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Hi my name is Laura and I’ve been with my partner Greg for eight years. We have a four year old little boy called Oscar and a newborn called Archie that was born in December 2014.

I met Greg in a pub back in 2006 and within a few weeks we were living together (mad I know!) but it just felt right and the rest is history.

Our little Oscar was born in February 2010 three weeks early by emergency C-Section. After three days in labour and only getting to 5cm and the little man getting quite distressed I was given an emergency C-Section and Oscar came into the World at 1.58am on Monday 22nd February 2010. Where the time has gone I just don’t know! We had chosen the names Oscar for a boy and Ruby for a girl. I was over the moon as I really wanted a little boy first, so that if we were lucky enough to have a little girl one day she had a big brother to look out for her.

I am a lucky enough to be a stay at home Mummy and love every minute of it! Oscar now goes to Nursery a few mornings a week and in September he will go into reception, (dreading this). He loves his school and has met some lovely friends, it makes me so happy to see how much he loves going to School.

We decided we wanted another baby back in September 2011 and unfortunately since then I have had two miscarriages, one in June 2012 and one again in January 2013. I was lucky enough to be referred to St Mary’s recurrent miscarriage clinic who gave me a hysteroscopy and diagnosed me with ‘sticky blood’ and prescribed me 150mg of aspirin to take as soon as I fell pregnant again. I then fell pregnant again in September 2013 and we were over the moon as each week passed successfully with me taking the aspirin. We went to our twelve week scan in the early part of December 2013 and we were told the nuchal fluid on the back of the baby’s neck was high. After having a CVS (chronic villi sampling) and getting the results back we were told our baby was a boy and he had a rare chromosome problem called Ring 13 and was very poorly with a life expectancy of about six weeks. We made the most painful decision to end the pregnancy and last Saturday 4th January 2014 I was induced and had our little boy at nearly 17 weeks pregnant.

After the miscarriage’s this just didn’t seem fair as it was a random and rare thing to happen. The upside is I know I can get to twelve weeks pregnant by taking my aspirin and the chances of this chromosome problem happening again is less than 1% chance.

We have just become parents again to another little boy called Archie and now our little family is complete. Oscar is over the moon to be a big brother!

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