"When was the last time you did something childish?" #PlayfulParent

Tatty Tot

So when was the last time you did something childish? My answer, everyday. Whether it’s playing chase in the garden to going on the climbing frame with Oscar at the park, I am a big kid at times and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love spending time playing with Oscar and fool around as children grow up fast enough as it is without regretting not doing certain things with them when they are young. I often find myself reading books in silly voices and dancing like a crazy woman in the lounge. I might look stupid to the outside World but my little boy loves it so I couldn’t care less.

When you become a parent I think you stop caring about whether you look silly or not because your have had your face painted to match your child at the local fair or worry about getting covered in mud when your “on a bear hunt” at the park. Caring about these sort of things just ruin the fun! 

This week for example we went to Go Ape Junior we had loads of fun and I was covered from head to toe with chip wood where I had landed after doing the zip wire. Did I care… No. Oscar found it hilarious so that’s all that mattered to me. Having Oscar has definitely brought out the best in me, don’t get me wrong I love having my hair and nails done but when were at the park it really doesn’t matter what you look like as long as your having fun. This is something I would have never said before having Oscar, having kids just makes you realise what is actually important in life.

So what childish things do you do? Is it pretending your a pirate or dancing around like a lunatic like I do? Whatever it is Tatty Tot would love to hear about it!

To celebrate their launch they want to hear your playful stories using the hashtag #PlayfulParent. You can share your story with videos or photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on your blog and the winner will get to pick a whooping £200 worth of gorgeous clothes for your baby or toddler. Entries need to be posted before April 13th, after which the 10 most playful/funniest entries will be posted on the Tatty Tot Facebook page for all to see and vote for. Don’t forget to like Tatty Tots Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and add the hashtag #PlayfulParent. 

Good Luck x

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