Review: Secret Saviours Bump Support Stretch Mark Prevention System

During my pregnancy I was sent the ultimate stretch mark prevention kit from Secret Saviours which has just launched here in the UK. From reading my previous posts you will have seen I was smothering myself in different bump moisturisers to prevent getting any stretch marks. I was lucky with my pregnancy with Oscar that I didn’t get any and again with Archie I didn’t get any either. I know for a lot of women stretch marks don’t bother them and why should they, your body has changed to become a Mummy but personally if I can use something to prevent them then I would give it a try as I am one of those women who would be bothered by them.

Secret Saviours offer women a little extra support during a time 
when their bodies are changing. An unwanted change for some women can be stretch marks. No, they’re not life-threatening, but they can do serious damage to a new mum’s lifestyle and self-confidence. At least 2 out of 3 women will get stretch marks when they have a baby on board. Now all that has changed with a brilliant invention. It’s a support band along with a gel and night cream that can prevent stretch marks in 7 out of 10 women. 

Within the kit is a support band that is matched to the size of your bump which fitted nice and snug around my bump. The material is really soft and you completely forget during the day that you are wearing it. The idea is you wear the support band during the day with the special day gel and the unique patented system of pads within the band keeps your bump in place so stretch marks find it harder to form. It is the the world’s first clinically trialled and scientifically proven stretch mark prevention ritual. The day gel helps enrich and prepare your skin to grip the support band more effectively. You gently massage the gel evenly and thoroughly into your stomach using a circular motion. It deliberately leaves your skin slightly tacky to help the pads evenly hold the skin. The first time I used it it was strange that my bump was completely held in place and I hadn’t realised how much during the day it must move about, I felt so much more supported and my back didn’t ache so much and I forgot I was even wearing it as it was so comfortable.

The night cream helps enrich your skin so it will stay as strong as it can be. Similar to the day gel, you gently massage the night cream evenly and thoroughly into your stomach using a circular motion. The cream is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth. I really liked using this cream in the evening as it smells lovely and quickly absorbs so I wasn’t left feel tacky or oily.

If you are looking for something to prevent stretch marks then I would seriously recommend the Secret Saviours bump support system. As I said before it is clinically proven to prevent stretch marks in up to 70% of women! The kit is £69.95 and you can choose your band in pink or black. A few weeks ago it was also featured in the MailOnline who called it a breakthrough in the battle against stretch marks.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Secret Saviours bump support system as a trial. All opinions are completely honest and my own.

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  1. I have not seen the previous posts, it falls on this site and I liked the material, it seems great. here in Brazil also have a website related to stretch marks that gives tips and some homemade recipes.

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