Hand-made Gift Ideas With Snapfish and 30% off

When we were chosen to take part in the Snapfish hand-made gift ideas project I was over the moon as it was perfect timing as Oscar is on his school holidays and making the hand-made bits and pieces was a fun activity that we could do together. Oscar loves arts and crafts so he was excited to help me. I have used Snapfish loads of times and every Christmas the Grandparents get their annual photo calender which they absolutely love and it gives a real personal touch to their presents.

So I sat down and had a think and thought it was a quirky idea to make photo holders out of coloured glass bottles. I picked them up in a craft shop and am really pleased with how they have turned out. Oscar also made one for his Great-Nanny and when she gets back from Devon Oscar is going to give it to her. She will love it! I ordered some photo prints and Oscar chose which ones he wanted to use. If you sign up to Snapfish you can also get 50 free photo prints a month! We trimmed the photos to fit inside the bottles and then rolled them up and slid them inside the bottles and then positioned them. I think they look great. You could also use jam jars if you didn’t want to buy coloured glass bottles.

We also chose photos to put on our photo wall, some new, some old. It looks great and is a cheap way of jazzing up a room. Everyone who has seen it has commented on what a great idea it is and how great it looks. If you don’t want to use frames Snapfish have lovely acrylic prints which I absolutely love. They come in various different sizes and you can get them to use as wall art or a acrylic photo block to have on a shelf or desk. They would make a great birthday or Christmas present. I am going to get one made of Oscar and Archie for Greg’s birthday next month for his desk at work.

Taking part in this project has given me lot’s of inspiration to make hand-made gifts and I will be making them with Oscar for his Grandparents for Christmas. I saw on Pinterest a great idea using thick cardboard, cutting it into a Christmas tree shape, covering it in felt and using ribbon to attach cards and photos which we will be making at Christmas and I will post it on my blog when it’s done. It is so easy these days to walk into a shop and buy a gift that is chosen randomly and means nothing special. Making a hand-made gift means so much more to the person receiving it and is fun to make too. There are so many products on the Snapfish website that can help you come up with the perfect hand-made gift.

I also put together a photo book for Oscar’s first year and will make one for Archie for his first birthday. I have so many photos stored on my camera and on my phone and taking part in this project has made me realise I need to print them off and organise them or make them into photo books. This is my job to do in September when Oscar goes back to school before I get so behind that I don’t know which photo is Oscar and which is Archie as they look identical as baby’s. I would love to see what hand-made gifts you have made before. Tweet me a picture I would love to see your ideas! Snapfish have kindly given me a code saving 30% off across their website to my readers using the code MUMMYSZONE. Enjoy! Valid until the 6th September 2015.

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to buy the products for this project.

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