My First Impressions Of Our Gorgeous New Stokke Xplory

If you have read my blog before then you will know I am a big Stokke fan. Archie has the Step’s highchair and has slept in the Sleepi from birth and Oscar had the Tripp Trapp which he now uses as a chair. So you can imagine my excitement when a couple of weeks ago I got a knock on the door and the delivery man told me I had a delivery from Stokke….. Then a Stokke Xplory box emerged from the back of the van and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I had always had a go with the Xplory at the baby shows and admired them when I saw other Mum’s with their baby’s in one so to finally have one of our own is super exciting!

Obviously I got it straight out of the box and put it all together in under 5 minutes. Everything in the box was packaged to perfection and the instructions are so simple to follow and then wallah my brand new Xplory was ready to go! Here are my first impressions of it;


The Xplory stands out from the crowd completely. Its unique design is like no other on the market and looks sleek, luxurious and elegant and is more fashionable than your basic pram. I love the shopping bag underneath and how I can simply unpop it from the pram chassis and carry it into the house to unpack any shopping. When I first saw the size of the bag compared to a usual pram basket I did wonder how much would actually fit into it. I needn’t of worried as I managed to fit my bottle bag, baby carrier, rain cover and snacks and still had room to spare.

The chassis itself is a contemporary design and when I have been out and about lots of people have commented on how modern and quirky it is. When I took Archie to get weighed last week the lady who weighed him thought it was fantastic that he was so high up in the seat and how it was great for his development and interaction with me when I am pushing the pram.

You can choose from eight different textile colours and there are also Summer and Winter kits to jazz up your pram and change the look of it from season to season. There are also lots of other accessories you can add to your pram too. I will defiantly be purchasing a kit for each season!


Over the last two weeks I have tested the Xplory on all different terrains from inside Westfield shopping centre to the muddy baths along the Thames at Egham. It has been great everywhere. The pram itself is really light and easy to steer with only one hand with full control. It is so easy to push, even when walking up hill. The ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions to tailor the handle bar to you height and however you find most comfortable which is great.

Archie is comfortable in the seat and with the unique adjustable height he can see everything that is going on around him and he is right in front of me at my height when I am chatting away and showing him things when we are out and about which is great to promote eye contact and connection. The seat has three parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active and two forward facing positions: rest and active.

The pram is easy to fold with the pull of one button and by pushing your foot on a fold panel and it collapses straight away after you have pushed on the seat release button and the seat comes off easily. It fits in my boot easily and as the chassis is so light it is easy to put in too. The Xplory is a luxury pram and after using it for the past two weeks it is evident that Stokke have put lots of thought into every aspect of the pram from functionality to design. Stokke as a brand make luxury items for babies and I always maintain that I would rather spend more money on a fantastic product that is going to last the test of time. When I brought the Sleepi, Steps and the Tripp Trapp I knew they were all products that would last and grow with Oscar and Archie for years to come. I also knew that with Stokke everything is high quality and so well made that it will last throughout their childhood in to their teens, for instance the Tripp Trapp can be used as a desk chair and the Sleepi cot turns into two chairs.

Steering the Xplory around shops and in cafe’s is so easy with the swivel on the front wheels. You can also set the wheels to be locked just by pushing the white button tab on each wheel down with your foot. Also when in cafe’s you can use the seats height adjustable feature to fit it at any table at the right height. To put on the brake you press the orange pedal at the bottom to stop, and press the top to go with your foot. Everything is so fluid on the Xplory, it is so simple and easy to use. Every feature and every button is straight forward and easy. Day to day it is easy to use and that is all you can ask for in a pram when you are using it all of the time.

I love absolutely everything about the Xplory, from the design to its functionality it is a pram like no other. If you are looking for a top quality, modern, easy to use, great looking pram then the Xplory is the one for you!

What’s in the box?

Chassis, Seat Unit, Canopy textiles (hood), Rain Cover, Newborn Insert, Bumper Bar, Mosquito Net, Instruction Booklet, Warranty and Shopping Bag.


  • Suitable from Birth
  • Open Height: 89cm – 123cm
  • Open Width: 57cm
  • Open Length: 75cm – 102cm
  • Weight: 10.5kg with seat – 12.5kg with carry cot


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