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The Diono Traverze Stroller Review

With our Summer holidays coming up I had been on the look out for a light weight travel friendly stroller with a good recline for when Archie needs to have a nap on holiday and also a stroller with a large basket. He always naps after lunch when we are away and having a good recline on a small stroller was harder to find than I imagined. When we received the Diono Traverze to review about a month ago I was excited to try it out as I had done my research and it ticked all of the boxes I was looking for.

Image result for the diono traverze

When it arrived I got it out of the box and ours is in the Summery ‘Yellow Sulphar Linear’ colour which I love! There are 6 lovely colours to choose from. There was no putting together involved and once out of the box I followed the easy instructions and had the stroller unfolded and was up in seconds. The instant fold is so easy and quick to use, one-handed and the stroller itself folds so small. (Height 60cm, Width 41.5cm and Depth 23.5cm.) It is also so light to carry too at only 12.3lbs.

Our first trip using the Traverze was to Cardiff. We took the boys to the Principality stadium to watch Monster Jam. It was easy to steer through the busy streets of the city and once inside I folded the stroller which was small enough for me to carry through security and to our seats and fitted neatly under my seat not blocking the walk way at all. I found this so easy and much less stressful than travelling with a larger fold stroller as I would have then had to drop it into a designated area and then would have had to queue to go and retrieve it afterwards. Also carrying it up the steep stairs to our seats was easy too as its so light! We also had to park quite far away from the stadium and Archie was tired afterwards and jumped straight in, instead of us having to carry him on the 20 minute walk back to our car at 7pm. On our first trip using the Traverze I was totally sold and could really appreciate having a smaller, light weight stroller. The basket is also huge underneath, which fitted Archie’s carry potty, spare clothes and a few other bits easily.

A couple of weeks ago Oscar went out for the day with his Godfather and his sons to watch the rugby so Greg and I decided to take Archie into London for the day. To be honest I always drive into London as I always get so anxious about getting to a station and it having no lifts and having to carry Archie and a folded stroller on the very steep escalators. Now we have the Traverze we decided to take the train instead. When we got to Knightsbridge there was an escalator and stairs up to the main road, Greg carried Archie and I carried the stroller with no problems at all. The small compact fold also came in useful when we stopped for lunch as I just put the folded stroller under the table out of the way. Again pushing the Traverze through the busy streets of London was a breeze with the smooth rolling, never flat wheels, with shock absorbers and all-wheel suspension. It turns so easy with one hand with the swivel wheels making steering super easy.

The stroller also has a very secure 5-point harness with removable plush pads. The straps are easy to adjust to fit your child and when we were on the train and when getting on and off the trains having Archie comfortable and secure made me less anxiousabout travellin g on the train with him. I will defiantly travel on the trains into London more now that I know it’s so much easier using the Traverze.

During half term we ventured down to Devon for a couple of days. Packing the Traverze in the boot with our bags wasn’t an issue as it takes up only a quarter of my boot. It really is the perfect travel stroller. We went to Durdle Door on the Monday and had a really long walk from the car park to the beach. Once we got to the beach there were around 150 steps down to the beach which was easy with the folded stroller. On the way back up the hill to the car it was so far and we were so glad we took it with us for Archie’s tired little legs.

The long break bar at the back makes it really easy to use in any shoes, even bare feet. The handle is the perfect height as well, I am short at 5ft 2 and it was fine for me and equally Greg is 6ft and found the height fine as well.

The Traverze comes with a rain cover and waterproof travel bag. Once the stroller is in the travel bag it has a telescopic extendable luggage style handle to make pulling it through an airport even easier. It also fits in most overhead cabins on the plane. We go away next month and can’t wait to see how we get on travelling abroad with it! Especially as we have a late flight on the way home so Archie can sleep in the Traverze right up until we board the plane. Don’t worry I will post another review once we have been on holiday.

I absolutely love the Diono Traverze and it has made travelling and days out so much easier! It gets 10 out of 10 from us! The Diono Traverze has an RRP of £250. Mothercare have two exclusive colours, black facet and orange.


Disclaimer: We were gifted the Diono Traverze for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

The New Quinny ZAPP X – One Pushchair, Endless Possibilities

Last week Archie and I headed into Covent Garden, London to check out the new Quinny ZAPP X – One Pushchair, Endless Possibilities. We arrived at the ‘pop up’ shop which was amazing and inside was an array of the ZAPP’s in lots of different colours and combinations.

My first impressions on giving the ZAPP X the once over was how light it was yet still really sturdy and just how practical it is from using it with a newborn right up until your little one is three. The whole stroller changes with one simple click and the combination possibilities are endless. With a newborn you can click on the max-cosi car seat, use a snug cocoon or the carrycot and then for the toddler stage there is a two-way toddler seat and the one click system makes it easy if you want to change the direction of the toddler seat. Even the wheel-configuration and push bar can be altered to suit you too.

I absolutely love the new customisation tool at which means you can create the perfect stroller for you and your baby’s style. For instance I love the ZAPP X in the two shades of blue which is perfect for me as a mum of boys. Although I love the grey and pink combination if I had a little girl.

The ZAPP X is available in three different configurations, so there will always be one to suit everyone. There is the ZAPP Felex Plus, the ZAPP Flex and the ZAPP Express. Overall the ZAPP X really means that you can ‘Walk Your Way’.

The ZAPP Flex Plus is their ‘deluxe’ model with an RRP of £335 which for the high end stroller that it is, it is a fantastic price. It is perfect from birth with the lightweight Lux Carrycot and has four large puncture proof tyres to ensure your baby gets the smoothest of rides. The Flex toddler seat reclines both ways and the fold of the stroller is so compact making it perfect for travelling as well.

The ZAPP Flex is a super easy to steer stroller and so lightweight. Once again the fold is so compact, taking up minimal boot space and great for travelling. On this middle there are three medium wheels which makes it easy to steer through small spaces, perfect for using it in the city! It has an RRP of £295 and can be used from birth with the Lux Carrycot, a maxi cosi pebble car seat and the from birth cocoon.

The ZAPP XPRESS has an RRP of £195 and to be honest I couldn’t  believe how cheap it is considering the quality if the stroller is so high. It can be used from birth with the Lux Carrycot, a maxi cosi pebble car seat and the from birth cocoon. It has three medium wheels and the unique XPRESS seat with relax mode and once again folds so small.
The ZAPP range also has lots of fantastic accessories available from cup holders, to footmuffs to winter liners to make being out and about with your ZAPP X an easy experience.

I absolutely love the range and its easy to see that the range of the ZAPP’s are going to be extremely popular!

The Stokke Xplory Onyx Black Winter Kit Review

In my opinion the Stokke Xplory is the most unique looking Pushchair on the market and stands out from the crowd. I often get comments about how modern it looks from other Mum’s and it’s defiantly  a much more trendier and fashionable pushchair. So when we were sent the Stokke Xplory Onyx Black Winter Kit I was very excited!

You will have seen in the Summer I jazzed up my sleek black Xplory with the blue Stokke summer kit and now with Winter well and truly here my Stokke is now wearing its Winter kit in Onyx Black. To be honest I hate the cold and Winter is just not for me but with the gorgeous sheepskin fur, the Stokke Onyx Black Winter Kit has certainly given me something to smile about.

As well as looking great it keeps little Archie lovely and warm and the pop on front storm cover keeps him shielded from the cold weather. His little cheeks go so red and sore in the Winter and having the storm cover protecting him from the wind when we are out and about makes it so much better!

Doesn’t Archie Look Cosy?!

Inside the Winter Kit box which as an RRP of £255.00 and comes in three lovely different colours; the Onyx Black, Bronze Brown and Pearl White is the sheepskin fur insulated hood which is just gorgeous, the seat rear textile cover, the sheepskin care brush, the storm cover and a pair of sheepskin lined mittens that attach easily to the handlebar and keeps my hands lovely and warm!

Being able to switch up the look and style of my Stokke Xplory is great fun and with so many kits and colours to choose from there is a style for everyone. I’m always excited to see Stokke’s new style when the new season comes around.

I absolutely love our Stokke Winter kit and the material is so durable and easy to wipe down which means keeping my Xplory clean and looking great is super easy! Especially in the Winter when it’s in my car boot sometimes mud gets on the fabric but as it’s wipeable I use a baby wipe and it looks as good as new!

Having a gorgeous pushchair to look at everyday has certainly made this cold Winter a bit more bearable! Take a look at the Stokke website to see for yourself!


Disclaimer: We were sent the Winter Kit for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own and I absolutely love my Xplory and the Stokke Xplory Onyx Black Winter Kit.

Graco Modes 3 Lite Trio Travel System Review

As you will have seen before for the last few months we have been a Generation Graco Ambassador. Within this time we have reviewed the Nimble Nook Travel Cot and the Milestone car seat. When we were at the Generation Graco event at London Zoo in September we were given a glimpse of the Modes 3 Lite and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

The Modes 3 Lite is a new travel system from Graco that is suitable from birth to 15kg and has seven ways to ride. When it arrived I couldn’t believe how much was in the box, inside there is the main chassis, the Graco SnugRide first stage infant car seat, baby carry cot, toddler seat, rain cover and foot muff. Literally everything you will need from birth until three or 15kg is in the box. I love that just like the Milestone car seat the stroller will last for the whole time you will need a pushchair and grow with your child.

As I mentioned there are seven ways to ride in the Modes 3 Lite using the ClickConnect technology which is absolutely fantastic and makes it so easy and quick to use the travel system. You can attach the infant car seat which can face you or face away from you, or attach the carry cot which again can face you or away from you, attach the infant car seat whilst the toddler seat is on which is great for when your little one is to big for the carrycot but can still fit in the car seat, or the toddler seat can face you or away from you. There are so many possibilities to suit everyone!

Obviously Archie was to big to try out the SnugRide first stage infant car seat and the carry cot as he is now almost two but our closest friends are having a baby next year so I will do another review next year on those. Although I can say that the SnugRide first stage infant car seat is without a doubt the lightest infant car seat I have come across. I wish I had one after I had both of the boys as I had a caesarean with both and carrying the car seat afterwards was quite difficult to start with. It also has a Sun shade hood that can be attached to the carry handle. It is attached into your car using a seat belt and has a three point harness. The carrycot is also really light and has a carry handle conveniently placed on the hood making it easy to carry around. Archie actually climbed into the carrycot and it is massive.

Setting the travel system up was fairly easy and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Once I had put the Modes 3 Lite together the first thing I noticed was just how massive the basket underneath is. It is absolutely huge which is great for me as I have Oscar’s school bag, handbag and shopping which fits under easily. It’s that big I am pretty sure I could fit in it! 🙂 I also noticed how sturdy the system is it feels well made and I like that the handle is slightly higher up as I found it comfortable to push and with Greg being 6ft it was high enough for him too. The only thing that would be better was if it was adjustable but it wasn’t a problem for us.

The toddler seat is lovely and wide and Archie looks lovely and comfortable in it. It has a five point harness. The fabrics are luxurious and plush and can easily be moved and are machine washable which is great as I love to keep my pushchair nice and clean. The footplate is also nice and big on the toddler seat and can just be wiped over to clean off the muddy footprints.

The best feature without a doubt is the fast action fold. I actually couldn’t believe just how fast the travel system folded when we were given a demo at the event. It literally takes a second to fold and you can even fold it with the toddler seat still attached. Once folded the travel system is so flat and would fit in any boot, big or small.
I also liked the cup holder so Archie can put his bottle or beaker in whilst were out and about, he also stuffs his dummy and comforter in there too just like he does on the Milestone car seat. It would have been great to have one on the handle too for my drink.

The Graco Modes 3 Lite Trio Travel System is without a shadow of a doubt absolutely amazing value. The complete package has an RRP of £389.99!! Yes only £389.99 you did read that right! Considering everything that is included it is incredible. I know that with other brands you would have to purchase the infant car seat separately, the car seat adaptors, drink holder, footmuff and sometimes the carrycot separately too. Sometimes this can cost in the thousands!

I really think the Graco Modes 3 Lite Trio Travel System is as great as I expected from when I saw the demo. If you are looking for a complete travel system with all the extras that is sturdy and well made, easy and quick to use and won’t break the bank then this really is the one for you! I love it!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Graco Modes 3 Lite Trio Travel System for the purpose of this review however all opinions are honest and my own.


I Am A Generation Graco Ambassador & Our Trip To London Zoo

Generation Graco Badge FINAL

Last weekend we had the most fantastic day at London Zoo thanks to Graco. We arrived there early on the Saturday morning and had a lovely breakfast put on for us and then we were shown the different products in the ‘Generation Graco’ range. It was great to get hands on and be shown by the experts how all the products work and how great they really are. One thing that I came away from the day which really struck a cord it is that Graco products are high end products at affordable prices. Each product from the fantastic milestone car seat which I will have a full review of for you in the next few weeks to smaller products like the Swivi Seat Booster 3-In-1 Booster are all so well made and so durable but the prices truly surprised me, they are such amazing value.

The Milestone car seat for example has a RRP of only £179.99 and is the only car seat you will ever need, lasting from newborn until your highback booster that you would use roughly up until the age of 11 depending an weight. I tried Archie in the car seat and he seemed very comfortable!

Image result for graco milestone all-in-one

We then went outside and watched the Penguin show then had a lovely lunch where Oscar had his face painted as a Tiger. The Graco team and the lovely PR girls were so helpful and the boys loved playing with them. The Graco team also talked through every product with us and the amount of research that has gone into every car seat, stroller etc is astounding.

I then saw Oscar jumping up and down as the children’s animal surprise arrived which he had been so excited about all day, he even trird to get it out of the PR team what the surprise was. Two of the zoo keepers brought two Meerkat’s for the children to look at. We then went off around the zoo for the rest of the day which was really special as Archie is now old enough to get excited about the animals, where as when we had been to the zoo before with him he was only a few months old. His face pressed against the glass with the monkeys on the other side of it was priceless! I also loved seeing the baby Gorilla who was the same age as Archie and also born in December 2014 they were pretty much the same size.

We had such a fantastic day at the zoo and it was also great for me to learn more about Graco as a brand. I am so excited to have been picked as a Generation Graco ambassador and can’t wait to show you my reviews over the next few months and also show you how fantastic all of the Graco products really are!

Thank you Graco and Cohn and Wolfe for such a fantastic day!

Our Stokke Xplory Review Vlog

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first thoughts on our gorgeous new Stokke Xplory. I have a lovely friend called Rachel who is a super talented film maker and she kindly filmed me using our Xplory so you can see first hand just how great it is and what I love about it! I hope you like it!

My First Impressions Of Our Gorgeous New Stokke Xplory

If you have read my blog before then you will know I am a big Stokke fan. Archie has the Step’s highchair and has slept in the Sleepi from birth and Oscar had the Tripp Trapp which he now uses as a chair. So you can imagine my excitement when a couple of weeks ago I got a knock on the door and the delivery man told me I had a delivery from Stokke….. Then a Stokke Xplory box emerged from the back of the van and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I had always had a go with the Xplory at the baby shows and admired them when I saw other Mum’s with their baby’s in one so to finally have one of our own is super exciting!

Obviously I got it straight out of the box and put it all together in under 5 minutes. Everything in the box was packaged to perfection and the instructions are so simple to follow and then wallah my brand new Xplory was ready to go! Here are my first impressions of it;


The Xplory stands out from the crowd completely. Its unique design is like no other on the market and looks sleek, luxurious and elegant and is more fashionable than your basic pram. I love the shopping bag underneath and how I can simply unpop it from the pram chassis and carry it into the house to unpack any shopping. When I first saw the size of the bag compared to a usual pram basket I did wonder how much would actually fit into it. I needn’t of worried as I managed to fit my bottle bag, baby carrier, rain cover and snacks and still had room to spare.

The chassis itself is a contemporary design and when I have been out and about lots of people have commented on how modern and quirky it is. When I took Archie to get weighed last week the lady who weighed him thought it was fantastic that he was so high up in the seat and how it was great for his development and interaction with me when I am pushing the pram.

You can choose from eight different textile colours and there are also Summer and Winter kits to jazz up your pram and change the look of it from season to season. There are also lots of other accessories you can add to your pram too. I will defiantly be purchasing a kit for each season!


Over the last two weeks I have tested the Xplory on all different terrains from inside Westfield shopping centre to the muddy baths along the Thames at Egham. It has been great everywhere. The pram itself is really light and easy to steer with only one hand with full control. It is so easy to push, even when walking up hill. The ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions to tailor the handle bar to you height and however you find most comfortable which is great.

Archie is comfortable in the seat and with the unique adjustable height he can see everything that is going on around him and he is right in front of me at my height when I am chatting away and showing him things when we are out and about which is great to promote eye contact and connection. The seat has three parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active and two forward facing positions: rest and active.

The pram is easy to fold with the pull of one button and by pushing your foot on a fold panel and it collapses straight away after you have pushed on the seat release button and the seat comes off easily. It fits in my boot easily and as the chassis is so light it is easy to put in too. The Xplory is a luxury pram and after using it for the past two weeks it is evident that Stokke have put lots of thought into every aspect of the pram from functionality to design. Stokke as a brand make luxury items for babies and I always maintain that I would rather spend more money on a fantastic product that is going to last the test of time. When I brought the Sleepi, Steps and the Tripp Trapp I knew they were all products that would last and grow with Oscar and Archie for years to come. I also knew that with Stokke everything is high quality and so well made that it will last throughout their childhood in to their teens, for instance the Tripp Trapp can be used as a desk chair and the Sleepi cot turns into two chairs.

Steering the Xplory around shops and in cafe’s is so easy with the swivel on the front wheels. You can also set the wheels to be locked just by pushing the white button tab on each wheel down with your foot. Also when in cafe’s you can use the seats height adjustable feature to fit it at any table at the right height. To put on the brake you press the orange pedal at the bottom to stop, and press the top to go with your foot. Everything is so fluid on the Xplory, it is so simple and easy to use. Every feature and every button is straight forward and easy. Day to day it is easy to use and that is all you can ask for in a pram when you are using it all of the time.

I love absolutely everything about the Xplory, from the design to its functionality it is a pram like no other. If you are looking for a top quality, modern, easy to use, great looking pram then the Xplory is the one for you!

What’s in the box?

Chassis, Seat Unit, Canopy textiles (hood), Rain Cover, Newborn Insert, Bumper Bar, Mosquito Net, Instruction Booklet, Warranty and Shopping Bag.


  • Suitable from Birth
  • Open Height: 89cm – 123cm
  • Open Width: 57cm
  • Open Length: 75cm – 102cm
  • Weight: 10.5kg with seat – 12.5kg with carry cot


Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 12, Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner

The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner is the new super comfy liner from Cuddle Co. With the cold weather upon us I always am concious of wrapping the boys up warm and especially Archie when he is in his pushchair. Oscar starts school at 8.20am and the mornings at the moment are absolutely freezing. The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner will not only keep your little one nice and warm but lovely and comfy too.

The liner cleverly moulds to your baby’s unique shape, ensuring they are in the perfect position to maintain and develop a healthy posture as well as aiding their muscoloskeltal development which is crucial. When out for a walk or out and about your baby can be in his/her stroller for a long time. Making sure they are correctly positioned and comfortable is so important. The range of designs available are a fun and exciting way for parents to personalise their wheels and make your stroller stand out from the crowd. The newest striking prints include; Spot the Dot, Dove Grey, Fruity Tutti, Jungle Boogie and Robots.


The Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner’s are available from SMYTHS Toys and are only £24.99.  I think this is an amazing price for such a great liner and a very cheap way of sprucing up your stroller!

Comfi - Cush Jungle Boogie image-0Cuddle Co have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a  Comfi-Cush Memory Foam Stroller Liner in a pattern of your choice. Enter below and good luck!

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Preview Of The Mothercare Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Yesterday we went to the preview of the Mothercare Spring/Summer 2016 collection. When we first went in we saw the gorgeous Peter Rabbit collection which is in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter. I have a little bit of a Peter Rabbit obsession and have all of the ornaments and even sourced some bedding for Oscar from France. I had been looking for a nursery range for ages for Archie and only found bits in the U.S and to ship them over here was a fortune. Seeing the new Mothercare collection made my day and I can’t wait for its release in March. There is everything from Peter rabbit clothing and accessories to beautiful cot bedding, furniture and gifts. The clothing range is for babies of newborn to 1 year and the collection is made up of soft grey and white unisex colours with traditional illustrations. The embroidery is gorgeous.

Around the room were different sets of nursery furniture to suit any nursery. From walnut to white the furniture is lovely and so well made. My favourite is the new Bloomsbury collection with smooth, stylish curves and I love the changing unit. Also the new moses baskets and stand caught my eye. They are beautiful with soft material weaved around the edges and with the new stands look amazing. I wish Archie could still fit in one as I would definitely get this one in the grey.


I was then shown the new XSS Pockit stroller and was absolutely blown away by it. It is a Guiness World record breaker as it is the most compact pushchair at only H34cm x W14cm x D32cm when folded. It is absolutely tiny and so light weight too. Wherever you go the XSS will fit everywhere. From an over head compartment on a plane to inside its very own carry bag, you can carry it anywhere. The carry bag matches the pattern of the pushchair and when the stroller is inside nobody would ever guess you are carrying around a pushchair. It is brilliant for travelling or even on the school run when you want a small pushchair that won’t take up the whole of your boot. It is packed with additional features including a sun canopy, adjustable handles and lockable front swivel wheels. It is suitable for babies of 6 months + and is an absolute bargain at only £129.99!

The Little Bird collection by Jools Oliver is as gorgeous as ever, with the bright colours and funky designs. The Little Bird brand is iconic and most parents will be able to spot a Little Birds outfit out in a crowd. The collection is bright, fun and with the bold graphics your children will love wearing these outfits. The whole collection is gorgeous and I can’t wait for it to hit the stores in the early part of next year!


The Baby K collection by Myleene Klass is exclusive to Mothercare and every season she designs the most beautiful children’s clothes and nursery collections. I love the baby collections with different slogans on, especially the grey and yellow ‘happy’ jumper.

The Mothercare clothing range caters for babies and children’s up to 8 years. They have launched three collections for the Spring/Summer collection; Hamptons, Eco and Rio. I love all of the vibrant colours and prints. The children’s trainers are really on trend too and they have also refreshed their character ranges with retro favourites like Tom and Jerry and Dennis the Menace. I have a long shopping list of clothing for the boys from everything I was shown. Role on Spring!


We had a great afternoon at the Mothercare Spring/Summer preview #SS16Mothercare and loved everything. We also got to make a great tote bag each which was a great idea and a really fun momento of the day.

Thanks Mothercare!


The New Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend

This November Bugaboo introduces the latest special edition: the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend.  The Bugaboo Cameleon3 is the original all-in-one that parents love for quality, style and all round comfort for their baby. From newborn to toddler, this fully-loaded pushchair adapts to every journey making it easy to use on the move.  It breathes the legacy of 15 years of Bugaboo design and continues to be a modern-day icon of creativity and innovation. Continuing in that inventive spirit, we are always looking out for new materials.

Designed for parents who enjoy city life as well as trips to the woods, sand and snow , the special-edition Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend is naturally stylish, combining a refined, soft, brushed polyester tweed outer fabric, and blue TENCEL®* lining. The pushchair breathes a sense of softness, offering maximum comfort for parents and their child. I love the brown leather handle!

I have always had Bugaboos myself, having the Cameleon with Oscar and now the Buffalo with Archie and also have the Runner which is the jogging extension.

Why did I choose a Bugaboo myself?

I chose Bugaboo for the quality of the pushchair and being able to use it anywhere easily. In the park in thick mud to on holiday abroad in the sand. I love being able to change the hood colour of the pushchair keeping it stylish and on trend with the gorgeous colours and patterns available. I always recommend Bugaboo to my friends when they are choosing a pushchair and they have all thanked me for it!

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend is available now with an RRP of £999.