Better Late Than Never: My Birth Story

Better late than never! Archie is twelve weeks old now and I thought I would write up how he came into the World.

Archie was born on the 29th December 2014 at 9.36am weighing 7lb 5oz.

I was booked in for my elective caesarean when I was only 16 weeks pregnant so I had plenty of time to plan. I had an emergency caesarean with Oscar after being in labour for three days and his heart beat was showing he was in distress so when I was offered an elective caesarean this time I knew that was what I wanted.

I did a enhanced recovery course at Hillingdon Hospital a couple of weeks before my booked in date which meant I would only have to stay in hospital one night. The night before my caesarean I ate plenty of carbs as instructed to as it helps you body to heal better and deal with the shock of an operation. I took an anti sickness tablet before bed and then one again in the morning at about 5.30am with a glass of water. Our friend Steve came over to look after Oscar and we arrived at the Hospital at about 7.15am. There was one other lady who was also booked in for that morning.

We went on to the ward and I changed into my gown and Greg changed into his theatre outfit and fetching hair net. I was first on the list and by 8.15am I was walking down to Theatre. It was very strange sitting on the operating table, I remember thinking my baby had no idea he or she was about to come out. I had my drip and epidural done and then the next half hour or so just flew by and our little man was here. The midwife asked if we wanted the screen dropped as Archie was born, I wasn’t offered this with Oscar but was pleased we said yes as we got some great photos. You would think they would be gory but I was surprised at how it looked.

Archie was born at 9.36am and then was taken to be weighed and cleaned and Greg went with him, he was then brought to me for a cuddle. He was perfect. Again the time it took them to stitch me up flew past and then we were taken to recovery. This is where I was given the best cup of tea and toast ever. I was starving as I had to fast from the night before. At midday Greg left to go and get Oscar. I was so excited for him to meet his new baby brother. 

When they arrived back Oscar opened his present from Archie which was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures which he loved. Oscar was so gentle with him and was so excited. I was taken back up to the ward and Oscar and Greg went home about 5pm. I decided not to have any visitors in the evening as I knew I would be home the next day and Oscar would want to show everyone his baby brother.

I had my catheter taken out at midnight and was up and walking about straight away. I felt surprisingly good, much better than when it was an emergency with Oscar. In the morning they were happy with baby and I (Archie didn’t have a name until he was three days old) and we went home at 11am. We then had family come over at meet Archie in the afternoon.

I have had an amazing experience at Hillingdon Hospital and couldn’t of paid for better care. The staff there are amazing!

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