AD. ManiMe Kids Tiger Graduate Valet Chair & Mirror

Last month we were kindly asked by ManiMe-Kids if we would like to be sent one of their gorgeous valet chairs. ManiMe is a fun and interactive range of animal themed children’s chairs designed to encourage independent dressing. I am very particular with what furniture we have in the boys bedrooms as they each have a theme but when I saw the amazing quality and designs of the valet chairs I knew it would be a lovely addition to Archie’s bedroom. I sat with Archie and showed him the different designs, there are four choices; a Monkey, a Tiger, a Panda and a Bear. Archie chose the Tiger as it is his favourite animal.

Mani-Me Kids is a lovely brand, where two busy parents with two young children developed a chair that would make morning routines quicker and easier. Every evening I always lay out Oscar and Archie’s clothes for the next morning and before we had our Tiger graduate chair I always laid the clothes on top of the chest of draws, which didn’t look great! Now I can hang Archie’s clothes properly on his valet chair ready for the the next day. Archie is super independent, I think that’s just a younger sibling thing but often as soon as his clock turns yellow in the morning at 7am he appears for a cuddle in bed with us already dressed and ready for the day. More often than not his pyjamas are hanging back on his valet chair and he has even attempted to make his bed!

There are two variations of the chair; the Cub which is aimed at younger nursery aged children and the graduate which we went for. The graduate has a hook on the back where you can hang clothes on hangers or I hang Archie’s baseball cap on there, a section for his school blazer, a place to hang his school shirt and tie, a slot to hang trousers or a skirt through, socks and undergarment section and shoes fit perfectly underneath. The chair is the perfect height for Archie to sit comfortably whilst he dresses. The chairs shoulders are the same width as a child’s coat hanger so all clothes hang and fit perfectly.

Putting the chair together took no time at all and it all slots together and then you tighten the screws using the Alan key provided. The chair itself is just amazing quality, it is crafted from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a natural grass that has had no pesticides, is strong, durable and beautiful, empowering our children and supporting the environment.Both of the the ManiMe valet chairs are £99.

The ManiMe mirror compliments the valet chair perfectly, allowing your children to stand in front of it and helps them to dress correctly, especially when putting trickier outfits on like their uniform with a blazer and tie. It is made from Aluminum for child proof safety which is great! The mirror is £49.99.

The ManiMe valet chair and mirror really promotes independence in children and with lots of children starting school in September and the children going back after the Summer holidays having the chair really helps with the morning routine which is normally hectic at the best of times. Knowing the children can dress themselves allows us more time for other things. Before the boys started school we practised every morning during the school holidays, so the valet chair can really help with that. Archie loves his Tiger chair and its a lovely addition to his bedroom.

*We were kindly gifted the Mani-Me Kids valet chair and mirror, all opinions are honest and my own.