Getting Around Easier With To The Doona

Since having children I have been so put off using the tube as you never know what station has an elevator to get up and down with the pushchairs as some only have escalators and these days hardly anybody actually would stop to help you. We went into London a few weeks ago so I decided to take the train as I had Archie in our Doona which makes travelling on the trains a breeze. When there were only escalators I just transformed the buggy into the car seat and held Archie up on the escalator and still had a hand free to hold Oscar’s hand. Then when we were at the top I just switched it back into the buggy.

This made my life so much easier and saved me petrol and congestion charge as I only had to pay for Oscar and I to travel. Also when we were on the train quite a few people were staring at the Doona and two ladies asked me about it and agreed what a fantastic idea it is. On the train itself it was much easier than having a huge buggy with me and Archie likes to be nosey when were about and about and doesn’t like laying in his pram very much.

Obviously it is not intended for your baby to be in the Doona all day long and Archie was also in his carrier on me but using the Doona when travelling just made life so much easier for me with two children. I also used it again on Tuesday when we went into London but I drove in. Thank god I had the Doona with me as I parked in a NCP car park and the lifts were out of order so I easily carried Archie down the steps and again could hold Oscar’s hand at the same time. I don’t know what I would have done without it as there was no way I could of carried the pushchair down the stairs and made sure Oscar was ok too. I would of just had to wait until somebody passed that could help me. At the event I went to the lovely Jodie from had her gorgeous little girl in her Doona too.

I love the Doona and am so grateful we have had the chance to review it as it has truly made my life as a busy Mum so much easier. It gets so many comments when out and about and when I go and get Archie weighed the Mum’s there always think it is fantastic. Check out the Doona HERE as it comes in different colours and has loads of fab accessories to go with it. I have recently brought the travel bag so we can take the Doona with us to Canada in August which has saved us money on hiring one with our hire car.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Doona for the purpose of reviewing, however all opinions are completely honest and my own. I love it!

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