress on the Ted Baker website and fell in love with it, it was the perfect dress!

Archie was christened at our local church where we go to toddlers every week and the service was lovely. The Vicar was so nice and the service was fun and she had the godparents and children joining in!  We chose three godparents for Archie. Steve who is Daddy’s best friend and over the years he has become like a brother to me. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and I am so excited that he and his lovely wife Cheryl are due to have their baby any minute. He was the obvious choice as he is a Uncle to the boys in every sense of the word and Oscar even says their new baby will be his cousin and the boys love him so much. For Archie’s Godmothers we chose Bianca who is also Oscar’s godmother is now Archie’s too. I met Bianca 11 years ago as she is married to another one of Greg’s best friends, Leo who is Oscar’s godfather. Over the years B and I have been through so much but she has always been by my side and she is one of the most loyal best friends I could ask for and loves the boys to bits. Last but not least is Zoe who is also married to another one of  Greg’s best friends, Matthew who is also Oscar’s godfather. Zoe is so caring and thoughtful and has two boys of her own and makes parenting look so easy. She is always the voice of reason and is full of good advice so I know Archie is in safe hands and is loved to the moon and back.

After the service we had a few photos and then we all headed to Moor Park Mansion where the reception was held. I had arranged afternoon tea for the adults and sit down food for the children. I went to Moor Park and met with the events team the week before and we decided to set two large tables for the children and small tables for the adults. I ordered personalised colouring books to keep the kids entertained on Ebay which went down a treat.

I also hired a sweet cart that the kids and adults both loved from Creative Decorations who also decorated the room with blue confetti balloons and a giant personalised balloon by the cake table.

I ordered my cake from Katie’s Bakery. Kirsty there always makes my cakes and whatever image I send her to copy she outdoes every time. Archie’s cake looked and tasted amazing!

I had a table when you walked into the main room with a fingerprint tree for everyone to put their fingerprint on which I will have framed which was from Not On The High Street, a cute Winnie The Pooh framed quote which I love, a personalised guest book for everyone to sign and leave a message for Archie to read when hes older, wooden personalised hearts were scattered on the tables and everyone took one home and a wicker hamper full of personalised seed packets for everyone to take home and grow which were from Etsy. They were all cute little extra touches that everybody loved.

The weather was gorgeous and we had such a fantastic day with all our family and close friends. Archie is one lucky boy to be surrounded by such amazing people!

Archie is 2 & Little Tikes Birthday Giveaway 🎂

Today Archie is 2! I can’t actually believe it, it only seems like a few months ago that he was born. Time flies!

Archie is a real character as so different to how Oscar was at his age. He is a little rascal. If you say ‘no’ to Archie if he does something naughty he laughs at you, takes absolutely no notice and then says “happy, happy, happy.”

He’s a climber and finds it hilarious to empty the entire contents of my kitchen cupboards and as soon as I put everything back, empty them all over again. He is non stop!

He calls Daddy “Nanny” even though he can say Daddy but thinks it’s funny!

He loves playing with Oscar and it’s nice to watch them sit and play properly together.

It is also nice to see that he is starting to make his own friends now at his toddler groups and recognises them straight away and plays with them as soon as he sees them.

Today we are going to my Nanny’s for a little birthday party with family and a few close friends. As Archie loves Teletubbies I have got a teletubbie cake, balloons and decorations.

To celebrate Archie’s 2nd Birthday Little Tikes have kindly given us a Lil Ocean Explorers 3in1 Adventure Course to give away to one of my readers! It is a great toy and can be used from 6 months until 3 years. So enter below and good luck! 

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The New Teletubbies Magazine Review

Two of Archie’s favourite things are reading books with Oscar and the Teletubbies that he watches religiously every morning before breakfast. So when we were asked to review the new Teletubbies magazine it was perfect for Archie.

When I gave it to Archie he immediately said ‘Eh-Oh’ and ‘Happy happy happy’ which is his new favourite saying! We sat at his little table and went through the magazine. It is full with fun and educational activities to keep your little toddler entertained for hours and with help your little one develop the early years skills they need. The magazine also came with a free Laa-Laa bedtime set which Archie put with his other Teletubbie toys. Archie is quite particular with his toys, just like Oscar was and when the Teletubbies come on the TV he always gets out all his toys around him.

Here is a short video to show you what Archie thought.

The magazine is jam packed full of activities from dot to dot, counting and a counting chart, colouring, stories, stickers, a dancing game and so much more. What I thought was a great touch is that the stickers are huge which are perfect for Archie’s small podgy little fingers and they didn’t just rip when he pulled them off the page which was great. Ripped stickers can lead to the nightmare of all meltdowns with a 21 month old!

Overall I am really impressed with the Teletubbies magazine and at only £2.99 for so many activities and a toy I think it is great value and will continue buying it for Archie as he has really enjoyed the first issue. 10 out of 10 from us!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Teletubbies magazine for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are honest and my own (and Archie’s).

My Positive Elective Caesarean Experience On The NHS

Last week I was on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show talking about how I was listened to by my consultant when I opted for an elective caesarean when I was pregnant with Archie and had a really positive experience at Hillingdon Hospital.

Before I tell you about my elective caesarean I will tell you why I wanted one in the first place. In February 2010 I had Oscar at 37 weeks by emergency caesarean after being in labour for three days and Oscar’s heart rate dipping. After having Oscar at 1.58am on a Monday morning I stayed in the next day and then discharged myself on the Tuesday as I felt well enough to go home. Afterwards I was adamant that when we had another baby I would opt for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). After that I went on to having two miscarriages, one in 2012 and 2013 and then had to give birth to a baby in 2014 at 17 and a half weeks. I was prescribed 150mg of aspirin and when I fell pregnant with Archie in March 2014 I took it everyday.

As you can imagine I was nervous the whole way through my pregnancy. At one of my first consultant appointments at 16 weeks I was very clear that I wanted a elective caesarean as I didn’t really want to go back on the delivery suite after the experience we had had only a few months before. I walked out of the delivery suite with no baby and would of done anything not to have had to go back there.

My consultant listened to me, explained the risks and told me if I changed my mind at any time throughout the rest of my pregnancy that that was fine. I honestly couldn’t have wished for a more understanding consultant. As the pregnancy went from week to week I still wanted to go with an elective caesarean as in a silly way after loosing the three babies before and having no control over any of it it was my only bit of control that I could choose just how I wanted to have my baby.

When I read articles saying women that have had a caesarean are cheated out of giving birth or haven’t “properly” given birth it does annoy me. I carried my babies and however they were delivered I gave birth to them! I think people should keep their opinions to themselves and however a mother chooses to have their baby is their business not the rest of the Worlds to judge. We should be supporting each other as women and parents not criticising one another.

So in December 2014 I had Archie by elective caesarean. I also took part in a enhanced recovery course which meant that I had Archie on the Monday at 9.32am and was discharged at 11am the following day. I was also allowed to drive after 9 days so I was back to normal in no time, taking Oscar to school. I am quite a proactive person and like to just get on with things so being able to get up and get home quicker was great for me. Having an elective caesarean this time around was quite strange as you walk in absolutely normal and within an hour I was in theatre having my epidural put in and then Archie was here. This time around I had the curtain dropped and got to see him being born which was amazing!

I wanted to share my story as I know that the NHS make mistakes but at Hillingdon Hospital I couldn’t have paid for better care, from the support they gave me after loosing the babies and then in my pregnancy through to the birth they were fantastic.

Ideas To Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Extra Special!

This Christmas will be Archie’s first Christmas and I want to make it as special as possible. I absolutely love Christmas and love to make it as special and magical as possible for the boys. I have started little traditions to keep the magic alive. On the 1st December the fairies bring our Christmas decorations and I decorate Oscar’s room and put out Christmas books for him to read. A elf door also appears downstairs and the elf comes to visit and reports back to Father Christmas about how well Oscar is behaving. Every year we always go to visit Father Christmas at Harrods and I can’t wait to take both the boys this year for their first Christmas photo together.

I have started collecting ‘My First Christmas’ tree decorations ready to put on the tree next month and did the same when it was Oscar’s first Christmas. I have brought two from Harrods, a 2015 first Christmas bauble and the 2015 Harrods bear as I have collected everyone since Oscar was born. I ordered these online.

Harrods My First Christmas 2015 Bauble          4717825 -

Christmas My First...I had a look on ebay for cute decoration ideas and came across a seller that made personalised decorations for under £10 each. I chose a blue parcel with a baby popping out of it and personalised for Archie and the year 2015. I think its really sweet and am really pleased with it!

On the John Lewis website I found the Wedgewood 2015 edition of the baby’s first Christmas carousel. I wish I had seen these before and am now on the hunt for a 2010 version on ebay to keep for Oscar too. The carousel decoration comes in a lovely box and is much bigger then I thought it was from the photos on the internet. You can get it in cream, pink or blue and they are only £30. This will be something to cherish for the future as they are a collectors item. It is a beautiful, traditional decoration!

We went to a preview of the beautiful Christmas collection from My1stYears.com who have a lovely range for your baby’s first Christmas. They have everything from personalised stockings and decorations to plush toys and baby gift sets.  I love the My 1st Years website and have actually brought Archie’s special Christmas present from them with personalised ribbon.

Baby's 1st Christmas Stocking      Baby's 1st Christmas Set

Mamas and Papas also have some sweet bits for baby’s first Christmas. Back in 2010 when it was Oscar’s first Christmas I brought a dinner set with a melamine plate, bowl and cup all with ‘My First Christmas written’ on them and still have them in the decorations case in the loft so will use again for Archie’s Christmas dinner. My Mum and Dad brought a 2010 bauble from Mamas and Papas that came in a gift box and have brought the 2015 one for Archie. Mamas and Papas also have bibs, outfits, snow globes and photo albums.

My First Christmas Snow Globe  My First Christmas Santa Set  My First Christmas 2015 Bauble - Blue

Mothercare have something really different that I haven’t seen before…. A Father Christmas breakfast set which is absolutely gorgeous! It stacks up to make Santa and comes with a plate, bowl, mug and egg cup and is topped with a felt santa hat for your boiled egg. I have ordered a set each for Oscar and Archie.                                          

Through Facebook I found a page where you can get different gifts that can be personalised. I saw a wooden personalised nativity set and loved it. I ordered one for the boys and as well as being a nice decoration as it is wooden they can play with it together too.


I hope you find some of these ideas useful!

Merry Christmas


Better Late Than Never: My Birth Story

Better late than never! Archie is twelve weeks old now and I thought I would write up how he came into the World.

Archie was born on the 29th December 2014 at 9.36am weighing 7lb 5oz.

I was booked in for my elective caesarean when I was only 16 weeks pregnant so I had plenty of time to plan. I had an emergency caesarean with Oscar after being in labour for three days and his heart beat was showing he was in distress so when I was offered an elective caesarean this time I knew that was what I wanted.

I did a enhanced recovery course at Hillingdon Hospital a couple of weeks before my booked in date which meant I would only have to stay in hospital one night. The night before my caesarean I ate plenty of carbs as instructed to as it helps you body to heal better and deal with the shock of an operation. I took an anti sickness tablet before bed and then one again in the morning at about 5.30am with a glass of water. Our friend Steve came over to look after Oscar and we arrived at the Hospital at about 7.15am. There was one other lady who was also booked in for that morning.

We went on to the ward and I changed into my gown and Greg changed into his theatre outfit and fetching hair net. I was first on the list and by 8.15am I was walking down to Theatre. It was very strange sitting on the operating table, I remember thinking my baby had no idea he or she was about to come out. I had my drip and epidural done and then the next half hour or so just flew by and our little man was here. The midwife asked if we wanted the screen dropped as Archie was born, I wasn’t offered this with Oscar but was pleased we said yes as we got some great photos. You would think they would be gory but I was surprised at how it looked.

Archie was born at 9.36am and then was taken to be weighed and cleaned and Greg went with him, he was then brought to me for a cuddle. He was perfect. Again the time it took them to stitch me up flew past and then we were taken to recovery. This is where I was given the best cup of tea and toast ever. I was starving as I had to fast from the night before. At midday Greg left to go and get Oscar. I was so excited for him to meet his new baby brother. 

When they arrived back Oscar opened his present from Archie which was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures which he loved. Oscar was so gentle with him and was so excited. I was taken back up to the ward and Oscar and Greg went home about 5pm. I decided not to have any visitors in the evening as I knew I would be home the next day and Oscar would want to show everyone his baby brother.

I had my catheter taken out at midnight and was up and walking about straight away. I felt surprisingly good, much better than when it was an emergency with Oscar. In the morning they were happy with baby and I (Archie didn’t have a name until he was three days old) and we went home at 11am. We then had family come over at meet Archie in the afternoon.

I have had an amazing experience at Hillingdon Hospital and couldn’t of paid for better care. The staff there are amazing!

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

Mine And Archie’s Six Week Check Up

Yesterday Archie was six weeks old, I can’t believe how quickly that seems to have flown by. We went to our Doctor’s for our six week check at 3.30 after watching Oscar in his class assembly which was great. I was so proud of him remembering his lines and speaking in front of everybody. Anyway when we got to the Doctor’s she checked me first asking what we wanted to do about contraception, asking me if I had any concerns, she checked my breasts as I am breastfeeding and checked my c-section scar. My scar has healed really nicely and I am using Mamo Mio See No Scar to help it to fade. I used this before after I had Oscar and was so impressed with the results. I am looking forward now to getting back to exercise, I don’t really need to loose much weight I am more looking to tone up and will be starting Metafit once I have been out this week to get some new trainers. As we are not having any more children I want to really get back into shape.

I was also telling my GP about how yesterday morning I popped into Boots to buy some Aptamil formula as I am topping Archie up with formula sometimes after breastfeeding as he wasn’t getting enough and lost some weight. When I handed over my Boots reward card I was told I wasn’t allowed points on Formula milk as it’s not breast milk and the government have stopped Boots from giving women points as it is apparently an incentive to buy formala apparently! I was shocked to hear this as this is the same government who is plying some women with shopping vouchers to stop them from smoking when pregnant! If they can’t give up for the health of their unborn child and only give up when given shopping vouchers maybe they should check their priorities! I think it’s disgusting and my GP agreed. Some women can’t breastfeed and are made to feel guilty enough about it as it is and now you can’t get a few pennies worth of Boots rewards, I think it’s pathetic. Anyway back to our check up…

The Doctor then checked Archie checking his eyes, spine, head control, hips, his testicles, head circumference, length and weight. She was really happy with him and how his weight is progressing and then we booked in for his immunisations in two weeks time. I can’t believe Archie has been here for six weeks already and how amazing Oscar has been adjusting from being an only child to being a big brother, he has been great. Our little family is now complete and we couldn’t be happier! We are now off today to view our family portraits that we had taken at Venture in Watford a couple of weeks ago, I’m very excited!

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png