New Dads Survival Guide From Natural Baby Shower


Natural Baby Shower recently conducted a study into new and expecting first-time UK dads and what their biggest thoughts and fears are. Being a new parent is extremely daunting but I was always aware from the first day we had Oscar and Archie that as I was feeding the baby I didn’t want to alienate Greg in anyway. 

They surveyed 1,000 expecting and new dads from around the UK asking 4 questions:

·         How they feel before the birth

·         What they worry about the most

·         What they expect to miss the most, and

·         How they prepare for their baby’s arrival

A couple of key findings were that baby books are still the most popular resource for expecting dads, even amongst young dads aged 18-14. We also found that the biggest overall concern for expecting dads is in regards to the delivery going smoothly – but when we segmented the data further we found that dads living in London between the ages of 25 and 34 found work obligations and being able to be home enough their biggest worry. You can read some more about the findings here: