Review: Orchard Toys Colour Match And Catch And Count Game

At the start of the week we received two new games from Orchard Toys for us (Oscar) to review. The two games are Colour Match and the Catch and Count game.

 The Colour Match game is a great game that promotes colour recognition and taught Oscar to arrange colours and objects into groups and piece them together. It has also helped him recognise the actual colour words as well. The game is aimed at children aged 3-7 and is part of the first puzzles range. The aim is to piece together the familiar objects to make 12 colour themed, self-corrective, 5 piece jigsaws. As well as the normal colours there is also a multicoloured one to match as well to make it a bit difficult. Oscar enjoyed this puzzle and was really proud of himself for being able to sit down and complete it all on his own. An educational yet fun puzzle means a big thumbs up from me!

The Catch and Count Game is for children aged 3-9 and is for 2-4 players. You have to spin the Octopus counter then you have to see how many fish you can catch whilst trying to avoid turning over the shark. I like playing games like this with Oscar as it teaches him to wait to take his turn and also that he can’t always win. This helps when he is playing games at school with his friends. The game also links with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum Maths Key stage 1.

Both of these games are great fun and we have enjoyed playing them and will have plenty of fun playing them in the future!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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