Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 11, Whisbear – The Humming Bear

If you haven’t heard of Whisbear before he/she is a lovely plush Humming Bear to bring back newborns and babies peaceful sleep. Our Whisbear arrived in a large branded box and inside was a lovely soft velour grey carry bag with our Whisbear inside and the shushing device. I put the device inside the Whisbear and sealed the velcro and then waited for bedtime to put him to the test.

Archie isn’t the best sleeper which is partly my fault as he stirs for milk which I know I shouldn’t give to him every time as it is a habit but I don’t want him to cry and wake up Oscar and Daddy so for the moment it is the best solution. The Whisbear has four different coloured, patterned legs that are magnetic so can attach onto cot bars or your pushchair or car seat. He also has a hook on the top of his head to hang him up if you need too. I attached it to the side of Archie’s cot and couldn’t wait to see if it worked.

When Archie went to bed I pressed the shushing device on and it and it emits white noise, a sound that the baby remembers from the foetal life. You will probably know the white noises that send your little ones to sleep, in our house the hair dryer and hoover work a treat but obviously you can’t keep them on all night! On the shushing device it also has a volume control so if your baby is still in your room it won’t disturb you. When I activated the shushing device the humming and shushing of the hair dryer noise defiantly grabbed Archie’s attention and he laid in his cot staring at the Whisbear and within five minutes was in the land of nod. The initial white noise continues for 40 minutes which in this time your baby should drift into the deep sleep phase and the Soft Start/Soft Stop function gently turns the shushing on and off. Normally when Archie is asleep he will sleep solidly from 7/7.15 until 11pm and then starts to stir. Usually I will give him some milk but chose to see if he would settle himself with the white noise.

The Whisbear is different from other white noise sleep aids as it is activated by your baby’s cry which I think is genius! Whisbear with his fab CRYsensor function shushes for 40 minutes and then after that time the sound gently fades out and the device switches to the standby mode. If Whisbear recognizes the cry of your baby he will immediately respond with the calming sound and after 20 minutes of additional shushing the device will re-enter its standby mode and be reactivated every time he hears a cry. Archie stirs a lot, the worst we have had so far was 15 times a night which has happened a few times in the last month but to be honest Archie has had injections and has had two more teeth come through but still it is very tiring.

The Whisbear himself is lovely and soft and made of top quality material. The bear is a good size too. Whisbear is £39.90 and is available in three different colours. You can aslo buy a matching swaddle for £20.00 or a gift set with the swaddle and Whisbear for only £55 and would be a great newborn or baby shower gift.

Whisbear® - the humming bear + swaddle blanket

This is how our first night went:

Archie went to sleep at 7.10 in just over 5 minutes with the shushing noise on. I turned the volume down a bit so that it wasn’t so loud that it woke Daddy up if it was activated as Archie is still in our room.

He stirred at 11.55pm, Whisbear activated after hearing his mild cry and I was so surprised when he put his dummy back in and turned over and went back to sleep. I was hoping it wasn’t a fluke!

2.40am – Archie started crying (for milk) Whisbear turned on and I did give him some milk and he went straight back to sleep.

5.05am – Archie stirred again, (Zzzzzzzzzz) Whisbear turned on, Archie put his dummy back in, lay there stirring at Whisbear and went back to sleep.

He woke up at 6.55am.

We have now been using him for three weeks and have had definite success. Archie loves his Whisbear and every night falls asleep to him and also at nap time when we are at home. On a normal night (not after his injections or bad teething) Whisbear has given us a good nights sleep, which after a year was needed. I love the Whisbear and if you are having trouble with your baby sleeping at night he is defiantly worth trying! Whisbear have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a Whisbear of their own. Enter below and good luck!

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75 thoughts on “Archie’s Birthday Competitions – Day 11, Whisbear – The Humming Bear

  1. this could be perfect for my littl girl! she goes to sleep ok but wakes a little while after crying. fab product!

  2. My little 5 month old girl slept well from about 10 – 20 weeks and now is awake every two hours again.

  3. Cute little fella isn’t he – Archie and the bear 😉 Particularly impressed by the ‘white noise’ effect that claims to aid sleep. Would love to see how effect that is? x

  4. Would love this for my sister her little girl really struggles at night and they all need a good sleep

  5. Lovely product, ideal infant comforter my little boy would absolutely love this would hopefully help him sleep! Gorgeous little boy also, he’s so cute bless him 🙂 xx

  6. This sounds like an absolutely amazing product! I would love one for the little one due in the summer months!

  7. My new baby grand-daughter is due in early April and this would be such a perfect gift,I really do hope I may be lucky as they will be living with us when the baby is born ! We are all so very excited and can’t wait to meet her x

  8. I would love to win this amazing giveaway for our baby boy.
    He would love this.
    Thank you for the chance 🙂
    I love reading your blogs. X

  9. Our youngest sleeps fine when we’re still awake but as soon as the house goes quiet she wakes up crying and ends up in our bed, hopefully something like this would keep her in her own bed more and we could get a good nights sleep

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