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A few weeks ago the boys received a lovely bundle of Clangers goodies as part of their new Clangers For Kindness campaign. Both the boys love watching Clangers on CBeebies and it was last Christmas that Oscar’s Auntie brought him the play set and all the figures.

The Clangers For Kindness campaign will be encouraging kids, parents – in fact everyone – to spread kindness every day, just like the Clangers do on the little blue planet. From giving a hug, to helping a friend in need, there are many ways to spread kindness. Spreading kindness is something we have installed in Oscar. Spreading kindness at Christmas time is especially lovely and one example of Oscar spreading some kindness happened last week in London. Each year we go to Harrods to see Father Christmas and last Tuesday after school we drove into London for our annual visit. After we went into the grotto we walked around the corner to Pizza Express and on our way Oscar noticed a man in a sleeping bag sitting in a shop doorway. He asked us why he was there and we explained to him that not everybody is as lucky as him. He kept asking questions throughout dinner. We then had to walk back past the man to get to the car and Oscar had put a £1 out of his money box in his pocket in case he wanted to buy something. When we walked past the man Oscar let go of my hand and walked over to him and gave him his pound and said Merry Christmas! I was so proud of him and as we walked back to the car he had a huge smile on his face. I asked him if it made him feel good, his reply was “yes very good, hopefully the man will buy a new house with my pound and be safe and warm.” It made me want to cry, I was so proud of him.

In the Clangers bundle we were sent an activity book, a DVD, a model your own clangers modelling kit, magazine and a Clanger whistle. The boys loved watching the DVD over and over, especially Archie who normally I have to download episodes on my Sky box. The model your own Clangers kit is great and we had great fun making our very own Clanger, the tin has everything you need inside and would make a great stocking filler. Oscar took ownership of the activity book as he didn’t trust Archie with his stickers! 🙂 And the Clanger whistle is great fun, I couldn’t believe how spot on the noise it makes is to the Clanger sounds.

The Clangers For Kindness website is full of fun activities and also a free downloadable reward chart.

Take a look below at the lovely #ClangersForKindness video. Warning: You may shed a tear or two…..

The lovely people at Clangers have kindly given me a matching bundle to give away to one of my lovely readers! I would love to hear any stories you might have of your little ones and their acts of kindness! Then enter the competition below to win your very own Clangers bundle.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Clangers For Kindness bundle for the purpose of this post. Competition is in association with Hello Clangers.

24 thoughts on “#ClangersForKindness Competition

  1. My son is a very kind little man! He always looks out for his dad and helps him with him with his walking stick or if he needs help in the shops or anything. He’s very kind for 4 xx

  2. My 9 year old son helping me look after his little brother and sisters when i was unwell , made me coffee’s all day, changed his baby brother and even made the girls their sandwiches

  3. my eldest daughter and son, both had an operation, daughter 8 weeks ago, son 6 weeks ago, son got better quicker than my daughter, so my son has helped my daughter to do stuff, usually they fight like dog and cat

  4. My nieces act of kindness was sorting all her old toys she no longer needs for the children who would love them x

  5. as a single mum i have no choice in just getting on with things. yet recently i had an operation and so have been on crutches for a while. my son has helped me do all sorts to be able to keep on top of my housework. he is amazing xx

  6. My son likes to give some of our shopping bits to the homeless people who sit in the doorways of the supermarket

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