The New Nipper Clippers for children

I think as every parent well knows cutting your little ones nails is one of the biggest challenges!! I know with Oscar you have to bribe him to get anywhere close to cutting them then five seconds later after one nail down he won’t let you cut anymore! 

So when I was sent the new Nipper clippers to try out I found them an absolute god send! It is absolutely brilliant with a hole at the top to see what exactly you are cutting. Not only that but there is a fun distraction app to download for free which kept Oscar occupied so he didn’t really realise what I was doing. 

Oscar was to busy telling Timmy Tickle what he was dressed as to be worries about me cutting his nails. You can download the app at

Also in the set comes the famous Styfile S shape nail file making it quick and easy to file any rough edges.

This is really a brilliant invention and really makes cutting your childrens nails a much easier and enjoyable task. 

The ‘Nipper Clipper’ is available for RRP £9.99 Sainsburys, Amazon, Mothercare, Boots and local pharmacies.


  • Sainsburys
  • Truly Madly Baby
  • Truly Madly Baby
  • Amazon
  • Gadget Baby

Disclaimer: This product was given to us for the purposes of reviewing, however all opinions were independently formed by Laura at Mummy’s Zone.

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