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Oscar & Archie’s Photo Shoot With Stokke & AlexandAlexa.com

We brought our first ever Stokke Tripp Trapp when Oscar was small and then went on to use used it when Archie was born with the newborn seat. I then brought the Stokke Steps as Oscar got annoyed that he had to share his Tripp Trapp with Archie.  In addition to a wide of variety of colours and accessories, Stokke now offers complimentary engraving of the back of their Tripp Trapp chair with your child’s name, adding that extra special personal touch.

I first saw a personalised Tripp Trapp in the flesh last month when Oscar and Archie were both models for the collaboration between Stokke and Alexandalexa.com for Baby London which you can see HERE. Alexandalexa.com sell the most beautiful kids clothes with a huge range of designers on offer. Both Oscar and Archie were kitted out for head to toe in brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Bang Bang Copenhagen, Stella McCartney, Tao & Friends, Veja and Zoobug Sunglasses. They both looked so cute!

We had such a fun day and the boys loved being part of the shoot, strutting their stuff and being spoilt by the lovely ladies at Azaria! We got to meet up with some other lovely bloggers/instagramers and their gorgeous children; Jessica from Lilypod & Sweetpea, Chelsea with Harlen and Harlow, Lisa from LeeLee Loves and Becky from Wishes & Wellies.

Stokke then kindly sent each of the boys a personalised Tripp Trapp in the hazy grey colour which matches our kitchen perfectly!  Archie uses his with the baby set and a star print cushion which is so easy to wipe and keep clean and Oscar uses it as a chair at the table, keeping my lovely new chairs clean! 🙂

I love that with the Tripp Trapp they grow with your child starting with the newborn seat, to the highchair using the baby set, to a chair for bigger children and even adults can sit on it too. The great design means it doesn’t look out of place and blends in with our other furniture.

The boys love their personalised Tripp Trapps and using them everyday! The Tripp Trapps are £169 and the engraving is free of charge!



My Newborn Essentials Part 2

Doona Car Seat/Stroller

The Doona is the next generation car seat combining the highest standard in safety with an integrated mobility system.The next generation in parent and baby mobility, the Doona is the world’s first car seat on wheels. Perfect for parents on the move, this clever car seat goes from car to ‘on the go’ in seconds. With integrated wheels, the car seat transforms into a stroller without the need for a cumbersome frame saving you time and space. It is suitable from birth up until 15 months. This car seat/stroller is perfect for the school run or taking away on holiday with you. There is also an Iso-fix base available plus other accessories.

Belly Bandit

This item is for you, not baby. I used my belly bandit after I had Oscar and you wear it for the first six weeks after the birth of your body to help you to tighten and shrink your tummy plus help you uterus to shrink back. They are quite pricey between £50 and £70 pounds but any friends of mine that have babies I always recommend using the belly bandit and they always say how great it was. I also found it helped with my posture and helped to protect my c-section scar too. Not only does it help to relieve uncomfortable uterine swelling, it reduces bloating caused by water retention and provides support for weary legs and back.  For breastfeeding mums the Belly Bandit will help with posture during feeding and may also ease any shoulder and back pain often associated with breastfeeding. The material is really soft and under clothing nobody would know you are wearing it. 

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

I love our No Touch + Thermometer! I had the Braun thermometer that you had to put in your babies ear with Oscar when he was born and sometimes it was different getting an accurate reading with a crying wriggling baby, the No Touch+ makes it so much easier as it’s not evasive at all. You can even take your child’s temperature when they are asleep with out even touching them. This is a new baby must have!

Stokke Trip Trapp Newborn Seat

The Stokke Tripp Trapp has lasted so well with Oscar. It is a high chair that grows with your child, it even comes out at Christmas as an extra seat around the table and an adult can sit on it too. I have brought the newborn seat attachment so the baby can sit in there comfortably when we are at the table eating meals or if I am doing bits in the kitchen. Stokke also have the Stokke Steps which is a bouncer and a high chair. It will be a piece of furniture that will really last for years!

Boppy Feeding Pillow

Breast feeding was really uncomfortable for me after having an emergency c-section with Oscar that a Boppy pillow would of been perfect to protect that area and give extra support. As I am having a c-section again this time a Boppy was on my must have list! It reduces muscle tension, allows baby to be positioned at the right height, reduces abdomen pressure (yay!) and gives safe support for your baby. As well as a feeding pillow you can then use it as a nest for the baby to lay in, a comfortable cushion for baby to lay on their front to encourage movement and then you can position it around baby to aid sitting. Once again this is a great product from Chicco that will grow with your baby!

Cuddledry Baby Apron Bath Towel

The hooded apron towel makes bathtime safe, simple and snug – for you and your baby! Most babies enjoy bath time but for some it can be upsetting making you feel fraught and turning it into a bit of a juggling act! With this original apron towel you stay dry, you can lift your baby from bathwater easily and naturally, he/she stays warm and tenderly wrapped so everyone is happy and calm! We have kindly been sent one of these to review so watch out for that very soon, in the mean time you can see our review of the Snuggle Monkey towel.

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Our Morning At The Preview Of Stokke’s Latest Collection 2014

Yesterday Oscar and I went to the baby show. We were kindly sent tickets by the Baby show to attend and were really excited to meet the lovely people at Stokke in the morning to see a preview of their latest collection. I was eager to see their pushchairs as I am still undecided on which one to get for the new baby. We were shown upstairs into a private room where we were greeted by big beautiful balloons which their eye catching new logo on them and Oscar’s eyes lit up when he saw the cakes! He perched himself on one of the Tripp Trapp high chairs which now comes in a gorgeous storm grey colour and drank his juice and ate a few of the cakes. We have a Tripp Trapp at home and absolutely love it! You are truly buying a product at a great price that will last for years. My Dad even sat on it when we didn’t have enough chairs at Christmas lunch last year! Oscar then had great fun playing with the other children there.

When we walked into the room I was instantly drawn to the Stokke Xplory in the True Black design. It is absolutely gorgeous, well made and easy to manoeuvre. So far this is definitely my favourite pushchair both for design and quality! I also like that you can purchase different style kits and can totally change the look of the Xplory. The winter kit is gorgeous with the furry hand muffs and fur trim. Oscar loved this one too pushing it around the room. 

I also had a look at the Stokke Trailz and what I loved most about this pushchair was the huge carry cot that had loads of padding to make it as protective as possible. It reminds me of an old fashioned pram with the large, spacious carry cot unit as some pushchairs on the market today come with really small carry cot units and I have found that really unappealing. You can instantly see from looking at the chassis it is really strong and robust and I was really impressed with how spacious the waterproof shopping basket is underneath, something I have to take it consideration more now with all of Oscar’s school bags. Having the large air filled wheels make it the perfect pushchair for all seasons on any terrain which is makes it perfect for those muddy walks in the park in the Winter! Both the Stokke Xplory and Trailz have forward and rear facing seats and again this is really important to me when looking at pushchairs as I want to be able to see my baby and interact with them when we are out and about on our own and be able to switch it to forward facing when Oscar is with us so the baby can see what he is doing.

The last pushchair I looked at was the Stokke Scoot which is more of a smart urban stroller. The Scoot is much smaller and lighter than the other two pushchairs. It again has a forward or rear facing seat with three different seat positions and foam filled rubber tyres to make it easy to use when out and about. It is really easy to use and is the perfect stroller to use in the city on urban travels. 

The day before the baby show we Oscar and I built our Stokke Sleepi Mini and I was so surprised how quickly it went together, using only an alan key. It is defiantly true that Stokke is a brand where you can buy something that will last such a long time and the products grow with your child. Their products are so well made that you can keep to them use for your next baby too, as I am finding out now.

A big thank you to the lovely ladies at Stokke and Azaria PR for a lovely morning and my beautiful nursing bag which I will be using as my hospital bag for baby! 

And if you are visiting the baby show today or tomorrow be sure to check out the Stokke stand and have a picture taken on the giant Tripp Trapp!

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