SwimFin Review

We were kindly sent a blue swimfin and have had it about a month so have really tested out to the full!
When the SwimFin arrived Oscar wore it around the house all the time pretending to be a shark. 
When we went swimming unfortunately our local pool wouldn’t allow me to take a photo of Oscar using it. Although to be honest that doesn’t matter to much as the product is truly amazing! The SwimFin allowed Oscar to float in the water with his arms and legs free to paddle and kick. Paddling his arms is sometimes difficult when your swimming with armbands on or swimdiscs so using a Swinfin really teaches them how to swim properly with a good technique.
Any little boy or girl would love this at Christmas and they come in a variety of different colours. You can also buy a special backpack for only £10.99 that fits the SwimFin in, making it easy to go back and forwards from the swimming pool with it!

Oscar has honestly had just as much fun running around the house pretending to be a shark as he does in the water with it.

At only £21.99 the SwimFin is a bargain and will truly give your little one all the confidence they need to learn how to swim!

Head over to http://www.swimfin.co.uk/buy.php to grab yours in time for Christmas!

Disclaimer: This product was given to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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