Oscars new wheels!!

I had been looking at getting Oscar a bike for a few weeks now and had been scanning Ebay for a second hand one but wanted it to still be in good condition. I knew I wanted a Raleigh one and it had to be a 12″ bike. There are lots of nice ones on there but unfortunately they were to far away to collect.

Then on Sunday I noticed a really nice one not far from our house. I got an absolute bargain at £10 and went and collected it on the bank holiday Monday.

It is in great condition and the tyres look brand new. I was really happy! We went to see Nanny and Grandad Maycock and rode it up and down the close, trying to teach Oscar how to use the peddles. Grandad and Oscar adjusted the seat and Oscar was really pleased with his new wheels!

When we got home Daddy and Oscar rode it outside on our drive way and Oscar has nearly got the knack of peddling. A few more goes and in sure he will get it!

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