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A Fortnite Themed Muddy Boots Birthday Sleepover

Oscar turned 10 back in February. Every year since he was 3 he has had a big party with 20-30 friends but as he is getting older now he chose to do something smaller with a few friends. He toyed between Putt Shack, going to see a show at the theatre and go karting but finally asked if he could have a muddy boots sleepover instead. We had never had a sleepover here before for him and his friends and I wasn’t sure as I knew there would be little sleep involved!

We finally agreed and Oscar chose that he wanted a Fortnite themed party and birthday cake. I looked online for some ideas, Instagram and Pinterest were great for this! I found printables for water bottles and went on rather than .uk which had a much larger range of Fortnite party accessories and I had them shipped here. I managed to find a cardboard drop box and then added a giant yellow balloon to it, mini pinata llamas and squishy boogie bombs.

When Oscar decided he wanted a sleepover I contacted Dee at Muddy Boots Sleepovers who has a variety of different themed sleepover packages. They come and set up luxury teepees for each child and decorate too. You can purchase party bags from them and balloon clouds as well at an extra cost. For the four teepees with the Fortnite theme for one night was £198. Extra teepees are £44 each. Set up and the tidy up the next day was really quick and professional and we will using them again 100%!

Etsy was also great for picking up bits and pieces. I ordered each of the boys a Fortnite personalised water bottle and a bag for all their bits and pieces.

I got them each a Fortnite Llama cuddly toy from Smyths and Playstation pyjamas from Next.

One of my friends Cathy makes the most wonderful biscuits and made some lovely V-Bucks in individual bags for the boys, for their midnight feast. You can find her on instagram HERE.

Nonna Mariangela made Oscar an amazing Fortnite cake with hand crafted decorations on top. She is just amazing, if you send her a photo of a cake to make she will make it and make it better than the original! You can find her on instagram HERE.

When the boys arrived they loved the set up and we ordered Domino’s for them for dinner and then they got into their pyjamas to watch a film complete with pic ‘n’ mix and popcorn, played snooker and then chatted well into the early hours before crashing out. Everyone had a lovely time and Oscar was so pleased with his party. Needless to say I was shattered the following day as was a very moody Oscar but nothing an early night didn’t sort.

#Blogmas Day 1: What’s On Oscar’s Christmas List & Gift Ideas

I LOVE Christmas! Everything about it, from the tree, to our annual visit to Harrods to see Father Christmas to hosting Christmas Day itself. It just truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The boys are super excited and as its our first Christmas in our new house so I want to make it our best Christmas yet!

Oscar is 7 almost 8 and his Christmas list this year contains a Nintendo Switch with the Mario Kart 8 game. He has wanted one since they were first released and loves playing Mario Kart on his handheld Nintendo DS. The difference with the Nintendo Switch is that you can use it as a handheld when out and about but use it as a proper games console when at home. We brought it off Amazon in the grey rather than the neon blue/red version for £279 and the Mario Kart 8 game for £41.99.

Image result for nintendo switch grey

Next on his list is a Drone with a camera and he wanted a camera that recorded as well. I really want one too so will be borrowing Oscar’s to make videos. I searched around and ended up getting the Sky Viper V2450HD Streaming Video Drone from Tesco Direct it was £120. It is only £69.99 at the moment on Amazon which is a great deal!

Image result for Sky Viper V2450HD Streaming Video Drone

Next on his list is the complete collection of the new Lego City Jungle range. Including the starter set there are 7 sets to collect, he has the smaller two already. We have got him the main set which is the Jungle Exploration Site which is £84.99 and the other sets have been distributed among the family.

Image result for lego city jungle

Oscar loves using my Apple watch and Kurio have a child friendly version of their own. The Kurio C17515 Children’s Blue Smartwatch 2.0 Plus is the Ultimate Smartwatch for kids! Personalise your watch with 2 x interchangeable coloured watch straps to match your style. Watch Pebble pops into an all-in-one strap and offers a splash proof and scratch resistant screen. Pre-loaded with 20 apps, a multi-function screen, camera/video, photo filters, messaging, media player, activity tracker, phrase translator and can also operate as a hands-free kit for a Smartphone when connected via Bluetooth. Boasts 256mb of internal memory and expandable storage upto 32GB. Includes one regular strap and one colour changing Thermal strap. I know he will love this!

Next up is the Playmobil Ghostbusters range. The toys look really great and Oscar has watched quite a few episodes of Ghostbusters now. I know Archie will like these toys too so it will be something they can play with nicely together. It looks really cool. There are six sets to collect ranging from £5.99 to £59.99. I love the Marshmallow man.

I hope this list has given you a few good ideas!


Merry Christmas!


Mumsnet FreedomPop Review – 100% Free Plan Mobile Network

For the last few weeks we have been trying out the FreedomPop Mobile the 100% free Network for Mumsnet that offer a 100% Free Plan that includes 200 minutes, 200 texts & 200MB data every month for no cost at all.

Now when I first heard about it I thought it sounded to good to me true but after using the FreedomPop network fro nearly a month it is fantastic. You simply purchase the SIM card for 99p and it is a trio SIM so can be used in any phone and runs of Three’s 3G and 4g network. When changing over to FreedomPop you can keep your old number which makes life much easier or if you want to have a new number.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try FreedomPop out without any worries and with no contract at all you are not signed up to something for a couple of years like most networks.  If you do need for minutes, texts and data than on the basic free 200 package you get a month you can upgrade without being in a contract and still as you can see below even the premium deals are super cheap!


We were asked by Mumsnet to let you know our thoughts about FreedomPop and the prime user was Oscar to see just how great it is for kids/teenagers to rule out ever getting a huge mobile phone bill from your child!

Who is trying the FreedomPop service?

Oscar is 7 years old and is trying out the service as he likes to play games on my phone and uses my phone to message and call his best friend after school.

Did you try the handset or the SIM only?

We were kindly sent the SIM and the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Why did they/ you want to try it?

I wanted to try it out as a network that offered 100% calls and texts seemed to good to be true and after reading stories of kids racking up huge phone bills Freedom Pop sounded like the perfect answer to stopping that. Oscar likes to message his friend on my phone and he feels very grown up having his own phone.

Was it their first mobile?

Yes it is Oscar’s first mobile. Obviously at 7 he doesn’t carry it round with him everywhere but after school he likes to message and ring his friends. He also pesters Daddy by ringing him as well and has been sending us very sweet messages.

Do you see FreedomPop as a mobile service alternative for both parents and children?

Totally! Their data packages are so well priced and I do use my phone a lot for my blog but a lot of the time that is on my Wi-Fi. I then pay a huge amount for data each month that I don’t use. Using Freedom Pop would bring my bills down massively. For kids/teenagers its just fantastic. Knowing you will never get a huge bill at the end if the month is a god send for parents that are worried about the cost of their children having a mobile phone.

How did your child get on with the phone?

Oscar found the phone really easy to use and the home screen is easy to navigate. The camera is great too and he keeps taking lots of photos. Writing a message is easy too with predictive test it has helped him to write the messages he wants to write without any help.

What did you like about the service? And what features would you like to have in the future?

I think the service is great. Like I said above having a service that does exactly what you need out of a phone network at an amazing price. It has made me realise just how much the network I am currently with are obviously ripping me right off! I can’t think of anything that I would add at the moment. Also being able to see who Oscar is going to call or text I am sure in the future when he is in his teens will come in very useful!


  • This post is in collaboration with FreedomPop and Mumsnet. All opinions are honest and my own.

Aloka SleepyLights Review

A few weeks ago we were asked to pick one of the fun designs in the Aloka Sleepylights multi-coloured LED light range from Potwells. I knew Oscar would love the Robot design and when Oscar came home from school to find his new light set up in his bedroom he absolutely loved it. There are 26 lovely designs to choose from and six of these designs are now stocked at John Lewis and Mothercare.

John Lewis stock these designs:

Mothercare stock these designs:

So what is so great about these new amazingly fun children’s lights…… Firstly Oscar loves having a remote control and lays in bed constantly changing the colours and leaves it on a different colour each night. You can also leave it to rotate through the 12 different colours and the light gives off a soft and calming glow which is perfect for bedtime. Having the control is great for younger children too who can use the control which is great for practising their fine motor skills and learning all the different colours as well. The lights also have a side-lamp feature which leaves your light on a bright white glow which is also great for when you are reading a bedtime story and need a bit more light.

The light also has a dimmer function which is great and you can choose from four varying levels of brightness, it also has a sleep button which will automatically lower the light to create the ideal calm and dreamy environment to fall to sleep in. I also set the timer to turn the night light off after an hour saving the need to enter the room to switch it off as the evenings are lighter at the moment although Oscar sleeps with the remote under his pillow and turns it back on if he wakes in the night.

Oscar’s favourite light setting is the bright blue but my favourite without a doubt is the beautiful rainbow light show! Archie likes watching the light show too I am going to order the Giraffe light for him as it is perfect to have in a nursery.

The Robot Aloka SleepyLight has an RRP of £39.99 and I think is great value. Not only does it look great in Oscar’s bedroom but buying a SleepyLight will last you for years when using it from newborn.

Disclaimer: We were sent the light for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

EE’s ‘Light The Arch’ App & Our Visit To Wembley Stadium #LightTheArch

EE have launched their exciting new app which allows 7-11 year olds to ‘light the arch’ at Wembley Stadium. The web application is designed with children aged 7-11 in mind to learn the basic principles of coding, although Oscar is 6 and got how to use the app easily. So to celebrate the launch and try out the new app we were invited to Wembley stadium last Monday which Oscar was so excited about!

We arrived at the Club Wembley entrance and was shown upstairs to one of the boxes where Oscar couldn’t believe the amazing view of the pitch that we had. We were then given a tablet to use and Oscar designed through coding exactly how he wanted to light up the arch of the stadium. After he had finished and named his show the app transformed his design into an amazing display with a countdown and fireworks. He couldn’t believe it and had great fun using it.

The web application is endorsed by the educational technology charity Apps for Good and it is based on the technology used to light the arch at major stadium events. Apps For Good are supporting the new online tool and ensuring it gets into the hands of educators across the UK. They are an education technology charity working to transform education to help young entrepreneurs thrive in a tech driven future, which when I was told about I thought was fantastic. The Light the Arch initiative supports EE’s wider commitment to battle digital exclusion and get more young people into technology and coding. EE has pledged to get at least 100,000 people using the web app before the end of the year and after using it and seeing how much fun it is I am sure they will reach their target as children will love it! Amazingly the educational online tool is based on the technology used to light the stadium’s arch at major events and a lucky few will be able to see their design translated into a real-life display at the England match on 29th March!!

When using the web application you can choose from over sixty different colours and eight patterns to play with such as clap, sweep, twinkle and rainbow. You can then choose which way the colours go in the rainbow and also change the colour configurations and the length and of time and speed each part of the show will last. You can also add wording and when you want to add things such as ‘Goal Scored’, ‘Red Card’ and ‘Welcome to Wembley’. When we took the tour of the stadium afterwards the tour guide told us everybody when playing a concert at Wembley always uses the same three words; “Welcome to Wembley!”

After we had had a go on the application we were taken on a tour if the stadium which is fantastic and well worth going on. The history of the stadium is fascinating and Oscar’s favourite parts were sitting by the Chelsea shirts in the changing rooms and jogging out of the tunnel to the pitch. That must be so daunting for football players as until you are standing by the pitch I wasn’t aware of just how huge the stadium is with a whooping 90,000 seat capacity.

Afterwards we went outside the stadium to watch Oscar’s light show on the actual arch which was absolutely amazing and he is so lucky to have had the chance to do this! Thanks EE and Mumsnet.

Head over to to create your own light show to Light the Arch at Wembley Stadium and don’t forget to use the hashtag #LightTheArch to share with everyone. Don’t forget to share your video before the midnight on the 27th March 2016 to be in with a chance of having your light show used at the England vs Netherlands game on Tuesday 29th March.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I have received a tablet as a token of thanks for this post.


Mum’s Want Phone Calls Not Flowers This Mother’s Day

Did you know that two thirds of Mum’s happy to get a digital message rather than a card or flowers this Mother’s Day. Mum’s now spend on average 14 hours a week on their smartphone keeping in touch with the family. As a nation of smartphone addicts, we’re often criticised for spending too much time staring at our screens, but our devices are actually helping us to celebrate Mother’s Day – and mum doesn’t mind.

 According to a new TalkTalk Mobile study into the ways families stay in touch, 66 per cent of mums with children aged over 18 years would be happy to have a video call or message from their child rather than a card this Mothering SundayBusy lives, large extended families and distance mean only 53 per cent of mums will spend the day together with their child. Instead, 43 per cent of UK mums expect to receive a text or WhatsApp message from their child and nine per cent anticipate a video call, through the likes of Skype or FaceTime.

 Traditional ways of showing our appreciation have fallen in popularity as only 52 per cent of UK mums don’t think they’ll receive a Mother’s Day card and 63 per cent don’t think they’ll receive a present. However, 19 per cent of mums say they prefer modern communications to cards and 76 per cent don’t mind if their child doesn’t send them a card this Mothering Sunday, as long as they have sent a message or call. The advent of more affordable smartphones and plethora of apps mean families are using their mobiles more than ever to stay in touch. One in seven families now have a dedicated WhatsApp group and UK mums admit to spending on average 13 hours and 45 minutes a week on their smartphone communicating with just their family. I whatsapp my Mum all the time and send her photos of the boys throughout the week.TalkTalk Mobile infographic-3

 Seeing pictures of their children and grandchildren is considered the top benefit (99 per cent), followed by being able to receive texts and messages from them (79 per cent), and being able to receive instant updates from family members (53 per cent). As a result, four out of five mums with grown-up children say they feel closer and more connected to their family.TalkTalk Mobile infographic-2

 The top apps mums use to stay in touch with their children and grandchildren are:

 1. Text message

2. Facebook Messenger

3. Video chat e.g. Skype, FaceTime

4. WhatsApp

5. Twitter

One mum who’s been encouraged to take to technology by her grown-up children is singer and TV presenter, Cheryl Baker. “My twin girls are always on their phones and the only way I could keep up with what they’re up to was to get tech savvy,” said Cheryl. “I’m often away touring, which means we spend quite a lot of time apart but because the girls are never far form their mobile, we’re constantly in touch. I probably speak to them more now than ever.“ Dan Meader from TalkTalk Mobile commented: “Technology will never replace spending quality time together as a family, especially on Mother’s Day. But as the research shows, our mobiles are helping us feel closer to our loved ones. The message from modern mums is clear – it’s the thought that counts, not the way it’s delivered.”

TalkTalk Mobile offers SIM, smartphone and tablet bundles starting from £3.95 a month, which all include free unlimited calls between family members linked to the home account. TalkTalk is also currently offering 50% off for the entire the length of the mobile contract on its Small and Medium SIM-only plans. 

TalkTalk Mobile infographic-1


Be Safe On The Roads This Christmas!

Christmas is a time where everyone’s social calender is jammed packed and most of us go on a work night out or out for drinks with friends and family to get us in the mood for the festive season. With this many people think its ok to have a few drinks and then drive home. As a parent this is worrying as when people drink drive they are not only put themselves in danger but everybody else on the road in danger too. As we are on the roads a lot over the Christmas period visiting family and friends with the kids it is worrying that there are people driving under the influence of alcohol that could potentially cause us danger.

A huge 744,000* drivers think that they will be over the legal alcohol limit when they get behind the wheel this festive season according to shocking research by The Co-op Insurance. The Co-op Insurance recently surveyed 2000 drivers and a massive 10% said that they would be having at least one alcoholic drink per night out over the festive period with nearly a fifth (18%) admitting to thinking that they would be over the legal drink drive limit when they take to the roads. This is makes me angry that such a high percentage of people think that it is acceptable to drink drive. Despite years of widespread anti drink driving campaigning, the main reason these people are planning to do this is because they believe ‘that it won’t harm anyone’ (31%). A fifth (20%) admit to drink driving being something that they have done before. Nearly half (49%) of drivers who are having at least one drink will be carrying passengers, and are most likely to have their partners and children in the car. To me that is just totally irresponsible! If you want to put yourself at risk that is one thing, putting children at risk because you want to have a drink is just crazy!

The Co-operative Insurance logo

From the people that took part in the survey the reasons/excuses to drink drive were the following:

Reason % who used this rationale
1 It won’t harm anyone 31%
2 A taxi is too expensive 28%
3 I don’t want to walk home 25%
4 I’ve done it before 20%
5 The roads will be quiet when I drive 18%
6 Alcohol doesn’t affect me 18%
7 I can handle my drink 13%
8 Alcohol doesn’t affect my driving 10%
9 Because I know other people who do this (drink and drive) 7%
10 I don’t want to rely on anyone else 7%

All of the above excuses do not weigh up the severe consequences of causing an accident and injuring someone or being caught driving over the limit. 28% say a taxi is too expensive, but if you get caught you could be paying an unlimited fine. According to the DVLA, those caught driving or attempting to drive whilst over the legal limit or unfit through drink can receive: 6 months’ imprisonment, an unlimited fine, a driving ban for at least 1 year (3 years if convicted twice in 10 years).  Some people who drink drive also rely on their car for work, so loosing their licence could mean loosing their job too. In fact 80% of you do. This could change your life over a drink!

I am always the designated driver as I don’t drink and would never allow Oscar and Archie to be in a car with anyone that had had even one drink. It is such an unnecessary risk and silly thing to do when you can get a taxi or organise between your group a designated driver. I know a lot of people that do that and everyone else pays for their soft drinks for the evening for being the designated driver.

The Co-op Insurance have made a fun tool to help you choose a designated driver within your group of friends. To make making the decision easier and fair they have come up with a great tool which would select a designated driver for you out of your friends/ family. Click on the image below to check it out for yourself. You simply enter the names of everyone going out and the wheel will decide for you. It couldn’t be easier to help you decide.

Be safe on the road this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: This post is in association with The Co-op Insurance.



My Mummy’s Zone Personalised Power Bank

Last month I was asked by USB Makers if I would like to have my new ‘Mummy’s Zone’ logo printed on to my very own personalised power bank. I am sure I am the same as most people who’s battery definitely doesn’t last all day long and I have to either charge it quickly when I am at home or plug it in in the car. I have thought about buying a power bank for ages as it would be perfect for me and save me a lot of worry when my phone is on about 10% and I always need a mobile when Oscar is at school in case they need to contact me.

Being a blogger I use my social media apps, camera and my WordPress app on my mobile phone a lot which drains the battery quickly. Now I simply carry my power bank in my handbag as it is so small and when my battery is getting a bit low I plug my phone into the pre charged power bank and charge my phone wherever I am. Then when I get home I charge my power bank back up again and it’s ready to be used again.

You can use it with tablets, smart phones, MP4 players, PSP’s and cameras. The power bank has a built in intelligent identification chip to identify different types of devices and their voltage and electric current. I am so impressed with how quickly my power bank charges my phone, it doesn’t take long at all.

USB Makers make loads of different personalised power banks in lots of great designs, shapes and sizes.  I chose the Venice design as it looks sleek and is flat and easy to slip in my bag. I think my blog logo looks great on it! You can also buy a multi connector to charge more than one device at the same time.
Branded Power Banks Mobile Battery Charger

Delivery and printing is free and orders can be turned about in 24 hours. They would make great gifts for friends or business clients. When ordering there is a minimum order of 10 chargers.

I also have an extra Mummy’s Zone USB power bank to give away, so enter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway   Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned power banks for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Our Annual Snapfish Photo Calender & Competition

Every year we make Snapfish photo calenders as part of Oscar and Archie’s Nanny’s, Grandad’s, Uncles and Aunties Christmas presents and everyone always love them. My Nan always says to me in November time that she is looking forward to her new photo calender at Christmas. In total I order 7 every Christmas.

The calenders are really simple to make and you can choose from three different sized wall calenders, kitchen calenders, desk calenders and poster calenders and at the moment Snapfish have up to 70% off their calenders which expires on the 13/12/2015.

The calenders are ideal gifts for Christmas and In January I make a calender folder on my phone and put potential photos in it so that when November comes around and its time to make them I have some great photos to choose from and don’t have to go through the thousands of photos in my camera roll.

When making your calender you can choose different themed backgrounds and can choose different layouts for your photos and add text too if you want to. You can also add pictures on the actual dates so you don’t forget special birthdays, which I love!

Uploading your chosen photos couldn’t be easier. You simply upload them to your Snapfish account by downloading the app and simply uploading them from your camera roll and then when you log in to your account on your computer your photos are there ready and waiting for you. I use the app to upload photos to different folders all the time so I can get the best ones printed and posted directly to my door.

I am so pleased with our calenders for 2016 and I choose the largest sized wall calender which is 14”x11”, which is the same size that I choose every year. In my opinion it is the perfect size. They are £19.99 to make but obviously with the amazing deals Snapfish have running at the moment they are a lot cheaper, although £19.99 is an amazing price for such a fantastic quality personalised calender and is a priceless gift! My parents and In laws at the end of the year cut out all the photos I have put in the calender to keep too.

This is our first calender with both Oscar and Archie in it so is extra special and I think you will agree the calender looks great!

Snapfish have also given the chance for three of my readers to win and make there very own 8.5”x11” photo calender, so don’t forget to enter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: We were sent the calender for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

LeapFrog Toys Back: Playing With Tech Toys Can Help Child Development

A new Parliamentary report on ‘play’ celebrates the positive impact playing with tech toys can have on your child’s development. LeapFrog have backed this official report which has asked the government to make playing with technology an integral part of your child’s education.

Oscar, I think has a healthy balance between his toys and his Leap TV console and other techy toys and both offer different elements to help with his development. A new report from a Parliamentary Group has called for play to be at the centre of a ‘whole child’ approach to health and wellbeing. Whilst there is broad consensus about the importance of physical activity in the battle against obesity, play has lost political momentum in recent years and the report, sponsored by LeapFrog, calls for a fresh approach.

 What constitutes play in today’s society is questioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on a Fit and Healthy Childhood. The report spotlights the positive role of modern technology in child’s play in both home and school settings, affirming that tech toys can be of great value if they are used to support and enhance other learning activities and goals.

The report lands as LeapFrog launch the new Android based tablet for children, LeapFrog Epic, their first device made for sale in the consumer electronics section. Dr Jody Le Vos, director of the LeapFrog Learning Team – a PHD qualified team that sits at the heart of the brand’s educational product development – comments: “We know that children learn best when they are having fun, so tech in the early years setting, be it at home or school, should reflect this – it should be playful”. Dr. Jody continues: “Dedicated learning tablets designed for kids, for example, hold great play appeal to children and when coupled with the right educational content, it can fully engage a child and help supplement other home or classroom learning techniques.”

The APPG report identifies a need for improved education and guidance for parents and professionals. It calls for initial teacher training to include a focus on playful learning through technology to identify best practises and encourage a varied and balanced classroom diet of learning opportunities through play. It also asks the Government to take responsibility for assisting parents on understanding the criteria for selecting ‘tech toys’ and educating them on how to incorporate them constructively in to child’s play at home. “There is still a big job out there to support parents” continues Dr. Jody, “for example, we know the amount of screen time parents should give their child is an ongoing concern. As a brand offering a range of educational tech toys for children age 3-9, we take our responsibility to guide parents very seriously. We regularly produce guides and host social Q&A’s for parents on this subject, helping them to understand the positive effects of tech play, the importance of screen quality and often how to develop a screen time ‘plan’ that they are comfortable with at home.”

The launch of the LeapFrog Epic tablet this month illustrates how LeapFrog is trying to further support parents in making tech part of their child’s play diet. Knowing kids are drawn to adult devices and increasingly expecting technology that looks and feels more like their parents, the LeapFrog Epic boasts a sleek ‘grown up’ look. The perfect introduction to tablet play for children, it includes a wealth of parent-pleasing features including parental controls which allows them to set limits on what, when and how long children can use the device. The Epic will be on Oscar’s Christmas list this year! It also provides children a kid-safe browsing experience through its proprietary LeapSearch browser only allowing access to pre-selected, kid-safe web content from  over 5,000 videos, images, websites and games all reviewed and approved by the LeapFrog learning team. As their child’s interests change and grow, parents can simply add new websites to the LeapSearch browser.

 Sally Plumridge, VP Marketing EMEAAA at LeapFrog comments: “We welcome this report as we launch LeapFrog Epic. We believe that a child’s development is a continuous journey and there is a positive place for technology within this. Epic is a shining example of a tech toy that can add value to a child’s learning journey through play. Technology is very much part of the world we now live in and there is a need to refresh our current understanding of play and reshape perceptions around ‘tech toys’. A child’s knowledge and imagination is infinite and technology can help encourage, engage and excite children to reach their full potential”.

Former ‘Playschool’ TV presenter, Baroness Floella Benjamin chairs the APPG and in speaking of the full report adds: “This is the most comprehensive recent study of play in all its forms and proves the truth of the old saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ I am delighted to commend it to my parliamentary colleagues.”