Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 7, The Reward Box

Last month we were kindly sent a Pirate Reward Box for Oscar and it has gone down a treat. Up until then I was printing off free charts every week that never got completed and there was no real rewards at the end as they often got forgot about. When the Pirate Reward Box arrived this completely changed! Oscar started decorating his box with the personalisation kit that comes separately with themed stickers which made it look really good.

With the Reward Box that comes in a lovely gift box is also 20 silver wooden stars in a pretty silver organza tie top bag so they are easy to store safely so you don’t misplace any. So now when Oscar does well in his spelling test at school, helps out or behaves all day long he gets to put a silver star in the slot in the top of the box. He gets so excited when he gets a star and often opens up his box to count how many he has achieved.


When he gets to 20 stars he is rewarded with a treat. He can either choose a magazine or some sweets or choose to save his stars and when he gets to 30 (so roughly a month) we can go to the toy shop and he can choose something he would like. When he chooses to save them you can use the tokens that can be replaced (ideally overnight by a magic ‘good behaviour’ Pirate / Fairy or Elf!) with small rewards / promise vouchers as they achieve their goals. It really does make good behaviour fun. I am a firm believer in rewarding children and I think by Oscar doing different chores and helping out at home and earn a star or some pocket money it will help to teach him a good work ethic that if you work hard you earn money and get rewarded. It is important to install this at an early age as there are so many people out there now that expect everything without doing anything for it!


The reward boxes come in a pirate treasure box or a fairy house. They are really well made and painted beautifully with a really high quality finish. They would make gorgeous gifts and are perfect for newborn gifts, christening and birthday gifts. You can get a massive 30% off at the moment in the sale using the code: SAVE.

The Reward Box have kindly given one of my readers the chance to win a fairy or pirate reward box. Enter below and good luck!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the pirate reward box for the purpose of this review and competition, however all opinions are honest and my own.

112 thoughts on “Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 7, The Reward Box

  1. I have two daughters but I honestly think they would prefer the pirate one – so that one! 🙂 Looks lovely

  2. Love them both but as my little girl is only quite young, I would choose the Pirate Box for my son.

  3. I would choose the fairy one for my niece, she is obsessed with fairies and currently has one living in her bedroom ,) x

  4. I would choose the Pirate box for my little Oscar who is nearly four. We currently put pom poms in a plastic cup when i’m rewarding him for going to the bathroom but this looks so much more impressive! x

  5. I would love a pirate box for my godson! Hes 6 so something like this would be wonderful for helping him to learn to be good and helpful for rewards!

  6. Love these ! would love the pirate one for my 3 year old . currently we are sticking stars on on paper for toilet training rewards . this would be amazing though ! x

  7. The Pirate one would be perfect for my son, he has Sensory Processing Disorder and this would be such a lovely way to help him with his tasks and behaviour. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. the pirate box would be a lovely little gift for my son.
    what a lovely prize.
    fingers crossed.

  9. If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the Fairy one for our little girl.
    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  10. Would love the boy one, have a real issue with my son hurting his sisters at the moment this would be perfect!

  11. I would love a Fairy Reward box for my daughter Ava. I think they are fab such a lovely design and a brilliant idea! Thank you for the chance

  12. I have a four year old grandson and a three year old granddaughter so would have to choose if I were to win.

  13. I’d choose the pirate box for my son maybe it would help with toilet training and sleeping in his own room

  14. Ooh I would have to pick either or, and then buy another, as i have a girl & boy who would love these 😀 What a brilliant idea!!

  15. I’d love the pirate one for my pirate obsessed 4 year old. “Mummy why do Pirate’s Don’t eat beans?..Because they fARRRRRt” boys hey?!

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