Welcome To The World Archie!

On Monday, the 29th December 2014 at 9.36am our new little baby boy came into the World weighing 7lb 5oz. I had him by planned caesarean and thanks to doing the enhanced recovery course at Hillingdon Hospital I was allowed home at 11.30am on Tuesday morning which I was over the moon about!

We arrived at the Hospital at 7.30am on the Monday morning and luckily we were first on the surgery list. I couldn’t believe how quickly we were called and next thing I knew Greg was in his scrubs and I was gowned up sitting on the operating table having my epidural done. The Doctors were so friendly and made me feel totally at ease and next thing I knew our little man was here. We stayed in recovery for a couple of hours and had the best tea and toast ever and then Greg went home to get Oscar to bring him to meet his new little brother. Oscar was over the moon as he wanted a brother.

When Oscar first met baby he was so excited and so gentle with him, it was adorable to watch. After a few hours Greg and Oscar went home and as I had done the enhanced recovery course the week before I had my catheter taken out at midnight and was up and about and walking. The midwives were amazing and really helped me to breastfeed and the Doctor’s came around at about 9.30am and were happy for me and baby to go home. Greg and Oscar came and collected us at 11.30am and we came home. It was lovely to be home just the four of us. Our little family is now complete and I couldn’t be happier. Having our two little boys was worth all the heartache in between having Oscar and baby.

We have been home now for ten days, the midwife came in last Wednesday and was really happy with both of us and his feeding. We finally named him after going through so many different name ideas and finally decided on Archie. We have had a fantastic start to 2015!

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