Share Your Ghastro Ghoul or Noro Story To Win A Break To Legoland

Norovirus causes diarrhoea and vomiting and is one of the most common stomach bugs in the UK. As a Mummy to two boys Norovirus is a nightmare! Archie is only 15 months and touch wood we have swerved it so far but Oscar has had it a few times over the last few years. One particular that time that I will always remember was when Oscar was 4 and I had just been for my 20 week scan as I was pregnant with Archie. Oscar had had a fun afternoon playing in the playground as we had met his Nanny for lunch afterwards for lunch. On the way home Oscar said he didn’t feel very well and that he had a tummy ache. I just thought he needed the toilet and told him we would be home in 5 minutes and not to worry. We were literally a couple of minutes from home and Oscar was sick, he was so upset that he had been sick and also worried that he had ruined his car seat. Seeing your little one so upset when they are ill is awful, you just want to switch places with them. Luckily when we arrived home Daddy was there and as it was a warm Summer’s day I took off Oscar’s shorts and tshirt and Daddy lifted him upstairs to give him a shower and get him cleaned up and in fresh clothes. After taking the car seat out of the car and putting the covers in the wash Oscar was in fresh clothes and still feeling really unwell. We gave him plenty of fluid and snuggled on the sofa to watch a DVD.

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Within a couple of hours the diarrhoea set in and I Googled what the best remedies were to treat it and rehydrate Oscar as I knew this was really important and Dioralyte came up as the number 1 selling rehydration therapy. I sent Greg out to get some Dioralyte from the chemist.  Dioralyte provides the right balance of mineral salts and water to combat dehydration and rehydrates better than plain water, fruit juice or fizzy drinks and contains essential electrolytes (mineral salts) and works by replacing fluids and body salts lost as a result of acute diarrhoea. By the next morning Oscar was feeling much better and it is amazing how quickly children bounce back after an illness and he very much enjoyed having 48 hours off of school to recover and play! Annoyingly after a day I came down with it as well, which was awful as being pregnant I couldn’t take a thing, only drink loads of water and pray that Oscar didn’t get it back again from me as obviously he was off of school at home with me. Luckily we both recovered after a few days.

You can have a look on the Dioralyte website and if anyone in your family is suffering from sickness or diarrhoea you can find the right product for you to get rid of it as quick as possible. In the range are:


DioraleZe is a product which can stop the symptoms of diarrhoea in just one dose, it contains Loperamide Hydrochloride, which has an exceptionally rapid onset of action compared with other anti-diarrhoeal drugs. DioraleZe works by slowing down muscle movements in the gut which leads to more water being absorbed from stools. The stools then become firmer and are passed less frequently. NHS guidance recommends taking oral rehydration sachets and anti-diarrhoeal medication as one of the ways in which you can help to treat diarrhoea – taking DioralyteTM and DioraleZe together can help aid a faster recovery time. DioraleZe 2mg capsules RRP £3.49 for 6 capsules and are available from Boots, Asda, Superdrug and independent pharmacies.


Dioralyte is the number one selling rehydration therapy. It is clinically proven to treat dehydration faster and more effectively than plain water, fruit juice or fizzy drinks, it works by replacing fluids and body salts lost as a result of acute diarrhoea.

Dioralyte comes in three different flavours:

• Blackcurrant

• Citrus

• Natural Dioralyte is suitable from 2 years.

Dioralyte Relief

Dioralyte Relief has a unique formula which reduces the duration of diarrhoea and the time taken to return to normal drinking and eating, thanks to the rice powder. It also treats dehydration faster and more effectively than plain water, fruit juice or fizzy drinks by replacing essential electrolytes (mineral salts) and water – just what your body needs to help you rehydrate and start feeling better. Dioralyte Relief is available in blackcurrant and raspberry flavours. Dioralyte Relief is suitable from 2 years.

I would love for you to share your Ghastro Goul or Noro Story of when somebody in your family was struck by either the Norovirus or Rotavirus. By sharing your story you will be entered in my competition to win an amazing family mini break (2 adults and 2 children) to Legoland Windsor, including centrally located hotel accommodation for one night and tickets to Legoland worth over £560! We went to Legoland ourselves last week and it is amazing! Competition closes Monday 16th May 2016 at 11am.

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Competition terms and conditions:

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• This competition prize is provided by Dioralyte as part of their Gastro Ghouls & Noro Stories campaign

• Dioralyte has not influenced the content of this piece

• To find out more about Dioralyte, Dioralyte Relief and DioraleZe products visit

• Always read the label when using any Dioralyte products.


5 thoughts on “Share Your Ghastro Ghoul or Noro Story To Win A Break To Legoland

  1. I used to suffer badly from ibs – I was constantly taking Loperamide and rehydration sachets as I had an upset stomach every day. It was worse often when I worried and had things to do.

    The worst experience I had was boarding a plane on the way on holiday to Dublin – it was only a 45 min journey but I was a) nervous about flying and b) having a bad reaction, as usual to some food I had eaten. I had such an upset stomach and went to the toilet several times before boarding. My anxiety levels were high and unfortunatly the Loperamide I had taken hadn’t kicked in. I just remember us taking off and them saying I couldn’t leave my seat even though we were seemingly flying fine – as soon as the toilet light went on I had to run as quickly as I could to the toilet – I only just made it – it was awful. I have lots of stories like this but this is the worst as I just could not get to the toilet – I wasn’t allowed!

    I am so thankful for drugs such as the ones you have on your blog – Dioralyte and Loperamide have saved me so many times from either embarrassment or dehydration. Luckily my ibs is largely under control now but due to having young kids we do get a lot of stomach bugs – I remember one last year where all I did was wash bedclothes, the floor, sofa etc for about a week as young children can’t direct themselves very well when they are ill – horrendous for them and those cleaning up after – I am also very glad I have a washing machine!

  2. Our family of 3 all suffered with rotavirus couple of weeks ago. Out of a blue my little girl started to behave weird, crying for no reason, I didn’t know what to think until the vomiting saga started. We went for a walk in the garden and she became sick all over me, we came home to clean up and she vomited again. I’ve lost count how many sheets, clothes I have washed. At the end of the day we had to walk in a nappy and pants and bra. She was off the food but kept water which was great. In the evening she seemed slightly better until we all woke up at night as she was sick. None of us could see where she vomited and we couldn’t fill it either so once she was calm we fell asleep. The next day my husband texted me to say that he is sick as well and coming home, later that day I fell ill as well. It lasted 3-4 days. Seems like the worst thing that can happen when none of you have any strength but for you little one who have to pull yourself from bed and carry on as normal.

  3. We were visiting my hubby’s family in Scotland about 8 years We had driven up there from London. Unfortunately our DD who was 3 at the time had sickness & diarrhoea whilst we were there. My Mother in law recommended Dioralyte & luckily had some in her bathroom cabinet. I’ve kept a packet in our bathroom cabinet ever since

  4. In a recent trip to visit family in Ireland, we had our first real child vomiting EVERYWHERE situation. We had wanted to visit my husbands family for some time and hadn’t really had the money before now but Benjamin was nearly 1 and we decided that we would make it our Christmas present to each other. We were so excited and none of us could wait.

    We had been there for only one day, and Isabella started to get really clingy and fussy. I thought she was just being a bit shy and almost (ok I did) force her to have fun! And we ran around the soft play area with her second cousin. It was only when she really started to whinge that I gave in and took her back to my husband’s auntie’s house. There she lay on the sofa and fell asleep.

    About half an hour later, her little brother woke her up. She seemed happy enough until her eyes started bulging and she started vomiting. She was laying down at the time and as she’s never been sick before, she didn’t realise what was going on and didn’t move. Essentially she was chocking on her own vomit. I had to rush over, put Benjamin down (a little too hastily) and pull her on to her side. The sick went all over the cream sofa, cream carpet, on the rug, all in her hair and down her clothes… It was everywhere. To make it worse, she must have eaten something purple or pink as the sick was a deep pinky purple which was a nightmare to get out.

    After a warm bath, lots of hair washing (she’s got suck long, curly hair) which she HATED, lots of fluids and an early night. She seemed to recover well. However, the problem was, we were all sharing one bedroom so safe to say, even though Isabella recovered, we all now had the bug.

  5. I remember when I was little, I was always being sick and it was always usually around Christmas. One year I got unwell on Christmas Eve which meant I didn’t get to star in my nativity play which I had waited ages for. I just remember watching the video footage of our Christmas of me half heartedly opening presents and then running off to throw up. I think Dioralyte was the only thing I could keep down, no matter how nasty I thought it tasted. No Christmas dinner for me!

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