The Top Reasons Why I Love My Doona

There has been a lot of controversy over the weekend about the Doona and I wanted to clear a few things up and tell you why I love it and choose to use it with Archie. The Doona is an ingenious product that transforms your baby’s car seat quickly and swiftly into a stroller. This makes things like travelling and shopping or the school run so much easier. Doona have never said it should be used as a pushchair which is pretty obvious as we all know baby’s should not be kept in their car seats for a long amount of time. That is why when I do take my Doona on the train with me to London I take my carrier with me too so I can pop Archie in to it. Using the Doona is no different than how thousands of Mum’s use adaptors to put their car seats on their bigger bulkier pushchairs and in fact given Doona’s additional function the greater attention was given to create a unique design to offer far greater support to the your baby than a standard car seat would. Similar to a lie back newborn stroller, the angle of the Doona’s orthopaedic back rest and padding, coupled with the shape of the shell, provides maximum comfort and safety for infants. So when certain people have been making throw away dramatic statements about the Doona please feel rest assured that Global Engineering, Safety and Medical experts spent the last several years developing the Doona and it has won multiple prestigious awards and has been tested to meet the stringent European and US standards for Car-Seats, Strollers, Reclined Cradles (EU) and Hand-held Carriers (US) and conforms to both.

1. It makes travelling on the tube so much easier and safer. Many stations don’t have lifts and people are always rushing around in the stations and if you have a pushchair it is hard to get someone to help you lift the pushchair. Also carrying a pushchair up and down the steep escalators is not safe at all. With the Doona I can simply fold the wheels in and carry Archie safely.

2. Using the Doona on the school run makes life quicker and easier. Instead of getting a big pushchair out I can simply take the Doona off the isofix base flip out the wheels and off we go. Simples!

3. Popping in to the local shops. When I pop in to our local Tesco Express for a pint of milk or something I need to pick up quickly I again can just get Archie out quickly, flip out the wheels and pop into the store with one hand free to hold the basket as the Doona is easy to steer with one hand.

4. Taking a car seat abroad. In August when we go to Canada we will be hiring a car. When we hired a car and car seat when Oscar was a baby in Sardinia not only did it cost an extra £70 but the seat wasn’t in a great condition and not the cleanest! Now when we go away I can take the Doona in its travel bag and Air Canada don’t charge for this so we save money and also I know that Archie is in his own clean car seat.

5. The design and functionality of the Doona is second to nun and I am so grateful we were given the chance to review the Doona as it has made life much easier for me with two children.

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