38 Week Update And Enhanced Recovery After Caesarean Course

Today I have one week until my caesarean delivery and with Christmas in between I am sure this week will fly by! I am currently 38 weeks and 5 days. On Friday I went to my hospital to take part in a course to enhance your recovery after a caesarean delivery so that you can go home after one day. I left after one day when I had Oscar and wanted to do the same again this time. The one thing that had changed is last time I had to discharge myself where as for the last eight months Hillingdon Hospital have been offering the enhanced recovery programme to low risk women.

I did think it sounded like a waste of time and even contemplated not even going but I am so glad I went! It lasted for an hour and we were told so much useful information from what to eat the night before to enhance your recovery to pain relief options and were given our anti acid tablets to take before my admission. We were also told what to expect on the day, what we needed to bring and everything else that was useful to know.

If everything goes to plan and you have taken part in the enhanced recovery course and feel well enough to go home, the Doctors will let you go home the next day which is fantastic!

I am so glad I attended the course and if you get offered it it is definitely worth doing. Tomorrow I have to go and have my pre-op bloods taken then the next time we will be there is to have the baby.

Also within the last week I thought my waters went a bit last Wednesday and had to stay in over night to be monitored but the Doctors were happy for me to go home the following morning. I am starting to feel really uncomfortable and have been having very regular uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions so who knows we might not even make it until next Monday.

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