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Zoggs DC Super Heroes Range & Our Trip To Coral Reef

Last week we went on an exciting trip after school to Coral Reef Waterworld in Bracknell. We were kindly invited by Zoggs to celebrate the launch of their new DC Super Heroes range. The range comprises of swimwear for the whole family, a surf rider, goggles, water wings, swim toys, armbands, kickboards and swim hats.

When we arrived at Coral Reef the boys were so excited and couldn’t wait to get into the pool. It is only half an hours drive from us, I couldn’t believe we hadn’t visited before. We got changed into our new swimwear from Zoggs in the changing village which was huge and very clean and then headed into the pool. I fell in love with my swimming costume which not only looks great but is from the Ecolast range. The swimming costume is made from eco-friendly chlorine resistant fabric that is made from plastic waste material recycled from the ocean, I absolutely love this range from Zoggs!

Within Coral Reef Waterworld there are four interactive water slides, an erupting volcano, a pirate ship, toddler area, rapids, jacuzzi and an adults only spa so there’s something for everyone. Archie loved the pirate ship and spent most of the time here going up and down the slide. He also really enjoyed the toddler area with the little slides and activities.

We all went on the water slides which were fantastic! At the top you can pick which theme you like and the slide then lights up the colours of the theme you have picked. Archie was tall enough to go on a couple of the slides too which was great. On one of the slides you have to hit the lights on the way down and your time is recorded on the board at the bottom of the slides. Oscar loved this!

The erupting volcano is great fun too. An alarm sounds and then the volcano erupts spraying water out of it at some pace I might add, it pushed me right across the pool much to the boys amusement. Oscar rode the Batman surf rider around the rapids which he loved and he flew around them.

The new Zoggs DC Heroes Range is being stocked on the Zoggs website and in Everyone Active Leisure Centres. Luckily Archie swims twice a week at an Everyone Active leisure centre nearby, so I will be picking up some of the swim toys there for fun stocking fillers for the boys. Oscar loves the splash balls and when we are on holiday we always take one with us, who knew such a small ball could provide so many hours of fun! The justice league Superhero Soakers would make great gifts too!

Both the boys love swimming and between them spend three hours a week swimming. Archie loves his new Superman shorts and couldn’t wait to show all his friends at his lessons.

Thank you so much to Zoggs and Coral Reef for a wonderful evening and to Warner Brothers for the boys amazing goodie bag!


We were gifted all of the Zoggs products and entry into Coral Reef.

The Smiggle Craze

A couple of months ago Oscar came home from School telling me that some of his friends had scented pencils from Smiggle and asked if he could have some too. I went online and ordered him a packet which he was thrilled about! He then took them into school. They actually smell really nice.

Since then we have visited Smiggle quite a lot. To be honest I get it, I love stationary and the different boys and girls ranges in Smiggle are lovely. I may even buy a few bits for myself. When you walk in the stores the staff are always so welcoming and the whole store is full of brightly coloured, sparkly stationary that every little boy and girl (and Mummy) would love!

Last weekend I got an email in my inbox telling me there was 20% so sat with Oscar to pick a few bits which turned into more scented pencils, a pencil case, boxing pens and scented highlighters. All of their stuff is reasonably priced too and with the sale on it was even better.

Then this week we went to St Albans to meet my friend for lunch and walked past Smiggle on the way to the restaurant, of course Oscar clocked it. On our way back past we ended up going in to the store and emerging a quarter of an hour later with yet another pencil case, water bottle, scented felt tips, pens and a wallet that Archie chose.

We are now well into the Smiggle craze and there are a few more bits Oscar wants to go back and get next week with his Easter money. I’m going to grab myself a sparkly notepad as well!

My Top Toys & Games To Take On Your Travels

With the holidays in full swing and only a couple of months until the Summer holidays I thought I wad write about the top toys and games that the boys love to take on our travels. From a long car journey in the UK for a few nights away or a flight abroad, when you have children keeping them entertained is crucial to a peaceful journey.

Archie is three so keeping him entertained is obviously a little harder at the moment then Oscar who is eight. So here are my top 10 toys and games to take on your travels……

Both the boys love arts and crafts and the Crayola Colour Wonder colouring books are great. They are completely mess free so great for in the car or on an aeroplane so they don’t accidentally get any pen anywhere. I also take them into restaurants on holiday for entertaining them at the table whilst waiting for our meals. Smyths Toys stock the books that come complete with the ‘magic’ pens and have an RRP of £6.49. I always keep a few of the books in the cupboard so I always have one when needed.

An obvious one is Lego. I always buy a couple of little boxes of Lego and Duplo before we go away. They are great for getting the boys to sit quietly in the shade for half an hour and build something.

Great-Nanny brought Archie a Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet which is fantastic. The tablet is £129.99 and comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, 1 year of Fire For Kids Unlimited app download and a Kid-Proof Case, available in Blue, Pink and Yellow. For the money its a great deal and we have downloaded so many different apps. On my profile on it I have also downloaded Netfilx and some movies for Archie on Amazon Video. He loves it and plays little educational games on it, watches episodes of his favourite programmes and he likes having something like that of his own when Oscar is playing on his Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console. We got it for Oscar for Christmas. It can be used at home in the playroom TV using the docking/charging station or as a handheld when out and about. The controls also detach from the device and using the inbuilt stand you can play against a friend using the device as a screen. He absolutely loves it and as he has never been into using an Ipad or a tablet likes to use his ‘screen’ time playing games like Mario Kart and Super Mario. The Switch is £279.99 and the games are around £40 each.

For an Easter gift Archie got the Masha and the Bear playhouse playset. He loves the programme and watches it on Netflix and we saw a TV advert for the playhouse and Archie really wanted it. He never asks for anything so we got it for him. Why it is on this list is because its nice and small and all fits inside it self and closes so you can take it on your travels. I didn’t know this when I ordered it but its brilliant and fits in my handbag!

Last year I brought some fantastic car road tape from We Are Kidly and stuck some on the aeroplane tray so Archie could play with his cars. I also used it on the sun lounger and on our hotel room floor. It comes off easily leaving no marks behind and the air hostess on the plane couldn’t believe how long it kept Archie entertained and what a genius idea it was. It is £11 for a roll and as well as road they also do a train track tape.

We love Orchard Toys and have tons of their games but they also sell different mini travel games for toddlers which are great. Archie loves playing games and doing puzzles so have mini versions to take away with you is a great idea. Oscar will join in too even if it is a bit easy/young for him.

Orchard Toys Animal Match Mini/Travel Game Orchard Toys Llamas in Pyjamas Mini / Travel GameOrchard Toys Little Bug Bingo Mini / Travel Game

When it comes to games Oscar loves Cluedo and Monopoly and games like that. But recently he has fallen in love with Top Trumps. We have a few sets of cards now, sports cars, predators and dinosaurs. They are the perfect size to fit in your bag and we take them to Nanny and Grandad’s on the weekend so they can play too. It is the perfect family travel game.

I hope you have found this useful and it’s given you a few ideas of how to keep your children entertained whilst traveling! Happy holidays!

Halford’s Scooter Tips & Tricks Guide

Oscar loves his scooter which he got a few years ago now and soon will need a bigger one. Perhaps it will be something we get him for his sixth birthday in February. I have also been looking into getting Archie his first 3 in 1 scooter that will last from 1-6 years old. As Archies birthday is only four days after Christmas we want to get him something that will last! Over the last few years there seems to have been a scooter boom and every child at the park seems to have one. There are so many on the market, so Halfords have put together a handy Scooter Tips and Tricks guide to make picking the perfect scooter easier for you and your child. The guide also shows you a visual guide of great tricks and instructions on how to master them.

The guide is great fun and shows you how to teach your little ones some of the best scooter tricks from beginners through to little adventurer experts. There is everything you need to know, from step by step guides to tricks, information on the essential equipment, and the best places to go scooting around.

As well as fun tips and tricks there is lots of information on top safety tips and how to stay as safe as possible when riding your scooter. There are great places to play on your scooter that are safe too like the park or at home in the garden not near roads.

Choosing the right scooter is important, as you want it to last and for your child to have loads of fun on it. Oscar’s scooter has lasted for almost three years and has been used time and time again and I have been so impressed with the quality as you can imagine how many times a little boy drops his scooter on the ground or falls off it and it has never broken once. As Oscar is getting older there are four different types of scooters to choose from; a 3 wheeled scooter, stunt scooters, electric scooters and folding scooters. I remember my brother and I having silver folding scooters when we were younger and we used to scoot to school on it and had hours of fun on it learning all of the tricks.

Halfords have a huge range of scooters to choose from starting at only £8.00 as many of their scooters are in the sale so you will able to find the perfect scooter in time for Christmas.

Take a look at the Halfords Scooter Tips & Tricks Guide and it will help you to choose the perfect type of scooter for your child and you can even print it off to help your child to learn the top tricks.

scooter tips and tricks

pop up wheelie

180, tail whip and grind

scooter safety tips

types of scooter

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Halfords.

Peter Rabbit Is Coming To Willows Farm, April

In April 2016 Peter Rabbit will be arriving at Willows Farm. We love Peter Rabbit in our house, Oscar has all of the toys and I have passed down my Beatrix Potter book collection to Oscar and Archie and in my kitchen I have the most beautiful Peter Rabbit tea pot and Miss Tiggywinkle cookie jar. So I was so excited to hear that Peter Rabbit and his friends were coming to Willows Farm as we visit there a lot and know it will be great fun!

The area, to be named the ‘Peter Rabbit™ Adventure Playground’ will be 1,400 square metres in size and aims to encourage active, imaginative and wholesome play for children. It will have ten activities themed around the world-famous and much-loved Peter Rabbit characters, including the Mrs Tiggy-Winkle Kitchen, a Jeremy Fisher Musical Pond and Benjamin Bunny Treetop Adventure. The new play attraction will open to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter, author of the original books.

The play area’s centrepiece will be The Peter Rabbit Secret Treehouse, built around a 100 year old ash tree at Willows Activity Farm. This is a huge investment for Willows Farm and I love how they keep developing bigger and better things to give children the best day out!

For more information visit www.willowsactivityfarm.com or follow @Willows_Farm on Twitter for all the latest updates.

Baker Ross Autumn Arts & Crafts

We look forward to our Baker Ross parcel full of different arts and crafts and when a new one came a couple of weeks ago Oscar ripped the box open to see what was inside. Inside the box Baker Ross sent us was some Rugby themed foam stickers ready for the start of the Rugby World cup today, Halloween crafts which I will post at the start of October to get you ready for Halloween and general Autumn themed crafts like decorating and making hedgehogs and owls.

We started off making a Rugby themed picture and used some green sparkly card as the rugby pitch and Oscar made a picture of him and all his friends playing a rugby match. I taught Oscar all the different rugby associated words like ‘try’ and as he sees the bigger boys at school playing rugby and will be starting it soon he is really interested in watching the rugby World cup on the TV and learning about the game. He also made pictures to give to his friends too. I liked that among the player stickers was little girls too. The rugby foam stickers are only £2.99 for a pack of 120. Baker Ross also have other fun Rugby themed crafts like coasters and stained glass effect decorations.

We then made our Hedgehog Pom Pom decorations. Within the pack that costs £3.75 you get three different hedgehogs to make. I made one to show Oscar how to do it and then he tried it all on his own following the simple to follow instructions that are step by step pictures making it easy for early readers to me able to still make on their own. He really enjoyed making them and has hung them in the lounge and dining room on the light switches. It is such a cute and fun craft!

Lastly we decorated some owl porcelain dishes. The box which contains 4 dishes to decorate is £3.60 and I love with Baker Ross that you get more than one craft in a box making them perfect to get out if your doing a play date to entertain the kids and also they get to take home a lovely bit of craft they have made or decorated. I brought some pens that you can use on porcelain as we do quite a lot of art and craft and they come in really useful to have in the cupboard. Obviously you can paint them too. I even had a go myself, it is very therapeutic.

Here is a sneak peek of our Halloween crafts we were sent, so look out for our Halloween craft post coming soon.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above crafts for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Hand-made Gift Ideas With Snapfish and 30% off

When we were chosen to take part in the Snapfish hand-made gift ideas project I was over the moon as it was perfect timing as Oscar is on his school holidays and making the hand-made bits and pieces was a fun activity that we could do together. Oscar loves arts and crafts so he was excited to help me. I have used Snapfish loads of times and every Christmas the Grandparents get their annual photo calender which they absolutely love and it gives a real personal touch to their presents.

So I sat down and had a think and thought it was a quirky idea to make photo holders out of coloured glass bottles. I picked them up in a craft shop and am really pleased with how they have turned out. Oscar also made one for his Great-Nanny and when she gets back from Devon Oscar is going to give it to her. She will love it! I ordered some photo prints and Oscar chose which ones he wanted to use. If you sign up to Snapfish you can also get 50 free photo prints a month! We trimmed the photos to fit inside the bottles and then rolled them up and slid them inside the bottles and then positioned them. I think they look great. You could also use jam jars if you didn’t want to buy coloured glass bottles.

We also chose photos to put on our photo wall, some new, some old. It looks great and is a cheap way of jazzing up a room. Everyone who has seen it has commented on what a great idea it is and how great it looks. If you don’t want to use frames Snapfish have lovely acrylic prints which I absolutely love. They come in various different sizes and you can get them to use as wall art or a acrylic photo block to have on a shelf or desk. They would make a great birthday or Christmas present. I am going to get one made of Oscar and Archie for Greg’s birthday next month for his desk at work.

Taking part in this project has given me lot’s of inspiration to make hand-made gifts and I will be making them with Oscar for his Grandparents for Christmas. I saw on Pinterest a great idea using thick cardboard, cutting it into a Christmas tree shape, covering it in felt and using ribbon to attach cards and photos which we will be making at Christmas and I will post it on my blog when it’s done. It is so easy these days to walk into a shop and buy a gift that is chosen randomly and means nothing special. Making a hand-made gift means so much more to the person receiving it and is fun to make too. There are so many products on the Snapfish website that can help you come up with the perfect hand-made gift.

I also put together a photo book for Oscar’s first year and will make one for Archie for his first birthday. I have so many photos stored on my camera and on my phone and taking part in this project has made me realise I need to print them off and organise them or make them into photo books. This is my job to do in September when Oscar goes back to school before I get so behind that I don’t know which photo is Oscar and which is Archie as they look identical as baby’s. I would love to see what hand-made gifts you have made before. Tweet me a picture I would love to see your ideas! Snapfish have kindly given me a code saving 30% off across their website to my readers using the code MUMMYSZONE. Enjoy! Valid until the 6th September 2015.

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to buy the products for this project.

Review and Vlog Of The Bunny Jump Game From University Games

AS you may have seen me write last month, we are ambassadors for University Games which you can imagine for Oscar being asked to review fun games is a dream come true. Last month we told you all about ‘Don’t Rock The Boat’ and today I not only wanted to tell you about the ‘Bunny Jump‘ game we have made a short two minute video to show you how fun and easy to play the game is.

Bunny Jump is a fun game for two to four players for children aged five years and over. The game is really easy to set up and the instructions are so simple to follow. Oscar got the game straight away and absolutely loves playing it.

Safely sitting on top of his burrow, Bugsy as we have named him watches over his yummy carrot field. You pull out the carrots, as many as the spinner tells you to pull and you have to be careful not to frighten him! You then have to be ready to catch him when he jumps in the air! The player who’s collected the most carrots when the game ends wins. Oscar was so focused as he really wanted to catch the bunny!

It is a fun, family game which is perfect to keep your little ones entertained during the Summer holidays. Here is the video of how we got on and Oscar unboxing his new game!

I Am A University Games Ambassador

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

We Had Our Very Own HOME Party To Celebrate It’s Digital HD Release

Last week on the 13th saw the release of HOME on digital HD. To celebrate this we had our very own ‘HOME’ party on Monday and sat down to watch it.

When I was asked if I wanted to have our very own ‘HOME’ party I knew Oscar would absolutely love it and be so excited as a couple of months ago Greg took Oscar to the cinema to see it. When we received our party pack it was full of amazing goodies and Oscar was so surprised when I had set up the lounge ready to watch the film. As well as the film our special ‘HOME Party Edition’ it also had over an hour of hit music and fun dancing, so we had great fun even after we had watched the film.

The film itself is a fantastic family movie from the creators of How To Train Your Dragon which is Oscar’s favourite film and Shrek, which Oscar loves too! In the DreamWorks Animation ‘HOME’, the alien Oh who is a lovable misfit from another planet meets a little girl named Tip. The two unlikely
friends embark on the greatest journey of all time…the journey HOME. Oh helps Tip to find her Mum and it is a really sweet and funny movie. We really enjoyed watching it! In fact it has been on everyday since.

Whilst watching the film we ate our sweets and popcorn that we were sent and Oscar enjoyed his purple fruit shoot. We had great fun painting Oscar’s face purple like Oh’s and Oscar also had a HOME gumball machine and colouring in sheets to enjoy. I hung the pink banner and blew up purple balloons which Oscar loved and made his little party really special. Archie didn’t feel left out though as we were also kindly sent a fun car pop up tent and as the weather was nice we played with it in the garden afterwards.

We had a great HOME party and you can too with the special party edition. It would make a fun and exciting day on the school Summer holidays and it will be watched over and over again in our house!

Disclaimer: We were sent our party pack to watch the film.

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

Review: My Wicked Uncle Online Toy Shop, The One Stop Shop For Unique Children’s Gifts

Oscar always seems to have a birthday party to go to, we have four just in the Summer holidays. Finding great gifts is sometimes difficult if you don’t want to buy the child the usual toys. The Wicked Uncle online toy shop is amazing and full of fun and unique gifts to make any child happy on their birthday.

The online store is easy to use and find the perfect gift as you can select the age range and gender of the birthday boy or girl. Some don’t like separating the toys in to genders but it made it easier for me to find exactly what I wanted. Some of the toys are unisex and in both sections anyway. When I am usually buying a gift in a store it takes me forever to decide and I change my mind over and over again but having them all displayed in front of me made my choice so much quicker and easier.

As we were asked to review some items for them up to the value of £40 when scrolling through I wanted to choose something unique and not just a toy. Oscar absolutely loves anything to do with animals and nature so I chose a Ant World and a Ladybird World so as the weather is warmer we could set them up and watch them and see how they live. The Ant World is great and gives you a real insight into how they build their home and watching the worker ants is something I had never seen before. We had to feed them and make sure they had water and setting up the ant world itself was easy to do. The only hard part was collecting 40 ants It took me forever and in the end I ordered the live ants to come in the post which was much easier! Oscar loved taking care of the ants and watch them making their tunnels and moving the food around the tank. It is a great gift and really fun and educational! You can also use it over and over again which is fantastic.

The Ladybird World was also easy to set up but finding ladybirds was quite difficult in our garden. The Ladybird world is great to watch how they live but you always must remember to return them to their natural habitat. Both of the kits come with everything you need inside, obviously apart from the insects themselves. These would make great gifts for animal lovers and really gets the children involved. I love them!

For Archie I got him a pair of the cute baby Bumblebee Playtoes that squeak, rattle when Archie moves his feet and grabs the shoes. Believe it or not by grabbing the bumblebee shoes Archie wobbled a bit then rolled over for the first time. I don’t think he even realised he had feet until I put these boots on him! They are a generous size and will fit babies from 3 months and will last for a long time. The Playtoes are cute baby shoes to develop, learn and entertain your baby. Babies  love playing with their feet and the bright colours, textures and sounds stimulate their senses and help to encourage learning. They would make a great new baby or baby shower gift. A gift that is actually useful and will get used.

The website has lots of fun and unique gifts and lots of bits I hadn’t come across before like the scratch map, which I have now just brought and Oscar and Archie can scratch off all the countries we go to on holiday. It is also a great way of learning the countries of the World as it is a large poster size and I will get a frame for it for Oscar to have on his wall. I am certain if you choose a unique gift the birthday boy or girl won’t be getting doubles of it on their birthday and probably won’t already have it which is a common problem when buying a gift.

You can also choose whether to have your present gift wrapped and delivered direct to the person you are buying for  and add a hand written card too. This is great if you are sending a gift to someone who lives far away and more personal then just sending a cheque or vouchers. 

Wicked Uncle Toys is a fantastic online store and I am so pleased we had the chance to come across it and review for them as it will be my one stop shop for future children’s birthday presents.

Disclaimer: We were given a voucher for £40 to choose items to review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

 photo icons_01_zps1892de40.png  photo icons_02_zpscac6916b.png  photo icons_03_zpsedc3dd6d.png  photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png

 photo icons_04_zps9071c3e3.png