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DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman Review

Holy smokes its Batman Day! To hep us celebrate we were kindly sent the amazing  DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman from Golden Bear Toys. Both Oscar & Archie love Batman and it was nice for Archie to have his very own one as most of our Batman toys are Oscar’s.

Our DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman saved the day. The morning he arrived Archie trapped his little fingers in the front door and was very upset. Literally ten minutes later the delivery man arrived with his Batman which distracted Archie straight away. Batman really saved the day!

The DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman is a great toy and would make the perfect Christmas or birthday present. It is suitable for children from 10 months old so is the perfect toy for all ages. You can move Batman’s arms and legs around to get him into the perfect stance, ready for action. He makes cool punching noises when his fists hit anything which Archie got really excited about.

If you press his chest he says all of his signature Batman phrases and  his eyes light up as he speaks. The DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman has an RRP of £24.99 and Archie has been carrying him everywhere with him and lights his eyes up when he says in bed with him.

It’s a really great toy with lots of functions and its great for Archie as he is only two to have a Batman toy he can play with as well so he can join in and play with Oscar. He is also super soft to cuddle in bed and you can sponge clean him easily to keep him nice and clean. As Archie carries him around everywhere I have had to clean him up a few times and he looks as good as new.

Disclaimer: We were sent the DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman for the purpose of Batman Day and this review. However all opinions are honest and my own.

BigJigs Heritage Collection Mallard Train Set Review

I was really excited last month when I received the email from BigJigs Toys to let us know we had been chosen to be in their BigJigs Play Patrol. I had read the reviews of the other bloggers that were chosen last year and over the years with Oscar I myself have brought quite a few bits off of their website.

Image result for big jigs play patrol

Archie is now at the age where he loves cars and trains and we have kept Oscar’s play table from when he was obsessed with his wooden train set and both of the boys have been playing with their new Heritage Collection Mallard Train Set since it arrived.

If you haven’t come across BigJigs Toys before they sell traditional wooden toys that most people love. There is something about wooden toys that I would always choose something like that over a brightly coloured plastic toy. Also when buying a gift for someone I think its always much nicer to receive a wooden toy, especially when the BigJigs Toys are designed here in the UK!

Our first toy we were sent to review is the Heritage Collection Mallard Train Set, like I mentioned above. There is something about opening the train set for the first time and the smell of wood fills the room, its lovely. Oscar and Archie were eager to get the set out and Oscar followed the drawing to put the track together. Within the train set there is a 42 play pieces which consist of track, your Mallard train and carriages, a viaduct, two junctions, a ticket office, four people, two houses, two cars and four trees. This Mallard Train Set is licensed and helps to support the National Railway Museum in York which is fantastic. I remember visiting there as a child with my parents and grandparents as my little brother was obsessed with trains! Additional accessories are available to expand this set and you can add lots of track and different trains. Also with the BigJigs track it is compatible with other brands of wooden train track which is good if like us you have collected up different bits over the years.

The Mallard Train Set is £31.99 and you are getting a lot of pieces for your money. It is so well made and robust too. The boys have played with it non stop since it arrived and having a wooden train set out is now a permanent fixture again in the playroom. It all fits perfectly back in the box again which you can then take out and out or when you visit family with you.

The boys love this set and it one hundred percent gets a big thumbs up from us.


Disclaimer: We were sent the train set for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Light & Launch Hyper Loop Review

Last week Oscar and Archie was sent the Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set to review. Oscar has loved watching Blaze since it first aired on Nickelodeon. Over the last year or so we have collected quite a few of the die cast cars and now Archie loves watching it too and plays with cars all of the time!

When the Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set arrived they were both very excited to get it out of the box and play with it. I set it up and batteries come included so it was up and ready to play with in minutes. You place Blaze in the launch seat and crank down the yellow handle ready to go and when your ready press the button and the Hyper Loop spins Blaze 360 degrees whilst the light flashes and Blaze launches out of the loop, through the air and down the track off to save Axel City.

It is really easy to use and even with Archie being that bit younger once Oscar showed him what to do he was able to play with it too.

You can set up the play set in various ways; 9 to be exact and Blaze can complete different stunts. You can configure the stunt towers into a spinning wall, a teetering bridge or a stunt jump ramp! You can then move the towers to the different positions to use in another nine different combinations.

The Hyper Loop can also be attached to any other of the Light Rider vehicle accessories to build an amazing track. Oscar really loves the special translucent Blaze vehicle that comes with the set as this isn’t available separately.

The light up revving action is cool too, we end up turning the lights right down in the lounge, Archie gets very excited as it lights up and Blaze flies through the air.

The Blaze and the Monster Machines Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set has an RRP of £29.99 and is available online at Smyths Toys and Tesco Direct as well as other good toy retailers.

The boys really enjoy playing with this play set and its great as we can add to it with other light rider play sets.


Disclaimer: We were sent the Nickelodeon™ Blaze and the Monster Machines™ Light & Launch Hyper Loop play set to review, however all opinions are honest and my own. The boys really enjoy playing with it! A great toy.

Oscar’s Airfix Quick Build #QuickBuildTimeChallenge

Recently we were chosen to take part in Airfix’s #QuickBuildTimeChallenge. Oscar was super excited when our package arrived. Inside was a Airfix Quickbuild Hawk and a Lamborghini along with a stopwatch to see how long it took Oscar to build them. Previously when I think or Airfix models I thought of hows of building and glue and paint but not with the Quickbuild kits they are great for younger children that are old enough to want to build their own model independently.

The Quickbuild kits are for children aged 5 and over, Oscar is six so I was interested to see how he would get on building on his own and with the stop watch I have timed him which will give you a better idea of how easy they are and how long they really take…..

The pre-coloured pieces simply snap together, without glue or paints, to build an impressive model which can then be decorated with the included self-adhesive stickers. Plane models also come with their own display stand to show off your handiwork! The whole Quick Build range is manufactured in the UK and features some of the most iconic aircraft and vehicles ever constructed.

The instructions are easy to follow and Oscar has had great fun building them. He know wants to collect and build them all. There are 12 different models currently in the range and at only £12.99 they would make fantastic gifts. I have ordered a couple more to go in Oscar’s Christmas stocking.

Overall I am really impressed with the Airfix Quick Build range and it was nice to watch Oscar follow the instructions and build something all on his own. He was really proud of himself and they now have pride of place on his window sill in his bedroom.



Disclaimer: We were sent the above mentioned Airfix Quickbuild kits for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own and they are great!

Early Learning Centre Seesaw Review

We were asked a few weeks ago to pick something fun for the boys to enjoy over the Summer from the Early Learning Centre website. After looking through the amazing range of outdoor toys I eventually picked a seesaw. The seesaw is bright and colourful and I knew Oscar would love it, so when it arrived I quickly put it together as a surprise for him for when he got home from school.

The seesaw didn’t put long to put together at all even with Archie trying to climb in and out of the box. Luckily it was a sunny day and as soon as Oscar got home from school he couldn’t wait to have a go and ran down the road to get his friend so he could go on it with him. They had great fun and bounced up and down for ages. Oscar loved that the seesaw also span around 360 degrees and laughed his head off as he span around and around.

The seesaw is also really great for your child’d physical development and will get used so much over the Summer as Oscar loves being in the garden whenever he can! The seesaw is suitable for children aged 3 and over and will last for years as Oscar’s friend was 9 and still had loads of fun playing on it.

Excuse Oscar’s choice of odd shoes! He was having to much fun to care!

At only £30 I think it is a real bargain and will Oscar will get hours of play out of it. It would also make a fantastic gift for a birthday or Christmas. The Early Learning website has a fantastic range of toys to make your children’s Summer even more fun and special!

Disclaimer: We were sent the seesaw for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest and my own.

Just For Tiny People Teepee Review

Just For Tiny People

I first saw the beautiful Just For Tiny People Teepee’s on Dragon’s Den a couple of years ago and since then on Instagram have seen loads of happy customers post their photos of their Teepee’s and accessories so when I saw they were looking for blogger’s to work with I jumped at the chance as I knew Oscar would love one! When our Teepee first arrived it was delivered securely in a Just For Tiny People box so as soon as Oscar saw it when he came home from school he couldn’t wait for me to open it. Once opened you don’t have to put anything together you just simply open up the Teepee and you are ready to play.

Over the Easter holidays Oscar has played in it everyday and Archie loves it too. As well as playing in it he also sits inside and reads a book to himself if he fancies some quiet time. I have seen lots of people do this in their children’s bedrooms through Instagram where they also buy a cushion to go inside the Teepee and make it into a comfy reading corner.

Now the days are getting warmer I can see Oscar and Archie having lots of fun in the garden in Summer playing in their Teepee. It is lovely watching them playing together as Archie interacts more and learns to play with Oscar properly. He loves playing hide and seek in the Teepee, poking his head around the front flap and then hiding back inside.

As it simply folds in to itself it is easy to store and then get back out quickly. Each Teepee is handmade and you can see this as it is high quality and so well made. There are lots of gorgeous designs to choose from and matching accessories to kit your Teepee out to perfection. The Teepee’s start at £125 and you can even get a matching Teepee set for your dolls too.

The Teepee’s make great birthday and Christmas presents and I have seen some lovely photos on Instagram of Teepees surrounded by balloons and presents ready for the birthday boy or girl to open.

As I said before the Teepee is fantastically made and will last for years and give the boys hours of fun and laughter! I absolutely love our new Teepee and am so grateful for the chance to review one. Head over to the Just For Tiny People website to see their full range of Teepee’s, accessories, fairy doors, dolls teepee’s and more!

Disclaimer: We were sent our lovely Teepee for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Review Of The SmarTrike Explorer 5-trikes-in-1

We were recently picked to be a #littlesmartriker  and we were thrilled! We love being outside and as Archie is getting bigger now it is nice for him to be able to ride in his trike instead if being strapped into his pushchair. Although the British weather has been pretty rubbish for the last few months whenever we have had the chance to get out we have.

Before our trike arrived I did have high expectations as SmarTrike are defiantly the leaders in the trike market and a lot of my friends have them for their babies and have raved about them. Their trikes have multiple awards globally and have been running almost 10 years and within those years have developed amazing trikes that develop with our babies, grow and evolve with them and they are always developing and launching new trikes that will help the development of your child. When a brand are putting that much in to it you know their trikes must be great!

When our Explorer 5-trikes-in-1 arrived it was quick and easy to put together and the instructions were so easy to follow. Within 15 minutes we were ready to go. I put our trike together whilst Oscar was at school so afterwards we could go for a walk and take Archie out in his new trike. The trike itself is really well made and I couldn’t wait to try it out. In the box is:

The Explorer 5-trikes-in-1, storage bag which can fit shopping or a picnic in, an extendable canopy, play phone, bottle holder and a zip mini bag that fits on the handle which is perfect for your phone, purse and keys.

My first impression of the trike was that it is so easy to manoeuvre, it handles just like a stroller would and can be used with one hand. Archie seems really comfortable in the padded seat and if we are out and he has a nap the seat reclines to keep him nice and comfortable and supported. The trike is fine on any surface, at our local park the car park surface is pretty horrendous and I thought it would make Archie bounce all over the place but with the inbuilt suspension it was absolutely fine. The UV extendable protection canopy is large which is great as it keeps the sun out of Archie’s eyes and will keep him protected in the warmer weather (if we get any!) Archie loved being in the trike and is constantly looking around and getting excited as he is at the same height as Oscar when he is running next to him and he is constantly looking up to Oscar and wants to join in with him and now he can.

The trike is suitable from 10 months to 3 years and grows with your child and their needs. The Explorer 5-trikes-in-1 has an RRP of £119.99 and I think is worth every penny for the quality and amount you are getting with your trike! It comes in Red, Grey, Blue, Orange, Purple or Green.

 Even space for our picnic blanket! 

I really love our SmarTrike and am super impressed with it and can’t wait to have lots of SmarTrike adventures over the Summer! We are going to have so much fun.

i'm a little smartriker

Disclaimer: We were sent the SmarTrike Explorer 5-trikes-in-1 for the purpose of this review, however we really love it and all opinions are honest and my own.

Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table Review & Competition

With the weather being warmer and brighter Oscar has been begging to go out and play in the garden. He was especially excited as Little Tikes had kindly sent the boys a new Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table. This will be the first Summer that Archie will be able to actually join in and play with Oscar in the garden as he was only a tiny bubba last year. So over the last two weeks we have spent a lot of time in the garden and to be honest our garden is full of Little Tikes toys that we have brought over the years and we love them!

The Spinning Seas Water Table was easy to put together and only took 5-10 minutes and we were ready to go outside. As it is still a bit cold I filled it with warm water and both Oscar and Archie had loads of fun. As Archie is standing now he could play too and the table was low enough for him to play easily. The three legs can also be removed easily for easy storage during the Winter. I also love that all the pieces are easy to take off of the table to clean.


The water table has lots of different activities which are great to improve fine motor skills, sharing skills and will let their little imaginations run wild whilst having a splashing good time. 😉 The is a red spinner that your little one can spin around in the water with one finger, a carousel that you can spin three balls around on, a catapult to fly the ball into the water, a main funnel in the middle of the table to spin the ball around then it falls through the spinning windmills and a purple cup to play in the water with too.


The Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table has an RRP of £49.99 and is suitable for 2 years and over although Archie is 16 months and plays with it fine. The table comes with 4 balls and the water scoop.

The boys have had great fun playing with it and it is lovely to watch them play together and Oscar teaching Archie how to throw and splash. Archie loves getting his hands wet and splashing them in the water, it makes him laugh hysterically. I am so looking forward to the Summer as Oscar loves that Archie is old enough to play with him a bit now. Watching them together makes me smile from ear to ear!


Little Tikes have kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a Spinning Seas Water Table of their own to help them get ready for the Summer. So enter below and good luck!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own. We love it!

Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker Review 

Archie is now 15 months and only started crawling a week before his first birthday. In the past month he started pulling himself up and now in the last two weeks is confidentially cruising around the furniture and stands unaided for about 5 seconds at a time. The big grin on his face as he can fly around the furniture now is adorable.

When Fisher Price asked if we would like to try out their Learn With Me Zebra Walker it was perfect timing for Archie. For the first week he sat and played with all of the fun activities on the front of the Zebra, he then started crawling and pushing it around, which Oscar kept telling him is cheating and then finally last week he got up and walked with it.


I loved that he gradually used it at his own pace and still had so much fun sitting and playing with it before he actually used it as a walker. It has a book page that he can turn and Oscar has been reading him all of the numbers, plus two light up buttons which when you press play different songs that Archie jigs to and the other says different phrases which is great for early learning. It teaches ABC, 123, colours and much more. The flashing buttons help to stimulate your baby’s brain and Archie gets very excited when they flash. On each hoof there are four different activities; a rolling ball, flipping picture, a switch and one where you have to put your fingers in to turn to different pictures which are all great for Archie’s fine motor skills. All together the bright colours, music, lights and textures grab your baby’s attention and help to develop all-important senses that are crucial at this stage of your baby’s development. 


Finally when Archie got up and started walking around with it he was slow and steady to start with but now races around and screams at me every time he bumps into anything or gets stuck so he can keep on going. The walker itself is nice and sturdy and doesn’t tip when Archie is using it even when he sits himself down slowly using the walker as a support it doesn’t tip up.


I really like the Learn With Me Zebra Walker and all of its functions and Archie really loves it too. At £29.99 I think it is great value for what is essentially a toy, learning aid and walker. It would make a great first birthday gift if your baby isn’t quite walking yet.


Disclaimer: We were sent the fisher price walker for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 

Clangers #MotherToMother Mother’s Day Competition

Clangers have an exciting Mother to Mother competition especially to celebrate all of the wonderful Mother’s out there! In the lead up to Mother’s Day, they are asking you to share the one piece of advice you would pass on about being a mum and you could win a Spa Break! Every Mum’s dream! There are also daily prizes of Clangers: The Little Library and spa goodies up for grabs on the Clangers Facebook page.

Last week  became a official Clanger’s blogger which I am really excited about and was asked to share one piece of #MotherToMother advice. My advice as you can see below is something that I do everyday, I always make time to play with the boys as housework and other things can wait. Children grow up so fast and I want to treasure every moment and make sure they know they have my full time and attention.

The Clangers Team have also kindly given the chance for one of my readers to win a fantastic toy bundle. Please share with me and the over on the Clangers Facebook page your piece of Mother To Mother advice. Enter below to win the toy bundle and Good Luck! Have a lovely Mother’s Day this weekend!

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