Our Super Yummies Adventure & Competition

Last week Archie was sent some fabulous adventure goodies from The Super Yummies so we could go on an adventure of our own over the weekend. We had the ultimate discovery pack when keeping both Oscar and Archie entertained when out and about.

As well as The Super Yummies snacks we had a LittleLife rabbit rucksack and reins, a Hello Nature art book and a nature art activity book. Both the boys were thrilled, Archie loves his LittleLife rucksack and Oscar loves art and craft and thought the books were fantastic. His exact phrase was “epic”.

So on Saturday we went to the farm and had a fantastic day exploring and having fun. We stopped mid-morning for a snack and the Pear and Berries rice cakes went down a treat and are great for a quick and easy refuel snack and on when we went. The rice cakes are suitable for 12 months plus. They are the perfect size for little hands and taste really fruity and without sounding cliché are super yummy! Oscar pinched a few too and loved them. It is great when you find a snack that both boys will love and comes in convenient sized packs to always carry around with you!

Archie loves being out of the pushchair now and free to run around when we are out, although sometimes I lose count of how many times he runs around at a hundred miles an hour and falls over. Today he wore his adorable little rabbit LittleLife backpack and reins that carried his snacks and water beaker inside and then as we walked around I held onto the reins and he managed to stay on his feet. The backpacks are a fantastic idea, in fact years ago we had a shark one with Oscar. We took it everywhere with us as it easily fits under the pushchair or I used to attach it to my changing bag. It is really one of those ‘wow’ products that makes your life so much easier and you can’t live without. No more panicking that Archie is getting too close to the water when feeding the ducks and him refusing to hold my hand (he is Mr Independent). A lot of people also commented on how cute his backpack was with the little rabbit ears.

At lunch Archie had some of the tomato and herb breadsticks. I love that they are flat which is easier for him to hold and actually he manages to eat all of it rather than crumbling everywhere like breadsticks usually do. They also come in a resealable packet which is great, rather than having to put them in a bulky container in my bag to keep them fresh. Once again they are full of flavour and taste lovely, even Daddy liked them!

The fruit pouches are perfect for an after lunch treat/pudding and have rescrewable lids so can be eaten on the go. Archie loves to feed himself with these and sucks all the yumminess out. Archie loves yoghurts and often gets in a right mess when trying to use a spoon, although this is great fun at home it’s not ideal if you are out and about and the pouches just save the day!

The apple and orange rice cakes were definitely Archie’s favourite and by the time we left Willows Farm the packet was empty. He literally walked around with them eating one after the other. I managed to prise one off him so I could try it too but nobody else got a look in. They do taste really good, I can see myself eating them as a snack, just don’t tell Archie.

Here is the full Super Yummies range:

Breadsticks: spinach breadsticks, tomato & herb breadsticks which are 12 months +

Rice cakes: pear & berries rice cakes, apple & orange rice cakes which are 12 months +

Pouches:  apple & forest fruits yoghurt, strawberry, kiwi & banana squeeze, mixed berries & coconut squeeze which are 12 months +

Slices and pieces: beetroot & parsnip slices, strawberry & yoghurt pieces, banana & yoghurt pieces which Archie hasn’t tried yet as they are 36 months +

Both flavours of rice cakes, the two flavours of breadsticks, the fruit pouches and the slices and pieces follow The Super Yummies promise:

With our little discovery pack we also have a sheet full of fun mini adventure ideas. Check out my Instagram to see lots of The Super Yummies mini adventures over the Winter! I would love to see your photos too, so don’t forget to tag me in them.

The Super Yummies and LittleLife have kindly given me one discovery pack to give away to one lucky reader. So enter below and good luck!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the above mentioned Super Yummies snacks and adventure kit for the purpose of this blog post. All opinions are honest and my own.

35 thoughts on “Our Super Yummies Adventure & Competition

  1. We went to the isle of wight in summer for 2 weeks of adventures, our now 18 month old (then 14 months) loved exploring the site, the beaches, the parks, roman villas, etc. We had a wonderful time.

  2. We love to visit dinosaur adventure park, we have a packed lunch and see all the animals and spot the dinosaurs. They have a great soft play area too.

  3. We went to our local country park and followed the nature trails -got lost but we had lots of snacks to get us back on track

  4. We took the little man to watch the planes taking off from the local airport at the weekend. We parked up in a lovely park very nearby and had a picnic in the car. He really..really enjoyed it and it worked out as a very cheap, fun afternoon. x

  5. We went to Cornwall in the summer and the kiddies loved exploring all of the beaches and the rocks and picking up shells

  6. My daughter had a big adventure of starting nursery this year. But at the end of last year we went to Dinosaur adventure park. She did so well walking around everywhere seeing the dinosaurs.

  7. We go on adventures as much as possible. I believe you can have adventures anywhere as long as you use your imagination. Parks, beaches, museums, dress up in the house, holidays, swimming, the list goes on. Happy New Year!

  8. Our biggest family adventure was to hendrewennol in Wales. Children loved the fruit picking and also had fun jumping off and playing on the hay bales. This is such a great place to visit in the spring and summer

  9. We love going on adventures, both big and small. We go exploring in our beautiful local woodlands and along our coastal path. We also love climbing in our local country park,

  10. We took our granddaughter (20 months old) to the aquarium and she loved it. She spent the whole time staring and pointing at the various fish, and saying “wayoo” which means “whale” and is what she calls any kind of whale, fish, dolphin, etc. There were some big sharks and also some really large blue and yellow fish that I’ve forgotten the name of, which I think really impressed her, as to-date the only large animals she’s seen are farm animals. It made for a great day out when it was cold and blustery outside.

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